Xcessive Force FC 4 – Meltdown Review

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Xcessive Force FC returned to GFL with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 4 – Meltdown”, a hotly contested card, emanating from the Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The event featured a title fight and several other hotly contested matchups. These warriors went to battle and made a name for themselves to the world.

In the main event, Matt MacGrath (11-8) defeated Jarod Milko (7-3) via unanimous decision in the fight of the night. The fight was primarily contested on the mat and both MacGrath and Milko demonstrated terrific grappling. MacGrath spent a lot of time on top and clearing Milko’s half guard to gain positional dominance in side control. But Milko was dangerous on the bottom as he showed multiple times with sweeps and at one point went for a kimura lock that MacGrath defended. Milko also scored with a few nice body kicks in the standup during the championship rounds, but MacGrath was able to score a takedown when he needed to and grind away at Milko. MacGrath also went for a leg lock late in the fight round and continued to push the pace. It was an incredible fight by both men and in the end, MacGrath’s ability to scramble on the mat and control the ground game for the most part was the difference.

In the co-main event, Michael Imperato (7-1) submitted Jesse Arnett (3-4) via guillotine choke in the first round to win the XFFC Bantamweight Title. Imperato got a nice takedown then moved to Arnett’s back before looking for a heel hook attempt before finally settling on a front face lock. Imperato jumped into an arm in guillotine and squeezed away until Arnett tapped out. Imperato displayed a great grappling game as he went from transition to transition and was constantly looking for submissions in every position. Imperato looks to be a handful for any fighters in the 135 lb division.

In other action, Spencer Jebb (7-3) submitted Stephen Clement (5-3) via triangle choke in round one in a welterweight scrap. Jebb scored a takedown off of ducking under a big right hand by Clement. Clement turned the tables by getting to his feet and taking Jebb down with a nice double leg. Jebb used the spot to his advantage and created a bit of space before sinking in the fight ending triangle choke from his back. It was a nice bit of grappling from “the Jedi”.

Corey Atkinson (3-2) defeated Tyler O’Brien (2-9) via rear naked choke in the first round. Atkinson got a nice takedown then moved to O’Brien’s back while locking up a body triangle. Atkinson then attacked the neck of O’Brien and sunk in the choke and got the tapout almost immediately.

Connor Derry (1-2) also picked up a submission win against Vince Quesnel (0-2) when he won by armbar in the first round. Derry came out on fire landing several punches in the standup. Derry got the fight to the ground where he had Quesnel’s back before switching positioning and getting the fight ending armbar with a nice transition in quick order.

Watch all the knockouts, submissions and grudge matches as XFFC returns to GFL with another installment of hard hitting MMA with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 4 – Meltdown” available to a global audience on video on demand.

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CFFC 34 Review

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships returned to GFL with championship MMA from the Mennen Arena in Morristown, New Jersey with “CFFC 34″. Pro MMA fighters from around the East Coast competed on this stacked card 8-bout card featuring a title fight in the main event. CFFC has expanded their stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, Nick Honstein (15-6) defeated Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella (13-4-1) via unanimous decision to capture the CFFC Flyweight Title. Honstein won the fight with his size, strength and wrestling ability. Honstein was able to nullify Santella’s wrestling and score with counters off of blocking takedowns. Honstein also spent a good portion of the fight on top when they were battling on the ground. Honstein’s positioning and submission defense allowed him to score with ground and pound from the spot over and over again. Santella was game the whole fight and came close to submitting Honstein with an armbar in the third round and went for submission after submission attempt in the final seconds of the fifth and final round but Honstein was right there to defend the attacks and continue throwing punches and scrambling for better position.

In the co-main event, Andy Main (8-1-1) defeated Brian Kelleher (10-7) via triangle choke in the first round. Kelleher scored a takedown early and Main wrapped his legs around Kelleher looking for a triangle. Kelleher responded by picking Main up and slamming him to the mat but Main held his position. Main locked up the triangle tight and after another slam attempt by Kelleher, Main scored the submission win as Kelleher tapped out.

Emmanuel Walo (5-1-1) scored an impressive win over Cheljean Erwin-Davis (2-1) via unanimous decision as these two welterweights went to battle in the cage. Walo landed the bigger punches and was assertive on the ground where he found himself in side control and scored with punches as Erwin-Davis looked to scramble and get out from underneath Walo. Walo showed an impressive all around MMA game in this fight and having previously fought at middleweight, showed that he is one of the stronger welterweights in CFFC.

In other action, Plinio Cruz, Mike Wade and Claudio Ledesma all won via submission while Lewis Rumsey and Bradley Desir both won via TKO.

Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as “CFFC 34″ throws down the gauntlet on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.tv. See the established and rising stars on the East Coast compete in front of some of the most avid fans. Be a part of the excitement and order this iPPV from the GFL Combat Sports Network.

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IZW Adrenaline April 12 Review

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IZW Sudden Impact is May 17th and this week’s edition of Adrenaline sent shockwaves through the IZW World on the path to Sudden Impact.

On another episode of Jordan Jacobs’ Lights Out Lounge, IZW Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale set the precedent for the night as he addressed the live crowd in the Impact Arena. It wasn’t long until IZW Champion Double D made his way to the stage and spoke his mind. He told McHale that he wanted a match against Kevin Morgan, to get revenge for the repeat attacks that Morgan has launched on the champion. McHale agreed on the conditions that it take place at Sudden Impact and it be for the IZW Championship. Double D quickly agreed and the main event for the next big IZW iPPV was set.

In the first of two first-round Impact Player of the Year Tournament matches, “The Resurrector of Reality” Striker took on one of the KC Wolves in Graham Bell. Striker had no interest in having a wrestling match with Bell as Striker immediately resorted to brawling to sway the match into his favor. Bell wouldn’t go down easily, though, he utilized his lightning-fast speed to avoid Striker’s offense and counter with a flying calf kick to get Striker in trouble. Graham drilled Striker’s head into the mat with a driving knee but it was only enough for a two-count. Striker, feeling the momentum slipping away, quickly countered and hit his patented Stroke. Instead of going for the cover, Striker decided to put a cherry on the sundae by taking Bell to the top rope but Bell was able to escape, knocking Striker from the top and hitting a senton bomb for an upset win. Bell will be moving on to the second round in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament joining Jordan Jacobs and the other member of The Brothers Righteous, O’Malley.

Team Bull was back in the Impact Arena on this night, still glowing with confidence from their IZW Tag Team Championship win at Coronation. A new challenge presented itself though, in the form of The Sexy Camachos. Vinny & Roberto seem to have their sights set on the tag titles and looked to use this non-title match against Team Bull to prove that they’re worthy of a title shot. What started out as an impressive dance-off between the two teams quickly got serious when Bronze Bull got tired of the games, snatched up Vinny and unceremoniously ejected him from the ring. Bronze Bull displayed why he is one of the most decorated IZW Superstars ever ad he took firm control of the match regardless of which Camacho was in the ring. Roberto Camacho was mocked by both Bulls as they repeatedly messed up his trademark curls. Some quick thinking and distraction of the referee allowed the Camachos to double team Bobby Starr and get the upper hand in the match. An upper hand they would not hold onto for long as Starr would battle back and tag out to the Bronze Bull who came in ready to fight, he laid out both Camachos and when Bobby maid in back into the mix it was only a matter of moments before Team Bull hit a big one-two punch for the dominant win. However, the Camachos were not ready to go down so easily and attacked the tag team champs from behind, leaving Team Bull laying.

The first round of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament continued next as Luke Langley of the KC Wolves took on “Big Business” Damon Windsor. These two men showed great respect for one another shaking hands before the match with each knowing the importance of this opportunity. Both men started out showing off their particular skill set with Langley showcasing his speed and Windsor displaying his strength. Things started off quite friendly but as the match wore on both competitors showed what this match meant to them, fighting with all they had to get the win. Langley found his most success with calculated strikes and kicks but made the mistake of letting Windsor fight back to his feet and when Langley tried to stand toe-to-toe with big Business and Windsor responded with a clothesline that echoed throughout the Impact Arena and almost took Langley’s head off. Windsor Tried put Langley away with the Big Time Slam but Langley wouldn’t stay down. Battling back, Langley took Windsor’s knee out and scored right on the chin with a super kick to the grounded big man. When that wasn’t enough to keep Windsor down, Langley brought a flurry of strikes to Big Business but when he paused to get the crowd behind him Windsor snatched him by the throat and drove him to the mat with a chokeslam for the win. Now our semi-finalists are all set, Windsor joins, O’Malley, Jordan Jacobs and Langley’s partner Graham Bell in the next round of the tournament.

In a disgusting display, Randy Price attacked Brock Landers in the back, upset about his loss to Landers last week. He demanded a rematch which was an ugly affair. Price punished Landers at every single opportunity, trying to redeem himself from last week. He blistered Landers’ chest with knife-edge chops and battered him with punches and knees. The verbal assault was almost as bad as the physical one as Price screamed that Brock had no business being a wrestler. As Landers did his best to fight back, Price stopped it dead in its tracks and drove Landers straight down onto his head with his patented Piledriver 1-2-3. Price wasn’t done though as he kept berating the fallen Landers. When Price started beating Landers with a steel chair, Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows rushed to the ring, saving Landers from even more punishment. Gallows revealed that he had been the one who had been training Brock Landers. He went on to say that he was teaching Landers the right way and if necessary, he would gladly teach Price the right way too.

Gallows set our main event in motion as he took on Impact Elite’s biggest gun, Kevin Morgan. Morgan made a statement before even stepping in the ring as, on his way to the ring, he hit the Moment of Fear on Brock Landers. Morgan snatched the microphone away from announcer AnnaLynn Storm and went on to blame Gallows for starting the decline of Morgan’s status by taking what was Morgan’s Impact Division Championship. The Image of Fear, was in no mood to waste time and started an onslaught on the ribs and midsection of Gallows. Morgan wanted to make an example of Gallows as Morgan moves toward Sudden Impact and his match against IZW Champion Double D. The familiar screams of “Where’s John?” filled the ears of Gallows and the IZW World as Morgan still in solely set on regaining the favor and then the leadership of his savior Johnny Z. Gallows, saw that he couldn’t risk getting into a fist fight or a power struggle with Morgan and modified his gameplan with attacks that consisted mostly of momentum and throwing his entire body at Morgan. This fearless manner of offense found its success against the much larger Image of Fear. But Gallows could only go full speed for so long before he ran out of gas and when Gallows started to slow down Morgan took advantage. He tossed Gallows from one side of the ring to the other. The Impact Division Champion had a little left in the tank, though as he hit a pair of drop kicks which took Morgan off his feet. Gallows went for it all as he mounted the top rope Morgan stopped him, slung him from the top and planted Gallows in the center of the ring with the Moment of Fear.

Morgan has been a runaway locomotive ever since Johnny Z disappeared after Coronation. Now that he believes that regaining the IZW Championship for Johnny Z will trigger the savior’s return, Double D may be facing the most dangerous Kevin Morgan we’ve ever seen. Not only is he finally focused toward one goal but in the Main Event at Sudden Impact May 17th Kevin Morgan has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

GFL REAL FIGHTS Presents XFE 39 Beginning April 21 on TCN & CSN


April 18, 2014

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class MMA as Xtreme Fight Events presents another show stopper with XFE 39 featuring a full lineup of extreme cage fights emanating from the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. XFE has quickly solidified itself in Pennsylvania as the top-tier MMA event where rising stars step into the battleground looking to destroy their opponents.

In the main event, Bellator veteran Brett “Youngblood” Martinez (6-1) takes center stage to fight Josh Booher (3-2). Martinez has only gone to decision once in his career and is always looking to stand in the cage and bring the action to his opponent. Martinez never backs up and is always looking to finish, as 5 of his wins have come via stoppage. Martinez is a grizzled fighter who has fought tough competition his whole career and you can bet another tough test stands in his way when he faces Booher. Booher will be the smaller fighter in the cage so he will have to utilize his explosiveness. All 3 of Booher’s wins have come via stoppage and he will need to raise his intensity level even more as he faces Martinez. Look for a shootout in this main event.

In another featured pro fight, Christopher Pintado (0-1) battles Stephfond Ewins (0-0). Pintado is looking to even his record to .500 after taking a tough loss in his pro debut. Before that, Pintado earned a 5-1 record as an amateur and exhibited a slick submission game. Look for Pintado to get back to his roots and try and get the fight to the mat where he can work his grappling game. Ewins is making his pro debut after going 5-2 as an amateur. Ewins is a well-rounded fighter who relies on his wrestling to get him the victory. Ewins loves to grind his opponents down until their cardio is dust. If the fight does hit the mat, expect Ewins to use his wrestling to try and control the grappling of Pintado. This could turn into a striking war as both men might be content to let their hands go.

Timothy Kunkel (4-1) battles Dean Lavin Jr. (2-6) in a battle of high risk-high reward fighters. Kunkel is on a 3 fight winning streak and looks to make it 4 in a row against Lavin Jr. Kunkel fights with a high impact style as he has KO power in both hands and his wrestling takedowns are brutal on his opponents. Kunkel finished his last opponent off with a KO slam in under 30 seconds. Lavin Jr. is an XFE veteran and this will be his toughest test to date. Lavin Jr. has been susceptible to submissions in the past but has worked on his submission defense relentlessly and packs KO power in both fists, making him a very dangerous opponent. Expect fireworks from these two.

Air times are listed below:

The Comcast Network (TCN) (all zones): Monday, April 21 at 7:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Philly): Thursday, April 24 at 11:00pm ET

TCN Replay (all zones): Friday, April 25 at 9:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, April 27 at 1:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Thursday, April 24 at 7:30pm ET

CSN Philadelphia Replay: Sunday, April 27 at 8:00pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest, CSS and CSN Bay Area will also be airing XFE 39 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN and because of that wide distribution across numerous regions and even nationally via satellite, GFL REAL FIGHTS is available on additional platforms.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.

The Comcast Network http://www.csnphilly.com/page/tcn

CSN Philadelphia http://www.csnphilly.com/ontv/listings

CSS http://www.csssports.com/ontv

CSN Washington http://www.csnwashington.com/ontv

CSN Baltimore http://www.csnbaltimore.com/ontv

CSN New England http://www.csnne.com/pages/oncsn

CSN Northwest http://www.csnnw.com/ontv

CSN Bay Area http://www.csnbayarea.com/ontv

Upcoming Events on Comcast

4/21: XFE 39 (MMA)

4/28: CFFC 34 (MMA)

5/5: CFFC 35 (MMA)

5/12: XFE 40 (MMA)

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Sean Santella Returns to Defend his CFFC Title at the Mennen Arena on April 19th, 2014!

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Atlantic City, NJ –Almost a year after defending his CFFC flyweight crown, Sean Santella returns to the CFFC cage on April 19, 2014 when he looks to defend his title for the fifth consecutive time when he takes on veteran Nick Honstein at the Mennen Arena in Morristown, New Jersey on April 19, 2014.  This will mark the organization’s debut at the Mennen Arena.  “We’re excited to have the number one flyweight prospect in the world defend his title in our North Jersey debut,” said CFFC CEO Robert Haydak Jr.  “We plan on making a home up here and this is a great way to kick things off!”

While preparing for another title defense, Santella tore his LCL which required surgery that sidelined him for nearly a year.  “My road to recovery was good,” said Santella.  “The injury made me concentrate on weaker areas of my game and I had a lot of time to break things down. I think it made me a better fighter.” 

“Shorty getting hurt has been a setback but he rehabbed better than I have seen any other fighter do before and he will be back stronger and better than ever,” said CFFC President Mike Constantino

“It’s always an honor defending my belt,” stated that current CFFC flyweight champion.  “I know CFFC always brings in the top guys and I’m excited to have my skills tested.  My opponent is a tall scrappy striker that has a good jits game. Should be a tough test but I’m predicting a TKO.”

For the Colorado based fighter, Honstein, traveling to New Jersey will not faze him one bit.  After capturing a title in Australia, Honstein wants to add another to his resume.  “First of all, I’m very honored and this opportunity could not have come at a better time,” said Honstein. I have been training consistently for over two years with my team at Factory X and am fully prepared to take on the flyweight division with guns blazing. I am also about to be a father and the thought of focusing on my fight career and defending my title this summer instead of dealing full-time with my construction business is exciting.”

Santella will be a huge test for Honstein but with consecutive wins coming from submission, Honstein isn’t backing down.  “He is obviously a decorated Jiu-Jitsu player and in 16 fights he has yet to be finished,” continued Honstein.  “I’m up for that challenge.  My game plan is the same for this fight as it has always been; push his ass into the cage, take him down, damage, damage, damage, then submit.  There’s usually a detour to adjust to but either way this match ends with the CFFC Flyweight title around my waist.” 

“Honstein is a very dangerous fighter who likes to come out very fast,” said Haydak.  “He has to know that Sean’s time away from the cage could play in his favor.”

The co-main event will feature a featherweight bout that will have title implications when TUF alumni, Andy Main takes on Brian “Boom” Kelleher.  For Main, this fight is close to home considering his last two fights were in Japan.  “I’m excited to be fighting in my backyard,” said Main.  “Being the co-main event and fighting alongside my training partners, Sean Santella and Claudio Ledesma, is awesome. It’s great having everybody gearing up at the same time. CFFC is a great show I had a great experience the first time and hope I can put on another show for the fans.”

“Andy Main is truly one of the most talented 145-pound fighters in the world and we are lucky to have him on our CFFC roster,” said Constantino

In regard to his opponent, Main knows the issues his opponent can bring.  “Brian Kelleher is a tough dude,” said Main.  “He’s a grinder, no doubt. I have to fight smart and play my game and not fall into his.  It’s as simple as that.  I know Brian is going to bring it, so I just have to be on point with every part of my game on the 19th.” 

 Kelleher is no stranger to the CFFC cage and has fought for the organization six times with only one of those fights going to a decision.  His last fight was a submission victory over Lester Caslow in February of this year.  “I’m very happy to fight in the co-main event for CFFC,” said Kelleher.  “In fact, I’m always happy to fight for CFFC.  It’s a great promotion that treats fighters well. 

“Kelleher is a tough, gritty fighter,” continued Haydak.  “We love him here at CFFC because he always shows up and puts on a show.  He has never been out of fight and has come so close in his losses.  2014 is a new year and a win against Main gets him right back in the hunt.”

“My opponent, Andy main, is a tough opponent,” continued Kelleher.  “I respect all of my opponents.  Without an opponent there is no fight or reason to continuously improve.  He’s got great jiu-jitsu but I’m not one to sit and worry about my opponent.  Instead, I focus on myself and my skills and mindset going into the fight.  I predict that I show up and fight to win and go for the finish. I won’t stop going forward.  I want the CFFC belt at 145 or 135 or both!”

Here is a look at the rest of Saturday night’s card:


Main Event CFFC Flyweight Title:

Nick Honstein vs Sean Santella


Co-Main Event:

Brian Kelleher vs Andy Main


Main Card

Emmanuel Walo vs Cheljean Erwin-Davis   

Lewis Rumsey vs Mike Stewart   

Marcio Bittencourt vs Claudio Ledsma  

Mike Wade vs Shedrick Goodridge  


Preliminary Card:

J.A. Dudley vs Plinio Cruz

Joshua Key vs Bradley Desir

Jorge Martinez vs Robbie Flores  

Shane Manley vs Noel Arcibal  


For CFFC updates log on to www.CFFC.tv and find us on Facebook!


About Cage Fury Fighting Championships

Cage Fury Fighting Championships (www.cffc.tv) is a pioneer in bringing prominent and elite MMA talent to the east coast. Since CFFC’s debut, past and current champions have competed at the highest level.  Before they were in the UFC, Jim and Dan Miller were both CFFC champions.  That legacy remains the same today.  Three current CFFC champions, George Sullivan, Aljamain Sterling, and Charlie Brenneman are currently on the UFC roster.  Current UFC fighters Zach Makovsky, Nick Catone, Nah-Shon Burrell, and John Howard have also competed in CFFC prior to their entry to the UFC.  Also, CFFC helped jump start the career of internet fighting sensation Kimbo Slice, whose first foray into MMA came in the CFFC cage when he fought former boxing champion Ray “Merciless” Mercer.  CFFC continues to thrive as one of the best regional promotions in the world while focusing on treating fighters with respect and giving the fans the ultimate MMA experience.


Rob Haydak Jr., CFFC CEO: Rob@cffc.tv   

Mike Constantino CFFC President: Mike@cffc.tv

Joe Stant, CFFC Vice President: Joe@cffc.tv  

Arias Garcia, General Manager: Arias@cffc.tv

Sparta Combat League – Army VS Marines Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Sparta-Combat-League–Army-vs-Marines/2245

Sparta Combat League returns on GFL with “Army VS Marines”, a stacked MMA card on April 26 from the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado.  This event promises to be full speed from bell to bell as these pros and amateurs will do battle in the cage.

The SCL Bantamweight Title will be on the line when Josh “Hellboy” Huber (11-7) fights Ricky “Furioso” Johnson (10-4).  This will be a rematch as Huber defeated Johnson via split decision in 2013.  Huber is a scrappy fighter who has won 3 of his last 4.  Huber looks to add to his championship collection with a win here.  Huber is an aggressive fighter who always comes right at his opponent.  Look for Huber to waste no time and bring the fight to Johnson.  Johnson won his last fight and is anxious to get back in the cage with Huber and bring home the gold.  Johnson believes he won the first fight and aims to not leave it in the hands of the judges this time.  Expect Johnson to try and get the fight to the mat where he can work for a submission.

In a 185lb Pro Thai fight, Sgt US Army Charlie Brown takes on Brian Scraper.  Brown likes to close the distance in his fights and let his hands go.  Expect Brown to walk forward and try and avoid strikes by throwing hooks and uppercuts of his own.  Brown’s best weapons are his fists and he has a granite chin to go along with dynamite in his hands.  Look for Scraper to stay on the outside where he can let his high kicks and straight right hands go.  If Brown does get inside, expect Scraper to be waiting with knees in the clinch.

Shannon Sinn (0-0) battles Courtney Himes (0-1).  This will be Sinn’s pro debut after she captured the SCL Flyweight title in her last fight. Sinn is unyielding with her pressure as she will look to mix up her attacks and get Himes off balance.  Expect Sinn to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Himes as Sinn is known for her wrestling, grappling and standup game.  Himes is looking for her first pro win and plans to match Sinn’s activity inside the cage as Himes is known for a motor that never quits.  Himes is a skilled striker and her grappling is underrated.  Look for Himes to make this a brawl in the opening seconds.

On the prelims, the always tough Jorge Rangel fights the durable Paul Valdez in a lightweight scrap.  This fight could steal the show.

Sparta Combat League is sure to bring down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West MMA and this show will continue in that tradition.  Order “Army VS Marines”, and watch live and anytime afterwards on video on demand only on GFL.

Pride And Glory 7 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MuayThai/Pride-and-Glory-7/2368

Pride And Glory debuted on GFL with top notch Muay Thai featuring a world title fight along with several exciting contender matches at “Pride and Glory 7″.

In the main event, Toby Smith defeated Elliot Compton via KO in the third round.  Both fighters exchanged punches, kicks, elbows and knees that had the crowd gasping at the punishment both fighters were giving and receiving.  Both Smith and Compton showed true grit in this fight and there were plenty of hard shots that would have ended the night of lesser competition much earlier.  In the end, it was a brutal knee to the solar plexus that ended the night of Compton.  Smith was scoring with punches to the face and had Compton back up, and similar to an uppercut, Smith shot the knee up from below and it connected square with the chest of Compton.  Compton went down immediately and rolled around on the ground in pain as it was obvious the fight was over.   It was a picture perfect knee and showed the precision with which these pro Muay Thai fighters can deliver strikes and end fights in devastating fashion.
In the co-main event, Nic Reiter defeated Kosta Masmanidis via unanimous decision after a blistering pace set by both men that had action from bell to bell.  Reiter was able to use his size and length and attack Masmanidis from a safe distance for some of the fight, but both exchanged brutal knees in the clinch for a good portion too.  Both fighters are as tough as they come and will be feeling the effects of the clinch fighting for days.  Reiter is a tough matchup for anyone as his size allows him to land strikes far away, and  his clinch work is also strong.

Petchtanong Banchamek defeated Jake Moulden via decision.  Banchamek was the more technical fighter but Moulden was there to fight and fight he did.  Moulden fired back with combos as Banchamek used pinpoint accuracy to land strikes while trying to stay away from Moulden’s attacks.  It was a contrast in styles as Banchamek wanted to hit and not be hit while Moulden was more than happy to stand in the pocket and trade shots.  It was a fun fight with both fighters going for broke, especially late in the fight.  Both fighters earned the respect of the fans for their willingness to keep up a fast pace and never let the action stop.

Paul Abdul Rahman defeated Chris Anderson via TKO (leg kicks) in the third round.  Rahman threw tons of leg kicks that buckled Anderson early.  Rahman also connected with hooks and straight hands throughout the fight.  In the second round, Rahman was able to knock down Anderson with leg kick and from there it was only a matter of time as Rahman found his target and would tee off on the lead leg of Anderson from that point on.  Anderson never gave up but was close to hopping around on one leg at the end and the ref mad the call to stop the fight which was the smart decision.  Rahman looked terrific in the outing as every strike he threw had bad intentions written all over it and he connected with a high volume of strikes throughout.

If you love nonstop, full-throttle striking, then “Pride and Glory 7″ is must-see TV. Watch as the brave warriors display the science of the eight limbs and use punches, kicks, knees and elbows and do it the for a the first time to a worldwide audience on GFL. Order this event exclusively at GFL.tv and own it for life.

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.

Conflict MMA – Havoc Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Conflict-MMA-Millers-Coins-and-Currency–Havoc/2333

Conflict MMA Promotions returns to GFL on April 26 with “Havoc”, a mega card, emanating from the Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia.  “Havoc” promises to tear the house down with 14 bouts and multiple title fights as all the top fighters from the Dirty South will be squaring off in the cage in front of a rabid audience.

In the main event, for the Conflict MMA Heavyweight Title, Champion Nick Smiley (6-2) fights Adrian Henderson (4-0).  Smiley won the title last May after a TKO victory in less than a minute.  Smiley has a well-rounded game including some solid submissions for a heavyweight.  His ground and pound is where he is most dangerous as he drops hammers with both fists.  Henderson comes into the bout undefeated and is well-versed in all aspects of MMA.  He can match Smiley’s power in the striking department and Henderson is also a solid grappler with under rated submission skills.  Smiley has never been out of the first round and Henderson has only gone to a decision once.  Expect dynamite to explode when these two hook up.

In the co-main event, Muhsin Corbbrey (12-8) battles Terry House, Jr. (6-8) in a lightweight scrap.  Corbbrey won his last 2 fights and looks to put on a show and raise eyebrows with his performance.  Corbbrey is a WEC, and Elite XC vet and is ready to put his skills to the test with the UFC.  Look for Corbbrey to go all out and try and get an early submission in spectacular fashion.  House is a gritty fighter who brings heavy hands into the fight.  House has defeated 4 of his opponents via strikes and will look to put his hands on Corbbrey early in the fight.  Don’t blink when these two lightweights start throwing bombs in the cage.

In other action, Lindsay Rowse (4-3) takes on Arnold Adams (2-6) at heavyweight.  Rowse is a fast starter and is always in attack mode as he is constantly looking for a KO or submission if the fight hits the mat.  Rowse is usually a light heavyweight so this fight he will be significantly smaller but quicker.  Adams is a heavy puncher and can turn the tide of a fight or even end a fight with a single punch.  Adams will have the strength advantage and look to use that in striking and trying to get top position if the fight hits the mat.

Conflict MMA Promotions is back with another epic card in front of a worldwide audience courtesy of the GFL Combat Sports Network.  Watch “Havoc” on April 26.  If you can’t be there live, stream the show online at GFL.tv.

USFFC 18 Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/USFFC-18–Metal-and-Mayhem/2326

USFFC returns to GFL.tv on April 26 with “US Freedom Fighter Championship 18”.  USFFC has made a mark for itself in the Southeast and “USFFC 18” will surely tear down the house from the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  These pro/am fighters are looking to make a name for themselves on a global basis and that’s just what they will do as they go to battle inside the cage.

In the main event, Adam Townsend (6-3) battles Keith “The Rockstar” Richardson (10-6).  Townsend is a phenomenal athlete who has excelled in other sports including playing a year of football in college.  Townsend is looking for a spectacular win in this fight as he believes he is ready for a title shot.  Look for Townsend to use his wrestling and athleticism to try and push Richardson into making a mistake that Townsend can capitalize on.  Richardson is a submission specialist with 6 wins via tapout.  Look for Richardson to use his striking to get inside on Townsend and work a takedown so he can be at his best on the mat grappling.  This fight promises to be a chess match in the cage as both fighters are veteran combatants and have tons of talent.

In the co-main event, Bobby Gurley (2-3) takes on William Baptiste (2-1).  Gurley looks to improve his record to .500 and will be looking for a stoppage.  Gurley is one of the most exciting fighters on the circuit as he has never been to a decision and has only been out of the first round once.  Gurley goes for broke from the opening bell and his high risk-high reward fighting style is sure to be on display on April 26.  Baptiste fights with the same relentless style and has KO power in both hands.  Baptiste will be there in the center of the cage ready to bang, so expect fireworks from these two.

In other action, Stephanie Skinner takes on Angela Hill while Kris Kennedy battles Sam Burns and Gary Wingfield fights Craig Hill and much, much more.

Get ready for some All-American beat downs as “USFFC 18” is sure to seek and destroy all the other competition. Watch exclusively on GFL.tv and own it for life.  Order now.

CFFC 35 Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/CFFC-35-Scott-Heckman-vs-Levan-Makashvili/2364

Cage Fury Fighting Championships brings championship MMA to Atlantic City, New Jersey on April 26 with “CFFC 35″.  Pro MMA fighters from around the East Coast will compete on this stacked card featuring a title fight in the main event.  CFFC has expanded their stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, CFFC Featherweight Champion Scott Heckman (17-4) defends his title against the undefeated Levan Makashvili (7-0).  Heckman is an expert grappler with a strong wrestling base, but also likes to throw hands and is dangerous from anywhere in the cage.  He is one of the top 145 lb fighters in the world and will continue to come forward no matter what.  Heckman is as exciting as they come, and that is why he continues to be a fan favorite wherever he fights.  Makashvili is a knockout specialist with an astounding 4 KO’s in 7 fights.  Makashvili loves to bang and he can end a fight with one punch from either hand.  Look for these two to collide in the center of the cage with explosive consequences.  Hands will be flying and these two are bound to blow the roof off with their style of fighting.

In the co-main event, Mike Winters (7-3) takes on Jonavin Webb (5-0) in a welterweight tussle.  Winters has dominated former opponents with his well-rounded striking mixed with impressive takedowns that keep his opponents on the defensive.  Once on the ground, Winters is very active, advancing his position, landing strikes and pushing the pace.  Webb is a blue chip prospect from New Jersey and has never tasted defeat in either his pro or amateur career as a mixed martial artist.  Webb is a submission specialist and if the fight hits the mat he will be comfortable in any position the fight goes.  Look for Webb to try and outwrestle Winters in the early going and get the fight to the ground where he can work his grappling game.

In other action, Jimmie Rivera (12-1) fights Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens (11-6-1).  Rivera, a Bellator and TUF vet has faced a who’s who of the East Coast’s best, is on a 4 fight win steak.  Rivera will look to utilize his strong wrestling base to nullify Stevens’ attacks.  Stevens’ last fight was in Japan for the top organization in Asia, ONE Fighting.  Stevens returns to the United States ready to raise his stock on his home soil.  A victory over Rivera would do just that.  Stevens is relentless in the cage, and mirrors Rivera’s fighting style in that both fighters are strong wrestlers who never get tired and like to push the pace.  Look for Stevens to try and score with some ground and pound if the fight hits the mat and he is on top.  This fight could main event most cards on the regional level so fans are in for a treat.

Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on April 26 as “CFFC 35″ throws down the gauntlet on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.tv. See the established and rising stars on the East Coast compete in front of some of the most avid fans. Be a part of the excitement and order this iPPV from the GFL Combat Sports Network.

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