WFC 29 Review

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Hard hitting MMA action returned as WFC presented “WFC 29″ from the Las Vegas Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the GFL Combat Sports Network. WFC events are premier MMA shows, promoted across the United States as a proving ground for tomorrow’s future stars and established veterans looking to mix it up. This huge card featured 8 fights with 7 finishes showcasing several up and coming fighters from the region.

In the main event, for the WFC Amateur Welterweight Title, Cory “Bad News” Hall (4-3) defeated Rob “the Pitbull” Jimenez (2-1) via TKO in the third round. Hall used his height advantage to score from the outside as he picked Jimenez apart with jabs, right crosses and push kicks for the majority of the fight. Jimenez was game the whole fight and continued to throw punches back at Hall, but didn’t produce the volume punching that Hall did which was constant pressure all night on Jimenez. In the third round, Jimenez was busted up in the face, but that didn’t stop him from meeting Hall in the center of the cage and trading punches. But Hall’s boxing was on point all night and he continued to tag Jimenez from a safe distance and rack up more points. Hall connected with an uppercut than followed it up with multiple overhand rights as Jimenez slumped to the canvas. Hall added a few more punches on the ground as the ref stopped the fight.

In the co-main event, Cody Monsalve (3-1) defeated Michael Hansen (1-1) via armbar in the second round. Monsalve was the aggressor the whole fight and got Hansen’s back several times in the first round looking to end the fight with a RNC. Hansen defended well, but wasn’t able to offer much in the form of offense as he was continually put in bad situations by Monsalve. In the second, Hansen had a nice throw that got Monslave on the ground as Hansen worked inside the guard. Monsalve used the position to his advantage as soon as he was on his back he went for an armbar and got it moments later, forcing Hansen to tapout.

In other action John Buttner (2-0) defeated PJ Reyna (2-1) via guillotine choke in the second round. Reyna has used a solid wrestling game early in the fight to get Buttner to the mat and bust up his face with ground and pound. When Reyna went for another takedown in the second, Buttner was able to catch him in a guillotine choke and held onto the submission as Reyna finished the takedown. From the bottom, Buttner was able to finish Reyna off with the choke hold as he tightened the grip and forced the tapout.

MMA on GFL is ready to deliver again! Be sure to catch all of the action, as WFC presents “WFC 29″ exclusively at and available anytime on VOD.

About World Fighting Championships
World Fighting Championships is a combat sports (MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing) promotion company based in Las Vegas, dedicated to giving the best combat sports athletes in the world a place to showcase their talent. WFC has hosted dozens of events in 7 different markets throughout the US and has been featured on Inside MMA, ESPN, Yahoo, USA TODAY, CNN, Spike TV, MMA Junkie, and Fox Sports.

OTC Monster Bash 2 Review

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Off the Chain (OTC) returned on GFL with “Monster Bash 2″ from the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock, Arkansas. This event brought together all of the top fighters in Arkansas and the surrounding area as OTC put on another stacked pro/am card for the rabid fans of the area as 10 of 14 bouts ended via stoppage.

In the main event, Nolan Norwood (8-3) defeated Dameon Melton (3-9) via choke in the first round. The taller Melton came out throwing an assortment of kicks that kept Norwood at a distance. Norwood tried to close the distance with a takedown attempt, but that was stuffed by Melton who fired back with lefts and rights. Melton landed a flying knee, uppercut and left hook combo. Melton then went for a spinning back fist and as he turned into Norwood, he gave Norwood the opportunity he was looking for as Norwood took Melton down. On the ground, Norwood immediately sunk in a rear naked choke and forced Melton to tapout.

In the co-main event, PJ Bonner (3-0-1) defeated Tyler Smith (0-3) via TKO in the first round. Smith came out throwing bombs from the opening seconds as they clinched up against the cage. Bonner locked on a kimura and they fell to the mat with the submission still intact. Bonner switched to a straight armbar but Smith defended well as they continued to grappler on the ground. Smith looked for an armbar from the bottom, but Bonner was able to pass to side control where he landed 30+ punches from the spot until the ref finally called a halt to the fight. Not all of the punches were flush, but Bonner was in full control and punching Smith at will by this point.

In championship action, for the OTC Middleweight title, Chauncey Foxworth (6-4) defeated Ryan Erickson (4-2) via submission in the second round. Foxworth was too much for Erickson and able to control both the standup and grappling and finished the fight with a tapout victory.

The OTC Welterweight Title was up for grabs as undefeated John Marius (3-0) defeated Kenny Smith (5-2) via TKO in the first round. It was a quick fight and Marius used precision striking to connect with strikes that immediately hurt Smith. Marius saw Smith was injured and followed up with more strikes before the fight was waved off.

Don’t miss “Monster Bash 2″ presented by Off the Chain on video on demand. Watch all the action and witness the champions of tomorrow as they fight today, only on the GFL Combat Sports Network exclusively on iPPV.

BAMMA USA Badbeat 13 Review

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Courtesy of

Levon Sargsyan (0-0) vs. Michael Reyes (0-0) 125 lbs 3X3 min rounds

Rd1: Excellent patience from Sargsyan who avoids a few big swings from Reyes. Reyeslunges and catches Sargysan who is in trouble. Big ground and pound from Reyes who inspires the stoppage. Winner :32 Rd 1 via KO Michael Reyes

Chris Schommer (1-0) vs Jose Rivas jr (1-0) 205 lbs 3X3 min round

Rd1: Schommer looking for the takedown but its not there. He settles for a few leg kicks, then feign the take down again. Reyes digs to the legs, then lands a nice two punch combination before Schommer instigates the clinch. Head kick from Reyes flirts ineffectively. Schommer in on a single and brings the fight to the ground. In side cross landing elbows and punches, Schommer senses the finish. Schommer sinks in the brabo choke as he moves to a north south position and Reyes is out as the round ends. Winner via head and arm choke Rd 1 Chris Schommer

Ashley Yoder (1-0) vs Maria Rios (1-0) 115 lbs 3X3 min rounds

Rd1: Yoder starts out more active, but Rios patiently finds her way into the clinch. Yoder backed into the cage, taking a few foot stomps. Rios now backed up momentarily before reversing position. Referee Mike Beltran calls for a break, and Rios immediately lands with a nice leg kick. Yoder with head control, but Rios gets free and again pressing Yoder against the cage. Rios with a big elbow to the liver that buckles Yoder.We give Rd 1 to Rios 10-9

Rd2: More clinching, as Rios still in control Both fighters land with punches. Another nice elbow from Rios brings her again into the clinch. Yoder able to take Rios down. Yoder now in side control lands a nice elbow. Yoder smothering Rios, but Rios doing some nice work from bottom. Triangle almost locked up by Rios but Yoder breaks free. Both fighters landing with punches as the round ends. We give it 10-9 Yoder

Rd3: Yoder again with a nice hip toss take down. Yoder in side control but Rios threatens the back. Nice reversal from Rios who is now working from the half guard. Rios transitions to the back but gets swept. Now Yoder working in the closed guard of Rios. Referee calls for a break. Rios lands a nice combination and another. Rios flurries and Yoder gives back as well. Rios again lands with heavy straight punches that have Yoder rocked and backed up as the round and the fight come to an end. We have it 10-9 Rios giving her a very close 29-28 decision win. Winner by UD Maria Rios

Adrian Gutierrez (0-0) vs Tim Riscen (2-0) 125 lbs 3X3 min rounds

Rd 1: Riscen in on a take down, but Gutierrez appears to have his neck. Riscen gets free momentarily before having his posture controlled by Gutierrez. Back to there feet Gutierrez lands nice right before getting dragged back to the mat. Riscen in the guard now, looking to land with the right, but Gutierrez kicks him away and gets back to his feet. Riscen again with a take down. Big right elbows from Riscen find a home. Gutierrez gets free and stands only to be taken down again. And the round comes to a close. 10-9 Riscen

Rd 2: Gutierrez starts out the aggressor, backing Riscen up. Riscen finds the take down again. Riscen steps over in to half guard and lands with a few punches before Gutierrez escapes back to his feet. Riscen find the double leg again, and wouldn’t you know he gets another take down. Riscen locks up a modified head and arm choke, and that is the end of the contest. Winner Tim Riscen via SUB Von Flue choke

Alyssa Garcia (0-0) vs Misha Nassiri (2-0) 110 lbs 3X3 min rounds

Rd 1: Nassiri lands a few rights and lefts, but Garcia closes the distance quickly. Both fighters get away from each other, only to have Garcia shoot and achieve the take down. Nassiri curled up against the cage, as Garcia looks to pull her away. Both fighters stand up. Nice knee in the clinch from Garcia. Sit out take down tosses Nassiri as Garcia is just smothering her. Nassiri doing well for the moment controlling the posture of Garcia. Round end 10-9 Garcia

Rd 2: Garcia swings wildly and misses but is able to get in close enough to grab the plumb clinch. Nice scramble from Garcia finds her in mount. Grapevines flatten out Nassiri but Garcia cannot seem to posture up. Garcia might have the back, but sits out instead. Now she transitions to the arm. Armbar looks tight but Garcia cant seem to force the tap. She adjusts and that is the end of the fight! Winner Alyssa Garcia via armbar Rd 2 2:04

Christian Aguilera (2-0) vs Eric Steans jr (4-2) 155 lbs 3X3 min rounds

Rd 1:Steans lands a big left that wobbles Aguilera right away. However he gets back to his feet and takes Steans down. Steans looking for the guillotine. Aguilera rolls through but lands a huge uppercut that has Steans out cold! WOW. Winner via KO Christian Aguilera Rd 1

Chris Pena (3-2) vs Mike Segura (2-0) 155 lbs 3X3 min rounds

Rd 1: Pena with a nice leg kick to start off the round. Segura looking to counter. 3 punch combination from Segura stop Pena’s advances. Segura looking to establish his superior reach. Pena touches with the right hand. Big left from Pena backs up Segura. Body kick from Segura drops Pena momentarily. Oooh a shot to the pills prompts referee Herb Dean to call a halt to the action. Pena has 5 minutes to recover. We are back under way. Pena charges forward and glances with the right hand. Segura lands a nice hook but misses with the second. Nice left rom Segura gets Pena’s attention. Segura jumps guard but Pena gets his head free and lands to the body. Segura trying to control the posture of Pena. Pena looks to be transitioning to the back, but Segura shakes him back into the half guard. Pena digs to the body. Nice short elbow from Pena. Segura finally closes the guard, but cannot find any breathing room. Big shots from Pena as the round ends. 10-9 Pena with the late work.

Rd 2: Segura with a nice side kick to the body of Pena. Pena presses Segura against the cage, and then takes him down. Segura again controls the posture well, and then grabs an arm. He could parlay this into a sweep, but has the arm lock pretty deep. Segura with a nice Kimura and Herb Dean has seen enough. No tap from Pena. Winner via technical submission Kimura Mike Segura

Daniel McWilliams (11-26) vs Costello (3-2) 170 lbs 3X5 min rounds

Rd 1: Winner McWilliams via RNC :51 Rd 1

Jason Williams (4-6) vs Darren Smith (5-4) 158 lbs (catchweight) 3X5 min rounds

Rd 1: Referee Steven Davis is the third man in the cage for this catchweight bout. Willams starts off with the jab, as Smith looks to get under for the take down. Upper cut from Smith just misses. Knee from Williams as he is backed up finds it mark but Smith powers right through. Low blow from Smith prompts Steven Davis to call a halt to the action. Williams looks like he needs a minute, he will have 5. Williams is ready and here we go. Nice hands from Williams touch Smith, but he lands a counter that drops Williams. Smith looking to take the back and does. Punches from the back mount reign down, but Williams seems to be ok for the moment. Smith now working the choke. Both hooks in, but it looks like he is finally under the chin and he is, Smith secures the tap in the first round. Winner via RNC Darren Smith Rd 1 3:41

Xavier Stokes (4-4)) vs Ozzie Alvarez 170 lbs 3X5 min rounds

Rd 1: Alvarez in top position as Stokes closes the guard. Nice rights to the body from Alvarez. Short elbow from bottom by Stokes. Alvarez still in control as Stokes looks to control. Alvarez scurries back into top control, as Stokes can’t seem to get up. Alvarezs lands a single left, and then hammers the body with right hands. Hammer fists alternate between the head and body. Stokes in trouble as Herb Dean looks in, a few more prompt the stoppage. Winner via TKO 3:03 Rd 1 Ozzie Alvarez

Christina Marks (4-7) vs Melanie Lacroix (4-1) 135 lbs 3X3 min rounds

Rd 1: Mike Beltran and his mustache in charge of the action. Both fighter stalking, neither willing to commit. Lacroix springs into a combination that finds her in the clinch. Nice knee from Marks, but Lacroix rag dolls her back against the cage. Nice right hands from Marks. Lacroix lands with the knee to the midsection. Marks doing some damage with the short punches, but Lacroix refusing to give up the clinch. Underhooks from Lacroix help her keep position. Lacroix catches a leg momentarily and uses it to again get inside. Marks backs away and circles to her left. Push kick from Marks and Lacroix again grabs the clinch as the round end. 10-9 Lacroix in a very close round.

Rd 2: Nice right hand from Lacroix lands as Marks was moving away. Lacroix again utilizing the wall and stall tactic to quote my buddy Stephen Quadros. Lacroix again holding plum but not landing anything all that significant. Both fighter seperate and Marks lands with a pawing right hand. Lacroix again gets inside and lands a big right on the exit. Marks defending well against the clinch but cant seem to get any momentum as Lacroix is smothering her. Marks misses the uppercut and eats a left. Both ladies trading heavy punches as the round comes to a close. 10-9 for Lacroix.

Rd 3: Marks misses with a sloppy right. Lacroix catches the leg and uses it again to get the clinch. Nice straight elbow from Lacroix gets through the underhooks of Marks. Nice right hand from Lacroix on the exit. Marks scores with a left. Nice right from Lacroix lands as both women are landing. Marks lands a swift 1, 2 that starches Lacroix, however she walks right through to again get the thai clinch. Nice knee from Marks. Bull rush from Lacroix as the fight comes to a close. Close round but 10-9 Marks. we have her losing a UD but this fight could be scored much closer! Winner via UD 29-28 Christina Marks

Eddie Jackson (4-1) vs Nick Reale (7-8) 170 lbs 3X5 min rounds

Rd 1: Reale starting very low, pawing with the jab. Jackson looks to be more upright and looking to counter. Neither willing to commit, until Reale charges forward only to be thrown on his back. Jackson with elbow to the mid section. Jackson steps over into mount, but Reale able to recover half guard. Reale to his feet and quickly gets the take down. Jackson looking to shake Reale off his back and does so. 1,1,3 lands for Reale as he looks for another take down. Jackson tries to hop out, and lands a nice right that drops Reale. Jackson perhaps sensing the finish looks to swarm. Reale in trouble, eats several unanswered hammer fists. prompting the stoppage from referee Steven Davis. Winner Eddie Jackson via TKO Rd 1

Jeff Martin (10-10) vs Terrion Ware (11-3) 135 lbs TITLE FIGHT 5X5 min rounds.

Rd 1: Martins out quickly. Nice counter left from Ware staggers Martin. Over hand right from Ware. Martin gets the clinch. Ware moves well to get away. Martin again looking for the take down and he has it. Ware is in trouble as Martin is fishing for an arm. Ware gets free and Martin stands. In the clinch Martin with nice knees. Martin now flirting with the choke as he gets Ware on his back. Triangle from Ware. Ware now looking for the arm. Marin in all sorts of trouble. Martin able to escape. Martin now in the guard and slams out of another triangle from Ware. Martin now has Ware’s back. Ware in a very bad position against the fence as Martin looks for the leg. Hammer fist from Ware as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Martin

Rd 2: Martin immediately shoots but Ware able to keep his feet although he is backed up to the cage. Martin with a knee but Ware lands over the top and staggers Martin. Ware digs to the body as Martin is on his bicycle. Leg kick from Ware. Martin touches with the jab. More leg kicks from Ware. Nice chopping leg kick from Ware. Uppercut to the body from Ware. Martin bleeding from the mouth now. Ware again lands with several punches and a knee. Nice body work from Ware. Martin seems to be gassing. Again a nice combination from Ware has Martin covering up. Ware�¢??s jab is piecing apart his opponent. More leg kicks from Ware, and again. Martin has spent the entire round backing up. Ware digs to the body with a crisp left right combination. Head kick lands for Ware and the round comes to a close. 10-9 Ware

Rd 3: Ware again starts the round backing up his opponent. Martin eats a jab and an outside leg kick. Martin backed up moves to his left to get away from the cage, but Ware is relentless. Double jab from Ware finds its mark. Right cross lands and moves Martin across the cage. Ware slipped but back to his feet. Nice knee lands from the clinch for Ware. Martin lands to the leg, but eats a right hand for his efforts. Ware is moving Martin around at will with his straight punches, however Martin able to get in deep momentarily before Ware shrugs him off and cracks him with the left. Martin down, Ware backs off forcing him to his feet. Martin seems hurt, but able to keep fighting. Ware now pouring on the ground and pound as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Ware

Rd 4: Ware start off right where he left off, digging to the body of Martin. Martin with a nice knee, before he charges Ware and presses him to the cage. Martin pulls guard but Ware has none of it, both fighter back to their feet. Ware again lands to the body. Martin drops as Ware takes the back. Right hands from Ware are not being answered some more find their home and it is over! Winner and Still 135 lbs Bamma USA champion Terrion “Flash” Ware

RITC 174 Review

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Rage in the Cage returned to with “RITC 174″ as the top fighters from around Arizona and the surrounding states went to battle in Arizona’s premier MMA organization at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. RITC has been a proving ground for the Southwest’s top fighters for years and years and now the world, courtesy of, will get to see the Grand Canyon State’s next crop of champions. RITC is always stacked with several quality matchups and this event was no different.

In the main event, for the RITC Heavyweight Championship, Champion Dale Sopi (6-0) defeated UFC veteran and RITC legend Edwin Dewees (38-18) via TKO in the first round to retain his title. In the early going, the smaller Dewees tried to take down the bigger Sopi, but Sopi’s sprawl defense was strong and allowed him to really plant his feet when he threw shots at Dewees. This was the heavyweight debut for Dewees and Sopi had to cut to make the heavyweight limit so the size difference was a huge factor in the fight. Sopi connected with a high kick that dropped Dewees and followed up with punches and a brutal knee to the ribcage of Dewees who was covering up at this point. The ref called a halt to the fight as Sopi earned the biggest win of his career over a gritty vet who has fought and won all over the world. Sopi looks to be the top heavyweight in Arizona and has a bright future in front of him.

In the co-main event, for the RITC Lightweight Championship, Champion Roberto Young (2-0) defeated Phil Rowe (0-1) via TKO in the first round to retain his title. Young previously plied his trade in the boxing ring and brought heavy hands into the cage which was the difference in the fight. After a quick feeling out process in which Rowe tried to find his striking distance and Young continued to press forward, Young connected with an overhand right that dropped Rowe. Young followed up with a few more crisp punches as Rowe tried to hand on to the leg of Young. The shots found their mark and the ref called a halt to the fight. Young showed off a nice all-around game as he had to defend a takedown and threw a leg kick to go along with his elite level boxing skills. Look for Young to continue to improve with every fight as he trains with some of the best fighters in the world at the MMA LAB.

For the RITC Featherweight Title, Dave Nuzzo (7-1) defeated Ray Robinson (7-11) via triangle choke in the first round to become the new champion. Robinson landed a nice leg kick that did damage to Nuzzo, knocking him off balance as Robinson worked inside the guard of Nuzzo at this point. On the canvas, Nuzzo went for an arm in guillotine that was defended by Robinson who reversed the positioning and locked on a side choke. Nuzzo scrambled out of the position but Robinson was right there to try a rear naked choke which Nuzzo blocked. Nuzzo ducked out the back and was able to lock on a triangle from the bottom. Nuzzo readjusted the submission and Robinson was forced to tapout. Nuzzo faced a huge adversity in the fight, but weathered the storm of Robinson and found a way to win.

Rage in the Cage is one of the pioneering MMA promotions in the United States. A surplus of current and past UFC fighters cut their teeth in RITC. Watch the stars of tomorrow compete today as “RITC 174″ comes to you exclusively on

CFFC 41 Review

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships returned to with championship level MMA with “CFFC 41″ from the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Pro MMA fighters from around the East Coast competed on this stacked card that featured several of the top ranked and up and coming athletes in the region. CFFC has expanded its stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, Gabriel Solorio (11-7) defeated Scott Heckman (18-6) via TKO in the first round of a featherweight scrap. The two traded strikes in the early going with Solorio looking to find his range with punches as Heckman landed leg kicks from a distance. Solorio defended a double leg takedown, but Heckman countered with a second double leg attempt and clinched up with a body lock. After a quick break in action, they resumed trading strikes on the outside when Solorio connected with a left body kicks and moments later a left high kick that hit Heckman square in the head. Heckman dropped to the ground and Solorio finished the fight with ground and pound as he pounced on Heckman and did not let him recover. This was a huge win for Solorio as he TKO’d a former CFFC Champion in Heckman and set himself up for a future run at the title.

In the co-main event, Stephen Regman (3-1) defeated Alan Stephenson (2-1) via KO in the first round. Both men were comfortable trading strikes in the opening minutes. Both landed overhand rights while mixing up their other attacks that included leg kicks by Stephenson and jabs and hooks by Regman. Regman continued to come forward as Stephenson switched from orthodox to southpaw trying to get better angles to throw combos. The end came in violent fashion as they traded punches in the center of the cage and Regman connected with a picture perfect left hook that dropped Stephenson to the mat, knocking him out cold. It was a highlight reel KO for Regman who showed off pinpoint striking the whole fight.

In other action, Alfred Jones (1-0) defeated Noel Arcibal (1-1) via D’arce choke in the third round in a bantamweight fight. This was Fight of the Night as both of these fighters went full speed for three rounds. In the first round, they fought around the entire cage, exchanging punches and kicks with reckless abandon. By the end of the round, Jones seemed to have been able to find his timing and connected with counter strikes while avoiding the offense of Arcibal. In the second, the fast paced striking was matched with some grappling as Jones got a takedown and worked from inside the guard of Arcibal where he scored with punches. In the final round, Arcibal continued to show a strong chin as he weathered the striking attack from Jones. Jones took the fight back to the ground when he caught a leg kick by Arcibal and put him on the mat with a double leg takedown. Jones moved into a modified side control position very quickly and locked on the D’arce choke out of nowhere. Arcibal tried to defend as he kept circling away from the pressure point of the submission but Jones tightened the lock and put Arcibal out cold. It was a great win for Jones in his pro debut.

Be there to witness who climbs up the ladder and who is hurled off it as “CFFC 41″ throws down the gauntlet on once again. Watch anytime on VOD and own this incredible event for life. Order now.

HKFC 38 Review

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Courtesy of Cody Bargholz &

Ryan Dickson vs Dave Mazany

Round 1: Dave lands a nice leg kick. The fighters exchange jabs and then simultaneous side kicks. Ryan charges in for a double leg and secures the takedown. Dave is annoying him with some elbows and knees but allows Ryan moves into mount. Dave stands up and lands a few more strikes. Dave lands a right straight that drops Ryan to the mat but Ryan recovers quickly. Dave is just hammering Ryan with shots from top position. Dave tries to grab an RNC but Ryan escapes and gets back to his feet. Ryan is looking for the takedown against the cage but Dave defends well and dishes out a lot of damage in return. Dave is just dishing out strike after strike but Ryan is relentlessly working for the takedown. Ryan manages to get Dave back to the mat but Dave wall walks back to his feet then attempts a guillotine. Ryan escapes the guillotine before the round ends. Ryan is tough as hell. He took a beating that round and never stopped charging forward. Round 2: Ryan lands a crushing right hand that hurts Dave he follows it up with a combination that drops him to the mat. Dave is KOed by the time he hits the mat. Wow! Ryan Dickson defeats Dave Mazany by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 0:23

Clay Davidson vs. Todd Stoute

Round 1: Clay dives under a punch and takes Todd down to the the mat. Todd gets back up but Clay takes him down again with a body lock takedown. Clay moves to North South but Todd gets up. Clay takes him right back down but this time lands in mount. From mount Clay attempts a guillotine but Todd escapes. Clay is landing come decent strikes from top position. From mount Clay locks in a Guillotine and forces the tap. Clay Davidson submits Todd Stoute by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 2:27

Mike O’Neill vs. Craig Shintani

Round 1: Mike takes Craig down with an AWESOME slam. That was seriously nuts! Craig uses a toe hold to get back to his feet then eats a knee to the groin as soon as the fighters stand up. Referee Andy Social breaks the fighters up to give Craig his recovery time. Mike lands a great right hook and knee to the body then Craig pushes him up against the cage. Craig lands some body shots then drops Mike to one knee with one of his punches. Craig goes on the attack and starts punishing Mike with strikes to the head and body. Mike slumps over and stops defending himself so referee stops the fight. Craig Shintani defeats Mike O’Neill by TKO (strikes) in Round 1, 3:34

Louie Grover vs. Shai Lindsey

Round 1: Louie lands a nice leg kick but eats a right straight for his efforts. Shai lands an overhead right. Shai lands another overhand right that connects and follows it up with a series of punches that go unanswered by Louie. Shai’s striking and defensive movement is obviously on another level. Shai charges forward with a devastating combination culminating in a huge knee to the body that drops Louie. Shai doesn’t let up and referee Adam Cheadle calls a stop to the action. Shai Lindsey defeats Louie Grover by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:42 Dauda Keita vs. Nick Burnham

***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight***

Round 1: The fighters start off the round circling around the cage feeling each other out. Eventually Nick shoots for the takedown and completes it. Nick transitions to mount. It looks like Nick is looking for a kimura from mount but Dauda isn’t giving him the opportunity. Nick transitions to side control and lands a decent knee to Dauda’s body. Round 2: Dauda throws a leg kick and Nick counters with a single leg takedown. Nick slowly transitions to mount then to side control. Nick is landing the occasional knee from side control. Dauda isn’t giving up anything in the way of submission opportunities but he isn’t doing a lot to get back to his feet either. Nick finishes in mount.Round 3: Dauda lands a nice knee to Nick’s body. Nick threatens with a few punches then takes Dauda down with a double leg against the cage. From side control Nick is working for an arm triangle. He transitions to mount but can’t tighten up the choke enough to force the tap. Dauda pushes off the cage and attempts to sweep Nick but Nick is not having it. Just as the round ends Dauda bucks up but Nick seems impossible to shake off. Round 4: Nick charges in for a single leg and completes the takedown. Nick passes to side control then to mount. Dauda manages to sit up and grab a hold of Nick’s neck. Nick frees his neck and passes back into mount position. Nick lands a body shot but is mostly concerned with maintaining top position. The audience is starting to boo in between rounds. Round 5: Dauda throws a high kick that hits Nick in the shoulder. Nick is pissed because kicks to the head are illegal. The referee stops the action and warns Dauda. Dauda throws another kick and Nick effortlessly takes him down again. Nick passes to mount and maintains the position for the rest of the fight. Nick Burnham defeats Dauda Keita by Unanimous Decision Nick Burnham wins the Hard Knocks Amateur Lightweight title

NAAFS – Rock N Rumble 8 Review

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The North American Allied Fight Series (NAAFS) returned to with “Rock N Rumble 8” from the Canton Memorial Civic Center in Canton, Ohio. The 11-bout pro/am card featured 3 stoppages and was highlighted by a title fight in the 145 lb division. NAAFS is one of the most prolific MMA organizations in the country as it runs a monthly event in and around the Ohio area and has earned a reputation as one of the top regional organizations in North America and a launching pad for fighters looking to climb the ladder of MMA success.

In the main event, for the NAAFS Featherweight Championship, Champion Frank “The Tank” Caraballo (14-7) defeated Cody Stevens (11-8-1) via unanimous decision to retain his title. This fight was mostly contested on the feet with some heavy leather being thrown by both men. Caraballo controlled the cage for the majority of the fight as he constantly pushed forward and connected with an assortment of strikes including spinning back fists, combos to the body and face and kicks from various angles. Stevens took longer to find his distance but was able to land some nice combos, including high kicks, and remained game all fight as he was looking to break the armor of the “Tank” anyway he could. But strength, volume punching and accuracy of Caraballo was what dominated the night. In the final round, Stevens took the fight to the ground and tried to open Caraballo up with elbows, but Caraballo remained cool and calm in the guard and was active from the bottom with elbows of his own. The fifth round was the best for Stevens as he controlled Caraballo on the ground, but the lead that Caraballo racked up before the final round was the difference in the fight.

In the co-main event, in a bantamweight battle, Cody “No Love” Garbrandt of Team Alpha Male (5-0) defeated Charles “The Trinity” Stanford (5-3) via TKO in the first round. Garbrandt scored a takedown early but Stanford was back on his feet after a quick scramble. Garbrandt then began to connect with left hooks, right hands and just missed with a jumping knee. Garbrandt dropped Stanford with a left-right combo against the cage, but Stanford popped right back up, but the shots were starting to take their toll. Garbrandt threw a few more combos then connected with a high kick and add a few more short punches as Stanford dropped to the mat and was done. This was Fight of the Night and had the crowd on their feet for the entire contest. The future seems wide open for Garbrandt who came home and put on a show for his fans.

In a bit of controversy, in a heavyweight battle, John Hawk (10-5) defeated Bobby Brents (14-5) via DQ (groin shot) in the second round. Before the end, it was a barnburner from both men as they were throwing leather from the get-go and looking to end the fight with a highlight reel KO. The end came when Brents connected with a knee right to the groin of Hawk, the third low blow of the night from Brents, and that was enough for the ref to disqualify Brents. Hawk was noticeably fired up after the fight and hopefully he will have a fast turnaround and be able to get in the cage once again before the end of the year.

NAAFS, “Rock N Rumble 8” was an explosive card and it’s a must see for any MMA fan. Be sure to catch all of the action from this event now on video on demand exclusively at

Battlegrounds MMA O.N.E. Review

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Courtesy of Shaun Al-Shatti &

In a finals match-up between UFC veterans, Roan Carneiro handily defeated an exhausted Brock Larson to emerge the winner of Battlegrounds MMA’s throwback one-night, eight-man tournament on Friday at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla.

Carneiro (20-9) overcame Larson, Trey Houston, and Randall Wallace in succession to win the night’s $50,000 grand prize.

“I can’t put in words how I’m fighting right now,” Carneiro said afterward. “Three fights in one night. Two finishes, one decision with Brock. A tournament like this, anything can happen, man.

“All respect to all the fighters who competed tonight. That’s for real. That’s back in the days, an old-school tournament. All fighters, all seven guys with me, congratulations guys.”

The finals match was a relatively slow affair, with Carneiro controlling the pace against the more weathered Larson (39-9), who had to undergo a concussion test following his semifinals win. Carneiro nearly brought the tournament to a close with his third finish of the night, reversing an early third-round takedown, taking Larson’s back, then raining down a heavy salvo of punches onto Larson’s head. However Larson survived to the horn, bringing the combined total cage time of both competitors to a whopping 62 minutes and 23 seconds.

All three judges scored the contest 30-27 in Carneiro’s favor.

In semifinal action, Carneiro punched his ticket by downing underdog geophysicist Trey Houston (11-3) with a wicked combination midway through the second round. Carneiro turned to his wrestling early, spending a majority of the opening frame raining down strikes from mount, then sealed the deal with a looping right-left combination that sent Houston tumbling to the canvas. Carneiro swarmed to finish the fight at 2:11 of the second round.

Larson, meanwhile, squeaked by Joe Ray (12-4), earning a unanimous decision win on the strength of his takedowns and top control. Ray managed to devote most of the second frame to working short strikes from Larson’s half guard and fishing for a d’arce choke, but the first and the third rounds were all Larson, as the veteran seized early takedowns then meticulously stifled Ray’s offensive capabilities. All three judges scored the bout 29-28 for Larson.

Carneiro kicked off his run by easily dispatching late-replacement Randall Wallace (9-3) via first-round submission in the night’s quarterfinals. The Brazilian used the fence to propel himself onto Wallace’s back early in the first frame, and from there it was a mere formality. Carneiro briefly worked for a rear-naked choke, then transitioned into a picture-perfect armbar to coax the tapout at 3:29 of the opening round.

On the other side of the bracket, Brock Larson survived a frenetic first-round scramble to wear down Cody McKenzie (15-5) and ultimately secure himself a second-round finish. McKenzie, a former UFC fighter who gave blood to make the welterweight limit on his second attempt on Thursday, hunted valiantly for his patented guillotine throughout round one, but nonetheless spent a majority of the time on his back. The second round was more of the same, as Larson muscled McKenzie to the canvas, then methodically secured an arm-triangle choke from side control at 1:43 of the second frame.

Rounding out the quarterfinals, underdog late-comer Joe Ray made short work of Luigi Fioravanti (24-12), stopping the former UFC fighter with a slick series of knees to the head early in the first frame. Fioravanti elected to bull Ray to the fence, but it was Ray who was able to capitalize, creating some space then cracking Fioravanti with three hard successive knees, the last of which dropped him. Ray finished off his handiwork at 2:39 of the first round.

In the night’s opening tournament bout, hometown fighter Trey Houston upset one of the field’s favorites, Jesse Taylor (27-11), nabbing a sneaky submission victory with an armbar off his back early in round one. Taylor, who recently challenged for the WSOF middleweight title, aggressively worked for an takedown and got it, but Houston kept his guard open and quickly threw up his legs to grasp the fight-ending submission just two minutes into the first frame.

Nelson and Belasco battle to draw; De Alba decisions Carrainde to highlight card at Valley Forge Casino Resort

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Valley Forge, PA (October 6, 2014)–This past Saturday night, In front of a near capacity crowd at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, Naim Nelson and Ryan Belasco battled to an 8-round majority draw for the UBF All America’s Jr. Welterweight title while Frank De Alba scored an 8-round unanimous decision over Jesse Carradine which highlighted a 5-bout card.

The show was promoted King’s Promotions and Peltz Boxing.

Nelson and Belasco battled to a close nip and tuck battle.  The fighter’s styles were opposite of conventional wisdom heading into the fight as it was Belasco who was ahead when the fight was a boxing match while Nelson was getting the slightly better of the action in close.  It seemed going down the stretch it was Belasco who was in front and one judge did agree by awarding Belasco the fight 77-75.  He was overruled 76-76 on the remaining two cards thus rendering the split draw.

Belasco of Wilmington, DE is now 18-6-4.  Nelson is now 12-0-1.

In the co-feature, De Alba won his 12th consecutive fight as he he scored a knockdown in a nicely contested 8-round battle.

De Alba controlled the action moving in an out.  The taller Carradine tried to box from the outside and would occasionally get in a solid shot.  De Alba worked the body well but it was a short right hook that sent Carradine to the deck in round five.  Both guys fought hard throughout and even though he was the winner, De Alba had some swelling in his face.

De Alba of Reading, PA won by scores of 79-72, 78-73 and 76-75 and is now 14-1-2.  This was his 12th consecutive win and is unbeaten in 16 straight.  Carradine of Las Vegas is now 8-4-2.

Anthony Prescott scored three knockdowns and finally put Shawn Sutton away at of 2:19 of round three of their scheduled 4-round Welterweight bout.

Prescott dropped Sutton with right hands in each of the three frames and there was doubt that Sutton would be allowed to continue after round two.  Prescott only had to work another 2:19 and he dropped and hurt Sutton and the fight was over.

Prescott of Cherry Hill, NJ is now 4-3-2 with 2 knockouts.  Sutton of Norristown, PA is now 0-3.

Travis Thompson scored a 4-round majority decision over Benjamin Burgos in a battle of hard luck Lightweights.

Thompson of Pottstown, PA won by 39-37 twice and 38-38 and is now 6-11-3.  Burgos, of Mount Pocono, PA is now 1-9-1.

Christian Molina remained undefeated by scoring a 50 second stoppage over Josue Rivera in a Jr. Welterweight bout.

Molina dropped Rivera for the ten count from a combination in the corner.

Molina of Allentown, PA is now 3-0 with 2 knockouts.  Rivera of Philadelphia is 2-6.

Photos by Jeff Julian / King’s Promotions

Buffalo Thunder Casino – Fright Night Review

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Courtesy of Will Webber & The New Mexican

There comes a time when tunnel vision takes over. It has to.

When the alternative means running the risk of having someone’s padded glove find a seam in your defenses, it pays to cut the chit-chat and focus on the task at hand.

Such was the case just moments before Brandon Holmes left Caldera Room A and climbed through the ropes at Buffalo Thunder Resort on Saturday night for a sold-out professional fight card dubbed “Fright Night.”

The headliner in the co-main event that also featured Espanola’s Monica Lovato, Holmes went into his own little self seclusion as he prepared for his scheduled six-round bout with John Herrera.

Even his brother knew the drill.

“Yeah, I know that there comes a time before a fight where I don’t really need to lean in there and tell him anything,” said Patrick Holmes, Jr., another of the 10 fighters who filled the five-bout card before a decidedly pro-Holmes crowd.

“You kind of have to have tunnel vision when you get ready,” said Brandon Holmes after he took a six-round majority decision against Herrera. “If you don’t, that’s how you get hurt. Especially against a guy like that.”

Unknown to pretty much everyone until after the fight, Brandon Holmes was battling the effects of the flu. He said he felt light-headed during warmups but chose not to tell anyone about his condition, except the security detail at the Hilton resort.

“I knew I’d be going six rounds, so I really needed to focus,” Holmes said. “I’ve been known to have knockout power in both hands, but I didn’t have any pop when I was getting loose. I knew I’d have to work for it.”

His fight with Herrera was, quite simply, a marathon exchange of brutal jabs and combination shots that drew loud cheers from the crowd. Both fighters took – and delivered – a flurry of heavy hits.

“He took all my shots and stayed in there,” Holmes said. “Got to give him credit for that.”

One of the three judges scored it a 57-all draw while the other two had Holmes winning 59-55 and 58-56.

The main event didn’t start until 10:17 p.m. It was over by 10:18.

Lovato scored a comically fast technical knockout of trash-talking opponent Kristen Montano, landing four crushing lefts to Montano’s ear just a foot or two away from her own corner. Her manager threw in the towel before Lovato even broke a sweat – or most of the crowd felt like it got its money’s worth.

As the referee stepped in to put an end to it, the crowd hooted its displeasure at waiting more than three hours for a fight that lasted just 52 seconds.

“I heard she said she was going to come in here and smoke me,” Lovato said. “I came in here looking to get a little respect.”

Lovato said she fought angry – something she rarely does.

“I don’t fight with anger,” she said. “My friends say I can have pity on the people I fight, but I didn’t want to do that tonight.”

The best fight on the undercard saw Las Vegas, N.M., native Shawn Gallegos drop a unanimous six-round decision to Albuquerque’s Cristian Cabral, a fighter approximately 13 years younger than Gallegos.

A schoolteacher by trade, Gallegos, who had his nickname “The Educator” stitched across the seat of his white trunks, recently returned from a four-year hiatus in the ring. He held his own for a while, but appeared to get tired in the middle rounds as Cabral battled back.

Gallegos dropped him in the first round, but Cabral insisted it was a head butt and not a punch that sent him to the canvas.

“He was head butting the whole fight,” Cabral said.

Forcing Gallegos to the ropes several times in the final three rounds, Cabral repeated blows had the sides of Gallegos’s trunks stained pink with blood.

The judges scored it 59-55, 58-55, 57-56 in Cabral’s favor.

Afterward he stood in the center of the ring and, while being interviewed for a live webcast that showed all of Saturday’s fights on the Internet, he called out fellow welterweight fighter Josh “Pitbull” Torres, who happened to be sitting 30 feet away in the VIP section of the ballroom.

“That’s next for me,” he said, pointing a glove at Torres.

Torres responded by standing and raising both arms, palms to the sky.

The first bout of the night never made it out of the first round, as Mexico’s Jose Osorio scored a TKO at the 2:55 mark, flooring Ron White three times along the way.

The second bout went to Holmes Jr. as he scored a unanimous decision against a much shorter and much less polished John Gonzales in four rounds. Standing about five inches taller, Holmes said it wasn’t so much the unorthodox style Gonzales had – he routinely crouched down and threw wild roundhouse rights or violent uppercuts that started from knee-level – but the fact that it took so long to figure out a proper strategy.

“He was just different,” Holmes said. “I got him down in the second round but it took a while to get a feel for what he was doing.”

Moments after the second knockdown, Gonzales got to his feet, shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he walked back to his corner.

Later in the fight, Holmes twice landed ferocious rights to Gonzales’ head that sent a mist of sweat and water flying across the ring. Both shots stumbled Gonzales, but neither was enough to finish him off.

Holmes was awarded a 39-34, 39-35, 40-34 win on the scorecards.

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