Warriors Cup 28: NJ Mac v Rob Gonzales – Live on GFL.Tv

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Warriors Cup 28: NJ Mac v Rob Gonzales – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

In the headline bout NJ Mac takes on Rob Gonzales for the Interim 147lb USMTA / WC Title, with the winner meeting the 147lb Champ Chanon Kuldraree in their next bout. These 2 fighters are both experienced Muay Thai fighters, though they have contrasting styles. NJ Mac has impressive footwork and mobility which he will need in defending the aggressive attacking style of his opponent, Rob Gonzales.

These two fighters come from competing schools, which ads to the rivalry and interest in this bout. Rob Gonzales trains at The Wat in Downtown NYC, whilst NJ Mac trains at Rebel Thaiboxing on Long Island. Full Rules Muay Thai requires a physical and mental discipline unlike other combat sports as the risk of injury is great. The sport is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet. I have seen a spinning elbow that was so fast that at 60 frames per second the camera did not capture the contact between the elbow and the fighters chin. This fight has the making of a great battle between two experience and disciplined fighters.

Bout of Note: Another fight of note is the Womans’ USMTA title fight between defending champion Raquel Harris against Nicole Richiusa. Raquel had cleaned house in the 105lb division beating many of the best females in this weight class. Nicole comes as a legit contender looking to dethrone Raquel for her USMTA title.

The Bout Card:


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