Ring Of Combat AM 23 Results: Monahan, Lopez, Marji win – Watch on GFL.Tv

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Ring Of Combat AM 23 Quick Results: CLICK HERE TO WATCH FIGHTS

Main: Sean Monahan defeated Nicholas Kracsun via Sub, 0:41 R1

Co-main: Jen Lopez defeated Lauren Braccia via Unanimous Decision

Nancy Marji defeated Miriam Nieves via Unanimous Decision

Jesse Pew defeated Matthew Spellen via Unanimous Decision

Frank Wallace defeated Dejon Farrell-Francis via Unanimous Decision

Peter Nascimento defeated Nicholas Christo via Sub, 2:32 R3

Turpal Khamzayev defeated Miguel Ramos Diaz via Sub, 2:36 R3

Jair Sanchez defeated Justice Harris via KO/TKO, 0:11 R3

Alex Oliveira defeated Jose Antonio Perez via Unanimous Decision

Manny Flores defeated Danilo Londe via KO/TKO, 2:37 R2

Jason Baumlin defeated Mike Vitale via Unanimous Decision

WXC 65 Results: Watch the Fights on GFL.Tv

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Main Jason “The Finisher” Fischer defeated Rafael “Rafa Thai” Alves

Co-main David Newport defeated Brandon “Deep Water” McLaughlin

Dante “The Hype” Brown defeated Mike “The Ghostrider” Glenn

Anthony Cofield defeated Gary Edwards

George Simos defeated DC Carter

Willis “Silverback” Black defeated “GI” Josh Brueckner

Marcus Maulding defeated Gregory Sizemore

John Slayton defeated Travis Murchison

Kyle “Pillowhands” Pilarski defeated Kelly True

Tim “You can’t Handle the Truth” Esctruth defeated Thomas Fudoli

Deven “Bad News” Brown defeated Jake “The Wolverine” May

Buddy Poyner defeated Daniel “Boom” Bostick

Hayley “The Hailstorm” Turner defeated Jennifer Johnson

Grant “The Zombie” Cashman defeated Trever “T-Virus” Alden

Justin “The Nightmare” Street defeated Tyler “The Outlaw” Resterhouse

Mike Johnson Jr defeated Shamone Shahid


Mitch “Smashin’ Frog” Aguiar defeats Alexander Banks via Sub in Main Event at Spartyka Fight League 26 on GFL.Tv, 4:33 R2

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Mitch “Smashin’ Frog” Aguiar defeated Alexander Banks via Sub, 4:33 R2

Ryan “Danger” Nugent defeated Kedrick “Hurricane” Harris via KO/TKO, 0:17 R3

Thomas Blair defeated Kyle Graham via Sub, 1:30 R2

Ryan Parker defeated Tyus Thomas via KO/TKO, 1:54 R1

Damon Minor defeated Garrett Williams via KO/TKO, 4:09 R1

Imani Smith defeated Kristopher Curtis via Unanimous Decision

Elise Reed vs. Tara “The Tiny Terror” Graff via Unanimous Decision

Benjamin Allen defeated Jacob Ashley via Unanimous Decision

Marshall Shermer defeated Monte Ellsworth via Sub, 2:23 R2

Juvaunne Gordon defeated Logan Oliver via KO/TKO, 0:52 R1

Shane Washburn defeated Sean Miller via Unanimous Dec

Jesse Cichorz defeated Michael Jones via Sub, 2:00 R1

Pierre Ba defeated Christopher Link via Sub, 2:55 R1

David McGraw defeated Dallas Major, Jr. via Sub, 1:18 R1

Patterson defeated Ryland Anderson via KO/TKO, 0:51 R2

Spartyka Fight League 26 features SIX Title Bouts! Aguair v. Banks Hit the Main Event!

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Full Card Details – on GFL!

 Here are some of the fights on the upcoming card! There will be SIX title fights featured so don’t miss out!

Main Event – 170lbs Title Bout
Mitch Aguiar (Champion)
Alexander Banks

Co- Main Event – 185lbs Title Bout
Kedrick Harris (Champion
Ryan Nugent

145lbs Title Bout
Kyle Graham (Champion)
Thomas Blair

155lbs Title Bout
Damon Minor (Champion)
Garrett Williams

205lbs Title Bout
Ryan Parker (Champion)
Tyus Thomas

125lbs Title Bout
Jahmaal Benford
Edis Starnes

Two more exciting bouts round off the night!

Female 115lbs Bout
Elise Reed
Tara Graff

170lbs Bout
Kris Curtis
Imani Smith

Right now we have about 19 bouts and are looking to start the live stream at 6:30 EST!

Prestige Fight Series 4 Features Main Event BRAWL: Chadd Collins takes on Alexi “The Great” Petroulias

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Watch the Full Card Here

Melbourne State Time: 7:00pm // New York Start time: 5:00am EST

What a huge show! This Oct 15th. Massive line up and can’t wait to put forward another big show! Top fighters from across the country here in Geelong!

Head to www.prestigefs.com.au for tickets or talk to your gyms and fighters!

Final layout of card to be announced in next few days.

Full Fight Card – LIVE on GFL!

Undercard Jay Dalli vs. Rhys Lane

Ring Of Combat AM 23 – Live on GFL.Tv

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True Revelation MMA 31 Saturday October 15 – Live on GFL.Tv

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ImageTrue Revelation MMA 31 Quick Card – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

  • Micah Washington  vs.  Kurstan Davenport 155 lbs
  • Jon Kennedy  vs.  Jeremiah Nelson 170 lbs
  • Matt Murphy  vs.  Alex Stephens 145 lbs
  • Nate Smith  vs.  J. Steffensmeier 135 lbs
  • Brittney Cloudy  vs.  Helen Peralta 135 lbs
  • Eric Ellington  vs.  Cody Dickerson 145 lbs
  • Johnny Hopper  vs.  Ian Smith 170 lbs
  • Tonya Barnes  vs.  Philina Zimmerman 125 lbs
  • Austin Kemps  vs.  Phil Waggoner 155 lbs
  • Spencer Drish  vs.  Tyler Landrum 185 lbs
  • Dakota Jacques  vs.  Lane McIntyre 155 lbs

Hard Knocks Fighting: HK51 Noah “The Chosen Defender” Ali vs. Michael Imperato Live on GFL.Tv

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ImageHard Knocks Fighting: #HK51 features some of the best up-and-coming MMA athletes in the world! Otto Rodrigues and Andres Quintana fight for the Featherweight title! Mac Laursen faces off against Bryce Gougeon for the HK Welterweight Title and Noah Ali faces Michael Imperato in the Main Event at Bantamweight! CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE.






The Bout Card:

XFFC 12: Spencer Jebb v Derek Boyle – Live on GFL.Tv

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ImageIt’s almost time to “Get Xcessive” once again. That’s right Xcessive Force Fighting Championship’s MMA Super Fans. Friday, October 14th it all goes down in the Entrec Centre at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie.  LIVE ON GFL.TV – CLICK HERE

Spencer Jebb is back in his second home, the XFFC Cage as he faces XFFC Vet,Derek Boyle.

Other XFFC Vets include Alyssa Krahn, Cheryl Chan, Dayton Roberts, Ryan Moore, Joel Morin, Billy Marsh, Jordan Roberts, Isaiah Bedard and Grey Patino, Also making their debut in the XFFC Cage, Todd Vatcher, Brock Holmes, Brandon Palmer, Ryan Parsons, Courtoreille Solomon, Danen Ehalt, Jett Grande, Jared Bailey, and Blair Watchorn.

Xcessive Force FC 12 Quick Card

Matt Dwyer vs. Dominic Waters 170 lbs
Spencer Jebb vs. Derek Boyle 170 lbs
Alyssa Krahn vs. Cheryl Chan 115 lbs
Dayton Roberts vs. Ryan Moore 170 lbs
Sterling Freake vs. Mike Mannara 185 lbs
Kyle Francotti vs. Brandon Palmer 265 lbs
Shawn Ressler vs. Isaiah Bedard 145 lbs

West Aussie lightweights Alex Amoroso vs Jeremy “Fireball” Firth – Live on GFL.Tv

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Video: West Aussie lightweights Alex Amoroso vs Jeremy “Fireball” Firth

West Aussie lightweights Alex Amoroso and Jeremy “Fireball” Firth face off… The two will finally cross paths as technician meets aggressor Friday October 14. Who are you picking to win?

Watch Live on GFL – CLICK HERE

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