Urban Fight Night 9 Fight of the Nations – REPLAY will be on GFL.TV

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Urban Fight Night 9

Urban Fight Night 9 Fight of the Nations – REPLAY will be on GFL!!! – CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFORMATION

UFN9 is looking to change the old concepts and make things a little bit more interesting so here it is, FIGHT OF THE NATIONS.

taking away from gym vs gym, we will be looking to have fighters not only represent their club but more importantly they’re heritage and nation. so we will be looking at having 4 fighters from each nation be it Australia be it Ireland, Turkey, Lebanon, Tonga, Samoa etc etc. the fighters will be matched as normal between coaches but wins, finishes and in which round scale onto a point system in which the nation with the most points wins out prize and the trophy and the champion nation.

Our main reason for doing this is to bring a different unity in our small MMA community. Fighters will always represent their teams but its not everyday you can where your countries flag on your shoulders and fight for more than the typical. Many MMA fighters wish to compete in the Olympics so this can be a fighters chance to raise their flags.

UFN9 will have a bigger layout with more emphasis on making the fighter experience one they will never forget.


James Najim  vs.  Ryan Robertson 135 lbs

Nadia Kassem  vs.  Leigha Aurisch 115 lbs

Paul Traish  vs.  Simon Arentz 145 lbs

Raymart Quintana  vs.  Steven Maxwell 155 lbs

Aydin Mrouki  vs.  Aden Hawke 145 lbs

Mose Afoa  vs.  Billy McAlees 185 lbs

Ali Cevik  vs.  Damian Fraser 170 lbs

Anderson Chen  vs.  Kaleb Rideout 155 lbs

Hayder Khudair  vs.  Daniel Loy 135 lbs

Eden Fordham  vs.  Courtney Gray 99 lbs

Hayden Harbutt  vs.  Stuart Mcbeath 125 lbs

Jerry Chen  vs.  Ben Fasano 125 lbs

Joselito Nacua  vs.  John Mikhail 170 lbs

Matthew Raso  vs.  Kristian Garlick 135 lbs

Sef Ioapa  vs.  Conan Singh 265 lbs

Moey Ozmen  vs.  Mitchell Fear 155 lbs

Matt Warne  vs.  James Hannaford 145 lbs

Mitchell Birkett  vs.  Adam Ozkan 125 lbs

George Chamoun  vs.  Shahin Bakhtiyari 185 lbs

Cody Barnwell  vs.  Sam Atkinson 155 lbs

Luke Jacob  vs.  Ugur Kocak 205 lbs


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