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In preparation for his Fight on June 3rd, fan favorite Super Middleweight DeCarlo Perez (15-4-1, 5K0s), of Atlantic City, NJ.  Undercard fighters on the June 3 ‘He’s Backkkkk’ card will also be there.

What:  Media workout for Perez’ June 3 fight against Dashon Johnson (20-19-4, 6 K0s), of Escondido, CA, at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia.

Where:  Joe Hand Gym 3d Street above Spring Garden. (547 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123)

When:  1 PM, Thursday May 26, 2016

Middleweight standout DeCarlo Perez, in an effort to get back into position on the world boxing scene, has left his job at Atlantic City (NJ) Hospital to concentrate full-time on his June 3 main event contest against Dashon Johnson, of Escondido, CA, at the 2300 Arena.

It makes sense.  Johnson is the 42-fight veteran who came within one second in the 10th and final round of stopping unbeaten Jesse Hart in the same ring March 18.  Hart was knocked down with 17 seconds to go and barely beat the count.

Perez, 25, of Atlantic City, has worked for the last six years as a Pharmacy Tech at Atlantic Care Regional Medical Center, putting in 40-50 hour weeks while also training as a professional boxer.

After winning nine out of 10 fights–against solid opposition–to place him on the doorstep of the world ratings, Perez was stopped by unbeaten Rob Brant, of St. Pau, MN, in the fourth round of their Jan. 22 fight in Tucson, AZ, for the vacant NABA middleweight title.

“Right now, I have to devote full-time to my boxing career when I’m still young enough to do it,” said Perez.  “The hospital job will always be available to me because I’ve been there for some time and I’ve made a lot of connections there.  The people at my job understand where I’m coming from and they completely support my decision.”

Drained by making 160 for the fight with Brant, Perez has decided to put on a few pounds and grow into the super middleweight division.  The fight with Johnson will be contested at 164 pounds.

Perez had a troubled childhood, going from one rescue mission to another before moving in with his grandparents when he was 6 years old.  He grandfather used to work out with Robert Duran and that piqued Perez’ interest in boxing.   When he was 10, Perez began going to the Pleasantville (NJ) Rec Center, where he met his current trainer, Wilberto Alejandro.  They now train at the Bullpen Gym in Egg Harbor (NJ) Township.

“Moving in with my grandparents was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Perez said.  My grandfather told me there will be ups and downs but if you keep at it you will be a champion.

“Next comes my relationship with Will—it’s like father and son.  There isn’t any other person I would want to go into battle with than Will.  He’s taught me and he’s groomed me and vice versa.  We know what we both are capable of and we truly believe there is no enemy in front of us that can beat us.  It’s taken time for me to see that he is right.”

Perez started at Atlantic City High School, then he switched to Egg Harbor HS where he graduated.

As an amateur, Perez says he was 85-15 but without any regional or national titles.  He turned pro, he said, after losing what he thought was a bad decision in a Golden Gloves tournament.

A pro since 2010, Perez is 15-4-1, 5 K0s, and he is 3-0 at the 2300 Arena, where he outpointed Jesse Nicklow and scored knockouts over Tyrone Brunson and Tolan Tascoe.

Prior to the Brant fight, Perez had won nine out of 10, including an impressive win on ShoBox last summer against Juan Ubaldo Cabrera, of the Dominican Republic, who was 23-0 at fight time.

“I feel this fight against Dashon Johnson is going to be a great competitive fight,” Perez said. “Johnson has been in there with good fighters but I believe on June 3 he will be facing his toughest challenge.  I know he will be ready and I will make sure I am above and beyond prepared.”

The Bout Card includes:

Manfredo v Biosse Tonight at the CES “THE BATTLE FOR THE CAPITAL” Event – Live on GFL.Tv

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Displaying IMG_6129.jpg

Displaying IMG_6179.jpg

It was clear at the weigh in that both fighters have no interest in being friends. Manfredo looked relaxed and Biosse looked determined.


Here are the Weigh In results:


Providence, R.I.

40-7, 21 KOs



Providence, R.I.

15-7-2, 7 KOs



Worcester, Mass.

12-0, 9 KOs

153 ½


Fort Meyers, Fla.

10-3-2, 5 KOs



Cranston, R.I.

8-1, 2 KOs



Worcester, Mass.

7-0, 5 KOs



New Haven, Conn.

10-0-1, 5 KOs

146 ½


St. Petersburg, Fla.

15-4-1, 5 KOs

148 ½


Stoughton, Mass.

4-0, 1 KO



Holyoke, Mass.

2-1, 1 kO

144 ½


Worcester, Mass.

Pro debut



Skowhegan, Maine


138 ½


Bronx, N.Y.

17-3, 7 KOs



Springfield, Mass.

7-0, 3 KOs

141 ½


Worcester, Mass.

Pro debut



Providence, R.I.

Pro debut

167 ½


Marlborough, Mass.


132 ½


Providence, R.I.



Manfredo Jr., Says he is not in it for a Title, But Could he Be? Watch his Fight Live on

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Peter Manfredo Jr. admits that his comeback to boxing is largely attributed to supplementing his income in this candid interview. That said, he told us he was rested after 2 1/2 year off and has a fresh outlook in a sport he says he has worked at since he was 7 years old.  With a good showing tomorrow night and a new and invigorated interest in boxing could Manfredo commence another run towards a title. As a fan i am excited to find out. If you cannot make it to the show watching it live is the next best thing. If you are a Manfredo fan you have to watch what could be his last fight ever or a springboard to a new and exciting ride.

Whether or not Manfredo wins or loses this Friday, there’s no promise of another payday for him as a professional fighter beyond this weekend. But since Manfredo maintains his discipline as a hard worker we know he enters the ring not on a whim, he is in shape and focused.

Naturally, Manfredo’s acknowledgement of doing all he can to support his family is a story that can resonate with just about anyone.  I for one hope this fight leads to another – the 2nd coming of the Manfredo legacy.

The bout card includes:

Forget the Records Confident Willis Plans to Hand Gray His First Defeat and Leave with Title – Live on GFL.Tv

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Quiet, confident Willis packs a major punch heading into May 13th title bout with undefeated Gray. Between he and his brother, Marcus, also a professional fighter, Quinton Willis describes himself as the “mellow one.”

That is, until he’s asked whether or not his upcoming opponent, undefeated junior middleweight Khiary Gray, has ever faced anyone of his caliber. Willis didn’t even need to hear the rest of the question.

“No,” he said matter-of-factly. “Not at all.”

While it doesn’t quite register as “trash talk” – at least not what Gray is used to – it’s obvious the Fort Myers, Fla., vet carries a cool, quiet confidence into his upcoming Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) Northeast Title bout against Gray.

On paper, Willis (10-3-1, 5 KOs) faces long odds against the undefeated, reigning champion from Worcester, Mass., who sports a 12-0 record with nine knockouts – seven in the opening round – but the 32-year-old right-hander is coming off a strong camp, aided by both his brother and father, Larry Willis, who helped break down Gray’s extensive video library.

“Normally I have to go in there blind and just rely on my own talent,” Willis said, “but now we kind of know what he wants to do and what kind of fighter he wants to be.

“A lot of times he’s deceptive in doing the same stuff over and over again, but, at the same time, it’s different, and he tries to tweak it. We’re just trying to pick up on the habits he does consistently. It’s definitely different getting some film we can work off of. Normally, we don’t get that benefit, so it’s a big thing.”

Willis’ manager, Damian Walton, upped the ante, predicting the possibility of a short night for Gray if he doesn’t respect Willis’ punching power.

“This dude Gray ain’t fought nobody like Willis. He ain’t seen nobody like Willis,” Walton said. “We’re coming to their house to take that belt. We’re not coming to lay down. We’re not going to make it easy for him. We’re coming to give him eight rounds of hell. To be honest, it might not even go eight rounds.

“He better bring his ‘A++’ game. He ain’t ever fought no one that hits as hard as Quinton Willis. He’ll have to be ready for that. It ain’t going to be no fun and games in there. I caught a little interview and [Gray] is a little too comfortable for this fight. That’s a problem for me. This is the real deal right here.”

Gray, who actually rivals Willis in his reserved, laid-back demeanor, hasn’t had much to say since the fight was announced in late March, simply pointing out he knows little about Willis and doesn’t seem too concerned with finding out more. He’s equally unfazed by the talk emanating from Willis’ camp.

He heard it last year from Kenton Sippio-Cook, who went to sleep in just under three minutes, and again in February from Cameron Rivera, who never even made it up the steps, derailed by a broken wrist two weeks before the fight.

“Everyone can talk, but it’s about what happens in the ring. That’s how I see it,” Gray said. “Once someone gets punched, their whole game plan goes out the window. We’ll see what happens.”

Willis has won his last three while Gray enters next Friday’s bout having just gone 10 hard rounds with Nicaraguan challenger Eduardo Flores in February, the first time he had gone the distance since his third pro fight in November of 2014. Flores was the last-minute replacement for Rivera, agreeing to the fight less than 36 hours before the weigh-in.

With no background information to digest – Gray didn’t even know what Flores looked like until they stood face-to-face at the scale – Gray found himself learning on the job in what proved to be his most challenging, yet rewarding, victory.

“The knockouts are great, but I want people to see more than my punching power,” Gray said. “I want them to see my boxing. I want them to see my angles. I want them to see my different styles.

“[Flores] was a veteran, so he knew what he was doing. I was prepared for that. I felt great. I felt like I could’ve gone two more rounds.”

He might need the stamina against Willis, who has never been stopped and has boxed 58 rounds in 14 fights, compared to just 30 rounds for Gray in 12 bouts.

Born and raised in a boxing family – “I was in the gym when I had a snotty nose and Pampers on,” he says – Willis works well alongside his father and brother, the latter of whom is 16-4-2 as a pro, by keeping his cool when tempers flare in the gym.

“My dad and my brother are a lot more alike,” Willis said. “Me, I fight, come to the gym and train, and they argue. I’m just the one that laughs and keeps working.”

The film study might give him an edge, but Willis considers it a moot point once the bell rings.

“Honestly, everything is cause and effect with boxing,” he said. “No matter how much you film you get or don’t get, everything is going to be different once you get in that ring, regardless of whether or not he’s seen me fight or knows how I like to fight. Once we get in that ring, he has to adjust, I have to adjust. It’s people playing chess.”

Added Gray: “There’s not much tape on him, just some sparring sessions and what he’s been doing at his gym. It doesn’t bother me. I prepare for any style and any type of opponent.”

On May 13th, it’ll come down to who executes, not who watches the most film or pounds his chest the loudest. The battle lines have been drawn in what figures to be the toughest test of each fighter’s respective career.

“I feel a lot better from my last fight to this fight,” Gray said. “I’ve gained an idea of what it’s like to go the distance and how I came out of it, so this will be just another fight for me.”

The Bout Card includes:

Williams Plans to Stay Undefeated, Though Woods is “No Stepping Stone” in Welterweight War Friday Night – Live on GFL.Tv

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Woods (15-4-1, 5 KOs) hopes to show New Englanders what his home state, Florida, is all about when he faces undefeated New Haven, Conn., welterweight Jimmy Williams (10-0-1, 5 KOs) on enemy turf.”Down here, it’s either kill or be killed, man,” said Woods, a St. Petersburg native who enters his Friday, May 13th, 2016 at Twin River Casino with back-to-back wins under his belt and victories in five of his last six fights.

For Williams, the 29-year-old former football player turned boxer, this will be the toughest test of his young career. Woods is giving up nearly three inches in height, but is adept at fighting on the inside and working the body, which may be his key to success against the taller, rangier Williams.”Many Woods brings a lot to the table,” Williams said. “It’s definitely a step-up fight for me. I think it’s a fight that will show what kind of level I’m on.”

When he turned pro at the age of 26, a late start by most standards, no one really knew what to expect from Williams, both short- and long-term. He had dedicated most of his 20s to football, even earning tryouts with the NFL and CFL before a groin injury derailed his dreams of playing professionally. He returned to his first love, boxing, and debuted in 2013 as the swing bout on a nationally televised NBC Sports card.

With a heavy workload in his first year — six fights in just 10 months — Williams progressed rapidly. He learned from his only blemish, a majority draw against Greg Jackson in 2013, and hasn’t lost since. With his 30th birthday coming up in September, now’s the time to take that next step and see how he measures up against a fighter with a comparable resume.

Regardless of his age Williams’ goals haven’t changed. “I still want to become a world champion one day and whoever I have to fight to get there, I’m willing to take that path,” he said.

Woods’ manager, Damian Walton, has made it clear his fighter is no stepping-stone. Woods heads to Rhode Island just six weeks after his most recent win, so while he hasn’t had much time to recover, he’s also sharp from having stayed in the gym since beating Elias Espadas on April 1st.

“Manny, taking this fight on the short notice we took it on, people think that’s a negative,” Walton said, “but it’s really like a positive for Manny because he’s one of those types of people where when he’s got that push and drive in him at the right time he just wants to keep the train going.

“To be honest with you, when the fight first came up I was kind of against it because of the time. He said, ‘Man, look, I’ve already got this drive and momentum going. Let’s go get that.’ That’s that lion champion spirit that Manny’s got up in him. You tell Williams he’s going to have to bring his ‘A’ game or it’s going to be a long night for him.”

On a stacked card with so many pick-’em fights, Williams-Woods has Fight of the Night potential written all over it as both combatants take a step up in competition.

“I don’t get too caught up in that trash talking, but I work hard,” Woods said. “I’ve got kids at home. It’s either kill or be killed. I work hard, I bust my own. I put the work in, so come next weekend when that bell goes ‘ding!’ it’s going to be me and him and we’re going to give the fans a show.”

Here is the Bout Card:

Brooker, Cintron, Nelson and Kelleher Win Big in Great Night of Fights – From

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Christopher Brooker won a 8-round unanimous decision over Antowyan Aikens that headlined a 10-bout card at a nearly sold-out 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia.

In round one, both guys were cut from an accidental headbutt.  Brooker over the left eye and Aikens over the right.  In round three, Brooker scored a knockdown when he landed a left hook that sent Aikens to the canvas.  Aikens was not hurt as he jumped right up and argued with referee Shawn Clark that it should have been ruled a slip.  Brooker continued to get the best of the action as he pushed the pace and he took the bout by scores of 80-71 and 79-72 twice to raise his mark to 9-1.  Aikens of Atlantic City is 12-2.

Kermit Cintron pounded out a 6-round unanimous decision over Eduardo Flores in a junior middleweight bout. Cintron was systematic with his punches and worked well to the body and head.  Flores was a game opponent who tried and got in a few decent shots of his own.

In the end, Cintron a former world champion making his first start in 27-months, fought well and got some needed rounds in and won all cards by 60-54 scores.

Cintron of Reading, PA is now 36-5-2.  Flores is 23-21-3.

Naim Nelson won a 6-round unanimous decision over Carlos Velasquez in a junior welterweight bout.

Nelson of Philadelphia won all cards 60-54 and is now 13-1, 1 NC.  Velasquez of Managua, Nicaragua is 24-24-2.

Scott Kelleher thrilled the crowd with a three-round beatdown of Terrell James in a scheduled four round junior welterweight bout.

Kelleher landed hard power shots over the first two rounds as he dived up his punches between the body and head.  Kelleher landed some vicious body shots in round three and assaulted James with a hard flurry in the corner until referee Blair Talmidge stopped the bout at 2:23 of round three.

Kelleher of Philadelphia is 5-0 with three knockouts.  James of Philadelphia is 1-4-1.

Erik Spring won a 6-round split decision over Justin Johnson in a junior middleweight bout.

Spring controlled the bout, yet somehow Johnson took a card 59-55.  That was overruled by 60-54 and 59-55 scores in favor of Spring.

Spring of Reading, PA. is now 7-1.  Johnson of Pittsburgh is 6-12-4.

Aaron Brooks made a successful pro debut with a 4-round unanimous decision over Ryan Bivins in a battle of Philadelphia based super middleweights.

In round three, Brooks landed a couple of right hands that hurt Bivins and his glove ultimately touched the canvas for a knockdown. In the fourth round, another right hand hurt Bivins and he went down on a slow reaction.

Brooks won by scores of 40-34 twice and 39-36.  Bivins falls to 0-2-1.

Thomas Velasquez scored a thudding second round stoppage over Grashino Yancy in a scheduled four round junior lightweight bout.

Velasquez landed a perfect left hook to the head that sent Yancy down in the corner.  he could not beat referee Shawn Clark’s count at 1:39 of round two.

Velasquez, 131.4 lbs of Philadelphia is 5-0 with four knockouts.  Yancy, 131.2 lbs of Staten Island, NY is 1-1.

Tyrone Crawley Jr. pounded out a 4-round unanimous decision over Korey Sloane in a lightweight bout.

Crawley of Philadelphia won by 40-36 tallies on all cards and is now 5-0.  Sloane of Philadelphia is 2-9-2.

Emmanuel Folly scored a stoppage after round one of his scheduled 4-round featherweight bout with Bryan Perez.

Perez injured his hand and the bout was stopped in the corner.

Folly of Philadelphia is 7-0 with five knockouts.  Perez of Carolina, PR is 2-4-1.

Amir Shabazz won a 4-round unanimous decision over Tahlik Taylor in a Lightweight bout.

Shabazz scored a knockdown in round one from a right hand.

Shabazz, 174.4 lbs of Philadelphia won by scores of 39-36 on all cards and is now 4-0.  Taylor, 174.9 lbs of Freeport, NY is now 1-4.




Former World Champion Kermit Cintron takes on Eduardo Flores Tonight Live on GFL.Tv

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Former world champion Kermit Cintron takes on  Eduardo Flores tonight at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. Cintron looking to make a statement and get back to fighting for a championship.

In the main event, rising super middleweight Christopher Brooker (8-1, 5 KOs) takes on Antowyan Aikens (10-1-1. 1 KO) in a bout scheduled for eight-rounds.

In the six-round co-feature, former IBF Welterweight champion, Kermit Cintron (35-5-2, 28 KO’s) is coming full circle when he takes on Eduardo Flores (23-20-3, 15 KO’s) in a junior middleweight bout.

Cintron, who for most of the last decade was a heralded prospect, turned world champion, is reuniting with the team started him to his journey.

“Everything has been great for this camp and I got excellent sparring and I am ready to go,” said Cintron.

The Reading, Pennsylvania native is happy to fighting just forty-five minutes away from his hometown.  He will making his first appearance in the “City of Brotherly Love” in fifteen years.

“Fighting in Philly is exciting.  I will have lots of family, friends from school and other friends be able to drive and see the fight.  It is a great opportunity for them to watch me live.  It’s been a long time but I am looking forward to it.”

Most of Cintron’s fights in the past decade have been high-profile fights that have been seen in on premium cable television.  Cintron is taking this stage of his career one fight at a time.

“It is all up to my promoter Marshall Kauffman and King’s Promotions.  When he says that I am ready for a bigger fight, that is when we will move to that.  I am just trying to get my feet wet again.  I am excited for this opportunity and to be back with Marshall.  Marshall and Joe Pastore trained me to get to the top.  Now Joe is training me and Marshall is promoting me and I am happy to be back with them.   I am just trying to get back to being my old self again.  I have been working on walking my opponents down.”

This fight is ticketed for 154 pounds, but Cintron has eyes on welterweight glory again.

“We will slowly work our way down and see how my body feels.  This will be at 154.  The next fight, I am looking at 150-151 and then hopefully 147.”

In Flores, Cintron is fighting an experienced foe who has been in the ring with former world champion Carlos Baldomir plus a bevy of contenders and prospects.

“I really do not know much on him other then he has fought a bunch of good fighters and he is from Ecuador.  I just expect me to be my old self and if that is the case, a knockout should be happening on Friday.”

In a six-round super lightweight bout, Naim Nelson (12-1, 1 NC, 1 KO) battles Carlos Velasquez (24-23-2, 15 KO’s) of Managua, Nicaragua.

In a six-round super welterweight bout, Erik Spring (6-1,1 KO) of Reading, PA will fight Justin Johnson (6-11-4) of Pittsburgh, PA.

In four-round bouts:

Scott Kelleher (4-0, 2 KO’s) of Philadelphia will fight Terrell James (1-3-1) of Philadelphia, PA. in a super lightweight fight.

Tyrone Crawley Jr. (4-0) of Philadelphia will square off with Korey Sloane (2-8-2) of Philadelphia in  lightweight bout.

Amir Shabazz (3-0, 1 KO) of Philadelphia fights Tahlik Taylor (1-3) of Freeport, NY. in a light heavyweight affair.

Aaron Brooks of Philadelphia will make his pro debut against Ryan Bivins (0-1-1) of Philadelphia in super middleweight bout.

Thomas Velasquez (4-0, 3 KO’s) of Philadelphia, PA will fight Grashino Yancy (1-0) of Staten Island, New York in a super featherweight bout.

Emmanuel Folly (6-0, 4 KO’s) of Philadelphia, PA will take Bryan Perez Nevarez (2-3-1, 1 KO) of Carolina, PR in a bantamweight contest.

Kings Boxing – Tonight Booker v. Aikens, Cintron v. Flores and Nelson v. Velasquez Headline Great Night of Fights on GFL.Tv

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Philadelphia, PA (May 5, 2016)–Weights for Friday night’s King’s Promotions card at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.


Christopher Brooker 168.8 – Antowyan Aikens 167


Kermit Cintron 153.9 – Eduardo Flores 156.7


Naim Nelson 139.4 – Carlos Velasquez 142.9
Scott Kelleher 139.4 – Terrell James 141.3
Erik Spring 153 – Justin Johnson 150.9
Aaron Brooks 165 – Ryan Bivins 165
Thomas Velasquez 130.4 – Grashino Yancy 131.2
Tyrone Crawley Jr. 137.7 – Korey Sloane 136.1
Amir Shabazz 174.4 – Tahlik Taylor 174.9
Emmanuel Folly 122.5 – Bryan Perez Nevarez 126.4

Rising Super middleweights Christopher Brooker and Antowyan Aikens Headline the Event with Kermit Cintron, Naim Nelson and Erik Spring Also on the Card

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Christopher Brooker & Antowyan Aikens meet Face to Face before their big showdown this Friday, May 6 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

Philadelphia, PA (May 2, 2016)–THIS Friday night, May 6th, a terrific night of boxing returns the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia as King’s Promotions presents a ten-bout card.

In the main event, rising super middleweight Christopher Brooker (8-1, 5 KOs) takes on Antowyan Aikens (10-1-1. 1 KO) in a bout scheduled for eight-rounds.

This past Friday night in Atlantic City, the Brooker of Philadelphia and Aikens of Atlantic City met for an impromptu face off and they are both ready for this important battle.

In the six-round co-feature, former world welterweight champion, Kermit Cintron (35-5-2, 28 KO’s) of Reading, PA will be back in action when he takes on Eduardo Flores (23-20-3, 15 KO’s) of Quito, Ecuador in a jr. middleweight bout.

In a six-round super lightweight bout, Naim Nelson (12-1, 1 NC, 1 KO) battles Carlos Velasquez (24-23-2, 15 KO’s) of Managua, Nicaragua.

In a six-round super welterweight bout, Erik Spring (6-1,1 KO) of Reading, PA will fight Justin Johnson (6-11-4) of Pittsburgh, PA.

In four-round bouts:

Scott Kelleher (4-0, 2 KO’s) of Philadelphia will fight Robert Ramos (1-4, 1 KO) of Allentown, PA in a super lightweight fight.

Tyrone Crawley Jr. (4-0) of Philadelphia will square off with Korey Sloane (2-8-2) of Philadelphia in  lightweight bout.

Amir Shabazz (3-0, 1 KO) of Philadelphia fights Tahlik Taylor (1-3) of Freeport, NY in a light heavyweight affair.

Aaron Brooks of Philadelphia will make his pro debut against Ryan Bivins (0-1-1) of Philadelphia in super middleweight bout.

Thomas Velasquez (4-0, 3 KO’s) of Philadelphia, PA will fight Grashino Yancy (1-0) of Staten Island, New York in a super featherweight bout.

Emmanuel Folly (6-0, 4 KO’s) of Philadelphia, PA will take on an opponent to be announced in a bantamweight contest.

Irish Bomber beats Pena by TKO at 2:38 in Round 2

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Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing presented the 23rd installment of the popular “Rockin Fights” series before another sellout crowd this past Saturday at The Paramount in Huntington, NY.

The main event saw Joe “The Irish Bomber” Smith (21-1 17KO Mastic, NY) continue his rampage through the Light Heavyweight division, scoring a 2nd round TKO over the very game Fabiano Pena (16-5-1 12KO Los Angeles, CA) in a scheduled 10 round contest. Smith came out with a purpose at the opening bell stalking Pena behind a hard left jab. Pena did his best to try and fend him off but Smith’s relentless pressure continually backed Pena into the ropes allowing Smith to score with hard combinations. The 2nd round saw Smith land hard lefts and rights to the head and body of Pena. Pena tried answering back with wild overhand punches but Smith remained composed and his defense was tight. The non-stop action continued and near the end of the round, Smith caught Pena flush on the chin with a tremendous left hook which rocked him. Smith seized the opportunity and unleashed a barrage of 20 some odd punches on his opponent forcing referee Eddie Claudio to step in and stop the fight at 2:25 of round 2. Smith has now reeled off 15 straight wins with 10 of them by way of knockout.

Promoter Joe DeGuardia had this to say about Smith’s performance “Joe Smith looked sensational tonight against a very game, experienced opponent. I think Joe is ready to take on virtually anyone in the Light Heavyweight division and I have full confidence in Joe being in a huge Light Heavyweight fight in the very near future”.

When Joe isn’t knocking out opponents in the ring he knocks out concrete as a member of Local 66 Laborers Union.

The chief support of the card saw the “Battle for Backyard Bragging Rights” and the vacant NY State Jr. Welterweight title was up for grabs as Hicksville’s Anthony Karperis (12-2 4KO) defeated Huntington’s Alan Gotay (8-3 4KO) over 10 fast paced rounds. Each fighter brought a large contingent of fans, who were very vocal throughout this action packed contest. Karperis was the sharper of the two fighters as he boxed and effectively countered the ever charging Gotay. There were many exciting exchanges between the two local fighters but in the end Karperis came away with a decision, winning by scores of 98-92 on two cards and 100-90 on the third.

Daniel Gonzalez stopped Carlos Aguilera in round five of their scheduled 8-round Jr. Welterweight bout.

The bout was stopped at 3:00 of round five due to a cut for Gonzalez, 139.6 lbs of Woodhaven, NY is now 11-0-1 with 5 knockouts.  Aguilera, 140 lbs of Minagua, NIC is 8-16.

Patrick Day won a 6-round unanimous decision over Courtney Pennington in a Jr. Middleweight bout.

Day, 154.2 lbs of Freeport, NY won by scores of 59-55 twice and 58-56 and is now 12-2-1.  Pennington, 154.2 lbs of Brooklyn, NY is now 8-3-1.

Michael Stoute won a 4-round majority decision over Jonel Lorenzo in a Super Bantamweight bout.

Stoute, 121.8 lbs of Coram, NY won by scores of 39-37 twice and 38-38 and is now 2-0.  Lorenzo, 122 lbs of Newark, NJ was making his pro debut.

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