Blackout Fight Championships 16 will be FREE this Saturday Night LIVE on!

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Watch the show LIVE & FREE from anywhere in the WORLD!


BlacKOut Fighting Championship returns to GFL as it presents “BlacKOut Fighting Championship 16″ emanating from Carthage, Missouri on January 18. This event is scheduled to be a mega card with 20 fights and 5 title fights as BFC continues to up the ante with every show.


In the main event, for the Women’s BlacKOut Bantamweight Championship, Champion Blair Patton (2-0) fights Tabby Patterson (3-2). Patton is undefeated and has shown a devastating submission game in the past. Patterson is a feared all-around fighter and can end the fight with a single punch or submission attempt. Expect fireworks from these women as they anchor a tremendous card with gold on the line.


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Results for’s “1st Annual Combat Sports Awards” voted by the fans!

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After several weeks of voting from fans around the WORLD the results of’s “1st Annual Combat Sports Awards” are in!  Here are the results voted by the fans:

“MMA Fight of the Year”:


Clay Collard SD5 Justin Buchholz II at Showdown 12 – 52% of the voting


2nd Place:  Azunna Anyanwu vs Paul Holt at CFFC 29 – 19% of the voting

3rd Place (Tie):  Ron Templeton vs Anthony Guido at Dead Serious 8 – 7% of the voting

                              Rance Foust vs. Mike Breeden at ShoFight 20 – 7% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “MMA Fight of the Year” are: (4th) Phillpe Nover vs Mike Santiago at ROC XLV with 5%, (5th) Cody Stevens vs Corey Mahon at Rocktagon XXIII with 3%, (6th) Chris vallaro vs Monstir Mohammad at EFC MMA Mania, Ryan Ford vs Mike Hill at AFC 19, and Bassil Hafez vs Joe Lowry at XFE 27 all with 2% of the voting.


“Boxing Fight of the Year”

Paul Spadafora UD12 Robert Frankel at TNT Promotions & Roy Jones Jr presents – 55% of the voting


2nd Place:  Harry Joe Yorgey vs Julius Kennedy at “War at the Forge” – 17% of the voting

3rd Place:  Osumanu Adama vs Grady Brewer at “CFC Fight Night” – 11% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Boxing Fight of the Year” are: (4th) Teon Kennedy vs Carlos Vinan at Peltz Boxing with 10% & (5th) Jose Marrufo vs David Yanez at “Mayhem in Mesa” with 7% of the voting.


“Muay Thai/Kickboxing Fight of the Year”


Chris McMillan SD Andrew Lewis at Journey Fight Series IX – 26% of the voting


2nd Place:  Georgui Samaguin vs Jason Van Oigen at Take On Muay Thai XX – 18%

3rd Place:   Will Wong vs Cameron Rozell at Take On Muay Thai XXI – 16% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Muay Thai/Kickboxing Fight of the Year” are: (4th) Charlie Brown vs Garrett Culpepper at Sparta Combat League “Phenoms” with 11%, (5th) Laurel Holloway vs. Christina Peteraf at Warrior’s Cup XVIII with 9%, (6th tie) Lyman Good vs Stahinja Ivanovic at Warrior’s Cup XVII & Sean Fagan vs Omar Estevez both with 7%, and (7th) Paul Miller vs Ian Hastings at Combat at the Capitale  with 6% of the voting.


“MMA T/KO of the Year”

Justin Buchholz KO1 Gordon Bell at Showdown Fights 11 – 47% of the voting


2nd Place:  Brandon Barrett TKO1 Silvio Santos at ROC XLIV – 30% of the voting

3rd Place:   Jon Delbrugge TKO1 Neil Johnson at XFE 27 – 10% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “MMA T/KO of the Year” are: (4th) Johnny Curtis TKO1 Chris Birchler at CFFC 28 with 7%, (5th) Mike Hayes TKO3 Jeff Monson at Cage Warrior Combat 9 with 3%, (6th) Trent House TKO2 Brandon Shorter at AFC 20 with 2%, (7th tie) Todd Duvall TKO1 Jay Bleeker at Xtreme Combat & Sijen Smith KO1 Rob Gamble both with 1% of the voting.


“Boxing T/KO of the Year”


Dusty Hernandez-Harrison TKO5 Eddie Soto at Champion Class – 45% of the voting


2nd Place: Amir Mansour TKO1 Jason Gavern at “Amir Mansour vs Jason Gavern from the  Dover Downs” – 42% of the voting

3rd Place: Jerry Odom TKO1 Drew Morais at Broadway Boxing – 3% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Boxing T/KO of the Year” are: (4th tie) DeCarlo Perez TKO5 Julius Kennedy at “Dhafir Smith vs Anthony Caputo Smith”, Ivan Redkach KO1 Sergio Rivera at Broadway Boxing & Franklin Lawerence TKO2 Mark Brown at “Friday Night Fights – Mansour vs Alexander” all with 2%, (5th tie) Lionell Thompson TKO2 Chuck Mussachio at Peltz Boxing & Vinny Maddalone TKO3 Richard Carmack at Rockin Fights 8 both with 1% of the voting.


“Women’s MMA Fighter of the Year”


Rachael Cummins – BAMMA USA – 49% of the voting


2nd Place (tie): DeAnna Bennett – Showdown Fights – 17% of the voting

                               Rebecca Heintzmann – CFFC – 17% of the voting

3rd Place: Katy Collins – ShoFIGHT – 7% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Women’s MMA Fighter of the Year” are: (4th) Shannon Culpepper from Spartan Combat League with 6% and (5th) Jen Lopez from EFC with 3%.


“Women’s Muay Thai/Kickboxing Fighter of the Year”


Gianna Smith – Take On Muay Thai & Warrior’s Cup – 44% of the voting


2nd Place: Jessica Ng – Take On Muay Thai – 35% of the voting

3rd Place: Katie Allen – Warriors’s Cup & Take On Muay Thai – 11% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Women’s Muay Thai/Kickboxing Fighter of the Year” are: (4th) Angela Chang from Take On Muay Thai with 5%, (5th) Laurel Holloway from Warrior’s Cup with 4%, and (6th) Laura Dejean from Warrior’s Cup with 1%.


“MMA Submission of the Year”


Frankie Roberts Sub3 James Cordero at Dead Serious 8 – 39% of the voting


2nd Place: Charlie Brenneman Sub3 Kyle Baker at CFFC 28 – 34% of the voting

3rd Place:  Ryan Cafaro Sub1 Ryan Holmes at XFE XXIII – 15% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “MMA Submission of the Year” are: (4th) Joshua Rector Sub1 Brandon Collins at BFC 13 with 5%, (5th tie) Noah Ali Sub1 Mike O’Neill at AFC 20 & Deivioas Taurosevicus Sub2 Guillermo Servent at ROC XLIV both with 2%, and (6th tie) Louis Taylor Sub1 Eric Hammerich at APFC11, Justin Ellis Sub1 AJ Sewell at Ultimate Reno Combat 41, & Anthony Lapsley vs Gerard Meerschaert at Rocktagon MMA XXIII all with 1% of the voting.


“MMA Fighter of the Year”

Jordan Stiner – CFFC – 37% of the voting


2nd Place:  George Sullivan – CFFC – 29% of the voting

3rd Place:  Charlie Brenneman – CFFC – 12% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “MMA Fighter of the Year” are:  (4th tie) Paul Felder from CFFC & Clay Collard from Showdown Fights both with 9% and (5th) Ryan LaFlare from ROC with 4%.


“MMA Prospect of the Year”


Anthony Terrell – XFE – 38% of the voting (788 votes)


2nd Place: Eddie Lenoci – ROC – 38% of the voting (787 votes)

3rd Place:  Travis Wynn – CFFC – 12% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “MMA Prospect of the Year” are: (4th) Jonivan Webb from CFFC with 11% and (5th) Leodegario Muniz from ROC with 1% of the votinng.


“Boxing Fighter of the Year”


Dusty Hernandez-Harrison – 43% of the voting


2nd Place: Amir Mansour – 41% of the voting

3rd Place: Harry Joe Yorgey – 12% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Boxing Fighter of the Year” are: (4th) Yuri Foreman with 3% and (5th) Lionell Thompson with 2% of the voting.



“Boxing Prospect of the Year”


Wilkins Santiago – 61% of the voting


2nd Place: Hasan Young – 10% of the voting (101 votes)

3rd Place:  Omar Douglas – 10% of the voting (100 votes)


Rounding up the voting for’s “Boxing Prospect of the Year” are: (4th tie) Louis Cruz & Damon Allen Jr with 3%, (5th tie) Derrick Webster, Louis Rose, Khalib Whitmore, Brandon Brewer, Ivan Redkach, & Patrick Day with 2%, and (6th) Lamar Russ with 1% of the voting.


“MMA Reporter of the Year”


Breanna Armstrong – 34% of the voting


2nd Place: Skippy Cohen – 17% of the voting

3rd Place:  Steph Daniels – 14% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “MMA Reporter of the Year” are: (4th) Brent Brookhouse with 10%, (5th) Ariel Helwani with 7%, (6th) Chris Gregory with 4%, (7th) Ben Fowlkes with 3%, (8th tie) Mike Fagan & Matthew Roth with 2%, (9th tie) Mike Sloan, John Morgan, Gareth Davies, Jordan Breen & Trevor Ducek with 1%.


“MMA Website of the Year” – 31% of the voting


2nd Place: – 22% of the voting

3rd Place: – 11% of the voting (131 votes)


Rounding up the voting for’s “MMA Website of the Year” are: (4th) with 11% (125 votes), (5th) with 6%, (6th) with 5%, (7th) with 4%, (8th) with 3%, (9th tie),, & with 2%, and (10th tie),, & all with 1% of the voting.


“Boxing Reporter of the Year”


Percy Crawford – 50% of the voting


2nd Place: Elie Seckbach – 6% of the voting

3rd Place:  Dan Rafael – 5% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Boxing Reporter of the Year” are:  (4th tie) Kugan Cassius, Chris Robinson, Gabe Montoya, Jenna J, & Luis Sandoval with 4%, (5th tie) Steve Kim, Doug Fischer, Paul Mango, Benny Henderson Jr all with 3%, (6th) Ryan Burton with 2% and (7th) Ernest Gabion with 1% of the voting.


“Boxing Website of the Year” – 28% of the voting


2nd Place: – 22% of the voting

3rd Place: – 15% of the voting


Rounding up the voting for’s “Boxing Website of the Year” are: (4th tie) & with 7%, (5th) with 5%, (6th) with 4%, (7th) with 3%, (8th tie), & with 2%, and (9th tie),, and with 1% of the voting.



#SMSPromotions presents #BigAppleBoxing LIVE RIGHT NOW around the WORLD on!

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Watch LIVE from anywhere iin the WORLD RIGHT HERE on!



Tonight,at 7pm EST, LIVE around the WORLD on, SMS Promotions presents “Big Apple Boxing” from the Resorts World Casino in New York City, NY.
In the Main Event of the evening, replacing Joel Diaz vs. Wanzell Ellison which was scrapped due to Ellison being injured, is undefeated Jr. Welterweight prospect Amir Imam (11-0).  Imam will be facing his toughest test to date in rugged veteran Sergio Perez (28-15).
Imam, a highly touted prospect out of Albany, NY, is looking to impress during his 1st time on center stage.  Imam is looking to put his 6th notch in the win column for 2013 and with that 6th notch against a stiff test will open a lot of doors for himself in 2014.  Imam, who has destructive power in both hands, stopped fellow prospect Jeremy Bryan (16-2) this past April in brutal fashion.  Another devastating stoppage victory on his resume will lead to bigger fights in 2014, especially over the normally durable Perez.
Sergio Perez, a 43 fight veteran, brings a lot to the table to provide a tough test for Imam, who is 15 years less his age.  With only 2 stoppage loses in 43 fights, to top prospects Abner Cotto & Artemio Reyes, he will provide a durable chin that could take past 4 rounds for the 1st time in his career.  Perez also posses incredible power that is sure to test the young Imam’s chin in a way that it has never been tested before.
Both men provide extreme power and an unquestionable will to win so it is safe to say this fight will end with a highlight reel KO and tons of excitement.  Whether your in the audience or watching LIVE around the WORLD on, don’t leave you seat because this could end in the blink of an eye!
Originally slated for the Main Event. Joel Diaz Jr (13-0) will get his chance to close out his year in impressive fashion LIVE around the WORLD on  Diaz, will replace fellow prospect Luis Olivares (6-0) who was pulled from the card due to illness, when he takes on Tony Walker (5-3-1).
Diaz made a name for himself in the world of boxing with his, “2012 Fight of the year” nominee, fight with previously undefeated Guy Robb (7-0).  He showed determination & power when both guys touched canvas but it was Diaz who prevailed with a 7th round TKO victory.  Since then Diaz has won 6th straight with 5 by way of stoppage.  Diaz is sure to impress and with victory will clear the road for a 2014 title shot.
His opponent Tony Walker (5-3-1) has lost 3 straight but two of which were by highly touted prospects Damon allen & main event fighter Amir Imam.  The fight against the hard hitting Imam marked the only time he suffered a stoppage loss.  Walker showed tremendous heart alone by stepping in to fight Diaz as a last minute replacement since his opponent was scratched due to illness.  Walker knows his career hangs in the balance.
With both men in the different crossroads of their career but both needing victory fans watching in attendance or LIVE around the WORLD on can expect both to leave it in the ring!
Popular Super Bantamweight prospect Thomas Snow (16-1) squares off with undefeated prospect Nate Green (4-0-1) in a 6 round featured attraction.
Snow,from Capitol Heights, MD,  is a very tricky southpaw who has been on a 6 fighter tear since losing to former Wold Title challenger Teon Kennedy in 2010,  Snow is not only a crafty southpaw but he carries immense power with 10 of his wins coming via stoppage.  Snow will be looking to make this performance count since the fight with Green will be his 1st and last fight in 2013.
Snow’s opponent Green will be looking to make this his coming out party.  Green, who turned pro in 2011, has won 4 straight.  Like Snow, Green is a tricky southpaw who has incredible boxing ability.  Green, who will be stepping up significantly, looks to make a statement while keeping his “0″ intact while fighting in from of the WORLD on!
Boxing purists will be delighted with this 6 round display of the sweet science.  A win here will catapult one prospect up the rankings while the loser will be sent back to the drawing board.
“Boxing at the Big Apple” will also feature some of SMS Promotions brightest young stars LIVR in front of the WORLD on!
Emmanuel De Jesus (8-0) will be facing Antonio Chaves Fernandez (4-13-2) in a 6 round bout.  Also Cincinnati, Ohio’s own Donte Strayhorn (3-1) will be facing Sam Moura (0-2) in Strayhorn’s first 6 rounder.  Finally “Blue Chip” prospect Ryan Martin (1-0) will go to war with Eric Jamar Goodall (1-2) in a 4 round bout.
Also on the LIVE broadcast, streamed around the WORLD on, will be TOP NOTCH concert with the following performers:
Prodigy from Mobb Deep
Tony Yayo from G-Unit
Troy Ave
Nyemiah Supreme
Ms. Irene Renee will be performing the National Anthem
The commentating will be done by GFL’s Rich Quinones & former World Title Challenger Monte “2 Gunz” Barrett.

G-Unit recording artist Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Tony Yayo & more to perform at “Big Apple Boxing” LIVE WORLDWIDE at 7pm EST on!

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Watch the both concert & boxing LIVE around the WORLD right here!


Tonight at the “Big Apple Boxing” card LIVE around the WORLD on the following artists are going to perform:


Prodigy from Mobb Deep
Tony Yayo from G-Unit
Troy Ave
Nyemiah Supreme
Ms. Irene Renee will be performing the National Anthem
They will perform a LIVE concert on top of the LIVE BOXING action featuring:
Amir Imam vs Sergio Perez
Joel Diaz Jr. vs Tony Walker
Thomas Snow vs Nate Green
Donte Strayhorn vs Sam Morua
Emmanuel DeJesus vs Antonio Chaves Fernandez
Ryan Martin vs Eric Jamal Goodall
Watch the both concert & boxing LIVE around the WORLD right here!

“Big Apple Boxing” LIVE on tonight at 7pm EST!: Official Weights

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Watch “Big Apple Boxing” & Concert LIVE around the WORLD right here!







Friday night at Resorts World Casino NYC


SERGIO “Sirenito” PEREZ (28-15, 19 KOs), Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico   139.6 lbs.


JOEL DIAZ, JR. (13-0, 11 KOs), Palmdale, CA   133.6 lbs.

TONY “Sugar Boy” WALKER 5-3-1, 3 KOs), Cincinnati, OH   134 lbs.


EMMANUEL “Pirata” DE JESUS (8-0, 5 KOs), Canovanas, Puerto Rico   149 lbs.

ANTONIO CHAVES-FERNANDEZ (4-13-2, 0 KOs), Brockton, MA   148.8 lbs.


THOMAS “KO” SNOW     (16-1, 10 KOs), Capital Heights, MD   117/8 lbs.

NATE GREEN (4-0, 1 KO), New Haven, CT   117.6 lbs.


DONTE STRAYHORN (3-1, 0 KOs), Cincinnati, OH   134 lbs.

SAM MOURA (0-2), New York, NY   132.8 lbs.


RYAN “Blue-Chip” MARTIN (1-0, 1 KO), Cleveland, OH   135 lbs.

ERIC JAMAR GOODALL (1-2, 0 KOs), Las Vegas, NV   139.6 lbs.


(NOTE:  Illness forced Luis Olivares to withdraw from his six-round fight against Tony Walker, who is now fighting a six-round bout with Joel Diaz, Jr. whose 10-round main event fight vs. Wanzell Ellison was canceled two days ago after Ellison pulled out with an arm injury.)

(all fights & fighters subject to change)

WHAT:             “Big Apple Boxing”


WHEN:             Friday, December 20, 2013


WHERE:           Resorts World Casino NYC in Jamaica, Queens, NY


PROMOTER:  SMS Promotions

Bobby Gunn speaks to about fight with Glen Johnson LIVE on tonight!

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Watch LIVE around the WORLD right here!
Bobby “Celtic Warrior” Gunn will be facing one of the toughest tests of his storied career this Wednesday night at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA when he faces Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson.  The fight as well as the under card will be LIVE around the WORLD on!
Gunn was originally slated to face Roy Jones Jr. but Roy Jones Jr chose to fight December 21st in Russia instead. had the chance to catch up with Bobby Gunn to discuss his fight with johnson, Roy Jones pulling out and more.  Here is what Bobby Gunn had to say:  How is everything going Bobby?
Bobby Gunn:  Everything is great!  You don’t have to sell this one.  It sells itself.  If you can make it to to the Casino (Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA) then come out if not watch it on  This is going to be the Cruiserweight “Fight of the Year”.  Styles make fights and to be honest with you I was preparing for a different fighter in Roy Jones Jr.  I’ve been training for 5 months so when Glen Johnson stepped to the plate a few weeks ago I was over the moon because I am still fighting an all time great.
Read more at or by click this link:–72867

#MMA #XFE31 (FREE MEDIA OFFER INSIDE) XFE 31: “Chocolate Thunder” attempts to calm the “Psycho” at Harrahs Casino Resort LIVE WORLDWIDE on!

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Click here to watch this ENTIRE EVENT from start to finish RIGHT HERE on!!


On December 7th, XFE returns to the Harrahs Casino & Resort in Chester, PA with an ACTION PACKED night of MMA broadcasting LIVE and around the WORLD on with XFE 31! In the Main Event of the evening, Bellator veteran Shedrick “Chocolate Thunder” Goodrigde (3-6) will be squaring off Elder “Psycho” Ramos (4-2).



This is a stylistic match up and fan of MMA is sure to love! Goodridge vs Ramos was originally slated as the co-main event but due to injury, a cut eye on Mike Pope, this sure to be brutal attraction got the bump. Even though this was originally slated as the co-main event, Goodridge-Ramos has main event material written all over it.



“This was once of those fights that would have been a main event anywhere else and luckily, as always, we stacked the card. When Pope suffered the cut, we had a main event waiting in the wings. Here at XFE we try to make every fight main event worthy just in case something happens to this nature,” explained XFE promoter David Feldman. “Chocolate Thunder”, a Bellator veteran, as always is prepared for war at XFE 31 at Harrahs Casino & Resort in Chester, PA broadcasting LIVE around the WORLD on! “My training camp has been pretty good a couple nicks and bruises but other than that great,” said Goodridge discussing his training camp.



Goodridge, being the type of fighter that never shy’s away from a challenge, accepted his fight with Ramos without having any knowledge of his opponent. “I really didn’t know much about him did some research but I mean nothing really stood out. I see he throws an overhand right a lot from his hip and relies on wrestling. I feel I’m the better wrestler. I’m longer so I will be able to dictate the fight with my jab,” explained Goodridge when discussing his opponent and his opponent’s flaws. “I have no problem where ever the fight goes I feel I have the advantage standing and on the ground,” says Goodridge. Not only does Goodrdge feel that he has the advantage physically but he feels he has the mental advantage do to his big fight experience compared to Elder Ramos. ” I’ve been there I know what to expect and how to handle getting in that cage, putting on a good show, and getting the job done.” Like Goodridge, “Psycho” had a tremendous camp also.



“Camp for this fight has been super hard. I was originally scheduled to fight at 170lbs and I began cutting from 205lbs. When I got to 183lbs I found out my opponent had topull from the fight. After that I went through a few guys who I might fight and I said ok to them all but for whatever reason they decided not to accept the fight. Then I was told Shedrick was willing to fight me so I said ok but the problem was he fights at 185 and I fight at 170. As true professionals we both decided we want to fight and decided to meet up at 180. It has been a long road but I’m glad fight week is finally here. I had a very strong camp with my boys at Vanguard gym, who always kick my butt n push me as hard as they can. I’m also blessed to cross train with Kaizen MMA, Freedom MMA, and several other pro fighters who have made time in their busy schedule to come to VA n kick my butt.”


Unlike his opponent Goodridge, Ramos had a little bit more knowledge of his opponent when he agreed to this promising showdown. “Shedrick is a true professional I respect him and his team. With that being said I feel all my hard work will pay off. I’m comfortable anywhere and I know I can finish the fight from anywhere I want to take it. I’m ready to fight standing or on the ground. I’m confident on my skills so I’m not worried about anything I will finish it from anywhere,” the very confident Ramos.




Ramos also took the time to explain what kind of fighter he is & why he puts his life on the line every time he steps in the cage. “I’m a down to earth fighter who is chasing a dream. I’m doing my best to bring home a win to my beautiful wife n kids. I’m a fighter but that is not all I’m about. I’m also a very proud father of two beautiful kids Joseph and Hailey also I’m married to my high school sweetheart, who is my backbone. I’m very blessed to have a beautiful family that loves me n supports me so I’m already a winner” Both men, beaming with confidence, had two different version of how the night will finish but it doesn’t matter which man is correct because both are surefire was to please the fans in attendance or watching LIVE WORLDWIDE on!



Goodridge feels fans can expect, “Fireworks and a big finish coming from me. Last fight didn’t perform how I should of and now I’m coming back with something to prove.” While Ramos differs in opinion, “Fans should keep their eyes open because I’m coming to finish my opponent and I will do whatever it takes to do so. I have the skills, the drive, the knowledge, experience n the heart to bring home a win! Don’t let either of these men’s record fool you. MMA fans are in for a treat any time either man steps in the cage so when they clash against each other fans can expect fireworks made of violence!



Nicholas Wiley taking on Randall Brown for the XFE 170lb Championship, made its way to the co-main event after the departure of Algeo-Pope, is a fight to look out for. With both men’s amateur careers dwindling away, expect both men to go for broke so they can have have a full head steam when they embark in their journey of their pro career.




Also featured on this event is Zach Love squaring off with Andrew Bradley. “The moment this fight was signed it became an early nominee for “Fight of the Night” and that says a lot about these two fighters seeing how stacked this card is,” noted XFE promoter David Feldman.




Rounding up the card will be Justin Lesko Vs. Mouhamadou Sougoule, Charles Kowalchick Vs. Frederick Heim, Phuong Nguyen Vs. Israel Encarnacion, Roy Kofroth, Jr. Vs. Paul Turner, Michael Schlicker Vs. Bobby Malcolm, Jaymes Lewis Vs. John Beck. Also on the is Desmond Moore Vs. Damien Melendez, a fight in which Melendez looks for revenge the 2nd time around.



This is a can’t miss event for any MMA fan! Tickets are still on sale at the Harrahs Casino & Resort, with the low prices of $45, $65, & $100.



For those who can not attend this spectacular night of action LIVE, fear not, because XFE 31 will be broadcasting LIVE around the WORLD on! Order once and re live the action for LIFE only on GFL OnDemand. Click the link below for more info: XFE 31 is sponsored by Rocco’s Collision, Harrahs Casino & Resort, and Martinez BJ!








ATTN MEDIA: For those who can cover this fight by being in attendance, you can cover XFE 31 via FREE MEDIA STREAM (upon approval) on




Please respond to the with answers to the following question to Tim Kudgis (contact info below):







Media Affiliation:




Email Address:



Have you posted anything on your media source regarding XFE 31 (If no please feel free to use the above)?:




Please provide links: Will you be promoting the event and GFL stream on social media during the show?:




Please provide you social media profile links: Please fill this out, or if you have any other question and/or concerns, and respond to:




Tim Kudgis


GFL Media and/or



Dodd Ready for Mid-Term Striking Exam at EFC Gladiators This Saturday LIVE on!

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To watch EFC Gladiators LIVE around the WORLD on  click here!

Dodd Ready for Mid-Term Striking Exam at EFC Gladiators This Saturday


When it comes to wrestling, New Jersey Phys. Ed teacher and mixed martial arts fighterWill “The Thrill” Dodd (1-0) gets an A.

But when Dodd climbs in the cage this Saturday night (November 30), at the Parsippany PAL, in one of the supporting bouts of The Darwish Brothers’ next epic MMA show: EFC GLADIATORS, he will be looking to work on his new-and-improved striking skills… a mid-term exam in stand-up fighting, so to speak.


Tickets for EFC GLADIATORS are priced at: $45, $65, and $125 Cageside and are on sale now at the EFC website:


“I’ve been really working on striking and I feel even more prepared than I did for my first fight,” said Dodd. “It’s coming along nicely, so I feel confident about that. I want to see where my stand up is. I feel really good because of all the work I put in.”


A longtime wrestler and a wrestling coach, 26-year-old Dodd and a partner started a wrestling class at the EFC gym last March. The idea to try mixed martial arts came from the persistence of EFC head and event co-promoter Hani Darwish.


“I was teaching wrestling classes for kids, and that was pretty much my only job at the EFC. As time went on, Hani talked to me and asked if I was interested in training MMA and seeing how it goes. I’ve always been interested in fighting and boxing and things like that, so I said ‘Definitely.’ As time went on and training was going well, he said he was able to get me a fight in August. I didn’t hesitate and took the fight. I just kind of hit the ground running with it. I won my debut by arm triangle in round one. ”


Dodd says it’s not common knowledge he’s a fighter at the middle school in Plainfield, New Jersey, where he’s taught gym for the past three years, but those who do know have been very supportive.


“It’s not a widely known thing at work. Some of the kids I teach know. They get a kick out of it. I was trying to get kids into signing up for wrestling for the school, so I printed out some pics of UFC fighters who wrestled in high school and college and put myself in with some of the other fighters. They said, ‘wait a minute, that’s you!’ A few of them wished me good luck on my fight coming up.”


“Will has come along quickly because of his hard work,” said Hani Darwish. “He really is a sponge when it comes to new techniques and skills. He has a very strong wrestling background to begin with and now he’s rounding out his skills very well.”


Dodd says he didn’t expect his life to take this path, but now that he’s tried it, he’s in for the long haul.


“When I first started I thought I’d have one fight and try it, just to say I did it. But, the feeling I got when I won was something that can’t be replaced. I fell in love with it. Now, I want to take it as far as I can. Obviously I’ll go step by step, but once I feel I’m ready, I would be interested in turning professional and having a career.”


But for now, he continues to study and prepare for all the tests and exams he will have during his evolution into a cage fighter.


“On the ground, I could finish a fight pretty quickly. But in this fight, I’m going to be trying to stay on the feet and see where I’m at. It’s definitely been a big learning curve, but I train every day. Some days are harder than others, but every day I’m doing something. I’m always trying to learn and improve.”


That’s the mark of a good student.




In the EFC GLADIATORS main event Saturday, outspoken EFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Christopher “The Neighborhood Legend” Vallaro (6-2), of Ardon MMA in Brooklyn, will defend against undefeated Robert Bodden (2-0) of Spartan Fitness in Deer Park, New York.


In a very special added attraction Montsir “Monster” Mohammad will return for a showdown against undefeated Andres Velasques (2-0) of New Jersey’s Pure MMA.


The Parsippany PAL is located at 33 Baldwin Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054. On fight night, doors open at 6 pm and the first bout starts at 7 pm.


Those unable to attend can watch the event live via online streaming at and or a price of $9.99. For more information on the EFC and its fighters, visit the EFC website:

Kauffman-Barnett & De Alba-Charles to Headline “Reading to Rumble” tomorrow night LIVE on!

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Click here to watch “Reading to Rumble” LIVE around the WORLD on! 


On November 30th, “Reading to Rumble” will take place from the Santander Arena (formerly the Sovereign Center) and will be broadcast LIVE WORLDWIDE on!


In the main event, WBA #10 ranked contender Travis Kauffman (26-1)will take on late replacement Jason Barnett (14-14) for the WBU International Heavyweight title.


Kauffman has put together an impressive 8 straight victories since his sole blemish, a very controversial loss to Tony Grano, in 2009. Kauffman, a workhorse has been working hard to prepare for a bout with Manuel Quezada, who fell out as an opponent recently. Travis knows, if he is able to score a highlight reel KO over his opponent, it could help raise his #10 ranking in the WBA. The rise of ranking in turn could lead to a title shot which would be accompanied by a hefty pay day.


The last minute opponent change hasn’t worried Kauffman a bit. Kauffman, who was sparring with Bryant Jennings, Tomaz Adamek, and Patrick Farrell for the with Quezada stated “Change isn’t going to hurt me because of my experience. I can handle whoever they put in front of me.”


His opponent Barnett, has done battle with a who’s who in the Heavyweight division. Stringing together 2 back to back victories, Barnett is looking for an upset because a win could lead to an even bigger pay day. Barnett has shared the ring with top rated fighters such as Mike Perez, Luis Ortiz and recent Prizefighter finalist Jason Gavern. Barnett, has been known to cause an upset or 2, when he stopped John Poore (21-3) and previously undefeated Erik Leander (8-0) back to back in 2009 & 10.


Both men carry significant KO power so don’t expect this fight to go the distance. This fight could be over in the blink of an eye, so whether you in attendance at the Santander Arena or watching at home LIVE WORLDWIDE on, don’t leave your seat!


In the co-main event, Frank Santos De Alba (9-1-2) will take on upset minded Osnel Charles (9-7-1)over the course of 6 rounds.


Frank Santos De Alba, is a fan favorite in the Reading area and is very highly touted. After suffering his only loss in his pro debut, he battled back going 9-0-2 in his next 11 bouts. The crafty southpaw has a tendency to out box his opponents but has been known to score a knockout on occasion. Not one to disappoint Santos De Alba plans to put on a great performance against his toughest opponent to date in Charles.


“When I step in the ring it is very exciting. My fans and family always have my back and I always like to put a show on for them when I step in the ring” explained  De Alba.


Even tough Santos De Alba never saw his opponent fight he is aware that it will not be an easy task at hand. “I never had the chance to see him fight but from what I am told he likes to box a lot and has been in there with some very tough opponents”.


His opponent Charles, a once very promising prospect, has recently hit a rough patch in his career going (0-4-1) in his last 5 bouts. He dropped decision loses to some of the east coasts top prospects such as Allan Benitez (6-1), Naim Nelson (8-0), Rod Salka (16-2) & Anthony Cacace (7-0). His last victory was in 2011, a scintillating 1st round KO of the favored Anthony Flores (9-3-1). Even though he hasn’t tasted victory in 2 years, he knows it can all be turned around in 1 fight. “This is my championship fight. I have to be back on top and there is no choice about it” exclaimed Charles.


Most people would be concerned about fighting in their opponent’s backyard but it does not seem to faze the confident Charles. “That is the way I like it anyway. I have to make a statement in his backyard.” Yea he is popular prospect but who has he fought?” asked Charles. “Look at the people I fight and look at the people he has fought. That should say it all.”


Promising prospect Khalib Whitmore (3-0), who is trained by Nazim Richardson, will see action against Mark Baltimore (1-2). In just 3 fights Whitmore was nominated for GFL’s “2013 Prospect of the Year”. Batimore is a tough fighter, but Whitmore will be looking to impress the Reading crowd as well as the fans watching at home LIVE WORLDWIDE on


Rounding up the card will be welterweight’s Evincii Dixon (2-3-1) against Rafael Montalvo (3-4. Featherweight Wilfredo Morales will be making his pro debut against Jesus Gonzales (1-3). Also lightweight Travis Thompson (4-11-2) will take on Emil Rodriguez (0-3). Finally, fan favorite Keenan Collins (15-8-3) takes on an opponent TBA.


Watch this event LIVE & WORLDWIDE on! Order once & re watch for LIFE on GFL On Demand!

Fight night this week for Sheppard, Echard

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Click here to watch LIVE around the WORLD on!


By Jay W Bennett –


To read the entire article click here!


PARKERSBURG – It could be quite the week for professional boxers Mike Sheppard and Dustin Echard.



Sheppard, the Wirt County High School teacher, is the main event on Tuesday night’s FOX Sports 1 television show that starts at 9 p.m. He’s set to face Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver on the “Golden Boy Live” card at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Fla.



Echard, who last fought on Aug. 3 at the Fish Bone Gill and Grill where he dominated a six-round unanimous decision versus Shawn Laughery, will put his 7-0 (5 KOs) mark on the line Saturday night against Tom Hanshaw Jr. (2-1, 2 KOs). Echard’s fight is on the undercard of the Paul Spadafora/Johan Perez 12-round main event for the WBA super lightweight interim world title at the Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in Chester, W.Va.



“This is what people dream about. I’m just happy for the opportunity. It’s like an opportunity for a lifetime,” Sheppard said of the chance to put a halt to Tarver’s thoughts of finding success in the heavyweight division.



To read the entire article click here!

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