About GoFightLive

Go Fight Live (GFL) is a pioneer in the Internet Broadcasting industry, providing the public with access to fight events worldwide, daily news shows, feature interviews, and a comprehensive database of fighter videos, information, photos, and event information.

GFL Is the largest broadcaster of combat sporting events in the World. Having broadcast more than 2000 live events in the past 7 years we greatly exceeding any Cable/Satellite/TV or other broadcaster of combat sports. Over 1.8 Million viewers in more than 60 countries have viewed GFL. Our growing catalog of Boxing, MMA, Wrestling and other combat sports fights exceeds 9000 videos with new shows and videos being added weekly.

We have over 40 weekly live and on demand radio/talk shows focusing on various aspects of the combat sports industry reaching hundreds of thousands of weekly viewers. In addition, GFL has more than 150 affiliated websites promoting GFL shows.