XFN 13: Claxton Vs. Dorsey – Results – Claxton TKO’S Dorsey – Watch NOW on GFL

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It was another great night of MMA Action at XFN 13! CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW ON GFL


Main Event: “Speedy” Tywan Claxton (W) vs. Devin “Belvedere Goon” Dorsey – TKO 2:39 Round 2

Co-Main Event: Vik Dixit (W) vs. Michael Rodriguez – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds


Denys Bendega vs. Rudy Isidro (W) – KO 2:44 Round 1

Miles Amos (W) vs. Tyler Bagster – TKO 2:30 Round 2

Brandon Crowley vs. Bryce Gamboa – TKO 2:40 Round 1

Felix Boyce vs. Bernard “The Truth” Taylor (W) – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds

Jordan Shelton vs. Cesar Gonzalez (W) – TKO 1:55 Round 1

Ryan Conforti (W) vs. Hunter Martinez – Submission 1:58 Round 1

Robert “The Hank” Torres (W) vs. James Mitchell– Submission 2:14 Round 2

Zdenek Poliuka vs. Miguelangel Ortegano  (W) – TKO 2:24 Round 1

Raiyan Anwaar (W) vs. Robert Russell – TKO 1:05 Round 2

Jirka Nemecek vs. Michael Szatkowski (W) – TKO 1:57 Round 1

“Dirty” Danny Durnavich (W) vs. Cristian Santiago – KO 0:22 Round 1

Trent Boudreau vs. Ruben Santana (W) – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds


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