WFC 34 Results

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The event was a near sell-out crowd for 10 action-packed fights. The main event featured the final defense of the 170 Amateur World Title when Cory Hall and Zach Bunnell (results below) stepped into the cage for the climax of the event. The results of many of these fights have already set the stage for other title fights coming soon.

“We have some very, very big things planned for the rest of 2015 here at the GSR. The fights get better and better. The fans are electric! This was another exciting event with amazing fights and great fans. We’ll see you again on April 10th, 2015!” Matt McGovern, President, World Fighting Championships

WFC 34 Official Results:

Anthony Herron Robles Vs. Justin Gragg, 170 lbs: JUSTIN GRAGG wins by 2nd round SUBMISSION at 18 seconds.

David Perez Vs. Justin Rashidi, 155lbs:JUSTIN RASHIDI wins by 3rd round TKO at 32 seconds.

Jonathan Liman Vs. Josue Palomar, 170 lbs: JONATHAN LIMAN wins by 3rd round TKO at 21 seconds.

Lex Sarabia Vs. Casey Diaz, 185 lbs: LEX SARABIA wins by 1st round TKO at 1 minute, 10 seconds.

Carlos Sanchez Vs. Pavel Komarov, Heavyweight Division: CARLOS SANCHEZ wins by 1st round SUBMISSION at 1 minute, 45 seconds.

Charles Jelks Vs. Nathan Loden, 155 lbs: CHARLES JELKS wins by 1st round SUBMISSION at 1 minute, 23 seconds.

Zach Andrews Vs. Jamario Mulder, 170 lbs: ZACH ANDREWS wins by 3rd round UNANIMOUS DECISION.

DeAngelo Barajas Vs. Jonathan Ball, 155 lbs: JONATHAN BALL wins by 3rd round STOPPAGE DUE TO STRIKES at 1 minute.

Mauricio Blanco Vs. Matt McCrary, Heavyweight Division: MAURICIO BLANCO wins by 3rd round UNANIMOUS DECISION.

Cory Hall Vs. Zach Bunnell, 170 lbs Amateur World MMA Title ZACH BUNNELL wins by 1st Round SUBMISSION at 2 minutes.

Jared Gordon continues comeback story, stays undefeated with quick knockout at CFFC 45

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By Shaun Al-Shatti @shaunalshatti on Feb 8 2015, MMA Fighting

Jared Gordon inked another chapter in his remarkable comeback story on Saturday night, stopping Jay Coleman with a hailstorm of strikes from top position to secure a first-round TKO victory and preserve his undefeated record at CFFC 45.

A 26-year-old featherweight whose harrowing struggles with addiction were profiled this past week on, Gordon (5-0) showcased crafty submission defense throughout in the fight, working out of two early submission attempts before shucking Coleman off his back and unloading with punches. Gordon’s right hand proved to be his best weapon, and referee Vitor Ribeiro ended the contest at 4:47 of the opening round as Coleman turtled under the New Yorker’s barrage.



Sparta Combat Leauge Strikers Quest IV Review

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ORDER EVENT ––Strikers-Quest-IV/2731

Courtesy of MMA Buzz

Main event: Clint Rhodes vs. Brian Scraper in a 180 lb. professional Muay Thai fight. The fighters engaged in the center of the ring and Rhodes landed power strikes that dropped Scraper for an eight count. On the restart Rhodes again pressured forward and scored with a combination to drop Scraper giving Rhodes the TKO win at :54 of round one.

Jason Lee vs. Erick Kapp in a 230 lb. professional Muay Thai fight. The fighters went back and forth trading even strikes with Kapp able to back Lee into a corner. Kapp looked to work knees but Lee threw a left hook that dropped Kapp giving Lee the KO win at :35 of round one.

Jordan Titoni vs. Trevor Massey in a 155 lb. kickboxing fight. Round one had both fighters setting methodical pace and throwing more and more powerful strikes as the round progresses with each able to land telling blows on the other. Round two had both fighters scoring well with power strikes then Massey dropped Titoni for an eight count and the round ended with Massey pressuring forward. Round three had Massey putting together hard combinations and Titoni working counter striking. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Trevor Massey.

Allison Lantz vs. Brooke Pelton in a 145 lb. kickboxing fight. Round one had an exceptionally fast pace with both fighters using punches, knees and kicks well and both landing power strikes on the other. Round two had a fast first half to the round with Pelton scoring well, then Pelton slowed and Lantz finished the round strong. Round three was a replay of round one with both fighters keeping an exceptionally fast pace and mixing their strikes well in technical combinations. The scorecards wre read and the winner by unanimous decision was Allison Lantz.

Phil Gonzalas vs. Youssef Zalaal in a 135 lb. kickboxing fight. The first round had a very fast pace with both fighters mixing their punches and kicks well in good combinations. Round two had a very fast pace from both fighters, again with them both mixing varied techniques and technical combinations. Round three was Gonzales being able to pressure Zalaal into the corner multiple times with Zalaal always being able to punch his way out. The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Phil Gonzales.

Whitney Gunderson vs. Kat Yost in a 135 lb. kickboxing fight. Round one had the fighters engaging quickly and throwing fast punches with Gunderson initiating the clinch multiple times and landing a head kick. Yost was busy, but was knocked down twice for eight counts. Round two had a few exchanges until Gunderson put together a very prolonged flurry of punches, knees and kicks that had the referee waving off the fight giving Gunderson the TKO win at 1:17 of round two.

Luke Bender vs. Edger Maggolon in a 155 lb. fight. Round one had a very fast pace to start then the fighters settled into their game and both threw strikes with measured intent. Round two had a slower pace with more powerful punches and Bender mixing in powerful leg kicks. Round three had even back and forth exchanges with a slight pause while Magallon recovered from an accident, but illegal knee to the head. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Luke Bender.

Peter Straub vs. Chris Cagle in a 165 lb. MMA fight. Straub scored an early takedown and after transitioning to back control he used his GNP to score a TKO win at :55 of round one.

Cecillia Martinez vs. Bailey Winters in a 130 lb. boxing match. Round one had Winters scoring well and often as Martinez countered enough to void a standing eight count. Round two was almost a replay of the first with Winters being the more active and accurate fighter as Martinez countered with power punches. Round three had a fast pace with Winters throwing non-stop punches and mixing her strikes well between body and head while Martines scored multiple times with power head strikes. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Bailey Winters.

Max Gulliever vs. Heath Taylor in a 175 lb. boxing match. Round one had a fast start from both fighters and as the round played out Gulliever was the busier fighter while Taylor landed fewer, but more powerful strikes. Round two had a slower pace with each fighter having multiple flurries that scored well. Round three had Gulliever being the busier fighter and landing more accurate strikes while Taylor waited to try to counter with single strikes. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Heath Taylor.

CFFC 45 Review

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Results Courtesy of Chris Nelson & Sherdog

Chase Owens vs. Michael Wilcox

Round 1

Vitor Ribeiro is the referee for this 180-pound bout. Wilcox catches one of Owens’ first kicks and slams him to the ground. Owens prevents Wilcox from passing to side control with a loose guillotine choke, so Wilcox sets up in the Ohioan’s open guard and begins dropping short left hands. Owens tries to roll and escape but leaves his neck open for a brabo choke, which Wilcox slaps on in a flash and cranks to force the submission.

The Official Result

Michael Wilcox def. Chase Owens via Submission (Brabo Choke) R1 2:15

Danny Holmes vs. Michael Andrillo

Round 1

Dan Miragliotta is the referee for this light heavyweight bout. Holmes stays on the outside for the opening minute, picking at Andrillo with a few leg kicks. Andrillo closes the gap and puts Holmes against the fence with an underhook. Holmes reverses right away and drills Andrillo with a knee to the liver, sending “The Inferno” to the floor in a heap. Holmes lands three or four jackhammer left hands before referee Miragliotta steps in to rescue the downed man.

The Official Result

Danny Holmes def. Michael Andrillo via KO (Knee to the Body) R1 1:40

Joseph Agostini vs. Christian Leonard

Round 1

Keith Peterson is the referee for this welterweight bout. Leonard floors Agostini with a stiff jab early, then catches him trying to stand with a hard knee to the face. Leonard allows him to get up, and Agostini walks into another hard punch. Agostini shoots for a takedown, can’t get it and has to keep chasing after the younger man. One more jab to the face sends Agostini to his seat, and this time referee Peterson steps in to stop the fight. After the stoppage, Agostini gets up and shoves Peterson, trying to get at Leonard to continue the fight, but this one is over.

The Official Result

Christian Leonard def. Joseph Agostini via TKO (Punches) R1 1:42

Shane Burgos vs. Terrell Hobbs

Round 1

Vitor Ribeiro is the referee for this featherweight bout. Hobbs slaps with a leg kick inside and lands a pair of right hands down the center. Burgos scores with a left hook upstairs while Hobbs puts one on the body. A right hook rocks Hobbs, who recovers quickly and catches Burgos coming in with a clinch on the fence. Hobbs slows the pace for a moment before releasing and cracking Burgos with a right hook on the end of a combination. Hobbs’ hands are fast but he’s having a little trouble finding his range consistently against 5-foot-11 Burgos, who has a four-inch height advantage. Nonetheless, Hobbs is the busier striker, fending off Burgos with combinations as the “Hurricane” moves forward. Burgos clips with a left hook counter that stings Hobbs and has him turning to escape. Burgos gives chase and floors Hobbs with a partially blocked right high kick, then keeps pounding as Hobbs climbs back to his feet. A few more punches send Hobbs back to the canvas, and this time referee Ribeiro stops the fight.

The Official Result

Shane Burgos def. Terrell Hobbs via TKO (Punches) R1 4:03

Jay Coleman vs. Jared Gordon

Round 1

Vitor Ribeiro is the referee for this 150-pound bout. Gordon catches a spinning-back kick on the shoulder and uses it to shove Coleman to the ground. From guard, Gordon drops hammer fists, then defends against an armbar by stacking up and sitting down on top of Coleman. Gordon tries an armbar of his own from side control, but Coleman escapes and gets back to his feet. Coleman tries a standing guillotine against the fence, can’t finish it, and now the lightweights reset in the center of the cage. Gordon scores with a looping right hook and lands a knee to the face as Coleman shoots for a takedown. Coleman eats the strike and gets Gordon to the ground, where he tries to take the back and gets shaken off. Out the back door comes Gordon to put some hard right hands on Coleman’s face. Coleman covers up as Gordon pours on the punches with less than 30 seconds to go, and with Coleman offering nothing in return, referee Ribeiro stops the fight.

The Official Result

Jared Gordon def. Jay Coleman via TKO (Punches) R1 4:47

CFFC Interim Welterweight Title Fight:

Lyman Good vs. Micah Terrill

Round 1

Dan Miragliotta is the referee for the first of tonight’s title bouts. Good lands the first hard shot, a right hand over the top that puts Terrill on his back. Terrill recovers right away and gets back to his feet, where the welterweights begin trading leg kicks. Good turns Terrill’s head with another right cross and continues moving the Conquest BJJ fighter around the perimeter. Terrill is fighting with his back to the fence, pawing with punches but not finding his mark with much. Good sticks a jab, takes a kick to the lead leg and then gets Terrill to backpedal away with a right straight. Good catches a low kick and sticks a straight punch in Terrill’s face while tripping him to the ground. Terrill gets to his knees and turtles up, allowing Good to jump on his back and flatten him out with 80 seconds left on the clock. Good slaps on a rear-naked choke, and even though the submission doesn’t appear to be fully sunk in, Terrill taps out.

The Official Result

Lyman Good def. Micah Terrill via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R1

CFFC Lightweight Title Fight:

Jordan Stiner vs. Darrell Horcher

Round 1

Vitor Ribeiro is the referee for tonight’s 155-pound championship main event. The lightweights spend the first two minutes feeling out the range, southpaw Horcher connecting with the few clean shots. Stiner gets a warning from referee Ribeiro for leaving his outstretched hand open and poking Horcher in the eye. When action resumes, Horcher continues scoring with straight left hands down the center, then begins mixing up his strikes to the body and head. Horcher shows a little frustration now, dropping his hands and shrugging at Stiner, who is not engaging on the feet. Horcher backs up Stiner with a left straight-outside leg kick combo. Stiner sticks a jab in the last 30 seconds but there’s not much more offense to speak of from Pennsylvanian. 10-9 Horcher.

Round 2

Stiner comes out with a little more activity in round two, but after a few punches, Horcher slows him down with a counter left. Horcher has Stiner on his back foot again; Stiner feints and fakes, trying to lure Horcher in and counterstrike, but “The Saint” isn’t taking the bait. Not much action to speak of midway through the round, with Stiner throwing sporadic jabs from the outside while Horcher’s activity has dropped off, too. Horcher lands a jab down the middle and a leg kick behind it. Stiner sends a couple straight rights down the pipe, but Horcher keeps his head off-center and dodges the strikes. Horcher ups his volume a little in the final 20 seconds, hitting Stiner with two punches in a three-piece combo and a stiff jab before the bell. 10-9 Horcher.

Round 3

Stiner catches a leg kick and tries to convert it to a clinch or takedown, but Horcher punches him out of range. Horcher blocks a right high kick, and the lightweights come back to the middle of the cage to resume their feinting and twitching. Horcher rocks Stiner’s head with a jab-uppercut combo, then counters a jab with a left hook to the temple. Horcher stuffs a takedown attempt, stands Stiner up and bloodies his nose with a straight left. Stiner throws a right high kick and gets blasted with a left hook counter on the temple that sends him collapsing to his knees in the center of the cage. Horcher stands over him, blasting away with punches until referee Ribeiro stops the fight. Darrell Horcher is the new CFFC lightweight champion.

The Official Result

Darrell Horcher def. Jordan Stiner via TKO (Head Kick and Punches) R3 3:45

NAAFS Caged Fury 21 Results

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ORDER EVENT ––Caged-Fury-21/2722

Courtesy of Juan Valle &

At NAAFS presents Caged Fury 21, the Cleveland-based organization returned to Toledo, Ohio for the first time in several years. The event was scheduled to be a homecoming fight for area native Antonio Castillo Jr. but due to health reasons was not cleared to fight.

The bout between Jeremy Czarnecki and Cody Stevens was promoted to the headlining spot. While we were not on hand to see the action go down, we do have the results for Caged Fury 21 thanks to our good friend Jason Adams. From the comments on social media, it looks like one of the most exciting finishes came in the contest between Josh Robinson and Andrew Cseh.

Early in the third round, Robinson connected with a devastating head kick that would lead to the eventual stoppage. After Robinson had connected with the kick, he seized the opportunity, ground-and-pounding his way to victory. Check out the rest of the results from the event below:

Seth Shakley (0-0) vs. Dan Nowakowski (0-0) – Heavyweight

Winner: Dan Nowakowski (1-0) def Seth Shakley (0-1) via TKO, 0:48 of Rd 1

Zack Cross (2-2) vs. Chris Creakman (2-3) – Light Heavyweight

Winner: Zack Cross def Chris Creakman via TKO, 0:22 of Rd 1

Robert Potts (1-1) vs. Antonio Spears (2-1) – Bantamweight

Winner: Antonio Spears def Robert Potts via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Erin Powell (0-0) vs. Kiana Taylor (0-0) – Lightweight

Winner: Erin Powell def Kiana Taylor via Submission (rear-naked choke), 1:03 of Rd 1

Aleksa Camur (1-0) vs. Ricky Davis (1-1) – Catchweight (200lbs)

Winner: Aleksa Camur def Ricky Davis via TKO, 0:44 of Rd 2

Mark Carosella (2-0) vs. Tommy Richmond (2-0) – Featherweight

Winner: Mark Carosella def Tommy Richmond via Submission (rear-naked choke), 2:40 of Rd 3

Travis Hussey (0-1) vs. Larry Ray (0-3) – Welterweight

Winner: Larry Ray def Travis Hussey via Split Decision (28-29H, 29-28R, 29-28R)

Dominick Sindone (3-2) vs. Tim Enright (3-1) – Catchweight (130lbs)

Winner: Dominick Sindone def Tim Enright via Submission (guillotine), 1:12 of Rd 1

Andrew Cseh (6-3) vs. Josh Robinson (10-9) – Flyweight

Winner: Josh Robinson def Andrew Cseh via KO, 0:48 of Rd 3

Jeremy Czarnecki (7-7) vs. Cody Stevens (11-8-1) – Featherweight

Winner: Cody Stevens def Jeremy Czarnecki via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

BAMMA USA’s Christina Marks says War Machine is a ‘nice’ and ‘caring’ person

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Eric Holden, January 9, 2015, Examiner

Heading into tonight’s star-studded BAMMA USA Badbeat 14 pay-per-view MMA spectacular, one of the promotion’s most marketable young superstars — California heartthrob Christina Marks — made a splash by announcing to Examiner that she still keeps in touch with and is close friends with War Machine, even after the former Bellator slugger was arrested for his role in the brutal beating of Christy Mack. Marks, who fights Sarah D’Alelio tonight at Badbeat 14, knows War Machine only by his former name, Jonathan.


ORDER EVENT ––Badbeat-14–Parker-vs-Ramm/2642

After 3 First-Round KOs, Sam Oropeza Asked For Bellator Release to Pursue UFC Dreams

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By C.J. Tuttle Jan 8, 2015, Sherdog

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is generally considered to be the premier mixed martial arts promotion in the world, with Bellator MMA not far behind. But for Sam Oropeza, the first step in his route to the UFC was to ask for his release from the Scott Coker-led promotion.

The 29-year-old middleweight has competed five times under the Bellator banner and is currently riding a seven-fight win streak. Of his 12 career wins, none have reached the judges’ scorecards. With such a record, it would only make sense that Oropeza would factor heavily into a Bellator division currently ruled by Brandon Halsey in 2015.



Why Sam Oropeza left Bellator to fight for an obscure promotion for less pay

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By Steph Daniels @CrooklynMMA on Jan 16 2015, Bloody Elbow

Sam Oropeza details why he left Bellator to fight for less pay in an obscure organization.

Chasing your dreams almost always comes with sacrifice, especially when those dreams involve an MMA career. The sport is still in the stages of trying to shed its “human cockfighting” image and even today, more than 20 years after its inception, there are still a few states that have not legalized it on a professional competition level.

Sam Oropeza knows all about making sacrifices to chase a dream. Currently riding a 7 fight win streak (the last 5 have been via TKO), the 29 year-old middleweight attraction and former Bully Beatdown cast fighter has decided that getting to the UFC is of the utmost importance, so he’s asked for and been granted his release from Bellator. In a recent interview with Bloody Elbow, Oropeza outlined why he took a pay cut to fight for another organization with much less presence in the community.



Team Fighting Championship, a ‘barroom brawl without the bottles,’ coming to pay-per-view

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By Marc Raimondi @marc_raimondi on Dec 26 2014, MMA Fighting

James Jefferson was tentative the first time he saw Team Fighting Championship. It was kind of like MMA, except there were 10 men in a ring and they were all fighting each other at once.

“I cringed,” Jefferson told “Until I really experienced it, watched all the film, watched how they ran it, I was hesitant.”

The thing Jefferson, the president of New Jersey-based MMA promotion Global Proving Ground, had to do was separate Team Fighting Championship and mixed martial arts completely. Sure, there are elements of MMA in TFC. But, in his mind, the violent, 5-on-5 spectacle is not really MMA. It’s something different altogether.



Ring of Combat 50 on 1/23 to feature 7 title bouts

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by Kirik Jenness,

The American Idol of MMA Returns January 23rd as Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat Showcases the Next Generation of MMA Stars

Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat returns with its 50th event Friday, January 23rd at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in New Jersey. The card is stacked from top to bottom, with 13 bouts and seven Ring of Combat titles on the line.

Many MMA promotional companies make a dash to be the biggest promotion in the world, and die of a heart attack. Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat has found a niche in developing great but unknown talent to compete on a world class level, most notably in the UFC.

Lou as sent over 90 ROC alumni to the UFC where not only are they competing but are having successful careers in the world’s biggest MMA promotion.



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