Duel For Domination 9 Review

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Arizona’s rising MMA promotion returned to GFL.tv as Crank It Up Promotions presented “Duel for Domination 9″ that emanated from the Arizona Event Center in Mesa, Arizona. MMA fans, this stacked 10-bout card had 5 stoppages and featured the top up and coming prospects inside the Grand Canyon State and around the Southwest. “Duel for Domination 9″ delivered another night of action packed fights as all of these warriors made a name for themselves not only in their home territory but to a worldwide audience on GFL. Tune in for some of the Southwest’s Best.

In the main event, Augusto Mendes (2-0) defeated Omar Castro (1-1) via armbar in the second round. Mendes was just too tough on the ground as he dominated the fight from that position. Mendes got several takedowns throughout the fight and his top position was solid. Castro tried to break free and get distance to strike, but Mendes relied on his wrestling and grappling to close the distance, get the fight on the ground and land strikes from the top and go for submission after submission. Finally, in the second round, with Mendes controlling the ground game, Mendes pulled off a straight armbar from the mount and Castro was finally forced to tapout after defending 7 submissions.

In the co-main event, Preston Harris (2-2) defeated Eddie Rincon (2-6) via unanimous decision after three tough rounds. Both fighters threw down from the opening bell in the first until the final bell in the third. The first and third were close round and could have gone either way as both men seemed to trade strikes like a classic heavyweight prize fight from years past. Rincon seemed to control the second round with his wrestling. Harris showed resilience, toughness and grit and he always pushed the pace while Rincon matched him in that department. It was a close fight and both men showed big hearts in the cage.

In other action, in a rematch from June, John McCarthy (3-3) defeated David Contreras (4-3) via split decision. This fight picked up right where they left off with the first fight with both men coming forward and trading strikes and going for broke. Both McCarthy and Contreras proved that above all else, they are two evenly matched fighters who bring out the best in one another. With each man having a victory against the other, will there be a rubber match in the future?

Julio Cisneros, Ernesto Fuentes and Alejandro Arredondo all picked up TKO victories showing off their heavy hands under the hot desert sky as they all climbed up the ladder in their respective weight divisions and put themselves in line for a title shot in the not too distant future.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as Crank It Up Promotions presents “Duel for Domination 9″ from the hot Arizona desert only on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.tv.

OTC – August Apocalypse Review

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Off the Chain (OTC) returned on GFL with “August Apocalypse” from the Summit Arena in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This event brought together all of the top fighters in Arkansas and the surrounding area as OTC put on another stacked pro/am card with 20 fights featuring 14 finishes!

In the main event, Dawond Pickney (5-2) defeated Jimmy Van Horn (10-12) via TKO in the first round. After a brief feeling out period, Pickney landed a barrage of punches that sent Van Horn back against the cage. Van Horn dropped to his back as Pickney followed. Van Horn went for an armbar from the bottom, but Pickney pulled out and got back to his feet. They resumed striking on their feet shortly after and Pickney connected with a brutal body shot and uppercut combo. Van Horn covered up as Pickney launched more punches in his direction. Van Horn dropped to the canvas where Pickney scored with more punches on the ground and the ref waved the fight off just over a minute into the first round.

In the co main event, Anthony Jones defeated Aldir Junior via decision. Jones won the first two rounds convincingly by controlling the striking and landing the harder shots. Jones backed Junior down several times and hurt Junior with body shots and over hand rights over and over again. Junior did his best work in the third round as he got a takedown and tried for submission after submission, but the black belt couldn’t get the tapout as Jones defended well and event had to defend a RNC attempt by Junior with less than 20 seconds left in the fight.

In other action, Lemarcus Tucker (3-0) defeated Carlton Little (3-3) via unanimous decision and remains undefeated. Tucker continued to press the action and come forward and land shots throughout the entire fight. Little countered with left hands and takedowns in spots but Tucker controlled the pace of the fight and landed more overall total strikes and was the busier fighter.

Jeremiah Cullum (1-1) defeated Shane Bridges (0-3) via RNC in the first round. It was constant action and once the fight got to the mat, both fighters were looking for submissions left and right. Bridges went for a triangle that Cullum defended and immediately went into attacking the back of Bridges where Cullum sunk in the rear naked choke getting the tapout.

John Chitwood (2-3) defeated Trevor Ollison (3-7) via TKO in the second round. Both men fought with their hearts on their sleeve and neither would take a step backwards. It was a barnburner from start to finish. In the second, Chitwood hurt Ollison with left hooks that sent Ollison down. On the ground, Chitwood went for a D’arce choke and anaconda choke, but Ollison defended and locked in a modified guillotine choke that Chitwood defended. Chitwood resumed positional dominance and started landing punches inside the guard of Ollison. Ollision rolled over but Chitwood was right there to dish out more punishment and the ref finally called a halt to the fight.

Don’t miss “August Apocalypse” presented by Off the Chain. Watch all the action and witness the champions of tomorrow as they fight today, anytime on the GFL Combat Sports Network exclusively on iPPV and VOD.

Triple A MMA – Rivals Review

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Courtesy of Jorge Hernandez & SWFight.com

The old saying goes “styles make fights”. That was definitely the case in the main event Saturday night at Triple A MMA VIII’s Rivals card inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The match-up pinned the two best MMA camps in New Mexico. This must be why Albuquerque fighters Conrad Padilla of Jackson’s MMA and Isaiah Reyes of FIT NHB came out extremely anxious for their bout.

The first clean connection would come from Reyes who would land a thudding left kick to Padilla’s stomach causing the sound to resonate around the ballroom (one of those kick would leave an imprint on the side of Padilla’s torso even after the fight).

Reyes would follow suit with a low kick that would help create some distance for the rest of the round.

Unable to pentetate Reyes’ defense of out-stretched arms and busy hands, Padilla would resort to periodic leg kicks none more impactful than a sweeping right kick that knocked Reyes off balance.

The second round showed some exchanges looking more like a mitt sessions as Reyes would block several of Padilla’s punches with the palm of his hand.

The Jackson’s MMA fighter would change his gameplan and target the body which would open up over the top hooks that would keep coming closer and closer to their target.

A solid right would finally land for Padilla which would later be followed up with a kick to the torso. The success in the round would continue as he would land a big left hook toward the back of Reyes’ head.

After a big Padilla miss, Reyes would momentarily take Padilla down. Blood could also be seen dripping from the left side of each man’s face.

A Reyes low blow would halt the action and finish out the round.

The third stanza would be ushered in with an eruption from the fans.

Even though he had the advantage circling around the cage picking shots Reyes chose to stay in the middle of it in this round. He would block consecutive hooks from Padilla and respond with a stinging jab.

Padilla would look to feint a punch low to set up another over the top hook but Reyes would refuse to bite.

Each fighter’s endurance looked amazing despite being drenched in sweat inside the small ballroom that at times felt like a sauna due to the enclosed setting and the brightness of the production lights.

Chants of “Reyes! Reyes!” filled the ballroom but it would be Padilla who responded to the yells after missing an uppercut would then work a shot to the body.

Reyes would begin changing levels with his punches but during the process would eat a strong right. He would then use his legs to move in and out of danger landing short shots but would get caught once he would position himself.

He would then revert back to his original approach and move on the outside and be very strategic and effective with shots from the exterior.

A huge over the top right hook for Padilla would force Reyes to change stances. Padilla would earn takedown off what appeared to be a Reyes slip.

The men would embrace as the bout came to an end.

There was no question that no matter whom the bout was awarded to, each corner would feel slighted by the decision as both put an extraordinary amount of work into the entertaining bout.

Despite not having landed powerful blows, most of the media cageside felt that it would be Reyes’ elusiveness and tactical striking that would earn him the decision. The judges however would give the nod to the pressure and power of Padilla.

The judges decision would read: 29-28 Padilla, 30-27 Reyes; to the shock of the Padilla’s corner, and 29-28 Padilla, awarding the 35-year-old his first victory in over a year and a half.

Due to a couple of fights falling out, Jose Cueto and Hunter tower found themselves as the co-main event of the evening… and sure fought like it.

In the performance of the night it took everything from Jose Cueto to come back from the storm Hunter Tower hailed on him early in their bout.

Demonstrating impressive athleticism, Tower was able to overwhelm Cueto with a great display of kickboxing, helping set up a takedown and more than one rear-naked choke attempt.

Unable to secure a finish, Tower would waste a large amount energy, allowing Cueto to take control of the fight with ground and pound and standing striking.

Cueto would sneak in a powerful spinning backfist after a failed checked kick by Tower. Cueto would take the fight to the ground up against the cage where he would deliver at least 20 strikes, mixing in right elbows and punches.

The referee, late with the stoppage, would call the contest at 01:30 of the second round.

Halfway through out the card a pair of amateur fighters making their debuts put a performance worth note.

From the onset it appeared that Lovato MMA’s Marquis Smith’s boxing and hand speed would lead to an early victory over Luttrell MMA’s Slade Ring.

Smith was able to drop Ring twice in a round and no one thought Ring would be able to recover from the shots.

Feeling comfortable with the lead in the first round, Smith would become more relaxed in the second giving Ring the opportunity to gain his confidence by being able to implement significant kicks.

The round was made close because of Smith’s power punching.

A chessmatch made up the final round as Smith forced the action to turn back into a boxing match by keeping his distance and only engaging when he found it convenient.

Ring chasing Smith for much of the round made him the aggressor but was unable to have the success he had in the second.

The judges would render a unanimous decision victory for Smith.

Joe Hand – Tuesday Night Fights Review

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Story and photo by John DiSanto – PhillyBoxingHistory.com

The brand new Tuesday Night Fights Pro-Am boxing series kicked off at the 2300 Arena in South Philly Tuesday night, and North Philly middleweight Fred Jenkins closed the show with a second round KO over Baltimore’s Jeremy Trussell in their scheduled 6-round bout.

A total of three professional and six amateur bouts were contested.

Jenkins looked sharp, winning the first round against his bigger opponent, before unleashing a vicious left hook in round two that decked Trussell flat on his back. Trussell made it to his feet, but Jenkins immediately jumped on him the moment referee Hurley McCall waved him back in. Not usually known for his punch, Jenkins turned killer and let loose a flurry of hard punches that put Trussell on the canvas again. The wounded fighter struggled to get up, but failed to beat the count. Referee McCall signaled the end at 2:52 of round two.

Jenkins improved to 8-1-1, 3 KOs, while Trussell fell to 8-2-1, 6 KOs.

Middleweight Keith Downs posted his third win without a loss by beating southpaw Robert Sweeney by majority 4-round decision. Sweeney, of Sicklerville, NJ, landed a tremendous right hook in the first round, and took that frame on the scorecards.

However, Downs, of Willingboro, NJ, rebounded well. He landed heavily in round two and kept throwing until the final bell, using his significant size advantage to control the rest of the action.

After four full rounds, Judge Lynn Carter saw the fight a 38-38 draw, but she was overruled by John Poturaj and David Braslow who both scored it 39-37 in favor of Downs. The win raised Downs’ record to 3-0, 1 KO; Sweeney lost for the first time, 2-1.

Philly lightweight Avery Sparrow made a successful pro debut against Antoine Knight, of Chicago, in the first of the professional contests. Sparrow, 1-0, landed just about everything he threw in round one, and repeated the feat most of the way in the following three rounds. He punctuated his performance with a big left hook just before the final bell.

All three judges, Lynn Carter, John Poturaj and David Braslow scored the fight a 40-36 shutout for Sparrow. Knight slipped to 3-9, 1 KO.

There were also six amateur bouts on the show, all of which were decided by 3-round decision:

Christian Carto, Philadelphia, defeated Demetrious Young, Washington, DC (110 lbs.).

Nahir Albright, Philadelphia, topped Brian Walton, Camden, NJ (141 lbs.).

Johnathon Padilla, Reading, PA beat Jesse Morell, Philadelphia (123 lbs.).

Jackie McTamney, Philadelphia, decisioned Kayla Hracho, Reading, PA (125 lbs.).

Ray Ford, Sicklerville, NJ, defeated Adonis Camacho, Reading, PA (112 lbs.).

Zahir Owens, Philadelphia, won over Raul Serrano, Philadelphia (120 lbs.).

The next edition of the Pro-Am series, promoted by Joe Hand Promotions and D&D Management, is scheduled for September 16th at the same venue.

WFC 25 Review

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Hard hitting MMA action returned as WFC presented “WFC 25” from the Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon on the GFL Combat Sports Network. WFC events are the premier MMA shows in the Pacific Northwest as they are the proving grounds for tomorrow’s future stars and established veterans looking to mix it up. This huge 10 bout card featured 8 finishes.

In the main event, Bellator and Strikeforce vet Ryan Healy (20-12-1) defeated Aaron Hedrick (9-6) via TKO in the second round to win the WFC Lightweight Title. Early on, Hedrick went for a single leg takedown that was stuffed by Healy against the cage. Both fighters landed knees and uppercuts from this spot and broke free continuing their battle in the center of the cage. Healy scored some nice body shots but Hedrick caught a kick and took the fight to the mat where he worked from the top. Hedrick kept Healy on his back for the remainder of the round but not scoring with a ton of strikes. In round two, Hedrick went for another takedown attempt and Healy stuffed the takedown as they ended up against the fence again. Healy was able to hurt Hedrick with short elbows from this spot and when they separated, Healy scored with elbows and knees. Healy connected with two flying knees and more body shots as Hedrick was hurt but still able to get another takedown. Healy got back to his feet and landed more hard shots including a kick to the midsection, elbows from the guard and hammer fists that finally closed the deal.

In the co-main event, UFC vet Ian Loveland (15-9) defeated Gabriel Solorio (9-8) via TKO in the first round. Solorio utilized his speed to duck under several of Loveland’s hard punches but Loveland continued to stalk Solorio and walk him down. Loveland clinched and was able to score with hard elbows and knees from close distance that slowed Solorio down. After a brief stop in action, Loveland continued to find his mark and landed a big right hand, followed by a high kick that sent Solorio down. Loveland followed up with punches on the ground until the ref intervened and stopped the fight.

In the heavyweight division, Chris De La Rocha (3-0) picked up a win against DJ Linderman (15-9) via TKO in the first round. Both men traded shots and tried to out grapple one another from the clinch. Linderman scored with a huge strike that opened up the nose of De La Rocha, then in an instant, De La Rocha scored with a text book overhand right that dropped Linderman to the canvas. De La Rocha finished the fight with punches on the ground in a very impressive showing by the young upstart.

In other action, Eben Kaneshiro (17-11) defeated Josh LaGrange (1-4) via first round guillotine. Kaneshiro got a quick takedown and ended up in the guard of LaGrange. Kaneshiro got to side mount, then to mount and locked on a guillotine from that position. It finished LaGrange off seconds later as he was forced to tapout.

Ryan Walker, Julian Wallace, Mike Dubois and David Converse all picked up submission wins as well on the night.

West Coast MMA delivered again! Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as WFC presents “WFC 25” exclusively at GFL.tv.

Broadway Boxing Review & Results

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Courtesy of Matt Richardson of fightnews.com

Junior lightweight Patrick Hyland defeated Noel Echevarria in four lopsided rounds in the main event of promoter Lou DiBella’s “Broadway Boxing” series on Wednesday night at BB Kings Blues Club & Grill in Times Square, New York City.

Hyland (28-1, 13 KOs) was the more aggressive and accurate fighter and it showed from the beginning. He hurt Echevarria in the third round with right hands connected in the corner. Echevarria (11-4, 6 KOs) shook off the punches as best the could but soon got hurt again in the fourth. This time, the signs of fatigue and dismissal were clear in his face. A wink and a nod by Echevarria to referee Benji Esteves signaled that he was done fighting and Esteves stepped in to call a halt to the bout with Echevarria still standing. Time of the stoppage was 54 seconds of the fourth.

The victory will keep Hyland in the hunt for bigger pay days and likely tougher fights. Once promoted by reality TV star “Snooki,” he could parlay his win here into better things. He could also fight again soon as the damage inflicted on him from Echevarria was minimal.

Unbeaten heavyweight Charles Martin (18-0-1, 16 KOs) beat up Kertson Manswell over four rounds. Referee Arthur Mercante Jr. called a stoppage in the fourth after Manswell hit the canvas three times. Martin, promoted by Michael King’s Kings Sports, dominated the fight from the outside. A southpaw, Martin did damage and got out of the way before the slower Manswell (24-9, 14 KOs) could retaliate. That paid dividends in the final round of the bout as Manswell couldn’t get out of the way of Martin’s shots. Merchant gave Manswell every opportunity to stay in the fight when he arguably could’ve stopped it after the first and even second knockdowns. After the second one, Manswell did come out aggressive but it was short lived when he was dropped to his knees shortly after. Time of the stoppage was 2:33.

Joe Smith Jr. stopped a game but overmatched Tyrell Hendrix in the third round of a light heavyweight fight. Smith (16-1, 13 KOs) dropped Hendrix with an uppercut in the second round and continued to find additional success with the same punch in the following round. After a prolonged flurry along the ropes prompted a NYSAC member to rise from his feet, referee Shada Murdaugh properly called a halt at the 1:45 mark. Hendrix (11-5-1, 4 KOs) mildly protested the stoppage but it looked solid from ringside.

Super middleweight Sergey Derevyanchenko, recently signed by promoter Lou DiBella, made his professional debut a successful one. His opponent, Cromwell Gordon, elected not to fight past the second round of a scheduled six, thus providing Derevyanchenko with his first professional win. Gordon, who didnt do much except absorb punches, told the referee he didn’t want to come out for the third. He is now 4-12 with four wins by stoppage.

Junior middleweight Patrick Day stopped Brad Jackson in a wild junior middleweight fight. Jackson went down on a right in the first but quickly rose and soon dropped Day to a glove after connecting with a comeback rally. Day (8-0-1, 5 KOs) seemed unworried and went back to work. He came out aggressively in the second round and soon dropped Jackson with a right. Jackson (15-10-1, 7 KOs) rose again but didn’t look right and referee Benji Esteves properly called a halt just 15 seconds into the round.

Super middleweight Avtandil Khurtsidze blew out journeyman Allen Conyers in less than two minutes. Conyers was hurt along the ropes and a series of uppercuts in the corner convinced the referee to call a halt at the 1:23 mark. Khurtsidze is now 28-2-2 with 17 wins via stoppage. Conyers, who once had a fun fight with James Kirkland, is 12-10 with nine wins by knockout.

Undefeated welterweight Danny Gonzalez maintained his unblemished ledger with an entertaining but dominant six round unanimous decision victory against Ray Velez. Scores for the bout were 59-55 (twice) and 58-56. Gonzalez (6-0-1, 3 KOs) probably got hit a little more than his corner would have preferred but the crowd loved it. Velez, despite a record of just 3-5-1 (1 KO) likely earned another local appearance with the encouraging showing.

SCL Heat Review

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Sparta Combat League returned on GFL with “Heat”, a stacked MMA card from the Douglas County Event Center in Castle Rock, Colorado. This event was full speed ahead from bell to bell as these pros and amateurs threw down in battle in the cage.

In the main event for the SCL Middleweight Title, Adam Stroup (6-1) defeated Jason Lee (7-5) via TKO in the second round to win the title. Early on, both fighters showed a great technical level as they both threw great strikes and also had awesome defense as they checked kicks left and right and both continued to throw down for the fans. The fight was a striking clinic as both men tried to take each other out with punches, kicks, and knees. In the second, Lee pushed Stroup against the cage, but Stroup reversed the position and found his opening to end the fight. Stroup used his size advantage to land some solid knees against the cage in while Lee tried to defend. Multiple knees got through and dropped Lee. Stroup followed Lee to the ground where he scored with ground and pound as Lee defended himself. Lee got back to his feet but was hit with another knee to the head that dropped him a second time and Stroup finished the fight on the ground this time with more ground and pound.

In other action, Alice Yauger (1-2) defeated Shannon Sinn (1-1) via unanimous decision. Yauger continued to come forward and counter the striking of Sinn as it was almost dead even on the standup. Sinn used good footwork and found her spots from a distance as she connected with hard leg kicks, and one-two combos. Yauger would throw harder shots with not as much volume. In the last round, Yauger seemed to seal the deal as she got a takedown and put Sinn on her back and controlled the ground decisively. It was a solid win for Yauger who came into the fight as the underdog but gave a great performance as did Sinn.

Josh “Hellboy” Huber defeated Joey Banks via TKO in a 145 lb Muay Thai battle. The southpaw Huber connected with hard left hands right down the middle that hurt Banks throughout the fight. Banks battled back and landed some overhand rights, but the volume punching of Huber was the difference. Huber connected with combos and hard knees to the midsection. Finally, as Banks started to get winded, Huber threw everything but the kitchen sink at him as Huber scored with lefts, rights, knees to the body and finally knees to the head that dropped Banks and put him away.

Sparta Combat League brought down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West MMA and this show continued in that tradition. Order “Heat” now and watch anytime on video on demand only on GFL.tv.

Keystone Boxing – Recio vs Blake Review

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Courtesy of boxingalongthebeltway.blogspot.com

“The Cuban Assassin” Larry Recio of Springdale, MD won a six-round unanimous decision over Grayson Blake of State College, PA in the junior middleweight main event.   Recio is now 7-0, five KO’s while Blake is now 5-3-1, two KO’s.

In the middleweight co-feature, Demond “D Best At It” Nicholson of Laurel, MD scored a first-round TKO over Jess “Thunder” Noriega of Lynchburg, VA.  The bout was stopped at 2:02 of the first.  Nicholson remains perfect at 8-0, eight KO’s.  Noriega is now 2-12, two KO’s.

Terron “Kid” Grant of White Plains, MD lost a six-round split decision to Jose Del Valle of Bayamon, Puerto Rico in a junior lightweight matchup.  Grant loses for the first time and is now 9-1, four KO’s.  Del Valle is now 3-7-3.

Lightweight Patrick Harris of Hyattsville, MD stopped Michael Doyle of Prichard, AL at 49 seconds of the third round.  Harris is now 2-0, two KO’s while Doyle is 2-10-1, one KO.

DC junior lightweight Joshua “Dynamite” Davis won a six-round split decision over Thomas “The Animal” Herrera of Hollywood, CA.  Davis’s record improves to 7-1, three KO’s.  Herrera is now 3-12-1.

Marq “The Monster” Johns of Fort Washington, MD scored a brutal second-round TKO over Luis Hernandez of Caguas, Puerto Rico in a super bantamweight bout.  Johns is now 4-0-1, four KO’s while Hernandez is 0-5.

Junior welterweight Myke “The Professor” Fox of Forestville, MD stopped Mason Wickett of Little Rock, AR at 1:29 of the third round.  Fox is now 3-0, one KO while Wickett is 0-7.

Lightweight Emanuel “Jab” Johnson of Brandywine, MD won a four-round majority decision over Calvin Smith of Prichard, AL.  Johnson is 2-0 while Smith is 2-8.

Welterweight Stephon “Flash” McDonald of Laurel, MD won a four-round majority decision over James Gooding of Tampa, FL.  McDonald is 3-0, two KO’s while Gooding is 1-7-1, one KO.

Ring of Combat and Dead Serious MMA – “MMA Battles” Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/MMA-BATTLE-AT-SCHUETZEN-PARK/2409

Ring of Combat and Dead Serious MMA partnered to present “MMA Battles” on GFL.tv from Schuetzen Park in North Bergen, New Jersey. This event had another stacked lineup, something Ring of Combat and Dead Serious MMA has become synonymous with. This time the amateurs were showcased on this 13-bout mega card that featured 7 finishes. ROC and Dead Serious Fighting Championship continue to be the linchpin of East Coast MMA and this card reiterated that dominance in the Tri-State area.

In the main event, Robert Bodden defeated Chad Gudmundsson via unanimous decision. Bodden used his wrestling to get the fight to the mat multiple times and keep Gudmundsson on his back. Bodden was strong in top control and relentless on the ground. Bodden also had several hard takedowns that took the fight out of Gudmundsson as he found it difficult to get back to his feet and when he did, Bodden was again in his face using his wrestling and grappling to get the fight to the mat.

In the co-main event, Andy Segovia defeated Chris Alcala via unanimous decision. This was another fight where wrestling was king as Segovia took Alcala down time after time and had solid control inside of the guard of Alcala. Alcala looked for triangles and armbars from the bottom, but Segovia was ready and defended the submission attempts well as he would score with punches and control the action on the mat.

Travis Spadafora scored the quickest win of the night as he defeated Robert Wallin via guillotine choke in 47 seconds. Wallin shot in for a double leg takedown that Spadafora stuffed against the fence. Wallin kept working for the takedown and left his head and neck vulnerable. Spadafora sunk in the choke and when the fighters hit the mat, Spadafora locked in the choke full force from his back and Wallin tapped out.

In other action, Jenna Serio, Daniel Pereira, George Maldarelli, Yasmin Almonte, O’Brayan Ramirez and Miguel Lopez all scored submission wins as they climbed their way up the ladder in their respective divisions.

You won’t find a more thrilling card then this one. Be sure to catch all of the action as Ring of Combat and Dead Serious present “MMA Battles” exclusively on pay-per-view at GFL.tv. Order now and own it for life on VOD.

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.

PinnacleFC 8 results: Rising stars Mark Cherico and Adam Milstead earn impressive wins

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(PRESS RELEASE) CANONSBURG, Pa. – Pinnacle Fighting Championships returned for its eighth event on Saturday night, as 11 mixed martial arts bouts went down inside the Iceoplex in Canonsburg just outside of Pittsburgh. Four professional bouts capped off an electric night of action, including six stoppage victories.
In the main event, Mark “The Pride of Bloomfield” Cherico (7-0) kept his perfect record intact, as the hometown favorite took home a clear-cut unanimous decision victory over Indianapolis native Luis “Shonuff” Guerra (4-2). Guerra gave Cherico’s grinding style fits early in the fight, but Cherico eventually settled into a groove and worked for positions and passes on the ground while also landing strikes in the standup. Cherico scored two knockdowns in the third round, cruising his way to scores of 30-27 on all three judges’ scorecards. With the win, Cherico was awarded the first-ever PinnacleFC professional featherweight title.
In the co-main event, Pittsburgh’s Adam “The Prototype” Milstead (5-1) returned after an 18-month hiatus to earn a first round TKO victory over Georgia’s Nick Smiley (6-4) in heavyweight action. Milstead was aggressive early in the fight, rushing in for a clinch, before landing an uppercut against the cage that lead to an overhand right that dropped Smiley. Milstead reigned down some finishing blows before the referee pulled him off just 50 seconds into the bout. With the win, Milstead is now 5-0 in the heavyweight division.
In other professional action, featherweight Charlie “Mad Man” Gathers (5-5) submitted Jason “The Whip” Willett (4-5) in the second round of their grudge match, while Evolve MMA’s Bhrandon “Bad Intentions” Poindexter (1-0) submitted Steve Jones (0-2) in his professional debut.
In amateur action, Fight Club Pittsburgh’s Jake “Chill” Schilling (6-1) submitted veteran Ethan “The Wolverine” Goss (6-4) with a triangle in the second round to capture the vacant PinnacleFC amateur featherweight title. In the welterweight title bout, Schilling’s FCP teammate Matt “Chief” Hester (4-1) eked out a split decision over PinnacleFC middleweight champion Jim Rendeiro (4-2).
The full event streamed live worldwide via gfl.tv, and the replay can still be purchased HERE.
Full results from PinnacleFC 8:
170 lbs – Matthew Falk (2-1) def. Ja’Rhon Henderson (0-1) via Unanimous Decision
135 lbs – Jonathan Coffman (3-3) def. Osahon Omo-Osagie (1-4) via submission (kneebar) – Round 2, 0:56
180 lbs – Malik Epperson (3-0) def. Vladimir Jean-Philippe (0-2) via Unanimous Decision
170 lbs – Gregg Rudolph (1-0) def. Brandon Eckhardt (1-2) via TKO (punch) – Round 1, 1:08
135 lbs – Cortland Woodard (3-4) def. Zach Forrester (2-6) via Split Decision
170 lbs – Matt Hester (4-1) def. Jim Rendeiro (4-2) via Split Decision – for Welterweight Title
145 lbs – Jake Schilling (6-1) def. Ethan Goss (6-4) via submission (triangle) – Round 2, 1:40 – for Featherweight Title
135 lbs – Bhrandon Poindexter (1-0) def. Steve Jones (0-2) via submission (arm bar) – Round 1, 2:59*
145 lbs – Charlie Gathers (5-5) def. Jason Willett (4-5) via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 2, 3:11*
265 lbs – Adam Milstead (5-1) def. Nick Smiley (6-4) via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 0:50*
145 lbs – Mark Cherico (7-0) def. Luis Guerra (4-2) via Unanimous Decision* – for Featherweight Title
For more information, visit PinnacleFightingChampionships.com.

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