IZW Chaotic Christmas 2014 Preview

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Join the world’s fastest rising Independent professional wrestling company as IZW returns to GFL.tv on December 20 with “Chaotic Christmas”, the final 3+hour iPPV of the year!

2014 has been a year full of turmoil in IZW and “Chaotic Christmas” will be the exclamation point to finish out the tumultuous past 12 months with 3 championships on the line! Be there for every punch, kick, body slam, clothesline and more. You can bet the men and women of IZW will deliver once again in the squared circle with something you’ve never seen before.

IZW Championship: Cage Match
Johnny Z VS Jermaine Johnson VS Double D

Casket Match:
Jeff Wolfenbarger VS Aaron Neil

IZW Tag Team Championship: Ladder Match
Old School Studs VS KC Wolves

Erica VS Misty Lynn

Impact Division Championship: 4-Way Impact Rules Match
Bobby Starr VS Damien Morte VS Guy Atticus VS Drake Gallows

Irish Bare Knuckle Brawl:
Jake O’Brien VS O’Malley

IZW Sudden Impact Review

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Courtesy of izwrestling.com

Words can barely do justice to this night of epic action and drama. Tables, ladders and bodies were broken. New champions were crowned. And expectations were shattered in a main event the IZW World will never forget.

Sudden Impact wasted no time in jumping into the action as the first match of the night was the 20 Minute Impact Scramble match for Randy Price’s Impact Division Championship. Price would put his title on the line against 3 other men in the form of Drake Gallows, Angel Camacho and one-half of the KC Wolves, Luke Langley.  As expected, the match immediately erupted into chaos with all four men going at it. Camacho and Price each got dumped to the outside which left Langley and Gallows to each vault over the top rope to the floor onto their opponents. All four battled on the outside, throwing each other into the ring apron, guardrails and even the ringside retaining wall. Langley and Gallows fought inside the ring and each man made their way to the top rope ending up in a power struggle which neither man won as Camacho crotched Langley on the top rope and Randy Price shoved Gallows off the top rope and sent him crashing into a table at ringside. As Price and Camacho quickly threw their “alliance” out the window and attempted to pin one another, Langley made his way back in the ring and capitalized on a prone Camacho to score the first pinfall. Langley couldn’t rest just yet though as, per the rules of the scramble, he had to make sure no one else scored a victory in the remaining time to become champion. Knowing this, Price quickly ejected Langley from the ring and went up top and connected on Camacho with the Splash from the Past. Referee George Knight could only get to the count of two before Gallows came crashing down with his Bangarang Moonsault. But as he went for the pin he was drilled with a Mushroom Stomp from Langley. Langley’s instincts kicked in as he went for another pinfall on Camacho but he was already the interim champion. Price seized the opportunity and hurled Langley from the ring and scored a pin on the beaten down Camacho as well to make him the interim title holder but Price had a long way to go as he still had the better part of ten minutes to go before the conclusion of the match. As the action continued, Gallows fought back to his feet and leveled Price and struck Camacho with an eerie looking tied-off burlap sack. The contents of the bag wouldn’t stay a mystery mush longer though, as he would then untie the back and litter the ring with thousands of metal thumbtacks! Camacho immediately did his best to stop Gallows from utilizing the tacks and took him up to the top rope where Camacho looked to deliver a superplex. Luke Langley had other ideas and kicked Camacho off the ropes and he fell directly into the tacks. The tacks pierced not only the back of Camacho but several got stuck directly into the back of his head. Camacho would repay the favor though as Gallows and Price to superplex Langley into the tacks, Camacho powerbombed all 3 competitors in to the shiny mass of skin-piercing metal below. A series of pinfalls between all the worn-out competitors would leave Camacho as the current Impact Division Champion with just five minutes remaining. The final five minutes would see Price and Gallows each become the interim champion and then work together to put Camacho through a table. Gallows got rid of Price and Countered an attack by Langley and hit him with the Emo-Killer. In the exhaustion and chaos of the match Gallows, who was already interim champion, went for another pin on Langley but with mere seconds left Price drilled Gallows in the head with the Impact Division Championship belt and as the clock ticked down he scored a pin on Gallows just before the 20 minute time expired. This was the most intense and impressive Impact Division Championship defense of Randy Price’s career and maybe in the history of IZW.

Next up we had the heated personal rivalry between The Brothers Righteous and CopyCat & Damon Windsor. This all started when Windsor and IZW ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm started to get a little too friendly for her father, Striker’s liking. Since then, Striker and O’Malley have been on a tirade, saying that people like Windsor & CopyCat are what is wrong with the world today. These two teams had a lot to prove going into this match as they were fighting not only for a win but also for their beliefs. Each of the Brothers Righteous were quite certain of which member of their opposition they would face as O’Malley wanted nothing to do with CopyCat and Striker slipped away and tagged out at the first chance of Windsor getting into the match. Windsor instead would fend off an attack from O’Malley and deliver his patented back elbow/ forearm combination before tagging out to CopyCat. Again, though, O’Malley was able to escape and tagged out, not wanting CopyCat to be able to exact his revenge from the beating he received. Copy was able to get on offense with Striker quickly but was caught with a kick from the outside from O’Malley which allowed Striker to take control. The Brothers Righteous would take turns isolating and dissecting CopyCat, always being sure to keep him far away from his partner. They even went as far as to knock Windsor off the apron when Copy got close to tagging to prevent Windsor from re-entering the match. But even after repeated punishment, they couldn’t keep “The Forgotten Champion” down. As O’Malley shot Copy into the turnbuckle, Copy blasted out with a burst of adrenaline and knocked the behemoth off his feet and finally made the tag. Windsor unloaded with right hands on both Brothers Righteous and hit Striker with the Big Time Slam. CopyCat made it to his feet and hit O’Malley with the Doppelganger sending him out of the ring to the floor. Striker snuck in a shot below the belt on Windsor while the ref was distracted and pulled out the infamous brass knuckles. He went to take Copy’s head off but Copy ducked and hit a Doppelganger on him as well which sent the knucks flying and Striker stumbling into a Chokeslam from Windsor who pinned Striker for the win. Afterward Windsor picked up the knucks and looked like he was going to nail Striker with them but he saw a better way to get back at Striker and planted a big kiss on the lips of Anna Lynn Storm.

The night continued with a very special Sudden Impact edition of the Lights Out Lounge.  Jordan barely got a word out before his opponent for the night Graham Bell came through the curtain and started laying into him and just like that the finals of the 2014 Impact Player of the Year Tournament were underway. Jacobs did his best to retreat to ringside but Bell gave chase and beat Jacobs all around the ring. Jordan tried to introduce a ladder but it was used against him, however he was able to avoid an attack from Bell and drive him from the ring apron onto the ladder on the outside back first. Jacobs brought a much larger ladder into the ring and set it up in the corner, Jacobs attempted to deliver a facebuster on Bell into the ladder but Bell fought out and drove a knee into Jacobs’ back driving him face first into the ladder. The two fought around to the other side of the ring where Jacobs was able to place the ladder between the ropes and ascend the top rope and in a bit of a spiteful move delivered a double stomp onto Bell while he was laying on the ladder. The stomp not only did physical damage but Jacobs was sending a message using one of the signature maneuvers of Bell’s partner Luke Langley. Both men tried to reach the Impact Player of the Year trophy but were unsuccessful. Jacobs put Bell to the outside and tried to scurry up the ladder but as he was within reach of the trophy Bell leapt from the top rope and dropkicked the ladder out from underneath him, sending Jacobs to the unforgiving canvas below. They battled to the outside of the ring once again where Bell was able to position himself underneath Jacobs and powerbomb into the ring which he followed up with a huge diving swanton bomb from the top rope. That move got him into the finals and it looked as if he would use it to win the whole tournament but in a last gasp of energy Jacobs caught up with Bell as he reached the top of the ladder. Both men struggled to be the first to unhook  the trophy and in the struggle the ladder started to tip and both men were left stranded, dangling from the steel cable that held the trophy high above the ring. The two men fought high in the air before Jacobs’ arms gave out and fell, leaving Graham Bell to retrieve the trophy and become the 2014 Impact Player of the Year. Bell now has the opportunity to chose a shot at any title he wants in IZW. It will surely interesting to see if he goes after a singles title or if he chooses to pursue the tag team titles that have eluded the KC Wolves for so long now.

Speaking of the IZW Tag Team Championships, the next match would see IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull taking on not only Vinnie and Roberto Camacho but also, thanks to Madame Commissioner Erica, their cousin Angel would also be in this match, making it a 3-on-2 handicap tag team match. Angel was unsuccessful in his attempt at becoming Impact Division Champion earlier in the night and looked determined to make sure the Sexy Camachos didn’t leave without at least some gold. Angel would start out with the Bronze Bull in this championship contest. Bronze Bull went behind Angel and raked his fingernails down the back of Camacho, clawing at the tender holes still left from when Camacho went into the pile of tacks earlier in the night. Angel quickly scrambled to the corner and tagged in “Freshly Hot & Heavy” Roberto Camacho. Bronze Bull took control and backed Roberto into Team Bull’s corner. Bull reared back to deliver a knife-edge chop but instead grabbed tightly a death lock on the Roberto’s nipples! Bronze Bull and Bobby Starr then spent the next few minutes taking turns giving Roberto what the IZW World in attendance referred to as a “Purple Nurple”.  Finally Team Bull threw Roberto across the ring and he would tag out to the youngest Camacho in Vinnie. Vinnie didn’t appreciate Team Bull’s treatment of his “familia” and the smallest Camacho got right into the face of the Bronze Bull but he got some of the same as Bull snatched him by the nipples as well and sent him back where he came from. Tired of the disrespect shown to them,  Angel came in and took control on Bobby Starr. He quickly isolated Starr and, in making quick tags to the other Camachos, gave his team the advantage that the handicap situation allows. Bobby fought back and ducked a clothesline from Roberto but got caught with a big belly to belly suplex that snuffed the Brass Bull’s momentum. Starr connected with a flying headbutt that took Roberto off his feet and gave Starr the chance to get over to his corner but as he did Vinnie Camacho, utilizing the numbers advantage, jumped down and pulled Bronze Bull from the apron, ensuring that Starr couldn’t make the tag. With the ref distracted with Vinnie and Bronze Bull on the outside, Angel and Roberto seized the opportunity and each slammed into Starr, crushing him between their massive bodies. Roberto made the cover and three seconds later IZW had new tag team champions! Despite the numbers advantage, this was a still a shock and has to be considered a massive upset. Who knows what the future holds for the tag team division now that all three Sexy Camachos have the tag team titles.

The #1 Shawn McHale took the ring next with a bombshell announcement! After Sudden Impact IZW will be “taking the show on the road” and doing live road shows in addition to the IZW Adrenaline tapings going bi-weekly. So as you’re reading this review be sure to check IZWrestling.com for announcements because IZW may just be coming to a city near you! He also announced that while IZW’s iPPV’s will be reduced to four (Sudden Impact, Redemption, Chaotic Christmas and Coronation) on July 26th we would STILL be seeing the return of The Impact Chamber, the 5-on-5 elimination-style steel cage match that has set the standard for IZW action for years. On top of all that, McHale had one more announcement, that the captain of his team in the Impact Chamber would be none other than the Captain of the Force, IZW Champion Double D.

But before leading team #1 into the Impact Chamber Double D would have to face off against “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan. Morgan has been on a rampage since Double D defeated Johnny Z for the IZW Championship and blamed Double D for “The Natural Born Leader” subsequently disappearing. Morgan believes in his heart that if he can unseat Double D as IZW Champion, then Johnny Z will return and all will be right with Impact Elite once again. To say that Morgan has been hanging by a thread is a major understatement.

Morgan’s attack in this match was apparent from the start. To punish the already-injured ribs of Double D. He drove D’s body down across his knee, taking D’s ability to breathe away from him. D rallied back from the initial attack and sent Morgan over the top rope to the floor and connected with a big kick to the head but when he went to dive onto Morgan he was caught and driven back and ribs first into the steel ring post. Morgan once again pin-pointed the ribs of the champion as he continued to punish D. D fought back and escaped Morgan’s onslaught but upon entering the ring, Morgan again took aim at the ribs, stretching Double D out and partially removing the therapeutic tape from D’s injured ribs.  But if there’s one thing that is always true of D, it is that he never gives up and this time was no different. D threw some well-placed kicks to get Morgan off his attack plan and then hit a head scissors and a swinging knee to Morgan’s face which stunned The Image of Fear. Double D saw his opportunity and leapt off the top rope with a flying crossbody but Morgan landed a big right hand right into D’s ribs on the way down. Everything D tried, Morgan seemed ready for, he continued to counter every rallied chance at offense D got. Time and again he showed his immense power, driving D down and further damaging D’s ribs. But regardless of the punishment D would not stay down. Morgan threw D 10 feet in the air and caught him for a powerslam but D shifted his weight and hit the De-Facer out of nowhere but Morgan kicked out within a hair of being pinned. Double D knew he had to go for something big if he was going to disorient Morgan long enough to connect with his Crossbody. D hit the ropes and swung around for the Tilt-a-Whirl DDT but Morgan blocked it and drove D down with a powerslam. Morgan could smell blood in the water and stood poised to deliver the Moment of Fear to finish off the champion and fulfill his goal of winning back the favor of the Natural Born Leader. As Morgan readied himself, familiar music rang out in the Impact Arena but this time it wasn’t Johnny Z’s music… it was the unmistakable music of The Convict! The “King of the Yard” was last seen at Coronation when he laid out both Double D and Johnny Z, effectively costing Z the IZW Championship. As Convict stood in the ring, motionless, Morgan quickly realized that Convict was not there as an ally and he laid into the man from the D.O.C. but Convict was unphased and snatched Morgan up and dropped him with a 15-to-20. It seemed as if Convict had once again come to ruin Impact Elite’s night. Until Double D made it to his feet and Convict gave him a 15-to-20 too! If that weren’t confusing enough, if that weren’t shocking enough, what would happen next may have been the most unexpected turn of events in IZW history. As Convict stood over the two fallen men, the video screen lit up with the black and green image of Johnny Z. And unlike the past two months, this would NOT be a hoax. The Impact Arena erupted at the sight of the Natural Born Leader. The IZW World knew they were in for the fight of a lifetime as Johnny Z had come back to get revenge on Convict for costing him the IZW Championship. But they couldn’t have been more wrong. After staring face to face with Convict, Z turned his gaze to Morgan. Morgan bowed at Z’s feet and Z motioned to Convict to help Morgan to his feet. As Morgan regained his footing, he could barely believe his eyes. His savior had returned. Z clutched Morgan’s head, looked at his most loyal follower and said “I’m back”.  Then Z kicked Morgan directly between the legs! Convict then hit another 15-to-20 on Morgan and Z turned his attention to Double D. Z brutally started beating D before drilling D and Morgan in the face with The IZW Championship Belt. Z refused to stop there, he grabbed a steel chair and repeatedly and mercilessly brutalized both already decimated men.  Z then grabbed the microphone and delivered some strange and cryptic words to Madame Commissioner Erica and said he was just getting started with Double D. Then he stood over the near-lifeless body of Kevin Morgan, looked down upon him and said “but as for you…You’re fired.”

The very first Sudden Impact brought us the most inexplicable turn of events in IZW history. Everyone went in with one question of “Where’s John?”. We may have found out the answer to that question but the end of the night left us with many, MANY, more questions than answers.

IZW Adreanline April 19 Review

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CLICK HERE TO WATCH FOR FREE – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/Wrestling/IZW-Adrenaline-Apr-19-2014/2397

April 19th was proof positive that you cannot miss a single edition of IZW Adrenaline! This night saw huge changes to not only the card for IZW Sudden Impact May 17th but also to the entire landscape of IZW!

The night’s surprises started right off the bat as Madame Commissioner Erica (with some sly coercion from the #1 Shawn McHale) made a huge Impact Division Championship match for Sudden Impact. She stated that IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows would put his title on the line against Luke Langley, Angel Camacho and Randy Price in a 4-way Impact Scramble match. This would be a huge task for The Urban Legend to overcome and Randy Price wasted no time in letting Gallows know that he intended on walking out of Sudden Impact the new Impact Division Champion. Gallows has never been one to back down from a challenge and reminded Price and the IZW World that he won the last Impact Scramble match to become the Impact Division Champion. But he wanted more than to talk to Price as he then challenged Price to a match right then and there and even agreed to put his Impact Division Championship on the line.

So in the opening contest the IZW World was treated to an impromptu Impact Rules Impact Division Championship match. The two men started off the contest showing that they are quite evenly matched as far as in-ring skill goes. Gallows displayed his quickness, going for several early pinfall attempts to throw Price of his game plan. Price did his best to slow the pace of the match down but Gallows dove between the ropes right on top of The Old School Sucka who was taking a breather outside the ring. Gallows showed why he is the champion of the ever-dangerous Impact Division as he took Price all around the ring slinging him into the announcer’s table, steel steps and rock-hard retainer wall. The two men fought their way to the stage where Gallows suplexed Price right onto the Impact Arena ramp way. Price tried to utilize a steel chair but even that was unsuccessful as Gallows was one step ahead at every turn. However patience was a virtue for Randy as Gallows’ high-octane offense started to take its toll on Gallows as well. As Gallows started to slow down, Price took advantage and avoided a charge from Gallows, sending the Impact Division Champion head first into the top turnbuckle. Price rolled up the stunned Gallows and, with two feet placed firmly on the ropes, pinned Gallows to become the new Impact Division Champion! Most people would have been elated and celebrated that title win but Price decided he wasn’t done. He attacked Gallows with the title belt and then smashed him repeatedly with a steel chair and polished it off with a Splash from the Past. One thing is for sure, this new streak of aggression has paid off huge for Price as he now will move on to Sudden Impact and the 4-Way Impact Scramble as the reigning champion.

The Sexy Camachos were in the house again in the form of Angel and Roberto, who each were looking for redemption for the loss their family suffered when Vinny & Roberto lost to the IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull. Angel was the first to try his hand against one of the Bulls as he took on “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr. Bobby tried to muster power from the gods early but was overpowered by Big, Bad and Sexy. Camacho used his girth to his advantage, slamming his full body weight into Starr at every opportunity. Camacho missed a giant leg drop that would’ve surely squashed The Brass Bull and Starr sprung to life, firing punches, kicks and elbows at the larger Camacho. Angel absorbed the punishment and connected with a massive belly-to-belly throw to put Starr back down. Bobby refused to give up, firing back at every opportunity. Starr used his inhumanly hard head to ground Camacho and scaled the top rope to connect with a diving headbutt but Camacho moved out of the way. He scooped Starr onto his shoulders and slammed him face first onto the mat then climbed to the top rope and delivered the Big, Bad & Sexy Splash for an impressive win. A victory over one-half of the IZW Tag Team Champions is not only a taste of redemption for last week but also gives Camacho huge momentum going into the Impact Scramble match at Sudden Impact.

In the latest installment of the Lights Out Lounge Jordan Jacobs dropped a bombshell saying that his guest would be “The Natural Born Leader” Johhny Z. The familiar music of Johnny Z rang through the arena but as time passed it was apparent that Johnny Z wasn’t coming. Jacobs went on to say that this was a worldwide plea for Johnny Z to return to Impact Elite. As Jacobs plead to Tahiti, New York, and several other locations to tell him if they’d seen his savior, Kevin Morgan burst through the curtain absolutely irate! Morgan demanded that Jacobs tell him where Johnny Z was. He was extremely upset that Jacobs would toy with his emotions by saying that Johnny Z was coming back tonight. Jacobs immediately started backpedaling and assured Morgan that what he did was in the best interest of getting Z back. He told Kevin that only with a combined effort of all of Impact Elite, when they win the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and The IZW Championship at IZW Sudden Impact would they finally have their savior back.

Miss Diss Lexia was the next competitor in action as the IZW World would see its second championship match of the night when Lexia took on The Queen of IZW Paige Turner. Lexia seemed extremely confident going into this title match as she danced around the champion to try to psyche out Turner. That confidence was well deserved as Lexia displayed an effective mix of speed and strength, gaining the advantage on Paige. Paige raked the eyes of Lexia to gain momentary control but was driven to the mat and got caught in a guillotine choke. Lexia then hit a vicious backbreaker and was showing off some impressive submission skill when Paige reached into her wealth of wrestling knowledge and reversed into a cross-face chicken wing. Lexia used her strength advantage to fight out and hoist Turner up and deliver her patented Walk-Side Slam and with the count of three the IZW world saw its second title change of the night! As Miss Diss Lexia celebrated, Madame Commissioner Erica took the microphone and informed Lexia that her first title defense would be a no disqualification match against the cancer ridden Madame Commssioner. Not only would it be no disqualification but it would start right now. As Lexia readied herself for action, Paige Turner attacked her from behind, leaving her prone to a pin from Erica who stole the title away from the newly crowned champion. Madame Commissioner has once again used her power to her advantage to become the Queen of IZW.

As Erica patted herself on the back for her newly regained title, we were shown a video from earlier in the day of Damon Windsor having a flirtatious conversation with IZW ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm. The two have had a budding friendship since AnnaLynn was injured late in 2013 and Windsor came to her aid. AnnaLynn’s father Striker however, cut this conversation short, butting in between the two and went on to run down his daughter for her boisterous and provocative outfits. Windsor stepped in to defend Storm and almost came to blows with one half of the Brothers Righteous until Storm begged the two to stop. Windsor agreed and left but not before planting a big kiss of the lips of Storm which only further infuriated Striker who was steaming as Storm held him back.

Next up, Roberto Camacho would look to gain revenge and redeem himself in hi primo Angel’s eyes as he took on the other half of the IZW Tag Team Champion, The Bronze Bull. The Bronze Bull’s experience in the ring allowed him to out-wrestle Camacho and have a little fun with the newly christened “Freshly Hot & Heavy”. Bull rustled Roberto’s precious curly hair, chopped the skin off his chest and twisted Roberto’s prominent nipple area and drug him around the ring by the ever-so-sensitive area. Roberto didn’t come to play on this night though. He stopped Bronze Bull’s momentum with a hard back elbow and followed up with a splash and a big body slam. Camacho caught Bull in a big bear hug, looking to sap the strength from IZW’s resident demi-god but Bull fought out and almost cut Roberto in half with a spear. Bull connected with a discuss punch and was gearing up to put Camacho away when Roberto’s cousin Angel jumped on the apron distracting the tag team champion long enough for Roberto to connect with a running splash in the corner. As Bull lay prone, Roberto climbed to the second rope and delivered an excruciating second-rope Booty-Bomb squashing Bull underneath the entirety of his weight. Even the Bronze Bull couldn’t kick out after that and Roberto got what may be the biggest singles win of his young career.

This brought us to our main event of the night as IZW Champion Double D and Impact Player of the Year semi-finalist Damon Windsor teamed up to take on the duo of another Impact Player of the Year semi-finalist Jordan Jacobs and the man who will challenge for the IZW Championship at Sudden Impact “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan. D and Windsor didn’t wait long in starting with the mind games against Impact Elite, encouraging the IZW World to chant “where’s John”. This infuriated Morgan and Jacobs who jumped their opponents but were quickly out maneuvered and both ejected from the ring. As they tried to regroup the crowd wouldn’t allow it as they continued to taunt the leaderless Impact Elite. When the action got restarted it was Damon Windsor taking a decided advantage over Jordan Jacobs, delivering stinging right hands and tossing Jacobs all around the ring before bringing in the “Captain of the Force” for a big double suplex. Jacobs tried to fight back with a knife-edge chop but as the IZW World knows, you don’t trade chops with Double D. D lit up Lights Out with blistering chops and shortly afterward connected with a echoing Force Chop which took Jacobs off his feet. Jacobs was able to escape a crossbody attempt and get Kevin Morgan into the ring, Morgan took little time dropping bombs on the IZW Champion. Morgan then tried to choke the life out of the champion as he still blames D for the disappearance of Johnny Z. D got out of harm’s way and tagged in Windsor who landed some stiff shots and his trademark elbow/forearm combination in the corner which had Morgan reeling. Windsor tagged in D who looked to hit a top-rope head scissors but got caught and tossed by Morgan. The Image of Fear showed his smarts from his years as a tag team wrestler by immediately isolating D in his corner and tagging in Jacobs. Impact Elite took turns choking and gouging at D, keeping the nimble champion grounded and unable to mount an offense. D took a quick opportunity to flip out of a belly-to-back suplex and nail Morgan with a spinning heel kick but Morgan stopped him just shy of being able to make a tag. Jacobs then came in and battered D with some impressive kicks and strikes. Time and again D would be inches from tagging out to the fresh Windsor but Impact Elite would tear him away when he was within reach. Morgan launched Double D into the air but D changed direction in mid air and caught Morgan with a dropkick and then an enzugiri and was finally able to make the tag. Windsor came in hot, nailing Morgan with a flurry of strikes and clotheslining the big man off his feet. Jacobs tried to interfere but caught a Big Time Slam for his trouble. In the mayhem, both Windsor and Jacobs wound up on the floor, which left the two men who will fight for the IZW Championship at Sudden Impact alone in the ring . Kevin planted the champion with a powerslam and looked to be about to put D away when the crowd erupted at the sound of Johnny Z’s music. No one reacted bigger than Morgan though, he completely abandoned his attack on D and awaited the return of his savior. But once again Morgan would be left disappointed as when the music stopped Damon Windsor was once again laughing at The Image of Fear. Morgan was enraged that Windsor would play with something so dear to hi and went to attack but Double D caught Morgan with a knee which sent him stumbling into a Chokeslam from Windsor and a Crossbody from D to seal the deal. No matter how dominant or scarily strong Morgan may be, it seems as if the loss of his savior has cost Morgan his focus. He’d better find a way to focus fast as we are only a few weeks away from Sudden Impact where he gets the chance to win the IZW Championship, which he prays will bring back his savior. But with the roll Double D is on, taking the IZW Championship from around the waist of The Captain of the Force may require a miracle all in its own.

IZW Adrenaline April 12 Review

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IZW Sudden Impact is May 17th and this week’s edition of Adrenaline sent shockwaves through the IZW World on the path to Sudden Impact.

On another episode of Jordan Jacobs’ Lights Out Lounge, IZW Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale set the precedent for the night as he addressed the live crowd in the Impact Arena. It wasn’t long until IZW Champion Double D made his way to the stage and spoke his mind. He told McHale that he wanted a match against Kevin Morgan, to get revenge for the repeat attacks that Morgan has launched on the champion. McHale agreed on the conditions that it take place at Sudden Impact and it be for the IZW Championship. Double D quickly agreed and the main event for the next big IZW iPPV was set.

In the first of two first-round Impact Player of the Year Tournament matches, “The Resurrector of Reality” Striker took on one of the KC Wolves in Graham Bell. Striker had no interest in having a wrestling match with Bell as Striker immediately resorted to brawling to sway the match into his favor. Bell wouldn’t go down easily, though, he utilized his lightning-fast speed to avoid Striker’s offense and counter with a flying calf kick to get Striker in trouble. Graham drilled Striker’s head into the mat with a driving knee but it was only enough for a two-count. Striker, feeling the momentum slipping away, quickly countered and hit his patented Stroke. Instead of going for the cover, Striker decided to put a cherry on the sundae by taking Bell to the top rope but Bell was able to escape, knocking Striker from the top and hitting a senton bomb for an upset win. Bell will be moving on to the second round in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament joining Jordan Jacobs and the other member of The Brothers Righteous, O’Malley.

Team Bull was back in the Impact Arena on this night, still glowing with confidence from their IZW Tag Team Championship win at Coronation. A new challenge presented itself though, in the form of The Sexy Camachos. Vinny & Roberto seem to have their sights set on the tag titles and looked to use this non-title match against Team Bull to prove that they’re worthy of a title shot. What started out as an impressive dance-off between the two teams quickly got serious when Bronze Bull got tired of the games, snatched up Vinny and unceremoniously ejected him from the ring. Bronze Bull displayed why he is one of the most decorated IZW Superstars ever ad he took firm control of the match regardless of which Camacho was in the ring. Roberto Camacho was mocked by both Bulls as they repeatedly messed up his trademark curls. Some quick thinking and distraction of the referee allowed the Camachos to double team Bobby Starr and get the upper hand in the match. An upper hand they would not hold onto for long as Starr would battle back and tag out to the Bronze Bull who came in ready to fight, he laid out both Camachos and when Bobby maid in back into the mix it was only a matter of moments before Team Bull hit a big one-two punch for the dominant win. However, the Camachos were not ready to go down so easily and attacked the tag team champs from behind, leaving Team Bull laying.

The first round of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament continued next as Luke Langley of the KC Wolves took on “Big Business” Damon Windsor. These two men showed great respect for one another shaking hands before the match with each knowing the importance of this opportunity. Both men started out showing off their particular skill set with Langley showcasing his speed and Windsor displaying his strength. Things started off quite friendly but as the match wore on both competitors showed what this match meant to them, fighting with all they had to get the win. Langley found his most success with calculated strikes and kicks but made the mistake of letting Windsor fight back to his feet and when Langley tried to stand toe-to-toe with big Business and Windsor responded with a clothesline that echoed throughout the Impact Arena and almost took Langley’s head off. Windsor Tried put Langley away with the Big Time Slam but Langley wouldn’t stay down. Battling back, Langley took Windsor’s knee out and scored right on the chin with a super kick to the grounded big man. When that wasn’t enough to keep Windsor down, Langley brought a flurry of strikes to Big Business but when he paused to get the crowd behind him Windsor snatched him by the throat and drove him to the mat with a chokeslam for the win. Now our semi-finalists are all set, Windsor joins, O’Malley, Jordan Jacobs and Langley’s partner Graham Bell in the next round of the tournament.

In a disgusting display, Randy Price attacked Brock Landers in the back, upset about his loss to Landers last week. He demanded a rematch which was an ugly affair. Price punished Landers at every single opportunity, trying to redeem himself from last week. He blistered Landers’ chest with knife-edge chops and battered him with punches and knees. The verbal assault was almost as bad as the physical one as Price screamed that Brock had no business being a wrestler. As Landers did his best to fight back, Price stopped it dead in its tracks and drove Landers straight down onto his head with his patented Piledriver 1-2-3. Price wasn’t done though as he kept berating the fallen Landers. When Price started beating Landers with a steel chair, Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows rushed to the ring, saving Landers from even more punishment. Gallows revealed that he had been the one who had been training Brock Landers. He went on to say that he was teaching Landers the right way and if necessary, he would gladly teach Price the right way too.

Gallows set our main event in motion as he took on Impact Elite’s biggest gun, Kevin Morgan. Morgan made a statement before even stepping in the ring as, on his way to the ring, he hit the Moment of Fear on Brock Landers. Morgan snatched the microphone away from announcer AnnaLynn Storm and went on to blame Gallows for starting the decline of Morgan’s status by taking what was Morgan’s Impact Division Championship. The Image of Fear, was in no mood to waste time and started an onslaught on the ribs and midsection of Gallows. Morgan wanted to make an example of Gallows as Morgan moves toward Sudden Impact and his match against IZW Champion Double D. The familiar screams of “Where’s John?” filled the ears of Gallows and the IZW World as Morgan still in solely set on regaining the favor and then the leadership of his savior Johnny Z. Gallows, saw that he couldn’t risk getting into a fist fight or a power struggle with Morgan and modified his gameplan with attacks that consisted mostly of momentum and throwing his entire body at Morgan. This fearless manner of offense found its success against the much larger Image of Fear. But Gallows could only go full speed for so long before he ran out of gas and when Gallows started to slow down Morgan took advantage. He tossed Gallows from one side of the ring to the other. The Impact Division Champion had a little left in the tank, though as he hit a pair of drop kicks which took Morgan off his feet. Gallows went for it all as he mounted the top rope Morgan stopped him, slung him from the top and planted Gallows in the center of the ring with the Moment of Fear.

Morgan has been a runaway locomotive ever since Johnny Z disappeared after Coronation. Now that he believes that regaining the IZW Championship for Johnny Z will trigger the savior’s return, Double D may be facing the most dangerous Kevin Morgan we’ve ever seen. Not only is he finally focused toward one goal but in the Main Event at Sudden Impact May 17th Kevin Morgan has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

IZW Adrenaline April 5 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/Wrestling/IZW-Adrenaline-Apr-5-2014/2380

The problems continue for Impact Elite. It’s been three weeks since any member of Impact Elite has heard from “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z. It has taken a great toll on Kevin Morgan and is adding onto the already heavy load on the cancer ridden Madame Commissioner Erica. Morgan swore to Erica that he would find Johnny Z by striking fear into the hearts of everyone and would indeed find him tonight.

Erica stated that she had pressing business to take care of and took center stage in the Impact Arena. Madame Commissioner was very upset that the loss of a coin toss had granted “The #1” Shawn McHale the right to choose the participants in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and that the match-ups would be chosen at random. In a grasp for some sort of power she decided that she would start the night’s event with a match from that very tournament, pitting Impact Elite’s own “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs against Vinny Camacho.

Neither Camacho nor Jacobs had much support from the IZW World, especially as Vinny spent the early part of the match salsa dancing rather than wrestling. Jacobs soon became tired of Camacho’s antics and brought the fight to the youngest of the Sexy Camachos. The match went back and forth, even spilling to the outside before Jacobs was able to drop Vinny throat-first onto the middle rope and gain a measure of control. As Jacobs rained down punches from the second rope, Camacho lifted “Lights Out” on his shoulders and dropped him face first with an inverted powerbomb. Jacobs was able to shake off the damage and apply a figure-four leglock but Camacho fought out and leveled Jacobs with a clothesline and a dancing elbow drop. Camacho seems almost more worried about dancing than he is winning and after landing several big moves, took the time to dance and was caught off guard by a big superplex. Vinny again was able to sway things in his favor but took too much time showing off and was caught with an ES2 from Jacobs which put Camacho down for the count. Jacobs will advance to the second round of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament but took quite a beating in an impressive first-round showing by Vinny Camacho.

In the Impact Elite office, Jordan Jacobs was eager to start celebrating his win. Kevin Morgan, however was worried about the whereabouts of Johnny Z. In fact he was irritated by Jordan’s focus on the tournament and lack of focus on finding “The Natural Born Leader”. Morgan made it quite apparent that he expects Jacobs to shape up and be much more in tune with the rest of the group in locating their savior.

Randy Price, who seemed to be negotiating his latest commercial endorsement deal, bumped into referee Brock Landers. Even though Price was the one walking, he demanded Landers apologize and even got physical with the much smaller Landers. But instead of backing down and giving Price the apology he wanted, Landers refused saying that he was tired of being bullied and had been training to wrestle so that he could stand up for himself. After laughing hysterically at the thought of Landers wrestling, Price proceeded to continue mocking Brock and challenged him to a match later that night.

Our next match would be the second Impact Player of the Year Tournament match of the night. The participants would be one half of The Brothers Righteous, O’Malley. After O’Malley made his way to the ring, the music rang out that signified Copycat would be his randomly matched-up opponent. This comes as a chance at revenge for Copycat, who has plenty of history with O’Malley and still owes him one after Copy was knocked out with O’Malley’s brass knucks at Violent Valentine. The IZW World continued to await the arrival of “The Forgotten Champion” but, though the music played, Copycat never came through the curtain. A backstage camera crew caught up with Copycat, unconscious, laid out, face-first in a steel chair, the obvious victim of a vicious beating. The referee had no choice but to count out Copycat and declare that O’Malley was the winner and would be advancing in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament.

As O’Malley looked to walk away with an easy victory, Madame Commissioner Erica hit the stage. She said that she was impressed with the number that was done on Copycat if it was O’Malley’s work. But she went on to inform that she refuses to pay anyone for doing nothing and that he would indeed be in a match against a man, looking to make it to the ranks in IZW, Spike. Spike was eager to get things started and lit the gargantuan O’Malley up with a flurry of strikes. As Spike got his momentum going he was pancaked by a huge cross-body from O’Malley which he was barely able to kick out from. O’Malley then mauled the young upstart but Spike showed some fires, slapping O’Malley across the face but all that got him was even more beating from O’Malley. Spike continued to do his best just to take O’Malley off his feet but his every effort was met by brute force and the preaching of the righteous rhetoric from his much larger opponent. Spike was able to take advantage of O’Malley’s overconfidence and land a flying clothesline from the top rope finally toppling “The Hate Machine” but was only able to score a two count. Tired of playing with the newcomer O’Malley unsheathed his famous brass knuckles and laidout Spike, giving him a very bittersweet disqualification victory.

In another installment of Jordan Jacobs’ Lights Out Lounge, Jacobs was once again more than happy to tell the IZW World that he would win the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and gloat about his victory earlier in the night. Luckily, Jacobs informed us that he would actually have a guest this week and not be his own guests in weeks past. But before he brought out his guest he let the IZW World know that the ES2 he used to win his match would no longer bare the name that Jermaine Johnson gave it, but would now be known as the Light Switch as Jacobs was the man who invented the move in the first place. Jacobs then brought out his guest Soto Miyagi and proceeded to embarrass the martial artist by asking loaded questions about how Miyagi never made it into the Impact Chamber at Coronation. As Jacobs continued to poke fun at Miyagi, Kevin Morgan made his way onto the stage and demanded Miyagi answer the only question that Morgan cares about at this point “where’s John?”. When Miyagi didn’t give Morgan the answer he wanted, Morgan attacked him and carried him down to the ring to inflict further punishment.

Miyagi continued to refute the fact that he knew the location of Johnny Z but Morgan found no comfort in his denial and poured on the pain, brutalizing the much smaller Miyagi. Morgan literally threw Miyagi across the entire length of the ring, from one corner to the other. Every attempt at offense by Soto was quickly stopped by the power of “The Image of Fear” but Morgan refused to go for the win. Repeatedly asking Miyagi “where’s John?”. Finally the distraction allowed Miyagi to gain a bit of momentum and take Morgan off his feet and start laying in blistering kicks to Morgan’s Chest but Morgan caught the leg of the mysterious man from the Orient and lifted him high above his head and ended Soto’s efforts with the Moment of Fear. The referee stepped in after a second Moment of Fear and stopped the match, possibly saving the career of Soto Miyagi in the process.

Next up was Randy price taking on IZW referee Brock Landers. Price was very disrespectful in this outing. He obviously outmuscled the smaller Landers but still felt it necessary to put the bad-mouth on Landers at every opportunity. Price dropped repeated elbows, knees, suplexes and chokes on Landers and when he probably could pin the man, refused to make a real cover. After jawing with the fans,Price set Landers up for a vertical suplex but Landers hooked Price in an inside cradle and pinned Price for the 1,2,3! A shocked Price was absolutely beside himself, unable to believe he’d been beaten by a mere referee but apparently there’s more to Brock Landers than meets the eye.

In the main event of the evening IZW Champion Double D would be in his fourth consecutive big time main event match. This time his challenge would come in the form of the nearly five hundred pound Big, Bad and Sexy Angel Camacho. The IZW Champion gives up a lot of size in this match up and would need to use speed and agility to avoid the girth and power of Camacho. The wear and tear of weeks of being a fighting champion had certainly taken their effect on Double D. Each clubbing blow Camacho connected with sent visible bolts of agonizing pain down the back of the champion. His timing seemed to be lacking as well as when Camacho charged Double D, D pulled the top rope down, intending to send Camacho over the rope and to the floor but Camacho saw the ploy coming and stopped short and continued his assault on “The Captain of the Force”. Both D’s offense and defense was much less effective than normal as his normally devastating strikes didn’t rock Camacho as perhaps they normally would, allowing Big, Bad and Sexy to keep control. Camacho focused his attack on the back and midsection of D, the same area that Randy Price dealt a great bit of damage to the previous week. Double D fired back with a series of chops but even his signature Force Chop wasn’t at full power and it took two to take down the enormous Camacho. Camacho fought back to his feet but was meet with a pair of knees and an enzugiri kick that still only brought him to a knee. D connected with his nine mountain-climber knees in the corner but as he was going for the tenth was scooped up by Camacaho who had him in position to flatten him like a pancake but on the way down D reversed into the tenth knee. D scrambled to the top rope and with the last of his energy was able to hit the high cross-body for the win.

Exhausted, Double D’s problems were just starting as Kevin Morgan made his way to the ring and was met with a flurry by D, but Morgan’s power was unstoppable. Morgan brutalized D all over the ringside area. He physically dissected the man he believes holds the key to finding Johnny Z. he then brought him into the ring and drove home the point with the Moment of Fear. Will anyone be safe from the image of Fear as long as he has lost his savior and with repeated title defenses and main even matches how long can Double D last before the damage catches up with him?

IZW Adrenaline March 29 Results

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“IZW Adrenaline” scored another homerun with an action packed show featuring the new IZW Champion Double D main eventing the card. Don’t miss a second of this cutting edge Independent wrestling promotion as you never know what is going to happen.

Results courtesy of oklafan.com:

Kevin Morgan def. Damon Windsor
Copycat def. Roberto Camacho
Vinnie Camacho def. Luke Langley
IZW Champion Double D def. Randy Price

Get your shot of adrenaline with “IZW Adrenaline” every Saturday night at 8pm E/7pm C on GFL.tv. Better yet, if you are near Southwestern Oklahoma, nothing beats watching IZW live from the Impact Arena located at 1009 SW F Ave. in Lawton, Oklahoma 73501. No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.

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IZW Coronation Review

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“IZW Coronation: A Decade of Impact” was a night like no other.  It was the biggest show of all-time for the Lawton, Oklahoma based organization and took the promotion to new heights.  New champions where crowned while others held on to their titles by the slimmest of margins.  It’s a new day in IZW and the IZW World.

In a hell of an opener, Team Bull (Bronze Bull & Brass Bull) defeated What Wrestling Should Be (Jermaine Johnson & Jordan Jacobs) in a TLC Match to capture the IZW Tag Titles.  It was a hellacious bout that saw both teams put their bodies on the line over and over again as all four men pushed the boundaries of what a human body could endure.  In the end, Team Bull was too strong and made a final push to the title using unmatched teamwork.  With all four men laying on the mat after absorbing table crashes, high falls from ladders and chair shots, Jacobs was the first man to his feet and started to ascend up a 12 foot ladder.  Team Bull rose to their feet and shoulder blocked the ladder out of the ring where Jacobs fell face first on a stack of tables as he crashed to the ground in an unsettling turn of events.  Jacobs was done for the night!  Team Bull raced up another ladder looking to grab the belts but Johnson was step by step with them as he managed to get his hand on the belt first before taking a super Greetings From Mt Olympus from both Bulls from the top of the ladder!  As Johnson descended down to the mat a broken and defeated man, Team Bull remained on the ladder and each grabbed the belts to become the new champions in a terrific match.  After the match, Jermaine Johnson grabbed the mic and let everyone know that he quit!  It was a stunning turn of events for one of the most heralded wrestlers in IZW history.

IZW Co-owner Jeff Wolfenbarger defeated Mark Wilson in a Falls Count Anywhere Match as both men came to scrap and scrap they did.  Both Wolfenbarger and Wilson will never be the most physically imposing men in the squared circle but you wouldn’t have known that from the way they went after each other from the get-go.  Wilson was bloody and battered after taking multiple chair shots from Wolfenbarger who showed a violent side he has never displayed before.  Wilson was able to turn the tide as gave Wolfenbarger a back body drop on the wooden ramp injuring Wolfenbarger’s spine.  They continued to make their way up to the top of the stage where Wolfenbarger took a chair shot to the head full force but managed to get a shoulder up at two.  Wolfenbarger then hit a modified reverse facebuster cradle slam as he planted Wilson face first on the stage and got the victory in a brutal and unforgiving battle from these two never say die men.

Up next, in a Triple Threat Crown on a Pole Match for the Queen’s Crown, Paige Turner scored the biggest win of her young career as she defeated former Champion Miss Diss Lexia and Angel Blue to become the new Queen of IZW.  Blue exhibited some great high flying in the match, while MDL showed off her fabulous suplexes and throws.  Blue and MDL where going back and forth against each another in one corner as they battled to grab the crown but then the music of Impact Elite hit and Madam Commissioner Erica strolled onto the stage.  Both MDL and Blue paused for a split second and Turner took advantage as she threw both women off the top rope and snatched the crown.  Turner and Erica celebrated after the match, which only seemed to pour salt in the wounds of MDL and Blue.   The win by Turner turns the women’s division on its head and offers several new matchups throughout the division.

In a match that brought the pain to the highest degree, IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows successfully defended his title against Angel Camacho in a Dog Collar Chain Match.  Camacho was particularly vicious with the chain in the early going as he beat Gallows across the back with ruthless aggression and dragged him all over the ring.  Camacho added trash can head shots into the mix as Gallows was taking a beating.  Camacho followed up with a splash but still couldn’t get the pinfall.  Camacho decided to up the ante by dropping thousands of tacks on the canvas.  Camacho and Gallows traded punches in the center of the ring until Gallows connected with a right cross that sent Camacho down and onto the pin cushion of tacks!  Dozens of thumb tacks riddled the back of Camacho.  Camacho rose back to his feet and after trading more steel fisted punches, Camacho unloaded with a belly to belly suplex that sent Gallows into the silvery barbs on the floor!  Gallows managed to get back to his feet and after each man enduring just a bit more pain, Gallows was able to hit a moonsault from the top rope and get the pinfall amid a ring that was littered with thumbtacks, garbage cans and two broken bodies.

In tag team action, The KC Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) defeated The Sexy Camachos (Roberto Camacho & Vinnie Camacho) in a fast paced tag team bout.  Roberto hit a belly to belly suplex on Bell in the early going and Vinnie added a nice shoulder lock submission attempt to the mix that further damaged Bell.  Bell responded with a flying dive out of the ring onto both Roberto and Vinnie that took the momentum away from the Camachos.  When action resumed, Roberto connected with a belly to belly suplex on Langley.  Langley responded with two enziguri kicks, a code breaker by Bell and a flying stomp to the back by Langley.  Langley hooked a leg and got the pinfall in an exciting back and forth battle.

Michael Barry, Tommy Revell and Angel Williams became the first three inductees into the IZW Hall of Impact.  Barry, Revell and Williams make up the inaugural class and laid the foundation over the past decade and helped IZW turn into the global phenomenon that it is today.  Barry was unable to make the festivities, but Revell and Williams both gave stirring speeches that were well received in the Impact Arena.  The IZW World owes a debt of gratitude to Barry, Revell and Williams for their work inside the IZW ring.

In the main event, for the IZW Title in an Impact Chamber Match, 10 of IZW’s finest grapplers took part in one of the best matches of all time for the promotion as after a year, Johnny Z was finally dethroned and the man to get the job done was none other than Double D!  Johnny Z and Double D started off the match against one another and D gained the upper hand until Striker joined the fray and put the boots to D.  Striker and Z then teed off on Double D until D countered with a double DDT.  D’s luck would run out soon as Kevin Morgan was the next entrant.  As Z and Striker recovered, Morgan bruised and battered Double D with punches and kicks.  Morgan added a rear chin lock into the mix as D continued to fight uphill against the odds.  Copycat was entrant #5 and took some of the heat off of D as now Morgan, Z and Striker had another victim in their sights.  As Morgan and Striker took on the fresh Copycat, Z and D were one on one again with Double D hitting a bulldog.  Copycat also responded by going toe to toe with Morgan and Striker as it was quickly turning into a brawl at every corner.  Damon Windsor joined the match next and locked up Striker as Z and Copycat battled in an opposite corner.  Double D landed nine knees to Morgan but was lifted up and power bombed in the center of the ring.  Soto Miyagi was scheduled to be the next competitor into the match, but was shown backstage knocked out.  In his place, the returning Brandon Bishop took center stage!  Bishop made a grand entrance by taking out Morgan and Copycat with a summersault flip from the top rope then hit a big takedown on Johnny Z and starting clubbing Z with right hands followed by a back breaker.  Randy Price entered the fray at #8.  Price went straight at Double D while the other wrestlers regrouped and continued to peel off in separate battles.  Price thumped D down with multiple slam variations and then turned his attack towards Morgan and Windsor where he got a double chop from those two titans.  Z picked up on Price’s handiwork and hit a second rope bulldog on Double D only adding to D’s misery.  Brad Michaels became the newest competitor in the ring and he and Price squared off adding more punishment to their already bloody history.  Price sling shot Michaels into the steel cage and cut Michaels wide open across the forehead.  O’Malley became the final wrestler to join the Impact Chamber and he started dishing out beatings on whoever was close.  It finally came down to six men who were still left standing:  Johnny Z, O’Malley and Price on one side and Bishop, Double D and Brad Michaels on the other.  O’Malley and Price were eliminated next, leaving Johnny Z all alone.  Bishop was eliminated next by a superkick from Michaels.  Z kicked out of a superkick from Michaels and Michaels was beside himself and took a high crossbody from Double D in return.  D pinned Michaels and then it was down to the final two.  The same two who started the match.  Hearts where pounding everywhere in the Impact Arena and as Double D connected with a high cross body off the cage, but even that was not enough to pin Z’s shoulders against the mat.  Then in a moment nobody saw coming, The Convict made his IZW return!  Convict gave Double D a 15 to 20 and that looked to be all she wrote.  But then out of nowhere, The Convict hit Johnny Z with the same exact move!  In the aftermath, D scaled the Impact Chamber one more time and connected with another high crossbody as he sailed across the Impact Arena and down onto Johnny Z.  This time, the impact of the move was enough to get the 1-2-3 and Double D regained the IZW Title from his oldest rival in a match for the ages!

No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.

Website: www.izwrestling.com
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IZW Coronation: A Decade of Impact Preview

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“Coronation:  A Decade of Impact” has finally arrived.  It is not only the biggest iPPV of the year for IZW, but the biggest event of all time for the Lawton, Oklahoma based organization.   On March 15, this year’s “Coronation” celebrates ten years of wrestling excellence for the #1 Independent promotion in the country.  Every IZW title is at stake and with so much riding on the line, you can’t afford to miss this event if you are a wrestling fan.  Order now!

In the main event, IZW Champion Johnny Z puts his title on the line in an Impact Chamber Match against nine other men.  Double D, Kevin Morgan, Copycat, Damon Windsor, Striker, O’Malley, Randy Price, Brad Michaels and Soto Miyagi.  This will be Z’s toughest test to date in his one-year title reign as Z will be the #1 entrant into the Chamber.  Z’s arch nemesis Double D is set for #2.  After that, wrestlers will trickle in until the Impact Chamber is full of 10 of the top wrestlers on the Independent scene.  This match is unpredictable and every wrestler is a real threat to win the title.  Expect the unexpected as you can never predict what will happen when these men go to war.

Also scheduled, IZW Tag Team Champions What Wrestling Should Be (Jermaine Johnson & Jordan Jacobs) take on Team Bull (Bronze Bull & Brass Bull) in a TLC Match.  If WWSB is victorious, TB has to disband as a team forever.  All four of these men have been to hell and back with one another in their tenure with IZW and this bout promises to up the ante once again.  On paper, this match looks to be an early candidate for MOTY.  Don’t blink as you are likely to see something you have never witness in a wrestling ring before.

In a match that is sure to bring the pain, IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows takes on Angel Camacho in a Dog Collar Chain Match.  Camacho and Gallows have been on a collision course since they stepped foot in IZW.  This bout promises to add another notch to their ongoing feud.  Both men are unpredictable in the ring and adding a dog collar chain into the mix is going to only add to the level of violence that these men have a flair for.  Who is tougher, Gallows or Camacho?  On March 15 the world is going to find out.

IZW Queen Miss Diss Lexia defends her title in a Triple Threat Crown on a Pole Match against IZW rookie Paige Turner and Angel Blue.  A Pole Match adds a new element to these three women’s ongoing feud.  MDL is a free spirit and her creativity in the ring will have room to work with the added device.  This will be the biggest match in Turner’s young career and the only question is will she rise to the occasion or wilt under the pressure?  Blue is the wildcard as she is always innovating something new and you can bet she will pull out all the stops in her quest to become the new Queen of IZW.  On the biggest stage of the year, which woman will rise to the top and claim her destiny?

IZW Co-owner Jeff Wolfenbarger battles Mark Wilson in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.  Both men have the heart of a lion and the fight of a pit bull.  There’s no telling what is going to happen as these men battle throughout the Impact Arena.  Fans are sure to get an up close and personal experience with this match.  Both men have a hatred for one another that you rarely come across in today’s world.  On March 15, they are going to settle their differences by any means necessary.

No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW.  Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none.  Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.

Website: www.izwrestling.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IZWWORLD
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/IZWOklahoma
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ImpactZoneWrestling

IZW Adrenaline March 1 Results

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“IZW Adrenaline” scored another homerun with an action packed show as “Coronation” on March 15 is less than two weeks away.  Don’t miss a second of this cutting edge Independent wrestling promotion as you never know what is going to happen.

Results courtesy of oklafan.com:

Paige Turner def. Angel Blue

IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows def. IZW Tag Team Champion Jordan Jacobs

Damon Windsor def. IZW Tag Team Champion Jermaine Johnson

Soto Miyagi, Double D & Brad Michaels def. The Brothers Righteous (O’Malley & Striker) & IZW Champion Johnny Z (w/ Erica)

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IZW Adrenaline March 1 Preview

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“IZW Adrenaline” returns this Saturday March 1and with “Coronation:  A Decade of Impact” less than three weeks away, all bets are off.  IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader & Savior of Wrestling” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) made an impact at the expense of his greatest rival Double D (@IZWDoubleD) last week when Z crushed an already wounded D in the face with a Big Boot in the corner.  What awaits the wrestlers that step into the squared circle this week?

Johnny Z picked apart Double D like a vulture after D was in a hellacious main event match with “The Old School Sucka” Randy Price (@RandyPrice_OSS) in which Price pile drove D full force down on the canvas.  Z will be the first entrant into the Impact Chamber on March 1 and D is number 2.  Z has always been able to slant the odds in his favor and that reality continues with his most recent actions against D.  Z is stacking the odds once again as the biggest match of his career comes closer and closer.  What will Z have in store this week?  Right now, the biggest threat to Z’s IZW Title reign looks to be Price who dispatched of Michaels in the parking lot last week and took out Double D in the center of the ring during the main event.

“The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) is at his fiercest ever as he brutalized Soto Miyagi last week and looks to be the most ardent disciple of Johnny Z.  Will Morgan try to pulverize yet another member of the Impact Chamber Match and increase Z’s odds that much more?  If Morgan is in the house you can bet pain and destruction are not far behind.

Team Bull [The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) & “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr (@thegods_bs)] and What Wrestling Should Be [“Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) & “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME)] continued their blood feud as last week Team Bull retaliated for the beating they received two weeks ago by WWSB where TB was destroyed with steel chairs. TB shattered WWSB into pieces as they used two iron ladders to bend, fold and break Johnson and Jacobs nearly in half!  WWSB and TB are headed for a dangerous collision course, a TLC Match at “Coronation”, but if things continue at this rate, neither team will make it to March 15.

Look for more stars to be out at the Impact Arena as IZW Impact Division Champion “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows (@DG_urbanlegend) now has three Camachos to watch out for as “Big, Bad & Sexy” Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986) and Roberto Camacho now have recruited yet another cousin, Vinny Camacho.  The Camachos are looking for a fight and if no one steps forward to accept their challenge they are just going to start one with whoever is closest.

“Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad), “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) and “Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) are chomping at the bit to get back in the ring.  Look for these three men to come out of the gates on fire as they are looking to push back against Johnny Z, Impact Elite, Randy Price and more!

Get your shot of adrenaline with “IZW Adrenaline” every Saturday night at 8pm E/7pm C on GFL.tv.  Better yet, if you are near Southwestern Oklahoma, nothing beats watching IZW live from the Impact Arena located at 1009 SW F Ave. in Lawton, Oklahoma 73501.

No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW.  Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none.  Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.

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