BRAWL INC. – Adrenaline Rush Review

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Brawl Inc. returned to GFL with “Adrenaline Rush” emanating from the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center in Branson, Missouri. This stacked 15-fight card featured 12 finishes! Watch the top, up and coming fighters from the area as Brawl Inc. made a huge statement to a global audience only on

In the main event, Marco Hutch (4-1) defeated Max Humphrey (4-2) via rear naked choke in the first round to win the BRAWL Inc. Middleweight Championship. Hutch has never gone to a decision and once again made quick work of his opponent. Humphrey got an immediate body lock takedown but then was reversed by Hutch. Hutch scored with right hands before working to side control. Hutch stood back up and found his distance once again and scored with more ground and pound then got the mount. From there, Hutch dropped more shots until Humphrey rolled over to his stomach. Hutch then sunk in the fight ending rear naked choke in a dominant display.

In the co-main event, BRAWL Inc. Lightweight Champion Will Lavine (7-3) defeated James Bacon (4-2) via unanimous decision. Lavine controlled the fight and hit Bacon with some stiff shots but Bacon weathered the storm and was able to survive the full fight. This was the fight of the night as neither fighter would back down. Lavine proved to be too strong with his wrestling and his striking was on point, but Bacon showed some solid boxing and a well-rounded game including an iron chin.

Bryce Hadffecke defeated Brandon Evans via TKO in the first round after Hadffecke took the fight to the ground and worked to mount shortly thereafter. From mount, Hadffecke wasted no time and threw dozens of punches as most found their mark and hurt Evans. Finally, the ref saw enough and stopped the fight.

In other action, Charles Brown, Chris Heavner, and Trumane Wrone all ended their fights with submissions, while Josiah Biggs, Datrick Elmore and Justin Yacko score victories with knockouts.

You won’t find hungrier fighters who are willing to push their own limits to get a victory in the cage. Be sure to catch all of the action on video on demand with “Adrenaline Rush” exclusively at

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Lock vs Gonzalez – From Dover Downs Review

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Courtesy of

J. R. Jowett reporting from ringside: There was no nonsense in the matchmaking for the 5/9/14 show at Dover Downs Casino, Dover, DE, as the “blue” corner took three of seven bouts. The main event was a shocker. In a battle of southpaws, Cornelius Lock, 125, NYC, 22-7-2 (13), took on William “Chirizo” Gonzalez, 125, a Nicaraguan fighting out of San Juan, 27-5 (23), in a scheduled 10. The fight was a wide-open slam-banger from first bell. The reckless underdog came out “bombs away”! He had Lock on the run, or apparently so, until Cornelius fired back a left that buckled his knees and sent him back. Action tamed after that exchange, but only until round two. Gonzalez was back winging roundhouse punches with abandon, wherever they managed to land. Between rounds, referee Steve “Sextuple S” Smoger went to William’s corner for an academic discussion of the wages of rabbit punching.

The third was a replay of the first, writ large! Again, Gonzalez attacked all-out, Lock set him back on his heels with a snappy counter left, and Chirizo again redoubled the attack. This time, he paid Cornelius back with a carbon copy of that same punch. Lock was caught trying to flee the attack and sent to the canvas. Smoger checked him over and again the action tamed and allowed Cornelius to escape. In the fourth, the ref’s caution finally caught up to Gonzalez as Smoger took a point. But no matter, Lock was being punished, suffered a cut right eye, and fading. Cornelius tried gamely to take control of the fight, with action going to rugged trading at close range, including solid body work. When Cornelius broke and ran, Gonzalez reached him on the end of a long left and sling-shot him to the canvas. Again, Smoger gave him a long look, and the bell only prolonged the drama. Starting round seven, they went toe-to-toe in a grimly determined exchange until Gonzalez cracked a short right that buried Lock without a count, at 0:32.

The co-feature 10 between Ray Robinson, 147, Phila., 18-2 (8), and mysterious George “El Terrible” Sosa, 147, from parts unknown (even his cornerman didn’t know where he was from), 13-8 (13), wasn’t the shootout of the main event but was still a rugged and revealing contest. El Terrible had racked up a scary number of KOs in the DR, but didn’t seem to have much of an idea against an opponent who didn’t stand in and trade. The lefty Robinson moved around and picked his shots, steadily mounting the punishment level. By the second, Ray had almost free reign, until an exchange at the bell that left Sosa wobbling to his corner. Ray worked him over relentlessly in round three, able to go flat-footed and wing his shots full tilt. Robinson also began digging rights to the ribs, as Sosa’s only hope seemed to be to catch him wide open with a surprise counter. That didn’t happen. In round four, Sosa was belabored until a right to the body caused him to go limp against the ropes. Referee Vic de Wysocki, “The Arthur Mercante of Delaware”, decided George’s gameness didn’t match his prospects for victory and justifiably called a TKO, at 2:04. Sosa protested, but he was getting creamed and the stoppage was in order.

In an action-packed and hard-fought eight, Omar Douglas, 129, Wilmington, 12-0 (9), faced a solid foe in Jesse Carradine, 130, Las Vegas, 8-3-2 (4). The contest featured a good contrast of styles and strategies. The rangy Carradine circled away and boxed, while the shorter favorite did a good job of coming in low, getting under his punches, and hooking to the body. Jesse tried to tie him up inside, and although this produced a lot of tugging, the bout was always lively. Ultimately, Omar proved too strong and too busy. But not without a challenge. Right counters three times sent his mouthpiece flying and evidently stole some rounds for the visitor. A body shot made Carradine hold in the second and a pummeling on the ropes produced a tell-tale “I’m-not-hurt” head shake in the seventh. Finally, in the last round, Carradine was getting worked over inside when a left hook had him clinging desperately. Omar had to shake him off, and when he went to the canvas, de Wysocki made a good call, a knockdown. The bell rang shortly after. Douglas, a good prospect under trainer Doug Pettiford, got the unanimous verdict, 76-75 from Dorothea Perry, 77-74 from Mark D’Attilio, and 78-73 from Brian Costello.

Another upset took place when popular Joey Tiberi, 135, New Castle, 12-2 (6), took on returning Tyrell Samuel, 133, Balto., 15-5-1 (6), in a brisk six. Tyrell hadn’t fought in a couple years, but didn’t bring in any apparent rust. He moved smartly and got off quick combos as Joey edged forward and kept up a low heat. The contest featured both good boxing and good exchanges. Tyrell was mixing sharp left hooks and rights in round two until Tiberi got a step closer and unloaded a combo of his own. But Samuel quickly regained control with some more snappy combos. Joey took the next round but momentum changed in the fourth when Tiberi suffered a bad left eye cut. Samuel landed some clean counters and then began to come forward and set the pace. Tiberi stayed in the fight until midway through the final round. Tyrell cracked him with a long left hook, then followed with a right. Tiberi faded back, hurt, and was punished severely, barely making it to the bell. Samuel won the unanimous decision, 59-54 and 59-55 twice.

Frankie Filippone, 168, Virginia Beach, 15-4-1 (2), won the opening four against Yasin Abdur Rashid, 172, Brooklyn, 7-5 (2), in a passably good contest. Rashid could use some road work, as he opened the rounds with clean shots but then southpaw Frankie would come on and take over. Yasin had his last hurrah with a good start in a rugged third, but had little left in the fourth and finished on the floor in exhaustion (no knockdown). All scores 39-37.

Alexis Guerrero, 198, Salisbury, MD, 11-0-1 (5), won the unanimous decision over Kamarah Pasley, 200, Phila., 6-7-2 (2), in a tame six. Pasley tried smoke and mirrors, boxing out of a deep southpaw stance and circling constantly. But Guerrero tracked him down, froze him with right leads, and in round three, Kamarah got his feet tangled as he tried to escape the ropes, got reached by a long right, and went down. All scores 60-53.

In the final bout, Earl Platt, 194, VA Bch, 4-2 (3), couldn’t pull it off against Lamont Capers, 195, Hawley, PA, 3-3. Earl scored a dramatic upset here in his last fight, but this time, Lamont was too big, kept the jab in his face, and repeatedly caught him coming in. The tough and game southpaw favorite tried to turn it to his advantage by making a street fight out of it, but that didn’t help. In a punishing third, Capers landed a right uppercut that snapped Earl’s head back as he tried to corral Lamont on the ropes. Pratt was finally getting to him in the final round, but Capers rallied late and had him bleeding over both eyes. D’Attilio scored 40-36, Costello and Anthony Dean 39-37.

GFL REAL FIGHTS Presents CFFC 35 Beginning May 12 on TCN & CSN



May 9, 2014

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class MMA as CFFC presents another show stopper with CFFC 35 featuring a full lineup of extreme cage fights emanating from Atlantic City, New Jersey. This event will showcase the top regional MMA stars along the Eastern seaboard including a title fight in the lightweight division.

In the main event, CFFC Featherweight Champion Scott Heckman (17-4) defends his title against the undefeated Levan Makashvili (7-0). Heckman is an expert grappler with a strong wrestling base, but also likes to throw hands and is dangerous from anywhere in the cage. He is one of the top 145 lb fighters in the world and will continue to come forward no matter what. Heckman is as exciting as they come, and that is why he continues to be a fan favorite wherever he fights. Makashvili is a knockout specialist with an astounding 4 KO’s in 7 fights. Makashvili loves to bang and he can end a fight with one punch from either hand. Look for these two to collide in the center of the cage with explosive consequences. Hands will be flying and these two are bound to blow the roof off with their style of fighting.

In the co-main event, Mike Winters (7-3) takes on Jonavin Webb (5-0) in a welterweight tussle. Winters has dominated former opponents with his well-rounded striking mixed with impressive takedowns that keep his opponents on the defensive. Once on the ground, Winters is very active, advancing his position, landing strikes and pushing the pace. Webb is a blue chip prospect from New Jersey and has never tasted defeat in either his pro or amateur career as a mixed martial artist. Webb is a submission specialist and if the fight hits the mat he will be comfortable in any position the fight goes. Look for Webb to try and outwrestle Winters in the early going and get the fight to the ground where he can work his grappling game.

In other action, Jimmie Rivera (12-1) fights Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens (11-6-1). Rivera, a Bellator and TUF vet has faced a who’s who of the East Coast’s best, is on a 4 fight win steak. Rivera will look to utilize his strong wrestling base to nullify Stevens’ attacks. Stevens’ last fight was in Japan for the top organization in Asia, ONE Fighting. Stevens returns to the United States ready to raise his stock on his home soil. A victory over Rivera would do just that. Stevens is relentless in the cage, and mirrors Rivera’s fighting style in that both fighters are strong wrestlers who never get tired and like to push the pace. Look for Stevens to try and score with some ground and pound if the fight hits the mat and he is on top. This fight could main event most cards on the regional level so fans are in for a treat.

Air times are listed below:

The Comcast Network (TCN) (all zones): Monday, May 12 at 7:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Philly): Friday, May 16 at 8:30pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Friday, May 16 at 9:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Saturday, May 17 at 11:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, May 18 at 1:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Saturday, May 17 at 3:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia Replay: Sunday, May 18 at 8:00pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest, CSS and CSN Bay Area will also be airing CFFC 35 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN and because of that wide distribution across numerous regions and even nationally via satellite, GFL REAL FIGHTS is available on additional platforms.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.

The Comcast Network

CSN Philadelphia


CSN Washington

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CSN New England

CSN Northwest

CSN Bay Area

Upcoming Events on Comcast

5/12: CFFC 35 (MMA)

5/19: XFE 42 (MMA)

5/26: Lock VS Gonzalez – Dover Downs (boxing)

6/2: Peltz Boxing Nelson VS Rodriguez (boxing)

6/9: XFE 40 (MMA)

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Asylum Fight League 45 Preview

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Asylum Fight League is back with its latest installment“Asylum Fight League 45”on May 17 from the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This 15-bout amateur card will feature some of the top prospects on the East Coast including a title fight.

For the AFL Middleweight Title, Trevor McGovern (4-1) battles Allan Hendrickson (3-0). McGovern is a grappling wizard and is very aggressive when going for the submission on the ground. All 4 of McGovern’s wins have come via RNC and his only loss was by decision. McGovern is looking to win his first title and to do that he will need to do something nobody else has been able to do yet and that is to defeat an undefeated fighter. Hendrickson has defeated all of his opponents by stoppage and can match McGovern on the mat but also brings heavy hands into the cage. Look for Hendrickson to throw combos early and try to rack up points in the early rounds. This fight has fight of the night written all over it.

For the AFL Lightweight title, Frankie Roberts (4-2) takes on Cesar Balmaceda (2-0). Roberts already holds a title with another organization and is looking to add to his collection. Roberts is a ground specialist and has solid submissions, especially from the bottom. Roberts is also a good wrestler so he has a strong top game with strikes from the mat as well as solid cardio to go full speed for a whole fight. Balmaceda can end a fight with either hand and will be looking to throw leather from the opening bell. Balmacedais a well-rounded fighter with solid wrestling and grappling and high volume striking and looks to dethrone the champion by pushing the pace. These two athletes will go full throttle in their matchup as gold is on the line.

The AFL Featherweight Title will also be on the line as Sergio DeBari (5-0-1) battles an opponent TBD. DeBari holds a belt with another federation and is looking to win another one. DeBari is very active on the ground and looks for submission from the opening bell. His transitions on the ground are stellar and he is a tough matchup for anyone. Although his opponent is still undetermined you can bet there will be a formidable foe as AFL always gives the fans top quality matchups.

“Asylum Fight League 45”comes to you live and direct on May 17. With this mega card you can be sure there will be plenty of knockouts, submissions and great fights. Don’t miss this exciting event which has become a proving ground for some of the top fighters in the North East. If you can’t be there live, the only way to see this show is to order it exclusively through the GFL Combat Sports Network at

PGL VII Preview

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Professional Grappling League (PGL) returns to with “PGL VII” on May 17 from the Berlin Borough Community Center in Berlin, New Jersey. PGL has assembled a deep roster of experienced grapplers including former UFC Champion Dan Severn and this even promises to be their best show yet. Watch the top grapplers in the country battle each other in fast paced matches where the combatants are always looking to go for the submission.

In the main event, Dan Severn takes on Nicholas Caggia. Severn is one of the most respected and all-time great competitors whether it be amateur wrestling, MMA, pro wrestling or grappling. Find out if the grizzled vet can defeat Father Time once again as he squares off against the much younger Caggia. Caggia is one of the most feared heavyweight grapplers on the scene. He is built like a tank and is hard to submit. He also has great cardio for a big man. Could this match be a passing of the torch or will Severn prove to the world once again why he is one of the most decorated athletes ever to compete in the combat sports?

In the co-main event, Garry Tonon battles Frankie Patches. Tonon is an ADCC Qualifier, 2X No-Gi BJJ World & Pan Am Champion and Black Belt under Prof. Tom DeBlass. Patches is a top ranked grappler and has shown an ability to match his opponent hold for hold. This match is between two black belts at the top of their game. Expect a match of the night between these two.

In other action, Todd Levin grapples Joe Solecki. Both men are looking to end the fight with an exclamation point. Levin is known for his slick transitions and top control while Solecki can pull a submission off from any position. Don’t blink when these two lock up.

Also on the docket is a women’s bantamweight tournament. This might be the most exciting part of the event. This tournament will feature a who’s who of the top East Coast female grapplers. The winner of this tourney will have to go through a murderers’ row of blue chip athletes.

UFC and Bellator vet Dante Rivera is also scheduled to compete. Rivera hails from the world renowned Renzo Gracie Academy out of NYC where Rivera has been a linchpin at the academy for years. Expect Rivera to put on a show, no matter who he competes against.

For fans of the grappling arts this is a dream come true. Sometime the art gets lost in today’s current MMA rules system which prevents many of the creative moves and transitions that sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo and amateur wrestling teach as fundamentals. If you are a fan of the mat-based techniques of MMA and love the grappling techniques, transitions, and scrambles, then “PGL VII” is must see TV. Order now.

AFC 9 Preview

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Australian Fighting Championship presents “AFC 9” on May 17 at the North Albury Football Ground in front of what is sure to be a packed crowd. The thrilling event will feature the best of the best from the country of Australia including two title fights that highlight an already stacked card.

In the main event, Corey Nelson (12-5-1) battles Callan Potter (6-2) for the AFC Welterweight Title. Nelson is coming back to AFC with his eyes on gold. Nelson is an expert striker and is looking to make quick work of Potter. 6 of Nelson’s last 7 wins have come via TKO or KO. Look for Nelson to come out striking, trying to end the fight in the first round with head kicks, body kicks and combo after combo. Potter has won his last 5 fights and also brings a great striking game to match Nelson’s but Potter also has a solid grappling game as well. Potter is great in transitions on the ground and if the fight hits the mat he will be looking to attack Nelson’s neck with a variety of chokes. Don’t blink as these two gladiators step into the cage.

In the co-main event, Gustavo Falciroli (13-4-2) takes on Kai Kara-France (2-2) in an AFC Bantamweight Title bout rematch. Falciroli and Kara-France fought to a no contest last December and both men have been itching to get back in the cage and end their feud. Falciroli has fought all around the world and made a name for himself in Japan because of his fearless style as Falciroli always looks to end the fight whether with his strikes or by submission. Kara-France is a fast paced fighter who will have to get out of the gates early if he wants to put Falciroli on his heels. Look for Kara-France to try and use his cardio to push the action and rack up points in the early going. Kara-France will be giving up a lot of experience but if he is able to become the aggressor in the early rounds that could carry him to gold at the end.

In other action, the hometown hero Andre Meunier fights Herman Sakaria in a heavyweight tilt. The fists will be flying from the opening seconds and both men have vowed to end the night with a highlight reel KO.

Australian Fighting Championship is ready to prove once again why they are Australia’s premier MMA organization. AFC always plays to a packed in house crowd and now fight fans across the globe are in luck as this event is available live to a worldwide audience on the GFL Combat Sports Network at Order now!

WSoF – Wesley Team VS Da Luta 2 Review

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World Series of Fighting (WSoF) returned to with “World Series of Fighting – Wesley Team vs Da Luta 2″. The event was a stacked card featuring many of Central America’s top up and coming MMA fighters. The main event was headlined by a WSoF Central America Welterweight Title fight.

In the main event, for the inaugural WSoF Central America Welterweight Championship, Cristan “Robocop” Soto defeated Domingo “El Toro” Estrada via TKO. The fight was mostly grappling as Soto was able to get several takedowns and score with strikes on the mat. Estrada found himself on his back trying to get to his feet, but Soto’s wrestling made it difficult. Finally, Soto, attacked the back of Estrada and scored with punch after punch while Estrada remained turtled up on the mat. The ref halted the bout and awarded the win to Soto via TKO.

In the co-main event, the WSoF Central America Lightweight Title was at stake as Armando “Batusai” Aguilar defeated Marcial “La Fibra” Florez via split decision. Aguilar landed the cleaner strikes on the feet while Florez was able to get takedowns and get the fight to the mat. On the ground, Florez was unable to pass the guard of Aguilar and did no real damage. In the end, Aguilar was usually first to the punch and scored with a variety of overhand rights, jabs and body kicks as he became the new champion.

WSOF continues to change the MMA landscape. Check out their return to Central America with “World Series of Fighting – Wesley Team vs Da Luta 2″ which can be ordered now on

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Ring of Combat 48 Preview

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Ring of Combat returns May 16 with “Ring of Combat 48”. This event has another stacked lineup, something Ring of Combat has become synonymous with, as 4 titles will be on the line as fans from all over the world will be tuning in either in person at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey or on PPV through the GFL Combat Sports Network to watch this exciting card.   ROC continues to be the linchpin of East Coast MMA and this card reiterates its dominance as the top dog in the Tri-State area.

The main event, ROC Heavyweight Champion Brendan Barrett (9-5-1) battles Justin Woods (4-0). Barrett has held the title for over a year and has served up KOs during his reign. Barrett is on a 5-fight win streak, 4 by stoppage and all title fights. Barrett is a strong wrestler and is rarely outworked in the cage. He can wear down his opponents over the course of a whole fight or he can strike early as he possesses one-punch KO power in both hands. Barrett is a fast starter and likes to test his opponent right from the opening bell. Woods is undefeated but doesn’t have the cage experience like the champion but does bring an aggressive style into his fights. Woods brings KO power in both hands and has stopped every opponent inside of one round. Look for fireworks in this fight.

In the co-main event, ROC Lightweight Champion Chris Wade (6-1) fights Frankie Perez (8-0). Wade is likes to grind away at his opponents over a full fight and pick them apart. He also brings a strong grappling game into the fight, having won the title via tapout. Wade is also an accomplished striker who can score points in space and not take much damage while doing so. Perez is perhaps the brightest young star on the East Coast at 155 lb. He is undefeated and 6 of his wins have come via stoppage. Fans have been clamoring for this fight for some time and they are finally going to get it.

In the third title fight, for the vacant ROC Flyweight Title, Matthew Rizzo (6-1) takes on Jimmy Grant (4-1). Rizzo has won 4 fights in a row, 3 by RNC. Look for Rizzo to get the fight to the mat and utilize his grappling and transitions. Grant is also an expert grappler and will be happy to test his submission skills against Rizzo. This fight looks to be a chess match if it hits the canvas.

In the fourth title fight Julio Arce defends his ROC Bantamweight Title against an opponent TBA.   Arce is an up and coming prospect from the East Coast and has shown an ability to win a fight wherever it goes. He is a strong grappler but also can hurt his opponent with punches. Look for Arce to mix up his attacks, by displaying a wide range of punches and kicks but look to take the fight to the ground if he feels he is getting bested in the striking.

Watch all of the action LIVE on May 16 as Ring of Combat presents “Ring of Combat 48” exclusively onpay-per-view at


Havoc Fighting 5 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Ryan-Machan-vs-Richie-Whitson/2403

One of Canada’s top MMA promotions debuts on GFL as Havoc Fighting presents “Havoc 5” from the Sheraton Event Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. The action packed pro/am card featured a title fight and saw 5 finishes in as many fights. Havoc Fighting is the top proving ground for rising prospects in Western Canada and these gladiators all came to battle.

In a hotly anticipated championship fight for the Havoc Welterweight Title, Ryan Machan (22-8) defeated Richie Whitson (12-5) via kimura lock in the first round to defend the title he won back in January. Whitson sunk in a guillotine as the fighters went to the mat, but Machan broke free and moved to half guard before the fighters worked to their feet again. Whitson grabbed another guillotine but Machan defended as Whitson transitioned to taking the back of Machan. Machan broke free from a RNC attempt by Whitson, turned back on Whitson and began to score with close punches inside Whitson’s half guard. Machan stepped over into mount and snatched a kimura on Whitson’s left arm. Machan finished the fight as Whitson tapped out to the move which Machan had turned into a one-arm kimura by that point. This was a great grappling match by both fighters but Machan proved to have too many tricks in his bag as he won in decisive fashion.

In the co-main event, Advin Omic (13-4) defeated Andrew Buckland (15-12) via rear naked choke in the first round of a middleweight tilt. Omic dropped into a guillotine as they went to the mat before Omic moved to half guard on the top. Buckland had a great sweep to get off the bottom as both fighters resumed fighting on their feet. Buckland went for a body lock takedown that Omic turned into the mount when they hit the canvas. Omic scored with punches before Buckland turned his back to avoid the strikes. Omic locked on a rear naked choke and a body triangle and forced the tapout of Buckland half way through the round. It was a great win by Omic who defeated a gritty opponent.

In other action, Luis Huete submitted Noah Ali via RNC in the first round after the two went toe to toe in a fight that was turning into a barnburner. Dusty Kramps and Andrew Kloot both scored wins via triangle choke.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring Western Canada’s finest MMA athletes as Havoc Fighting presents “Havoc 5” in front of a packed house. Havoc Fighting always produces great fights and this event was no different. Order this event now at

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.

Tuff-N-Uff May 2 Review

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Tuff-N-Uff returned to GFL with another stellar show this time from the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tuff N-Uff is one of the premier proving grounds for amateur MMA and always has stacked cards featuring the rising stars from the most famous gyms around. The 10-bout card featured 7 stoppages and was highlighted by a super heavyweight title bout and heavyweight title bout.

In the main event, Chucky Williams (6-0) defeated Jeremy Umland (3-2) via submission due to strikes in the first round to retain his Tuff-N-Uff super heavyweight title in a rematch. Williams defeated Umland in 2012 via TKO also in the first round. Williams scored with straight left hands from the southpaw stance that landed flush on Umland, knocking him to the mat. Williams jumped to half guard and added more punches on the ground as Umland was stuck on the bottom and unable to move because of Williams’ pressure and being pinned against the cage. Williams added several hammer fists that connected and the ref called a halt to the match after Umland offered up no comeback and Williams kept pounding away.

In the co-main event, Joe Hernandez (5-2) defeated David Green (2-2) via TKO in the first round to become the new Tuff-N-Uff heavyweight champion. Both Hernandez and Green came out swinging at each other. Green connected with left high kick, but Hernandez ate it and kept coming. Hernandez walked through Green’s punching and started clubbing Green with huge hooks that opened up a cut on Green’s head. After the doctor checked the cut and the fight resumed, Hernandez picked up where he left off and went back to winging hooks. Most connected and finally Green went down and the ref stopped the fight. It was a good fight by Hernandez who showed both a tough chin and powerful hands as he claimed the title.

In other action, Vadim Goberman (3-1) defeated Jose Rosales (0-1) via TKO in the second round. Goberman took control of the fight with his wrestling and top control on the ground. Goberman stands 6’1” and looked huge as a welterweight against Rosales. Goberman was able to posture up and score with several hard shots as Rosales looked to get off the mat. In the second, Rosales scored with some nice body kicks as the two traded strikes on the feet. Goberman connected with a looping right hand followed by an uppercut that stunned Rosales. The fight hit the mat with Goberman in the mount and landed punch after punch as the ref stopped the fight.

In other action, Dee Randell, Austin Craig, Cameron Ramirez and Giovanni Leo Perrucci won their fights via stoppage, while Steven Hoffman, Jerrod Perry and Sean Francis won via decision.

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