Former World Champion Kasim Ouma makes his long awaited return to the ring on Dec 11th in Allentown, PA LIVE WORLDWIDE on!

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Watch this entire event LIVE WORLDWIDE on by clicking here!
On December 11th Boxing finally returns to, one of the oldest Boxing venues in the Lehigh Valley, the EconoLodge and Conference Center in Allentown, PA.  The incredible night of boxing action will be broadcasting LIVE around the WORLD on!
Returning to the ring for the 1st time in over 2 years will be former Jr Middleweight Champion & Former Middleweight title challenger, Kasim Ouma (27-8-1).
Ouma, who was once a Ugandan child soldier before becoming a pro boxer, has had many ups & downs throughout his career.  In 2004, he defeated Verno Phillips (38-8-1) to capture the IBF Jr. Middleweight title.  A title he successfully defended once before dropping a 12 round decision to Roman Karmazin in 2005.
In 2006, Ouma had his best year defeated former World Title challenger Marco Antonio Rubio (34-2-1) as well as highly touted then Undefeated prospect Sechew Powell (20-0) on HBO.  Those fights led to a 2006 showdown with WBC & WBO Middleweight Champion Jermaine Taylor (25-0-1), in which Ouma dropped a 12 round decision.
After the Taylor fight, Ouma lost 5 out of 7 fights to former IBF Jr Middleweight champion Cornelius Bundradge (27-3), also former world title challengers Gabe Rosado (11-3), a highly controversial decision to Vanes Martirosyn (26-0) and WBA Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.  To this day many believe the fight between the phenom Golovkin and Ouma was Golovkin’s toughest test to date.
Ouma has taken a much needed break from the ring and is returning better then ever when he faces Rahman Mustafa Yusubov (9-12).  Yusubov has been in the ring with a who’s who list in the 154/160 divisions.  Yusubov is a guy who always shows up to fight and will try to pull the “Upset of the Year” when he faces Ouma on December 11th.
Also returning to the ring for the 7th time in 2013, Philadelphia’s Tevin Farmer (13-4).  Farmer has built a very impressive 6 fight winning streak since losing in 2012 to undefeated prospect Jose Pedraza (10-0).  In his last bout, Farmer outpointed undefeated prospect Camilo Perez (9-0).
His opponent will be battle tested veteran Carlos Vinan (10-11-5).  Vinan has dropped two straight to former World title challenger Teon Kennedy (17-2-2), in a bout that was nominated for GFL “2013 Boxing Fight of the Year”, and undefeated prospect Mark Davis (17-0).  Vinan has also shared the ring with former World Title challengers Eloy Perez, Mercito Gesta, Diego Magdaleno, and Ray Beltran.
Both Farmer and Vinan are on different paths in the boxing world but both need to be successful here so boxing fans can expect a war!
Ireland will be invading the Econolodge, when Anthony Cacace (8-0) & Tyrone McKenna (2-0) will do battle in separate bouts!  Both men are Belfast bred but made the move to Philadelphia to train at the famous Harrowgate gym.
Cacace will be fighting in America for only the 2nd time when he faces veteran journeyman Josh Beeman (5-14) in a 4 round affair.  After winning his 1st 6 fights in the UK,Cacace made his American debut with a 4 round Unanimous Decision over the very tough Osnel Charles (9-6-1).  Despite his record Beeman will be another tough test for the Belfast bred fighter, and will have a few tricks up his sleeve to attempt to walk away with his “0″.
Tyrone McKenna has fought all of his fights in America so far and looks to notch his 3rd straight victory in his young career.  McKenna will face off with Atlanta’s Marquis Jackson (2-10) in a 4 round JR Welterwight showdown.  McKenna has two straight decision victories and will be looking to impress against Jackson in front of a WORLDWIDE audience on!
Fans from Ireland & the UK will be able to witness both Cacace & McKenna LIVE on!  For only $9.99 you will be able to watch LIVE an re watch any time you want on GFL OnDemand without ever having to pay again!
Rounding out the card will be a trio of young up and coming Heavyweights.  John Lennox (12-2) will take on Kevin Franklin (4-8).  Undefeated Dorsett Barwell (10-0) will take on the hard hitting Curtis Tate (7-4).  Highly touted undefeated heavyweight prospect Anthony “Juice” Young will be his “0″ on the line against an opponent TBA.  Finally, Antonio Dubose (2-0) will take on Jesus Gonzalez (1-3) in a 4 round featherweight attraction.
Hall of Famer & Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Larry Holmes will be in attendance and will be gracing fans with his commentating skills & boxing knowledge on and Service Electric TV in the Lehigh Valley area!
Remember order the event once from and re watch it for LIFE on GFL OnDemand!!
Tickets are on sale now at The EnconoLodge & Conference Center on Route 309 & Route 22 in Allentown, PA or by calling Jay Newman of VIP Fighting events at 610-392-3482.  Prices are:
$20 for General Admission
$35 for Seating
$50 for VIP Ringside seats


“The Butterscotch Stallion” Mark Wilson Runs Wild Part 1

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by Drew Archer

“I am elated to be associated with Impact Elite again.”

Former IZW head official Mark Wilson recently made the decision to transition away from his position as the most respected, unpartisan individual on the whole IZW roster and cashed that role and identity in for the man that I spoke with for this extended multi-part interview.  Gone are the days of modesty and the understated, but respected, striped black and white referee shirt.  The IZW World has now come face to face with the era of “The Butterscotch Stallion”; the flashy suits, underhandedness and arrogance that is Mark Wilson.

This Mark Wilson is personality plus and fits in extremely well with the haughty and conceited stable that has run roughshod over IZW for multiple years.  With so many things in flux in IZW and as 2014 looms in the near future, it was important to end the year strong with some solid interviews and in this case, get the words straight from the horse’s mouth and find out a little bit more about the newest member of Impact Elite who has already begun to have an immediate effect on multiple feuds and rivalries.

Growing up in Missouri and spending close to a decade in Oklahoma before moving back to his stomping grounds in Neosho, Missouri, Wilson grew up around some of the best territorial wrestling in North America.

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t watching wrestling.  I often watched All Star Wrestling [Bob Geigel] on Saturday afternoons with my granddad and Tri State Wrestling [Leroy McGuirk] on Sunday nights with my dad.  For a time, Harley Race was my favorite wrestler, primarily because he was a part owner of Kansas City’s All Star Wrestling and was the top man in the area, as well as a multi-time NWA World Champion.

“But my favorite, who continues to be to this day, was Ric Flair.  No other wrestler in any federation wore a suit and tie to every interview.  No other wrestler made the business look classier.  He dressed and lived as if he traded shares on Wall Street, except his office was the ring.  Flair approached professional wrestling with a sense of pride and self-assurance I’d never seen, and I wanted to be just like that,” Wilson remembered.

Wilson was quite the athlete in his younger days as he became a duel star athlete during his teens.  “I played football and wrestled in high school.  I actually wrestled as a heavyweight because I was in the 250 pound range.  But I loved it because the heavyweight match was always the last match of the night.  You could send ‘em home happy or angry.”  Even in high school, Wilson’s mentality was that of a pro wrestler, always looking to give the fans their monies worth, especially in the main event, so to speak.  But it wasn’t until many years later that Wilson finally took a leap of faith and pursued his lifelong dream of being involved with the business.

“When I was younger, I just knew I was going to be a professional wrestler.  Even as late as my early thirties, I still thought I could perhaps find a way into the business as a wrestler.  But in my generation, it was well known that, unless you knew someone in the business, there was little or no chance of breaking in.  I knew no one, and there were only a handful of wrestling schools in the country, which were far too remote for me to dig up roots and relocate.

“In January, 2009, I contacted Harley Race at his wrestling academy in Eldon, Missouri.  I inquired about becoming a manager.  He said that I would be better off working as a referee, as managers were mostly phased out at the highest levels of our business.  I set up a day, which ended up being after a huge snowstorm, to meet him and tryout.

“I immediately knew this was going to be the hardest thing I’d ever done.  But I was all in.  I paid my dues to the academy and Mr. Race had me working by March.  I made my debut on March 21, 2009 in a WLW Ladies Title Match in which Champion Amy Hennig defeated Stacey O’Brien.  The match went perfectly.

“For two years, I made the drive to Eldon to train, oftentimes twice a week.  Just the 20 minute warm-up would drive many away from pursuing their dream, but I loved the physical and mental test of the whole experience.  My only regret is that I didn’t begin sooner.  I didn’t start until I was almost forty years old.  I often wonder where I would be or what I could have accomplished had I started 15-20 years earlier.

“In April 2009, I made a point to drive to a WLW show in Slater, Missouri, which was about four hours away and in which there was a possibility that I wouldn’t even be refereeing.  Mr. Race decided just before show time that I would have the second and fourth matches.  I had been studying the WWE referees on television and had noted how loud they were with their instructions, counts, etc.  That night, I made an effort to be more assertive and loud during my matches.  After the show, Mr. Race called me aside and said he would start having me do shows on my own going forward.  I will always be indebted to Mr. Race and his late wife BJ for believing in me and giving me a huge head start in building my career,” Wilson added.

Breaking into professional wrestling is never easy and very few individuals have what it takes to begin that journey, let alone succeed in a grueling business that chews people up and spits them out.  For Wilson that difficult trek was compounded by breaking in to the sport at an older age than most, but he has always been honest with himself and knew it was an uphill battle. One that he would eventually win.

“By the time I contacted Harley Race, I had long given up that dream [being a wrestler].  I was and still am realistic about wrestling at my age.  Although I keep myself in shape, I have a lifetime of real world injuries, aches and pains from some of the physical work I’ve done over the years and some sports injuries that left some joints less than perfect.  The matches I’ve participated in within the last year are opportunities that I know were too great to pass up.  But I am also very careful and I pick my spots.  I’m 5’9” and 170 pounds.  And I don’t have years of experience as a wrestler, so I have to rely on cunning and my Impact Elite friends to overcome the size and knowledge gaps,” Wilson continued.

But Wilson has always been an optimist and able to use every little detail to his advantage.  He brings something into the ring that other grapplers don’t have.

“My experience as an official gives me an edge in the mind game with the referee.  I worked side-by-side with George Knight, Brock Landers and Chance Snodgrass and know how they will react in certain situations.  I’m certainly not afraid to use that to my advantage,” Wilson added.

For Wilson, the transformation into his current role might be mind blowing to outside observers, but for Wilson, this is always who he’s been.  “In a very real sense, I’ve been ‘The Butterscotch Stallion’ my whole life.  However, I believe it was former IZW Champion ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ Michael Barry who tagged me with the name several years ago and I ran with it.  Barry and I have traveled all over the country together and he is one of my most trusted advisors and mentors.  And let’s be honest here: The Stallion isn’t some gimmick.  It’s who I am.  I’ll make you hate me during a match and steal your girlfriend all in the same night.  And your girlfriend will thank me in the morning,” Wilson ended with.

On that note, this concludes PART ONE of my interview with the one-of-a-kind “Butterscotch Stallion” Mark Wilson.  In upcoming parts find out Wilson’s take on members of Impact Elite, gruesome injuries he has suffered, thoughts on owning a promotion of his own, why he doesn’t consider himself a manager and much, much more.

Bounded Fist Muay Thai December 14 Preview

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Bounded Fist returns on GFL ready to deliver another great night of Muay Thai action with “Bounded Fist Muay Thai” on December 14 live at Arizona Event Center in Mesa, Arizona.  The stacked mega card is scheduled to have 20+ fights and is going to feature the top pro/am stars in the region and the headlining fight is sure to live up to all the hype as both competitors always bring a well-disciplined, striking clinic to their bouts.

In the main event, in a Full Rules Muay Thai bout, with the USMTA Southwest Regional Championship in the 175 lb division at stake, Adrien Grotte from Power & 2 Knuckle battles Jay Orallo from Results Martial ARTS.  Grotte is a seasoned vet with tons of world experience.  Grotte brings pinpoint accuracy into the ring as well as an ability to mix up various attacks that usually keep his opponent off balance.  Orallo comes into the title fight looking to take it to the vet Grotte.  Orallo is fearless in the ring and will trade strikes with anyone.  Orallo has a granite chin and that could be tested as Grotte might have the speed advantage but Orallo will make up for it with pure grit.

In the co-main event, for the USMTA Dual State Championship, Gilbert Pimentle from Power MMA fights Mike Antoci from Boxing Works.  Pimentle is the champion and comes to battle each and every time he steps into the ring.  He packs dynamite in his strikes and is feared for his ability to end the fight with one punch or kick.  Antoci should have the height advantage as he stands at 6’1” and will use his long limbs to keep Pimentle at bay.  Antoci is very accurate with his kicks and his knees are also deadly because of the range they can cover when he throws them.  Look for this fight to be a barnburner.

Don’t miss this awesome card.  Order now to see the science of the eight limbs as “Bounded Fist Muay Thai” is sure to bring down the house in the sweltering Arizona night.  If you can’t be there live on December 14, do the next best thing and watch the fights via iPPV on


Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 3 Preview

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Xcessive Force FC returns to GFL to close out the year with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 3”, a hotly contested card, emanating from the TEC Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.  The 13-bout card is sure to blow the roof off of the cold winter night in the Great White North.

In the main event, Jared Milko (6-2) battles Jordan Beecroft (5-1).  Milko returns to the cage after a long layoff in a career that saw him win 5 of his 6 victories via stoppage.  Milko is a well-rounded fighter out of Alberta, and loves to push the pace right from the very beginning.  Milko has KO power in both hands and he is very accurate with his strikes.  He enjoys a solid ground game as well and is a formidable opponent for anyone.  Beecroft is a similar fighter and loves to let his fists do the talking.  He should start faster than Milko who will be trying to work off some cage rust in the early going.  Beecroft has been known to throw punches in bunches and his fast pace has overcome most of his opponents who could not keep up with his style of fighting.  These two are going to look for the homerun and if someone lands flush, the fight will be over in an instant.

In the co-main event, in a rematch from 2012, UFC veteran Victor Valimaki (17-7) fights Tim Chemelli (10-4).  Valimaki has fought all over the frozen tundra of Canada and brings with him an impressive record.  Valimaki has been around for over a decade and will have a decided advantage in experience.  Valimaki is a cagey veteran with several tricks up his sleeve and he could just as easily pull of a submission or KO of the night.  Chemelli is looking to get back on the winning side of things and a victory over an opponent who previously beat him is the way to do it.  Chemelli has 8 wins via stoppage and is a heavy puncher who constantly swings for the fences.  Don’t blink when these two vets step into the cage to square off one more time.

Watch all the knockouts, submissions and grudge matches as XFFC returns to GFL on December 14 with another installment of hard hitting MMA with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 3” available to a global audience.

Sparta Combat Leauge – Monarchs of Sparta Preview

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Sparta Combat League returns on GFL with “Monarchs of Sparta”, a stacked MMA card on December 14 from the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado.  This event promises to be full speed from bell to bell as these pros and amateurs will do battle in the cage highlighted by two title fights.

In the main event, for the Sparta Heavyweight Title, Josh “The Cuddley Bear” Copeland (6-0) fights Jesse “The Hulk” Hernandez (6-0) in a battle of undefeated blue chip prospects.  Copeland comes into the bout as Champion and will look to put one more victory together for 2013.  Copeland is a huge man and likes to impose his will on his opponents from the opening bell.  5 of his victories have ended via stoppage and his brute strength on the ground is a tough obstacle for any heavyweight that steps into the cage with him.  Hernandez will be the Champion’s toughest test to date as he brings an equally devastating well-rounded MMA game into the title fight and all 6 of his wins have come via stoppage.  Hernandez packs dynamite in both fists and is also a solid grappler if an opportunity presents itself for a submission attempt.  It’s a safe bet that this fight will not go the distance and someone’s night will end violently.  Don’t blink.

In the co-main event for the Sparta Welterweight Championship, Rocky Johnson (20-12) battles Matt Cox (3-0).  Johnson comes into the bout as the defending champion and holds a huge experience advantage over Cox.  Johnson is a grizzled vet and has seen every kind of thing that can happen in a cage.  Look for Johnson to use his wrestling and try and grind out Cox in the early rounds and if that doesn’t work, Johnson might start looking to take Cox out with haymakers.  Cox is just beginning his career and this will be a tough test so early in his road.  Cox with have youth on his side and should have more in his gas tank, especially if the fight gets to the later rounds.  This could be fight of the night when all is said and done.

Sparta Combat League is sure to bring down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West MMA and this show will continue in that tradition.  Order “Monarchs of Sparta”, and watch live and anytime afterwards on video on demand only on GFL.

ShoFIGHT – Distinction Preview

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ShoFight presents “Distinction” a unique event looking back at the top fights from 2013.  ShoFight has made its mark with MMA fans as it has been a launching point for tons of fighters as some of the best prospects in the Mid-South and Midwest including fighters from Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska and Texas will throw down at “Distinction”.  This is a special show as it will feature the Nominees of the 2013 Fight of the Year Awards including KO/TKO and Submission of the Year.

In a featured previous bout, Aaron Roberson (8-3) fights CJ Hunter (20-9). Roberson is a former ShoFight Featherweight Champion and comes into the cage looking to reclaim his former glory. Roberson is a strong wrestler and quick in the scrambles allowing for varied submission attacks. Roberson also packs a solid punch and can get fights to the ground with his hands or his takedowns. Roberson is full of action from the word go and will push the pace. Hunter brings a huge experience advantage into the cage as well as a height advantage as he stands at 6’1″ and uses that reach effectively to keep his opponents at bay with his striking. Hunter is on an 8-fight winning streak with 7 ending via stoppage. Hunter is well-rounded but his long limbs pose problems on the ground for his opponents because he has a solid sweep game plus a nice armbar and triangle choke. This will be a real chess match if the fight hits the canvas.

In another hotly contested bout from earlier this year, the ShoFight Middleweight Title was on the line, when Shawn Tiger (6-0) takes on Max Humphrey (5-1). Look for Tiger to come out swinging and trying to make this night a short night for his opponent. Humphrey is determined to prove his critics wrong and win this fight and do so in convincing fashion. Humphrey’s wins have all come via stoppage and he is just as capable of ending Tiger’s night in the first round as vice versa.

Don’t miss this electrifying review of top regional mixed martial arts talents from around the Mid-South. Watch all of the fights on video on demand (VOD) starting December 13 and own it for life as ShoFight presents its special end of the year highlight show “Distinction” on pay-per-view exclusively at!

White Collar MMA Season 3 Finale Review

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“White Collar Season 3 Finale” ends another successful season of mixed combat sports for this unique concept and company.  White Collar events are unique in that they are between business professionals, but don’t let that fool you, working a 9 to 5 behind a desk give these combatants plenty of pent up frustration that they are just waiting to take out on someone.  This one of a kind Black Tie Charity Event is something you will never forget.

In the main event, for the Cruiserweight Muay Thai Championship, Jason Hutton defeated Warren Deats via decision after a hard fought battle by both.  The difference in the fight was Hutton’s leg attacks as he continued to pepper kicks at Deats the whole fight.  Hutton was the aggressor, always coming forward and Deats fought on the defensive most of the night but landed some nice counters.  Both fighters showed tremendous cardio conditioning as they went a full fight and continued to throw strikes.  Hutton was the more accurate striker and landed the more meaningful punches and kicks but Deats will have no problem getting the respect he deserves when he walks into the boardroom in the upcoming weeks as he put on a heck of fight too.

Multiple titles were on the line including MMA and boxing as everyone on the card came to throw down.  Daini “D Nemesis” Wei (Zurich Insurance Company) and Kimberley Cader (Educational Psychology at ESF) had the fight of the night while Davy “The Vo Sinh” Kouakou (Linedata Service) picked up submission of the night against Jamie “Urban Legend” Mordaunt (Meyado) in a middleweight contest.

“White Collar Season 3 Finale” is the culmination of a grueling series of fights for these business professionals where the boardroom meets the cage. These competitors know how to throw down in a staff meeting, see who will rise up their game and do the same in the unforgiving world of combat sports, order now and own it for life, only on



EFC 9 Gladiators Review

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Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) returned to with “Gladiators” from Parsippany, New Jersey. The 9-bout card had 5 finishes and featured many of the top regional fighters in the area as EFC is famous for being a battle zone for fighters looking to make a name for themselves.

In the main event, for the EFC Amateur Light Heavyweight Championship, Robert Bodden (3-0) defeated former champion Christopher Vallaro (6-3) via unanimous decision.  In the first round, both fighters immediately started trading strikes with Bodden connecting flush on Vallaro.  Vallaro closed the distance and went for a takedown but had it stuffed as their fight changed to the clinch.  Bodden had a nice throw to get the fight to the ground.  The fighters popped back up to their feet where they fought in the clinch once again with Bodden scoring with a knee to the body.  They separated and Vallaro went for overhand rights, while Bodden scored with combos.  Bodden got another takedown as the round ended.  In the second, they once again ended up in the clinch with Bodden pressed up against the cage.  Time was stopped for a low knee by Bodden.  Once action resumed, Bodden continued to use his height and reach advantage to score from the outside with strikes.  Vallaro had a nice takedown and went for an armbar from the bottom as time ended.  In round three, Bodden scored with punches before they clinched up once again. In the clinch, Bodden connected with more knees.  The fighters separated briefly where Bodden scored with a body kick before clinching up again.  Another break and Bodden connected with a knee to Vallaro’s face then went in for a takedown but had it stuffed by Vallaro who continued to fight and tried for a guillotine but didn’t have it as the fight ended.

In the co-main event, Andres Velasquez (3-0) defeated Montsir Mohammad (2-4) via TKO in the third round.   In the first round, after trading leg kicks, Velasquez got the back of Mohammad and brought the fight to the mat where he looked for a rear naked choke.  Mohammad defended well and Velasquez ended up on top where he controlled the remainder of the round.  In round two, Velasquez tried a spinning heel kick and flying knee.  Time was momentarily stopped for a low blow by Velasquez and once the action resumed, they continued to strike until Mohammad worked for a takedown with Velasquez ending up on top.  Velasquez smothered Mohammad on top once again.  In the third round, Velasquez kept up the pressure as he landed a nice kick to the body and overhand right that had Mohammad on the defensive.  Velasquez continued to throw knees to the body as well as multiple punches until the ref stepped in to stop the fight.

EFC always gives the fans KOs and submissions as the fighters are continually looking for the finish. Be sure to catch all of the action from this exciting event as EFC presents “Gladiators” exclusively at now on video on demand.




IZW Adrenaline November 30 Review

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With less than a month until “Chaotic Christmas” on December 21, “IZW Adrenaline” once again tore down the Impact Arena heading into the colossal end of the year iPPV on  The show featured all of the top superstars in action including a main event with IZW gold on the line!

“Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) came out to the ring to air his grievances against “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) who choke slammed Copycat last week and signed the blank contract to meet IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) in the main event at “Chaotic Christmas”.  Windsor came down to confront Copycat and the two were set to square off one on one until Co-Commissioner “The Number 1” Shawn McHale entered the picture.  McHale said Copycat still had a right to be in the main event at “Chaotic Christmas” and now Windsor did too because of his signature on the binding contract.  McHale turned the bout into a Triple Threat Match.  This prompted Johnny Z to join the fray.  Z was livid and rightfully so, because now his odds of defending the IZW Title have been severely curtailed by making the match a Triple Threat.  As Z barked at McHale, Copycat and Windsor continued to argue as they exited the ring.

Two masked men tangled in the opening match as The Convict took on the resurgent Soto Miyagi.  Miyagi connected with multiple leg kicks but was dropped with one elbow by The Convict.  Miyagi tried to stick and move, stick and move, but The Convict eventually caught up to Miyagi once again with a forearm that dropped the superstar from Japan.  Miyagi managed to kick out of a body slam pin attempt.  Convict responded with a clothesline and a vice grip submission to Miyagi’s head.  Miyagi battled back to his feet, hit a bicycle kick and two drop kicks, the last of which was to The Convict’s knee and dropped the King of the Yard.  As Miyagi looked for his finisher, the Shining Miyagi, The Convict rose to his feet, grabbed Miyagi and hit a 15 to 20 to end Miyagi’s winning streak in the blink of an eye.  As Miyagi was still recovering, The Midnite Rider entered the ring to what appeared to be help his tag team partner to his feet.  Instead, Rider hit Miyagi with a Russian leg sweep using a broom for added leverage and continued to pummel away at the downed Miyagi with the broom.  It looks like the East-West Playaz are now finished.

Copycat took on Roberto Camacho (the cousin of Angel Camacho) in singles competition next.  Copycat and Camacho worked from the clinch each looking for that leverage advantage to try and knock the base out from one another.  As the two separated, Camacho came off the ropes to gain momentum as Copycat hit a leap frog over Camacho followed by a leg lariat that sent Camacho down.  Copycat followed up by smashing Camacho’s face into the turnbuckle 10 times followed by a reverse DDT.  Camacho rose to his feet and responded with a splash in the corner and distracted the ref while his cousin Angel Camacho choked Copycat on the outside.  Copycat battled back with a DDT but missed on a springboard moonsault attempt.  Camacho took advantage and hit a fisherman suplex followed by a German suplex showing that delivering devastating suplexes runs in the Camacho family.  Camacho whipped Copy into the ropes and Copycat came back with a Thesz Press followed by a Face Mob knee drop.  Copycat connected with a Doppelganger for the pinfall and showed that his wrestling game is as sharp as ever.

IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader & Savior of Wrestling” Johnny Z took on the KC Wolves (Luke Langley and Graham Bell) in a Triple Threat Match.  Z already began to outthink Langley and Bell as he let them square off against one another to begin the match while Z strolled around the ring on the outside.  Langley and Bell had a nice bit of chain wrestling in the beginning and Z looked to take advantage of that as he rushed the ring but got a double drop toe hold and took a body slam each from the KC Wolves followed by a double back body drop.  The Wolves hit a super kick by Bell and a Death Valley Driver by Langley as Z’s head and body bounced off the canvas like a yo-yo.  Instead of going for the pin on Z, the KC Wolves fought amongst themselves over who would get the pin allowing Z to recover outside of the ring.  Langley and Bell showed off a vast array of moves, including several near falls and reversals as these two wrestlers are two of the finest grapplers in the territory and showed why against one another.  Bell hit a double under hook suplex but Langley responded with side suplex as these two continued to push the envelope.  With both men hurt, Z seized the opportunity and got back in the ring where he gave Langley a big boot.  Z ran Bell’s eyes across the top rope and used pinpoint accuracy to dominate Bell at every turn.  A snapmare and rear chin lock by Z grounded the faster Bell.  Later, Z hit a second rope bulldog but had his pin attempt interrupted by Langley.  As Langley and Z traded punches, Bell came from behind and threw a haymaker meant for Z but it connected flush with Langley.  Z tossed Bell out of the ring and tried for a running elbow in the corner that Langley was able to sidestep and answer with an enziguri.  As Langley readied for a running elbow, Z returned fire with a floatover DDT.  Moments later, Bell returned to the ring and as he and Z fought on the top rope, Langley ran over to help and all three men crashed to the canvas in a tower of doom as Z was suplexed by Bell, who was power bombed by Langley.  With all three men down, Mark Wilson (@bsstallion) intervened and tossed Langley out of the ring as well as slowing down Bell just enough for Z to deliver the Big Boot in the corner.  That was a wrap as Z scored the pinfall against Bell in a very fast paced, back and forth bout.

“Big Business” Damon Windsor was in action against “Big, Bad & Sexy” Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986).  It started out as a stalemate in the tie ups as these are two of the most physically imposing wrestlers in all of IZW.  Finally, Windsor was able to double over Camacho with right hands and elbows that started to chop Camacho down.  Windsor lost the momentum when he tried to body slam Camacho and couldn’t. Camacho landed forearms to the back of Windsor followed by a splash in the corner.  Later, Windsor missed with a splash of his own and fell to the canvas.  This allowed Camacho to give his gruesome stink face-butt bump combo as Windsor helplessly took the full force of Camacho’s posterior.  But Windsor managed to get out of the way of a backwards splash and drilled Camacho with multiple back elbows.  It was a match of power moves as Camacho dropped Windsor with a standing splash moments later.  Windsor rose to his feet and fired back with punches culminating in a big boot to the jaw that dropped Camacho.  Windsor was putting in work before Camacho caught him with a belly to belly suplex and stopped all the energy of Windsor.  Camacho then missed with a BBS Splash as Windsor regrouped and hit a body slam followed by a BFE!  After some minor interference by Roberto Camacho who distracted the referee, Windsor managed to connect with his patented finisher, the choke slam and sent Camacho down for the count.

In the main event, with the IZW Tag Team Titles on the line, “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (JermaineAboutMe) was joined by Mark Wilson who subbed for the injured “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) as they defended the belts against Team Bull:  The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) & “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr (@thegods_bs).  Johnson and Starr locked up with Starr dropping several head butts on Johnson’s melon.  Starr has always been kind of thick headed and it showed as he almost split Johnson’s skull in half.  Johnson countered with a body slam when he got back to his feet and tagged in Wilson who snatched an armbar before having the tables turned by Starr who grabbed an arm ringer and plunged Wilson down to the mat with a reverse atomic drop before tagging in The Bronze Bull.  Bull treated Wilson like a rag doll as he gave Wilson an airplane spin.  Wilson managed to tag in Johnson eventually who got clotheslined over the top rope by Bull.  As Johnson and Wilson tried to recoup on the outside of the ring, Team Bull took the fight to them with Johnson getting slammed multiple times against the ring announcer table and Wilson taking a series of forearms to the spine by Starr.  Back in the ring, TB hit a spear, clothesline and double back elbow combo on Johnson who fell to his knees.  Bull added to Johnson’s misery with a spinebuster before tagging in Starr who scored with a plethora of right hands in the corner which was only made worse by Bull sneaking in and doing the same thing as Johnson fell to the mat, totally exhausted and destroyed.  But Johnson found a way to grit through his situation and tossed Starr into the corner.  From there, Johnson caught his second wind and hung Starr on the top rope giving him an inverted suplex of sorts followed by a baseball slide drop kick to Starr’s head.   Wilson tagged in and delivered multiple knees before locking on another submission hold on Starr’s arm meant to hyperextend the elbow.  Moments later, a well-placed knee to the midsection sent Starr circling over as he fell to the mat.  Starr rose to his feet and after being whipped into the ropes by Wilson came back with a vengeance as he connected with a spear in a last ditch effort.  Bull and Johnson took their fight outside of the ring while Wilson and Starr recovered.  Bull went for a spear on Johnson but at the last second, Johnson pulled ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm (@AnnaLynnIZW) in the way and Storm took the impact which sent her crashing against the guard rail and folded her over like an accordion.  Amid the confusion that was happening on the outside, Wilson was able to roll up Starr for the 1-2-3 as Impact Elite retained their titles.  The Bronze Bull was beside himself and Damon Windsor came down to assist Storm who remained motionless as the show went off the air.

Nobody does it better!  Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the ring.  Tune in to the Southwest’s premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next. Watch professional wrestling like it’s supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD at as IZW continues to change the wrestling world!

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Ultimate Reno Combat 45 Review

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Northern Nevada’s #1 cage fighting event returned as “Ultimate Reno Combat 45″ took place at the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada. Voted the #1 Amateur MMA Event in the Nation, URC always showcases the top up and coming fighters from around the West and did that once again with URC 45.  The 10-bout card featured 5 stoppages and every fight was action packed from bell to bell.

In the main event, for the vacant URC Welterweight Title, Danny Ramirez (5-1) defeated Aarason Perry (4-1) via unanimous decision to become the new champion. In the first round, Perry tried to use his height advantage and land shots from the outside as Ramirez closed the distance looking for a takedown.  Ramirez did get a takedown and scored with punches inside of Perry’s guard.  Perry got to his feet and scored with punches in the standup before landing some knees in the clinch as the round ended.  In round two, they fought in the standup again with Perry scoring with knees and Ramirez making up the reach difference by jumping in to score with hooks.  Ramirez found his distance in this round as he scored with combos and opened up a cut on the ear of Perry.  In the final round, the action slowed down a bit with Perry looking to land one huge right hand while Ramirez scored with a nice combo from the clinch as both fighters were content to trade strikes from the outside for a majority of the round.

In the co-main event, for the vacant URC Flyweight Championship, Brando Amaro (4-0) defeated Isaiah “Pocket Monster” Wright (4-3) via TKO in the third round.  In the opening minute, both fighters kept their distance with strikes as they looked to find their distance before Amaro went in for a takedown.  Wright stuffed the attempt and they clinched against the cage before releasing and going back to striking.  Wright scored with leg kicks as Amaro countered with combos to the face in an exciting first round.  In round two, both fighters opened up their striking game as they threw everything at one another.  Wright closed the distance and got a single leg takedown as he worked in Amaro’s guard before Amaro got back to his feet and they closed the round out striking in another barn burning round.  In the final round, Amaro connected with a counter left hand that landed flush and sent Wright back on his heels.  Amaro continued punching as Wright covered up, the ref called a halt to the fight as Amaro was victorious in an exciting fight.

Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today! Don’t miss this loaded event as Northern Nevada’s “Ultimate Reno Combat 45″ comes to you on

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