Jenkins-Lentz, Vasquez-Guzman top March 6 prelim card at 2300 Arena in Philly

Philadelphia, PA – Junior middleweight prospect Fred Jenkins, Jr., of Philadelphia, and undefeated Jeff Lentz, of Lanoka Harbor, NJ, square off in an intriguing six-round contest Friday evening, March 6, at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia.

The seven-fight card features a pair of eight-round contests: Jason Sosa (13-1-3, 9 KOs), of Camden, NJ, vs. Bergman Aguilar (12-1-1, 4 KOs), Esca zu, Costa Rica, junior lightweights; Joey Dawejko (13-3-2, 6KOs), Philadelphia, vs. Enobong Umohette
(9-2-0, 8KOs), Milwaukee,WI, heavyweights.

First bout is 7 p.m.

Jenkins (above left), 28, is coming off a six-round points win over James Robinson, of York, PA, last Dec. 13 at the 2300 Arena. Jenkins (9-1, 3 K0s) turned pro in 2011 at 170 pounds. In 2012, he was as heavy as 174.5 pounds but weighed 155.75 when he beat Robinson.

Before he began his professional training, the 5-foot-7 Jenkins was as heavy as 225.

Jenkins is managed and trained by his dad, Fred Jenkins, Sr., a former pro in the 1970s and a member of the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame. Jenkins, Sr., trains heavyweight Bryant Jennings and also managed and trained Charlie ‘Choo Choo’ Brown, the first IBF world lightweight champ, as well as junior welterweight Rockin’ Rodney Moore.

Lentz, 26, is 4-0 with 1K0 as a pro boxer. He registered his biggest victory in his last fight on July 12 in West Deptford, NJ, when he scored a six-round upset decision over Tim Witherspoon, Jr., of Philadelphia. Witherspoon was 10-4-1 at fight time when Lentz earned scores of 59-55 from all three ringside judges. Lentz also defeated Vinny O’Brien, of East Hanover, NJ, in 2012.

In MMA, Lentz is the owner-operator at Jeff Lentz Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu and also works as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. He also is schooled in Muay Thai.

A six-round lightweight contest matches popular Victor Vasquez, of Philadelphia, against Jose Guzman, of the Bronx, NY.

Vasquez (above right), 32, earned a six-round decision over fellow-Philadelphian Gerald Smith in his last fight Oct. 18 at the 2300 Arena. A pro since 2006, Vasquez has a record of 17-9-1 with 7K0s.

Guzman, 26, makes his first start in more than four years. He is 5-8-1 but has lost to world-class fighters such as former super bantamweight world-title challenger Teon Kennedy, of Philadelphia, and ex-WBO junior welterweight champ Chris Algieri, of New York.

Also returning after a three-year absence is unbeaten lefty Keenan Smith, of Philadelphia. He takes on hard-luck welterweight Malik Jackson, of Newark, NJ, over six rounds.

Smith, 24, last boxed in 2012, beating Chris Finley, of Detroit, MI, over four rounds in Atlantic City, NJ. Smith is 5-0, 1 K0.

Jackson, 32, who can’t seem to get a break from the ringside officials, is 1-5-4, including a six-round draw last fall with unbeaten David Gonzales, of Philadelphia, in Gonzales’ backyard.

Smith represents the ninth undefeated fighter Jackson will have boxed in less than two years.

Two four-round fights complete the 7 p.m. card: Jerome Conquest, Philadelphia, vs. Kevin Garcia, Phoenixville, PA, lightweights; Lamont McLaughlin, Philadelphia, vs. Alshamar Johnson, Vineland, NJ, super middleweights.

About March 6

The Sosa-Aguilar and Dawejko-Umohette fights headline a seven-bout card at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia. Doors open at 6 pm; first fight is 7pm. The card will be streamed live on and on Comcast SportsNet (CSN) on a delayed basis. Tickets are $35, $50 and $75 and can be purchased by calling Peltz Boxing (215-765-0922) and Wanamaker’s Tickets (215-568-2400). Tickets also can be purchased online at and The March 6 card is promoted by Joe Hand Promotions, Peltz Boxing and BAM Boxing.

Roy Jones Jr. Q&A: ‘I love the game’

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By Brian Campbell |
Originally Published: March 5, 2015

Roy Jones Jr.-Willie Williams

Where: Cabarrus Arena in Concord, N.C.
When: Friday, 7:30 p.m. ET

Don’t call it a comeback because Roy Jones Jr. has been here for years.

At 46 and riding a five-fight win streak dating back to 2011, Jones (59-8, 42 KOs) continues his quest for a fifth title in as many weight classes when he faces Willie Williams (14-8-2, 4 KOs) on Friday in a 10-round cruiserweight bout at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina.

With a victory, Jones believes he could be in line for a shot at cruiserweight titlist Marco Huck (38-2-1, 26 KOs).

Jones, who won world titles from 160 pounds all the way to heavyweight when he outpointed John Ruiz in 2003, hasn’t faced top competition during his recent win streak. But he hasn’t lost since dropping three straight fights from 2009 to 2011, including two by devastating knockout.

The former pound-for-pound king recently spoke with about his future inside the ring:

ESPN: What’s at stake for you in this fight?

RJ: There’s a lot at stake for me. You know me, I always like to test myself to see if I’m still up to par and still have what it takes to win a title. If I feel like I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t waste my time fighting. I feel good and feel like I’ve got what it takes to be a champion again. So I’m looking at doing this and seeing how I feel. If I feel well, I will be going after Marco Huck. He agreed to fight me this year if everything goes well.

Full Story –

Order Event ––Roy-Jones-Jr/2784

AFC 114 Review

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Courtesy of

Highlighting the event was one of the best fights to ever go down for the venerated local promotion, a non-stop war of attrition between Jennifer ‘The Gypsy’ Johnston and Denali ‘Red’ Barnett. Usually such spectacles are reserved for the earlier books of the Bible, and the women’s lightweight contest brought the whole stadium to its feet at its conclusion.

While close competition was the story for most of the evening, the main event bucked the trend, as Nick ‘The Natural’ Novelli captured the vacant featherweight title with a one-sided drubbing of last-minute replacement Cody ‘The Wolverine’ Williams.



Nick ‘The Natural’ Novelli def. Cody ‘The Wolverine’ Williams Rd. 2, Submission (Von Flue choke)

Round 1

Gracie Barra trained Novelli throws a punch right off the perfunctory hand slap and immediately secures a head and arm takedown. He bunches Martial Art Alaska product Williams against the fence and moves to mount, hitting him with short elbows and generally enforcing his will. Williams, who stepped up to this title fight with less than 48 hours notice, attempts to climb the cage and escape, but he’s not close enough and remains mounted. Novelli moves to side control and starts setting up a head and arm choke. ‘The Wolverine’ is pretty much helpless through the fight so far. Novelli has isolated the far arm of Williams and cranks a nasty americana, but Williams thrashes and wiggles and stays alive. ‘The Natural’ returns to mount and softens Williams up with body shots. Novelli postures up and lands a big punch, then works short elbows. Novelli is basically landing whatever he wants from mount, and the ref is hovering. Williams needs to hang on for another minute. He bucks twice against the cage, but only pushes himself towards the center. Novelli is still on top, transitioning to side control, then north-south. Novelli looks for arm locks and chokes, but Williams sees the attempts coming with just enough time to save himself. With ten seconds left Novelli postures up and rains hell until the bell rings. 10-8 Novelli, if I were to score it.

Round 2

Novelli misses with a head kick to start things off this round. He lowers his target and lands a few kicks to the body and legs. Novelli looks low then comes up high, slapping Williams on the cheek with a head kick. Novelli uses strikes to set up a takedown attempt. Williams snatches his head and looks to crank a guillotine choke, but Novelli clears his legs to the far side and locks in a textbook Von Flue choke, garnering the quick tap.

Your new featherweight champion is Nick The Natural Novelli!


Mike ‘The Cannon’ Fannon def. Jeff ‘Sandman’ Sanderson Rd. 3, Decision (unanimous)

Round 1

Sanderson, fighting out of Martial Art Alaska, bounces just outside Fannon’s range, drawing out a few left hand punches that miss. Sanderson grazes Fannon’s lead leg with a kick, then gets pushed back with a right hand blast. As Garage Crew rep Fannon moves in Sanderson ducks low and grabs for his hips, but Fannon sprawls out and stays on his feet. Sanderson pushes him agains the fence and clinches. They trade knees to the body and short body hooks as Sanderson fights for the takedown. Sandman eventually elevates Fannon’s leg and pulls him from the cage, gently setting him on his back with total control. Sanderson goes to work from Fannon’s full guard, peppering him with light ground and pound. The Cannon tries to use the cage to stand back up and does so, but Sanderson keeps his hands around his waist and trips him down to the center of the cage. Fannon has ahold of his neck in a tight guillotine, but Sanderson is able to extricate a leg and pull his head out. From half-guard Fannon tries to isolate an arm for a Kimura, but Sanderson consolidates his limbs and peppers Fannon’s body. Fannon regains full guard and avoids most of the punches Sanderson throws, even managing to challenge with some damage of his own from the bottom. At the end of the round Sanderson drops back for a heel hook, but the bell rings before he can latch it up. 10-9 Sanderson on my totally unimportant scorecard.

Round 2

Fannon counters a kick with a solid right hand. As Fannon walks Sanderson into the fence, Sandman ducks down and secures a clinch. The Cannon is back on defense. As he separates Sanderson nails him with a series of uppercuts. Fannon’s left eye is starting to swell. Fannon sticks a jab to the body. Fannon hits a step-in left hook, but Sanderson again works inside and pushes Fannon into the fence, looking for the takedown. Sanderson hugs a leg and lifts, but Fannon hops on the other one and stays standing. As they separate, Fannon hits a good knee to the noggin. Fannon moves in and slaps Sanderson with a powerful left hook, right uppercut combo, but Sanderson fires back with a right cross of his own. They clinch and Sanderson pokes Fannon with uppercuts to the body. Fannon take the center of the cage and walks Sanderson around, picking him apart with solid technical boxing. Sanderson darts in and eats a nasty uppercut. Sanderson is starting to look flustered, shooting his takedown from further away and eating more and more of Fannon’s cannonballs. With less than a minute to go he hits Fannon with a sharp two punch combo that has the former heavyweight moving backward. Sanderson pushes him against the cage and looks for the takedown again. He tries to muscle him to the mat, but Fannon stays standing as the round ends. 10-9 Fannon, if I were one for scoring these sorts of things.

Round 3

Fannon’s eye is swollen badly, and Sanderson is spitting blood on the canvas. It’s anybody’s fight. Sanderson opens the final stanze by pushing Fannon back with his dependable one-two combo, but absorbs Fannon’s blistering hook in reply. Fannon lands a glancing right hand. Sanderson shoots from a mile away and Fannon easily sprawls. Fannon is breaking Sanderson down, landing at will, moving away from this opponent’s counterblows and shots, and hitting him again as he pleases. It looks in the bag for Fannon, when he lets himself get too close to Sanderson. Sanderson wraps his arms around Fannon and sucks him to the ground, securing side control! Sanderson isolates an arm and cranks for an american, but Fannon finds him off balance and sweeps to the top! Sanderson immediately looks to latch up a triangle choke, but Fannon is able to push through it and turn up his ground’n’pound attack. 90 seconds left and Fannon lets Sanderson back up. Back on their feet Fannon just misses with a head kick. They clinch and trade uppercuts. Sanderson slips a jab from Fannon and wobbles him with a right hand rocket. Fannon smiles and nods. Sanderson pushes in looks for his single leg takedown, but Fannon fights it off. 15 seconds left and the ref separates them. They clinch in the center of the cage and trade hooks and knees until the bell sounds. Very competitive fight. That round went 10-9 for Fannon on my very unofficial scorecard.

The judges turn in a unanimous decision (28-9, 28-29, 28-29) in favor of Mike ‘The Cannon’ Fannon.


Jennifer ‘The Gypsy’ Johnston def. Denali ‘Red’ Barnett

Rd. 3, TKO (strikes and exhaustion)

Round 1

The fighters feel each other out with slick combos from distance. Martial Art Alaska’s Barnett uses good footwork to successfully walk Johnston, representing Anchorage Brazilian Jui Jitsu, against the cage and land some good punches, but Johnston snatches a double collar die and lands solid knees to the body. They separate, and the scene repeats. When they separate again The Gypsy snaps a right hand straight into Barnett’s sandwich hole. Johnston looks more and more comfortable, landing some big single blows and causing Red’s nose to trickle blood. They clinch against the fence and trade dirty boxing. Johnston holds Barnett against the fence for most of the time, but as they separate Barnett connects with some powerful short blows of her own an takes the advantage. Back in the center of the cage Barnett rocks Johnston with a straight right. Johnston clinches against the cage and looks for a hip toss, but Barnett fights it off and pushes against her face, getting enough space to unzip more crackly punches into her opponet’s face. Johnston tries to yank her to the ground, but Barnett shucks it off and punishes Johnston more as she back-pedals. Johnston finally hits the throw she’s been looking for, landing in guard, but it’s late in the round and there’s not much time to do any work. It’s a crazy-close round, but I’d score it 10-9 for Barnett.

Round 2

Barnett counters a kick from Johnston with a overhand right, but Johnston detonates a grenade of a haymaker right on her temple! Johnston grabs the thai clinch again and rockets a series of knees into her breadbasket, but Barnett creates separation and pummels Johnston with rights and lefts. The two stand toe-to-toe, trading punches with abandon! It’s beautiful! They clinch against the fence and Johnston carefully adjusts her grip, but can’t find one she likes and abandons it. Again, Barnett punishes her on the break. They tie up again, and Johnston works the body with short hooks and again tries to trip her to the ground, but Barnett stays on her feet and dishes out more facial reconstruction. Barnett lands a short elbow in close. Back to the thai clinch as The Gypsy works her knees and body shots, trying to find the trip. It’s not there. It’s nonstop, back and forth action, blow for blow, back and forth. Johnston has Barnett clinched in her corner, Barnett’s back to the fence, but this time elects to assault her opponent’s leg with hammerfists until the round ends. 10-10 this round. Amazing fight.

Round 3

Both fighters are beaten, bloody, and bruised, but neither will bow. Red counters an opening kick from Johnston with a well-timed counter right. Johnston clinches and attacks the leg with hammerfists again. They separate and slug it out in the pocket! Both fighters take as much damage as they dish out! Johnston grabs the thai clinch and shucks Barnett to the floor. She looks for a guillotine, but Barnett digs deep and gets back to her feet. They resume teeing off on each other. Barnett moves forward, pushing The Gypsy’s back, but loses her balance and falls to her knees. Could be she’s fading. Barnett rolls to her back and Johnston polishes her off with two hammerfists, but she’s already out, reportedly choking on her own blood. Easily the fight of the year.


Al ‘The Coke Man’ Matvao def. Hipa ‘Samoan Redneck’ Fouvale Rd. 2, Submission (strikes)

Round 1

Matvao, fighting out of Gracie Barra, swings and misses with a long hook. The fighters feel each other out. Hipa launches a flying knee, but misses the mark. Hipa closes the distance and plunks in a good right hook. They flurry and Hipa slaps in a kick as Matvao moves away. Hipa keeps the pressure up with another flying knee which partially lands, but Matvao maintains his composure, catches Hipa in midair, and slams him down. The Coke Man’ lays trapped in full guard as Hipa hangs on and cranks a guillotine choke. After a while Matvao breaks free and explodes to his feet, unleashing an onslaught of devastating stand’n’pound. Unfortunately, one punch flies errantly into Hipa’s groin, and the referee stops the action as Hipa recovers. Back on their feet, 30 seconds left and the two clash kicks and Matvao falls down, clutching his cup. The crowd seem to appreciate the irony. Matvao takes his time to recover as well, making this possibly the longest first round in history. Once they restart nothing really happens in the last 30 seconds except Matvao missing with a jab. Hard to call the round, what with all the nut shots. I’ll say it’s 10-10.

Round 2

Matvao slaps in a leg kick, then whiffs badly as Hipa dodges a long haymaker. They flurry, each attempting to dodge and counter. Hipa flies across the cage with a flying knee that’s easily dodged. Matvao is starting to find a home for a gritty leg kick-jab-cross combo, but soon Hipa catches on and counters him with a thudding right. The Coke Man clinches up and Hipa jumps guard, looking for a guillotine choke that isn’t there. Matvao has his opponent squished up against the cage, in his own corner. However, neither fighter is showing much aggression. The crowd voices its displeasure as both fighters pose, not trapped, but still practically stock still. Finally Matvao attacks with stand’n’pound, and Hipa taps quickly.


Kerby ‘Kerbstomp’ Coman def. Daniel ‘Twiggins’ Wiggins Rd. 3, Decision (unanimous)

Round 1

Coman darts right in and plasters his taller foe with a blistering 1-2 combo. He takes Hard Knocks University product Wiggins to the ground and looks in control, but Wiggins recovers and sweeps from bottom, landing on top in full guard. Wiggins, who holds a five inch height advantage, stands and dodges some up kicks, and tries to pass. As Coman rolls back to his hips ‘Twiggins’ attempts to take his back. A weird roll and scramble follow, with Wiggins on bottom trying to find an unorthodox reverse triangle. Coman bides his time and escapes back to guard, on top, and scores with light ground’n’pound. Wiggins tries to lock up a triangle choke, but locks his feet on the wrong side and Coman pops his head out. Coman takes the back with 20 seconds left, but with ten remaining Wiggins slips out the back door and takes back control himself! They handfight until the bell rings. I’d score it 10-9 in favor of Coman, personally.

Round 2

Coman starts the round the same way he started the last round, landing a 1-2-takedown combination. Coman is very nicely setting up his takedowns with strikes. Wiggins locks up triangle on the correct side this time, but Coman turns Wiggins on his side and breaks the hold. Wiggins gets back to his feet, but is immediately dumped again. Kerbstomp works from the full guard, smacking Wiggins with ground’n’pound. Coman pushes down on the leg and steps to half-guard. Wiggins attempts a sweep, but Coman rides him out and stays on top. Coman’s arm is trapped on the wrong side of Wiggins head, which is the only thing saving Wiggins from a world of hurt. They return to their feet, clinched, and trade leg kicks, then tumble back to the floor. With ten seconds left Coman holds Wiggins against the the cage in side control, but his head is held down and he can’t inflict any more damage. 10-9 for Coman, if anybody asked me (nobody did).

Round 3

This sloppy but dynamic grappling match continues. Coman grabs a kick from wiggins and uses the leg to yank wiggins to the mat again. Coman looks to work ground’n’pound from Wiggins’ closed grard, while Wiggins makes small hip movement and tries to look for a submission. Wiggins’ defense is breaking down, and Coman is landing a lot more offense. Against the cage Coman takes Wiggins’ back no hooks and looks for a side naked choke. Wiggins resists and stays alive. Coman lands a big time blow from under Wiggins’ armpit. Wiggins is stunned and Coman turns on the juice, looking to finish the fight with 30 seconds left to go. However, he gets careless and nails his opponent in the back of the head. The ref calls time out, warns Coman, and allows Wiggins five minutes to recover. Wiggins takes full advantage of the break. He’s got 24 seconds to win this fight. Coman blasts the aggressive Wiggins four times across the jaw and takes him down directly to mount, where Wiggins holds him tightly until the bell rings. 10-9 Coman The judges turn in a unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-28) in favor of Kerby ‘Kerbstomp’ Coman.


Tae ‘Kwon Do’ Yoon def. James Savage Rd. 1, Submission (strikes)

Round 1

Garage Crew’s Yoon yells to psych himself up before the fight starts. Yoon looking light on his feet as he backpedals from the hard punching Savage, switches stances back and forth, and fires a wicked side kick to the gut. Savage drops and Yoon pounces with punches. Yoon slips over his back and scrambles wildly as Savage tries to improve his position. During the scramble Yoon kicks Savage in the head while both fighters are still on the ground. The referee warns Yoon and gives Savage a moment to recover. When they reengage Yoon lands a killer lead leg round house square to Savage’s liver. Savage drops and Yoon again pounces with punches. Savage tries to roll away, but he’s quickly trapped, absorbing massive punishment. He taps to to the strikes. Another very impressive performance from a debut fighter.


Javier ‘The Angel of Death’ Rivera def. Toren Bryant Rd. 1, Submission (scarf choke)

Round 1

They meet in the center and fire simultaneous jabs. Rivera’s punch looks like it was more effective, as Bryant puts his head in Rivera’s chest and pushes in for the takedown attempt. Rivera quickly latches up a standing guillotine, but Bryant hoists him up and slams him hard, landing in side control. Rivera hangs onto the neck, though, and deftly slips his feet back under Bryant, regaining his guard and continuing the choke. Bryant puts his forearm on Rivera’s face and postures up, slamming down over and over until Rivera lets the choke go. His respite isn’t long, however, as Rivera quickly transitions to the top and locks in a fight ending scarf choke. A very impressive debut for ‘The Angel of Death’.


Jake ‘Lights Out’ Landers def. Joey ‘The Juggernaut’ Martin Rd. 2, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1

Landers, repping Martial Art Alaska, takes the center of the cage. Martin pushes him to the outside with punches, but eats a good body kick. Martin is showing a lot of aggression, lunging at Landers with a power overhand rights, but misses more than he hits and keeps absorbing body kicks. Martin pushes inside and takes Landers down to a sitting position against the cage. Landers stays active with hammerfists and Martin can’t improve his position. He lets Landers back up and quickly sucks him back in for a trip takedown, landing in Landers’ guard. Martin is trying to set up an arm triangle, but remains trapped in Landers’ guard. With 20 seconds left Landers isolates an arm and attempts a kimura, but Martin twists his arm out of it. As the bell sounds Landers looks to be setting up an armbar. Martin looks exhausted as he makes his way to the corner. Despite hitting two takedowns and maintaining top control, I’ve got to score that round 10-9 to Landers, the more active and damaging fighter.

Round 2

Landers goes body-head-push, then swipes in a kick to the liver for good measure. Landers feints and bobs, but misses on a head kick way over Martin’s head. He goes to work, hacking away at Martin’s lead leg. Martin is game, but looks outclassed in this fight. Martin closes the distance and looks for another takedown, but gets reversed and winds up mounted. Landers transitions to back control and sinks the rear naked choke.

New Full Contact Fighter Radio Features CFFC Champ Jonavin Webb

By FCF Staff, Thursday, Mar 05, 2015

The latest episode of Full Contact Fighter’s podcast features CFFC welterweight champ, Jonavin Webb, who is scheduled to defend the title this Saturday at CFFC 47.

Webb discusses his upcoming bout with Elijah Harshberger, his fight with former Bellator champ Lyman Good, as well as his hopes for 2015.

CFFC 47 will be available via online pay-per-view through Go Fight Live.

You can listen to the latest episode of FCF Radio by clicking to the post below or by subscribing to the show via Sound Cloud.

Full Interview –

Order Event –

Roy Jones Jr. Headlines Stacked Weekend of Live Combat Sports on Go Fight Live

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NEW YORK, NY (March 5, 2014) – GoFight Live (, the world’s premier online destination for live combat sports action, will distribute “Carolina Brawl,” a 10-bout professional boxing event headlined by a cruiserweight matchup between legendary world champion Roy Jones Jr. and Willie “For Real” Williams, live on its streaming video platform tomorrow, Friday, March 6.

Jones. Jr. (59-8, 42 KO’s), a four-division world champion and the only boxer in history to start his career at junior middleweight (154 pounds) and go on to win a heavyweight title, will look for his sixth straight victory in the ring against Williams (14-8-2, 4 KO’s), a pressure fighter looking for his second consecutive win.

During his storied career, Jones, with his incredible speed and reflexes, has served up some of boxing’s most memorable moments, defeating fellow superstars Bernard Hopkins, James Toney and Antonio Tarver, amongst others, along the way.

“We are excited to be in the Roy Jones Jr. business, and to be able to bring this walking icon to a live audience on the aggressively expanding GFL platform,” said GFL CEO David Klarman. “This is going to be an incredible weekend of live action on GFL, filled with an assortment of high-level professional combat in boxing, MMA and Muay Thai, and we look forward to delivering fans a great entertainment experience, as always.”

In addition to the professional boxing card headlined by the Jones, Jr.-Williams affair, the GFL online platform will offer 9 live combat sports events over the course of the weekend, including CFFC 47, and NAAFS – Caged Vengeance 16, both of which take place on Saturday, March 7.

CFFC 47, which takes place at Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pa., features 7 MMA bouts and will be headlined by a welterweight (170 pounds) title fight between undefeated, reigning champion Jonavin “The Spyder” Webb (7-0, 1 NC) and submission expert Elijah Harshbarger (7-4).

NAAFS – Caged Vengeance 16 takes place at the Memorial Civic Center in Canton, Ohio, and features 9 professional MMA bouts, including a welterweight main event between “Non-Stop Action Packed” Dominique Steele (11-5) and Nick “The Savage” Duell (11-4). In the co-main attraction, unbeaten heavyweight Curt Lemmon (4-0) will square off with “Big” John Hawk (10-5).

A pair of Muay Thai fight cards from American Muay Thai League and Bounded Fist Muay Thai Championship, respectively, are also part of Saturday’s programming lineup.

In other live, professional boxing action, “Friday Night Fights,” presented by Joe Hand Promotions, Peltz Boxing and BAM Boxing from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pa. tomorrow, will feature 8 bouts, including an 8-round junior lightweight (130 pounds) matchup between Jason Sosa (13-1-3, 9 KO’s) and Berman Aguilar (12-1-1, 4 KO’s).

Two GFL events – Barry Michaels Sports – “Friday Night Boxing” and Carnage in the Cage IV, a 12-bout MMA card – will stream live from Australia tomorrow and Saturday, respectively.

To view the complete menu of upcoming GFL events, click here.

About GFL:
GFL ( is a fast-growing media and sports entertainment company that utilizes a proprietary technology to deliver the most exciting LIVE combat sports events worldwide and an incredible viewing experience to a global audience. With a diverse mix of combat sports properties, GFL is the premier online destination for live boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and more. Since its inception in 2007, GFL has streamed more than 2,500 live events with over 10,000 hours of combat sports content. In addition to its web platform, GFL is available on Roku, IPhone, IPad, as well as other internet ready devices, and broadcasts a weekly, two-hour, syndicated fight TV show on CSN, TCN and SNY, as well as live pay-per-view events directly to iN DEMAND.


Mike Afromowitz, Witz End Communications, Inc.; (917) 566-8754,

Tuff-N-Uff Mayhem in Mesquite VI Preview

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Tuff-N-Uff returns to GFL on March 14 as it presents “Mayhem in Mesquite VI” from the Casablanca Resort Hotel Casino in Mesquite, Nevada. Tuff N-Uff is one of the premier proving grounds for amateur MMA and always has stacked cards featuring the rising stars from the most famous gyms around the West. Tune in to see the stars of tomorrow compete today.

For the Tuff-N-Uff Lightweight Title, Champion Michael Hobby (6-1) battles Joshua Rodda (5-1). Hobby has won 6 fights in a row with the last 3 being title fights. Hobby is a big lightweight and has shown to have endless cardio when he is in the cage. Hobby is well-rounded and can finish a fight with his standup or grappling. Hobby is close to transitioning into a pro, and this fight might be his last as an amateur. Rodda, who is riding a 3 fight winning streak, is a formidable force who always brings an aggressive style into his fights. Rodda never backs up in the cage and is always putting the pressure on his opponent either by throwing strikes, going for takedowns or working on the mat. Look for Hobby and Rodda to have a huge collision in the opening round as each man tries to impose his will. For the winner, he will walk away a champion.

Caleb Contreras (4-1) fights Derrick Brown (10-6). This could be a de facto #1 Contender fight for the main event winner. Contreras holds a 155lb title already and a strong showing here will put him in line for another title shot. Contreras has only one loss to his record, a split decision, and many observers feel he should have won that fight out right. Look for Contreras to control the spacing in the standup and work a takedown against the cage if he can find an opening. Brown is on a 5-fight winning streak, 3 via stoppage and looks to continue his ascent up the ladder with a highlight reel win over Contreras. Brown is a grinder who is constantly on the attack. Brown also packs quite a wallop with his strikes. Look for his fists to be flying.

Kaytlin Neil (3-1) takes on Brieta “Tank Girl” Carpenter (4-1). Neil is a rising star in the women’s division who breaks away in the score cards as her style of constant force and assertiveness overwhelms her opponents. She looks to build on that by mixing up her attacks more and going for a finish this time around. Carpenter who hails from California has 3 wins in the first round, two by KO and one by submission so she is ready to finish this fight in record time. Don’t blink.

Don’t miss this stacked card on March 14 featuring The Future Stars of MMA fighting today and representing themselves and some of the top gyms around at Tuff-N-Uff’s “Mayhem in Mesquite VI”. Watch all of these fights LIVE on pay-per-view only at!

American Muay Thai League Preview

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American Muay Thai League returns on on March 7 with “American Muay Thai League” from the Thurgood Marshall Center in Washington, DC with 10 Muay Thai bouts that are sure to have bone-rattling KOs and hard-hitting action. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be a host of bone rattling knockouts as these strikers look to take one another out in the ring.

In the main event, Chase Walden from Grindstone Muay Thai battles Remi Singh of Militia Muay Thai NY in a 165lb bout. Walden brings a granite chin into the ring. Walden throws strikes with such ferocity that any punch, kick or knee he lands can change the course of the fight. Singh is a very technical striker, who mixes up his combos beautifully and usually keeps his opponent on the defensive. Singh has tremendous leg kicks mixed with a stiff jab that lets him dictate space and distance inside the ring. Look for this fight to be in the running for fight of the night.

In the co-main event, Rolando Valdez of UFC Gym Maryland takes on Omar Estevez of Sitan Gym New York in a match of 150lb fighters. Valdez is looking to make a name for himself and has shown an ability to land his combos almost at will against past opponents. He is quick to the punch and usually out distances his foes with precession striking. Estevez has shown KO power to go along with an unwavering will. Don’t blink as these two men are at the head of their division and will battle each other to become the alpha male at 150lb.

In other action, Evan Green of Discipline MMA fights Joel Regigano of Capital MMA in a fight in the 147lb division. Green is a durable fighter who is coming into his own as a complete Muay Thai fighter. He mixes up his combos well and doesn’t take much damage in the ring. Regigano is very elusive and has great reflexes making him a tough target to hit. Regigano also has great cardio and can outwork his opponent in the later rounds.

If you love the art of striking, there is no better iPPV for you to order than the “American Muay Thai League”. American Muay Thai League always puts on great shows and this event will up the ante of top level Muay Thai. Order now.

HOF MMA Nations Collide: USA VS Cuba Preview

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House of Fame MMA presents “Nations Collide: USA VS Cuba”, a 10-bout card on March 13 from the BankUnited Center Arena in Miami, Florida. House of Fame MMA is the proving ground for all up and coming MMA fighters in the densely populated state of Florida and this card is sure to showcase future world champions.

In the main event, WSOF vet Anderson Hutchinson (4-0) battles Danny Chavez (5-1) in a featherweight clash. Hutchinson has amassed a perfect record not only as a pro, but an amateur as well. Hutchinson is a rising star in South Florida and another impressive win against a tough competitor like Chavez will turn heads from the bigger, international promotions. Hutchinson is a well-rounded fighter with strong striking and wrestling and an ability to mix up and blend together both styles. Look for Hutchinson to try and push the pace early and get a lead on the score cards after round one. If that happens, Hutchinson will look to open up his striking attacks more as he will be less concerned with getting taken down. Chavez is full of determination and grit. He has never been broken in a fight and loves to wear his opponents down with a grueling combination of wrestling takedowns, top control, side control and constant pressure. This fight promises to be full speed ahead.

In other action, Patrick Dixon (6-5-1) fights WSOF vet Rashaun Spencer (5-8). Dixon is on a 2 fight winning streak, who brings one-punch KO power into the cage and has also worked on his ground game tirelessly adding another element to his overall skill set. Dixon is a huge middleweight but he fights like a lightweight as his cardio conditioning lets him set a fast pace right from the onset. Spencer is built like a brick house and brings a solid wrestling game into the cage. Spencer will no doubt look to get the fight to the ground where he can close the distance and try to work some ground and pound from the top position.

In other action, Haender Rodriguez (6-5) takes on Gleidson Dejesus (4-1) in a bantamweight battle. Rodriguez is an aggressive fighter who uses strong wrestling and takedowns to stymie his opponents’ offense. Rodriguez is strong in top control and can end fights with his elbows and punches from that position as well as via tapout as he is an expert grappler. Dejesus is a technical striker and very aggressive on the mat, always looking to grapple for submission. Dejesus is a high risk-high reward fighter who always finds himself in the fight of the night. A win here against Rodriguez would be the biggest win of Dejesus’ career. Look for Dejesus to come out right from the get go and try and earn the respect of Rodriguez with his striking.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring Florida’s finest MMA athletes competing in front of a packed house. Watch all of the fights LIVE on March 13 as House of Fame MMA presents “Nations Collide: USA VS Cuba” on pay-per-view only at!

CFFC 46 Review

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships returned to with championship level MMA with “CFFC 46″ from the Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Pennsylvania. Pro MMA fighters from around the East Coast competed on this stacked card that featured several of the top ranked and up and coming athletes in the region. CFFC has expanded its stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, for the CFFC Middleweight Champion, Anthony Smith (21-10) became the new champion as he defeated Tim Williams (10-2) via inverted triangle submission in the second round. Smith and Williams had a quick feeling out process before they clinched up against the cage with Williams going for several trip takedowns that Smith successfully defended before Williams’ tenacity got Smith on his back against the cage. On the ground, and using a rubber guard, Smith looked to isolate the right arm of Williams as he was trying to set up an arm lock. Smith locked Williams down inside his guard for over a minute but Williams was able to pop out and began to hurl punch after punch down towards Smith who had his back on the mat. Smith did a great job of pulling Williams close into his guard and not letting Williams land punches in space. Williams broke free once again, throwing punches and trying to pass guard. Williams was able to score with a few more strikes, including elbows as the first round ended. In the second round, Williams scored a nice double leg takedown as he lifted Smith up off the ground and slammed him down to the canvas. When the fighters went to the ground, Williams held his grip around the waist of Smith and Smith, locked on the inverted triangle choke. Once it was locked in, Williams tried to wiggle out, but Smith applied more pressure and Williams was forced to tapout to the unique submission as Smith became the new champion in impressive fashion.

In the co-main event, in the lightweight division, Joey Lowry (3-0) defeated Allen Otto (1-3) via unanimous decision. Lowry used superior striking over the first two rounds to control the action in the cage and be fist to the punch as Lowry utilized his height advantage and took control with his jab, leg kicks and combos. In the third, Otto had his best round as he opened up a cut under the left eye of Lowry, but even that did not stop Lowry who continued to push the pace and got a takedown against the cage to thwart the momentum of Otto. It was a fun fight for fans as both Lowry and Otto gave their all and continued to push the action from bell to bell.

In other action, in the featherweight division, Jon Forster (2-0) defeated Brandon Kaiser (0-2) via unanimous decision. Forster used his wrestling to stymie the offense of Kaiser. Forster put Kaiser on his back again and again and was strong on top and did not allow Kaiser to work from his back for submissions. In the second, Kaiser’s grappling came into play and he had the back of Forster with a body triangle and at one point tried a rear naked choke but was unsuccessful. In the third, Forster went back to his wrestling, getting a takedown and working from side control to keep Kaiser nullified for the remainder of the fight.

Drew Aguilar (4-3) picked up a TKO victory in the second round over William Sizemore (1-2) in a 130lb catchweight bout. Aguilar showed off his punching power and put the division on notice.

Be there to witness who climbs up the ladder and who is hurled off it as “CFFC 46″ throws down the gauntlet on once again. Watch anytime on VOD and own this incredible event for life. Order now.

Ring of Combat AM 20 and Dead Serious MMA Preview

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Ring of Combat and Dead Serious return to action on March 14 on GFL on with another stacked amateur card from Rahway, New Jersey with “Ring of Combat AM 20 & Dead Serious”. The action packed 16-bout card will feature the top regional amateurs on the East Coast MMA scene as both ROC and Dead Serious are known for producing blue chip fighters.

Kendrick Mendez (3-1-1) fights Mustafa Khalil (4-3). Mendez is coming off a hard fought victory which say him battle back from adversity and show the fans what he’s made of on the inside. Mendez looks to make it 2 in a row as he takes on the always dangerous Khalil. Mendez has never been stopped in a fight and prefers to bully his opponent inside the cage, imposing his will through his wrestling takedowns and top control. Khalil dropped his last fight, a title fight, via a close decision. Khalil looks to get back to championship form with a win over Mendez. Being the first fighter in history to stop Mendez would get people talking and that is what Khalil is aiming to do. Khalil has KO power in both hands and has won 2 fights via TKO in under a minute. Stay glued to your screen when these two lock horns in the cage.

Roberto Munoz (4-0) battles Trevor McGovern (8-1). Munoz has defeated all of his opponents by dominant performances and will try and match McGovern on the mat but also brings heavy hands into the cage. Look for Munoz to throw combos early and try to rack up points in the early rounds. This fight has fight of the night written all over it. McGovern holds a title with another organization and for good reason as he is a grappling wizard and is very aggressive when going for the submission on the ground. All 8 of McGovern’s wins have come via RNC and his only loss was by decision. McGovern is looking to continue his upward ascent in the sport and takes on an undefeated fighter in Munoz who is not planning on being a stepping stone to anyone.

Nestor Negroni, Jr. (4-2) takes on Travis Spadafora (3-4). Negroni is coming off a tough loss in a title bout, in his last bout and looks to get back on track for another title shot. Negroni is a wrestling specialist and has solid submissions, especially from the top. Negroni also has high level cardio to go full speed for a whole fight. Spadafora fights with a high risk-high reward style that has seen him win fights in under a minute on more than one occasion. Spadafora has a solid grappling game, with great takedown defense and can mix up his striking with combos from both his fists and feet. These two athletes will go full throttle in their matchup as gold is on the line.

Tune in on March 14 to watch the next crop of East Coast gladiators go to battle inside the steel cage as “Ring of Combat AM 20 & Dead Serious” comes to GFL.TV. Watch the top amateur fighters on the East Coast as they continue to climb up the ladder and live their dreams. Order now.

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