ATG Radio on GFL.TV: Holt, Helenius, Abraham, & Cleverly

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Tune in to ATG Radio tonight for some international boxing flavor LIVE right here on!  Not only is this Frank Stea’s birthday bash but the staff is joined by a slew of guests.

The team will talk to Kendall “Rated R” Holt who will be discussing his negotiations with Lamont Peterson’s team for a shot at the IBF Jr. WW title in which he once held.

Robert Helenius is back from injury and on ATG Radio radio.  We will be discussing his 11/10 fight as well as the state of the HW division.

Join us for these interview plus exclusive interviews with WBO SMW Champ Arthur Abraham & WBO LHW Champ Nathan Cleverly plus much much more!

Age is just a number: Biggest success for Wegner to date

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This is a first! Since last Saturday, Coach Ulli Wegner has four world
champions in his training group. Arthur Abraham´s successful bid for the WBO
Super-Middleweight Championship at the o2 World Berlin, Germany, added a
record winning fourth belt to the already existing three champions Cecilia
Breakhus (WBC-, WBA-, and WBO- Welterweight Champion), Marco Huck (WBO
Cruiserweight Champion) and Yoan Pablo Hernandez (IBF Cruiserweight
Champion). All won under Wegner´s guidance

Never before has a German boxing coach been that successful at the age of
70. For Wegner, who has been in this business for 41 years, it is a real
highlight in his illustrious career. But if it is up to the trainer
himself, voted coach of the year nine times in a row by “BoxSport” magazine,
there are still a few titles to come. “In Dominik Britsch, Robert Helenius,
Eduard Gutknecht and Karo Murat I have some more potential world beaters in
my group,” said Wegner.

The secret of his success: He is able to get his prodigies to perform at the
top of their game when it matters. “It is also important to be highly
organised,” according to the coach. “When you have a lot of top-notch
athletes in preparation for their next fights, you need a team around you,
you can trust. I have such a team in my assistant coach Georg Bramowski and
our Physiotherapist Ralf Lewandowski who support me where they can.”

On September 15, Wegner and one of his boxers will do everything they can to
keep the record of four world champions alive. IBF Cruiserweight Champion
Yoan Pablo Hernandez will try to defend his title at the Stechert Arena in
Bamberg, Germany. This time the Cuban will face off with mandatory
challenger Troy Ross from Canada. “Yoan Pablo showed great skill during his
two victories against Steve Cunningham. His attitude towards training is
immaculate. Ross is a tough opponent but I am convinced, that with the help
of the audience, he will win this difficult fight,“ said Wegner.

Tickets for the big fight in Bamberg can be purchased online at www.eventim
.de and

Braehmer signs with Sauerland – “I want to get back to the top

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Right before the world championship bout between Arthur Abraham and Robert
Stieglitz at the o2 World Berlin, Germany, Juergen Braehmer put pen to paper
and signed with the German powerhouse. Effective immediately, Juergen
Braehmer is part of Team Sauerland. The former European and WBO Light
Heavyweight World Champion is looking forward to be working with the
Berliners. “I want to give it another go and become the champ once again,”
said the Schwerin, Germany, based boxer. In 2009, Braehmer won the WBO Belt
against Dmitry Sukhotsky, which he then lost at the green table last year.

Kalle Sauerland: “We are excited to have captured Juergen´s signature. He is
one of the best light heavyweights out there.”

Karsten Roewer, who led Sebastian Sylvester to the IBF Middleweight Title,
will be working with Braehmer. “We have known each other for quite a while
now. We will work hard and are aiming to get back to the top of the game,”
said the coach, who turned Braehmer into an amateur youth world champion in
Havana, Cuba back in 1996.

So far, Juergen Braehmer has been in 40 professional fights and was
victorious in 38 of them, recording 30 KOs to his name. “I am really happy
to have such a professional partner in Sauerland. I am looking forward to be
working with them,” said the German.

Abraham new WBO Champion, Culcay with first pro title

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He did it: Arthur Abraham is the first prodigy of coach Ulli Wegner to become a two-division world champion. In a spectacular fight, the former IBF Middleweight Champion snatched the super-middleweight belt of his opponent Robert Stieglitz. And to the surprise of most experts, the known hard hitter did not win by knock-out but by a unanimous points decision.

On Saturday night at the o2 World Berlin, Germany, Abraham did not just put in boxing abilities on display but he also did not show any sign of his typical inactivity, which he has been criticised for during his recent fights. Right from the outset, he put his stamp on this bout and proved to everyone that the arena was his backyard. The 32-year-old dominated the fight in the first round by mostly using his jab and keeping his foe at bay.

Therefore, it was Stieglitz who seemed to be applying a “wait and see” tactic. After a wake up call by coach Dirk Dzemski, Stieglitz took advantage of his opportunity in round two and smothered the mandatory with great combinations. They did not always hit the target but they kept Abraham busy defending. Round three was not different but both fighters seemed to be on an equal playing field.

In round four Abraham seemed to have adjusted to the offensive strategy of Stieglitz. He started to anticipate his punches and managed to land counter attacks. A lovely combination of shots to the body and head was followed by two straight rights causing a cut above the eye of the 31-year-old man from Magdeburg, Germany. At this point most of the 10.100 fans at the Arena were expecting to see a KO victory by the “Abrahammer” who seemingly felt his opponent being impressed by him.

But the 1,80 meter tall Stieglitz was not willing to give in and kept looking for a way through the defense of his hard hitting enemy.
Nevertheless, his efforts did not really cause any troubles for Abraham, who even smiled at him during one of his attacks. Abraham then demonstrated how it should be done. Therefore, the Team Sauerland boxer impressed the crowd by throwing left hooks and straight rights at his opponent.

Nothing changed during the coming rounds. Stieglitz kept on punching without being able to break down Abraham’s guard who in return kept on scoring by using his Jab. After a flourish of big blows, Stieglitz was getting into trouble when his left eye starting swelling with his sight consequently being impaired. Abraham took full advantage and surprised his opponent time after time with hard knocks to the head. As a result, ring doctor Professor Dr. Walter Wagner had to inspect the cuts of the 31-year-old but gave his clearance for the fight to continue.

After twelve rounds the judges scored the bout with 116:112, 116:112 and
115:113 in favor of the new champion Abraham.

“It´s such an emotional moment for me right now and I can’t really describe it,” said a touched Abraham right after the fight. “I worked hard and concentrated throughout the preparations for this chance and I boxed smart – that’s the secret of this victory.”

Stieglitz proved his sportsmanship by being a fair loser. “I have made a lot of mistakes today and from round seven onwards I wasn’t able to see properly through my left eye. Nevertheless, I continued fighting but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

This was the 35th victory out of 38 fights for Abraham. In contrary, Stieglitz suffered his third loss as a professional.

Also on the card: Jack Culcay. “Golden Jack” won his first professional title, the WBA-Intercontinental Light Middleweight Championship against Frederic Serre from France.

However, this victory did not come easy for the German. His opponent kept on trying to cut the distance to the 26-year-old opponent. But Culcay kept his cool and while moving backwards away from Serre he kept on landing counter punches. By constantly bobbing his upper body, the amateur world champion of 2009 landed quick firing combinations to head and torso of his foe.

Midway through round three, referee Giuseppe Quartarone stopped the fight: During a quick firing combination of left and right hands, Culcay threw a surprising hard right hook to the face of Serre resulting in a gushing cut above his left eye. Consequently, the ring doctor had to look at the injury but called for the fight to be continued. Though, just a few seconds later, it was over. Serre´s injury was just too extensive and the bout had to be stopped. After two minutes and four seconds of round three Culcay was declared the winner of the fight.

Abraham wants to grab his chance with both hands

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Tension is in the air ahead of the big super-middleweight world championship
fight between Robert Stieglitz (42-2, 23 KOs) and Arthur Abraham (34-3, 27
KOs) this Saturday at the o2 World Berlin, Germany. At today’s press
conference both fighters were in good spirits. Current WBO Champion Robert
Stieglitz was seemingly calm and said: “I feel great and I am going to
defend my title. My preparations have been going extremely well.” Arthur
Abraham was quite relaxed himself. “We don’t talk a lot beforehand. Actions
speak louder than words and I am going to answer all questions inside the

Wilfried and Kalle Sauerland as well as Ulf Steinforth were not as quiet as
the two boxers. The promoters openly talked about the good working
relationship between both parties. “We are hoping to host more all German
fights on home soil,” said Wilfried Sauerland. Ulf Steinforth added: “Boxing
in Germany needs these kind of fights.” Also looking forward to Saturday
night is promoter Kalle Sauerland who got straight to the point. “It is
going to be a real war inside the ring come Saturday 10:45 pm.”

The theme for the big fight “The last chance” was not chosen randomly. It
really is an all or nothing situation the former IBF Middleweight Champion
finds himself in. “From this point onwards, every fight is going to be a
last chance for me. But I will grab it with both hands. No matter if the
fight goes the distance or not – I will prove a point on Saturday.”

Unsurprisingly, the SES Camp has a completely different opinion. Stieglitz’s
coach Dirk Dzemski: “We ware going to keep the belt. We detected a lot of
weaknesses while watching Abraham and we will take full advantage of them.”

Ulf Steinforth added: “Both sides still have some tricks up their sleeves,
the difference is that we have a lot more of them.” According to Abraham’s
coach Ulli Wegner tricks are not necessary. “Who needs tricks? We are going
to wipe the floor with them and that’s the end of the story.”

Tickets for the fight can be purchased at or Alternatively, ticket information can be obtained at or

Abraham challenges Stieglitz – Berlin excited for the big fight

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Only a few days to go until the o2 World Berlin, Germany turns into a huge
boxing arena and the world will be able to see if current WBO
Super-Middleweight Champion Robert Stieglitz (42-2, 23 KOs) is tough enough
to withstand the punching power of Arthur Abraham (34-3, 27 KOs). This
Saturday the SES boxer will take on the mandatory challenger, promoted by
Team Sauerland. The anticipation for the fight has already been building
over the last few weeks, hence the great excitement at today’s public

Right after Jack Culcay, Robin Krasniqi, Serdar Sahin, Dustin Dirks, Tyron
Zeuge and Felix Lamm put their current forms on display, it was Arthur
Abraham’s turn to show a glimpse of what he will bring to the table on
Saturday night. More than 600 spectators came to see the former IBF
Middleweight World Champion. After his session, the 32-year-old took some
time to sign autographs for the fans as well as interviews for various
TV-broadcasters, radio stations and newspapers. During his workout, coach
Ulli Wegner’s prodigy, was seemingly holding back and didn’t appear to be
showing off his full strength while hitting the pads. This was probably due
to his opponent standing right next to the ring and keeping a close eye on

“It is all or nothing for me on Saturday,” said Abraham. “Therefore it is
even more exciting to be back at the o2 World. I am fighting in my home
town. Together we will make sure, that the title comes to Berlin.” And his
coach shares that view. “I doubt that our opponents would have taken this
fight, had they known about Arthurs current form.”

Obviously, Robert Stieglitz’s take on the outcome of the fight is slightly
different. The 31-year-old opted to do some rope skipping as well as hitting
the pads during his slot at the public workout. His prognosis for August 25:
“I think I will beat Arthur through my power, my technique and my constant
pressure on him. I have to make sure not to get hit by his hard punches. I
just have to do my job as good as possible.”

Tickets for the big fight can be purchased at or Alternatively, ticket information can also be
obtained at or

Abraham: “I just have to win – there is no way around it!”***

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Arthur Abraham’s (34-3, 27 KOs) big night is getting closer. On August 25 he
will take on the reigning WBO Super-Middleweight World Champion Robert
Stieglitz (42-2, 23 KOs) at the o2 World Berlin, Germany. After several
setbacks in the past many experts believe that this could be his last chance
to fulfil his dream of becoming a world champion in this division. The
32-year-old is currently in Kienbaum, Germany to find the perfect setup for
the fight night but took time out of his busy schedule to answer some

Mr. Abraham, your last fight against Piotr Wilczewski ended in a convincing
points decision in your favour. What do you take out of that fight and into
your next challenge on August 25?

Arthur Abraham: I learnt that I have to throw a lot more punches and not to
give my opponent as much time to recover. I also want to improve my footwork
and be more agile. I should probably use my left hand more often too.

Your next foe is the current WBO Super-Middleweight Champion Robert
Stieglitz. What makes him so dangerous?

Arthur Abraham: Robert is a complete boxer. He throws a huge amount of
punches with his right as well as his left hand. He also possesses a lot of
speed. I know that I have to be really careful when I am in the ring with

There is a lot of talk in the media that you are currently in an “all or
nothing”-situation. Is this an accurate observation and if so how do you
handle the extra amount of pressure on your shoulders?

Arthur Abraham: It definitely is that sort of fight for me. I just have to
win – there is no way around it. The pressure on me is huge and I have to
deal with that. But I believe, that I have gained an enormous amount of
experience over the last years and that will help me.

Back in 2009 at the beginning of the Super Six World Boxing Classic
tournament you went up a division from middleweight to super-middleweight.
What is the difference between these two divisions?

Arthur Abraham: The obvious difference is the size of my opponents. At
middleweight all of my foes were a lot smaller. After I moved up a division
I suddenly have to deal with guys who possess a greater reach and are
physically a lot stronger than the middleweights.

What does the future hold for Arthur Abraham? What are your goals for the
coming years?

Arthur Abraham: First of all I want to win the world championship on August
25. After that I am planning to defend my title a few times. After my 35th
birthday I may start thinking of retirement from boxing.

What is your prediction for your fight against Robert Stieglitz?

Arthur Abraham: I am going to win the fight in convincing style, not only
for myself but for all my fans out there. Obviously, it is hard to make any
sort of predictions when it comes to boxing but my coach and I have been
working on the best strategy possible to ensure that I will be victorious.

Tickets can be purchased at or
Alternatively, ticket information can be obtained at or

Local lad Dustin Dirks excited to be fighting in Berlin

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Two titles on the line and a local boy boxing at the o2 World. The o2 World Berlin will turn into a huge boxing venue on August 25 and the audience will not only be looking forward to two international title bouts (Robert Stieglitz vs. Arthur Abraham for the WBO-Belt and Jack Culcay vs. Frederic Serre for the WBA Intercontinental Championship) but also the homecoming of Dustin Dirks. The German is a light heavyweight hopeful and will be facing Sandro Siproshvili (25-13, 12 KOs).

Dirks boasts a perfect record. He stepped into the ring on 24 occasions and was victorious 24 times – 18 of these victories coming prematurely. His latest success came in a fight against former European champion Thomas Ulrich on May 5 in Erfurt. Once again, the Berlin native won by KO and received a lot of praise from the international press. “I wasn’t really aware of that,” said Dirks. “Obviously I am happy to receive recognition for what I do. A lot of people know Thomas Ulrich from his days at the top. Therefore, most people didn’t expect such a one-sided affair.”

But Dirks keeps his feet firm on the ground. “You shouldn’t overestimate that fight. Thomas Ulrich wasn’t able to perform as well as he did during his prime. Nevertheless, it was an important victory for my standing in the game. Ulrich is still a ‘big’ name in the world of boxing.” On August 25 Dirks will step into the ring as the favourite to win. “The record of Siproshvili looks good, but so far, every time he fought against a big name boxer he didn’t perform that well. I saw his last fight against Karo Murat, which he lost. But I know that I shouldn’t underestimate him. He throws a mean hock and seems to be jumping at his opposition. My footwork will have to be spot on. So I know what I have to work on during my preparations.”

The young German is definitely excited about fighting in Berlin. “It is amazing to be fighting in my hometown in front of my home crowd,” said the 23-year-old. “The fact that the fight will take place at the o2 World makes it even more special. I have been to the arena on various occasions, but always as a spectator. This time I will be there to box.” The local lad is currently ranked at number seven in the latest WBO ranking and could improve his position even further, should he continue his impressive run of victories. “That is my goal. But there is still a lot of work to do. I won’t stop until I am right up there with the best and become world champion.”

Stieglitz to defend WBC crown against Abraham on August 25

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IBF Super Middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz will defend his belt against former IBF Middleweight champion Arthur Abraham on Augst 25th in Germany according to Dan Rafael of

“Robert and Arthur are currently two of the best super middleweights in the world. They are going to set the ring on fire come Aug. 25,” said Ulf Steinforth, Stieglitz’s promoter, who hopes to celebrate his 45th birthday on the night of the fight with a Stieglitz victory.

“That’s my belt and we are going to battle for it. In the end, it will still be mine,” Stieglitz said. “I will prove that my championship is legitimate, no matter of the opposition, time or place.

Abraham will be fighting at the O2 Arena for the first time since his memorable knockout of Taylor.

“I’m happy that this fight will take place at O2 World,” Abraham said. “I was hoping for another chance to show my skills in this incredible arena in front of as many fans as possible. I am looking forward to entertain them again, like I did back in 2009 with my last round knockout against Jermain Taylor.”

Stieglitz: Groves first, then Abraham! Pulev: European title first, then the Klitschkos

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Three top highlights at Erfurt´s night of boxing: Boxing fans will not only be looking forward to the WBO cruiserweight world championship between Marco “Captain” Huck (34-2, 25 KOs) and Ola Afolabi (19-2-3, 9 KOs) but also to two other world-class title bouts. Robert Stieglitz (41-2, 23 KOs) will defend his WBO super-middleweight belt against Georg Groves (14-0, 11 KOs). The heavyweights Kubrat Pulev (15-0, 7 KOs) and Alexander Dimitrenko (32-1, 21 KOs) will fight it out for the vacant European title.

Especially the fight for the European heavyweight crown promises to be very interesting. Therefore both fighters are extremely eager to step into the ring. “The fight against Alexander Dimitrenko is going to be the toughest of my career to this point,” says the 30-year-old Pulev. And it seems that the prodigy of coach Otto Ramin might be correct with his prediction. The former European champion is currently number two in the WBO rankings. Although Pulev is completely focusing on his upcoming task with Dimitrenko, he still announced: “First I want to be the champion of Europe. After that I will start thinking about which Klitschko I want to fight next.”

The possibility of a shot against one of the Klitschko brothers is something Dimitrenko has not even thought about: “The only thing on my mind is the fight for the European title in Erfurt. I do not care about what other people are saying. I am taking one step after the other.” The 29-year-old also got himself a new coach in the Brit Scott Welch, to ensure that he will be victorious against Pulev. “We are currently preparing in Aschaffenburg,” admitted the former European champion. “Due to an injury I had to vacate my title. Now I am completely fine and I want to be the champion of Europe once more.”

The Brit George Groves is even aiming for a world title. Unfortunately the 24-year-old prodigy of coach Adam Booth could not attend the press conference in Erfurt. Nevertheless the current WBO super-middleweight world champion Robert Stieglitz is not taking his opponent lightly. “He is a good guy – young and hungry for success. But he hasn’t been in as many fights as I have. I believe that my experience is going to make the difference and give me the advantage for this bout,” according to the 32-year-old.

SES coach Dirk Dzemski is also expecting a victory: “Robert has held his title for three years now. He has every reason to be optimistic when he steps into the ring.”

A title defence against Arthur Abraham is next on the cards. Frederick Ness, general manager of Sauerland Event: “We are happy that Robert Stieglitz is part of the fight card in Erfurt. He is a great athlete. If he should win against Groves, we can all look forward to an all German showdown versus Arthur.”

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