IZW Adrenaline April 12 Review

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IZW Sudden Impact is May 17th and this week’s edition of Adrenaline sent shockwaves through the IZW World on the path to Sudden Impact.

On another episode of Jordan Jacobs’ Lights Out Lounge, IZW Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale set the precedent for the night as he addressed the live crowd in the Impact Arena. It wasn’t long until IZW Champion Double D made his way to the stage and spoke his mind. He told McHale that he wanted a match against Kevin Morgan, to get revenge for the repeat attacks that Morgan has launched on the champion. McHale agreed on the conditions that it take place at Sudden Impact and it be for the IZW Championship. Double D quickly agreed and the main event for the next big IZW iPPV was set.

In the first of two first-round Impact Player of the Year Tournament matches, “The Resurrector of Reality” Striker took on one of the KC Wolves in Graham Bell. Striker had no interest in having a wrestling match with Bell as Striker immediately resorted to brawling to sway the match into his favor. Bell wouldn’t go down easily, though, he utilized his lightning-fast speed to avoid Striker’s offense and counter with a flying calf kick to get Striker in trouble. Graham drilled Striker’s head into the mat with a driving knee but it was only enough for a two-count. Striker, feeling the momentum slipping away, quickly countered and hit his patented Stroke. Instead of going for the cover, Striker decided to put a cherry on the sundae by taking Bell to the top rope but Bell was able to escape, knocking Striker from the top and hitting a senton bomb for an upset win. Bell will be moving on to the second round in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament joining Jordan Jacobs and the other member of The Brothers Righteous, O’Malley.

Team Bull was back in the Impact Arena on this night, still glowing with confidence from their IZW Tag Team Championship win at Coronation. A new challenge presented itself though, in the form of The Sexy Camachos. Vinny & Roberto seem to have their sights set on the tag titles and looked to use this non-title match against Team Bull to prove that they’re worthy of a title shot. What started out as an impressive dance-off between the two teams quickly got serious when Bronze Bull got tired of the games, snatched up Vinny and unceremoniously ejected him from the ring. Bronze Bull displayed why he is one of the most decorated IZW Superstars ever ad he took firm control of the match regardless of which Camacho was in the ring. Roberto Camacho was mocked by both Bulls as they repeatedly messed up his trademark curls. Some quick thinking and distraction of the referee allowed the Camachos to double team Bobby Starr and get the upper hand in the match. An upper hand they would not hold onto for long as Starr would battle back and tag out to the Bronze Bull who came in ready to fight, he laid out both Camachos and when Bobby maid in back into the mix it was only a matter of moments before Team Bull hit a big one-two punch for the dominant win. However, the Camachos were not ready to go down so easily and attacked the tag team champs from behind, leaving Team Bull laying.

The first round of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament continued next as Luke Langley of the KC Wolves took on “Big Business” Damon Windsor. These two men showed great respect for one another shaking hands before the match with each knowing the importance of this opportunity. Both men started out showing off their particular skill set with Langley showcasing his speed and Windsor displaying his strength. Things started off quite friendly but as the match wore on both competitors showed what this match meant to them, fighting with all they had to get the win. Langley found his most success with calculated strikes and kicks but made the mistake of letting Windsor fight back to his feet and when Langley tried to stand toe-to-toe with big Business and Windsor responded with a clothesline that echoed throughout the Impact Arena and almost took Langley’s head off. Windsor Tried put Langley away with the Big Time Slam but Langley wouldn’t stay down. Battling back, Langley took Windsor’s knee out and scored right on the chin with a super kick to the grounded big man. When that wasn’t enough to keep Windsor down, Langley brought a flurry of strikes to Big Business but when he paused to get the crowd behind him Windsor snatched him by the throat and drove him to the mat with a chokeslam for the win. Now our semi-finalists are all set, Windsor joins, O’Malley, Jordan Jacobs and Langley’s partner Graham Bell in the next round of the tournament.

In a disgusting display, Randy Price attacked Brock Landers in the back, upset about his loss to Landers last week. He demanded a rematch which was an ugly affair. Price punished Landers at every single opportunity, trying to redeem himself from last week. He blistered Landers’ chest with knife-edge chops and battered him with punches and knees. The verbal assault was almost as bad as the physical one as Price screamed that Brock had no business being a wrestler. As Landers did his best to fight back, Price stopped it dead in its tracks and drove Landers straight down onto his head with his patented Piledriver 1-2-3. Price wasn’t done though as he kept berating the fallen Landers. When Price started beating Landers with a steel chair, Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows rushed to the ring, saving Landers from even more punishment. Gallows revealed that he had been the one who had been training Brock Landers. He went on to say that he was teaching Landers the right way and if necessary, he would gladly teach Price the right way too.

Gallows set our main event in motion as he took on Impact Elite’s biggest gun, Kevin Morgan. Morgan made a statement before even stepping in the ring as, on his way to the ring, he hit the Moment of Fear on Brock Landers. Morgan snatched the microphone away from announcer AnnaLynn Storm and went on to blame Gallows for starting the decline of Morgan’s status by taking what was Morgan’s Impact Division Championship. The Image of Fear, was in no mood to waste time and started an onslaught on the ribs and midsection of Gallows. Morgan wanted to make an example of Gallows as Morgan moves toward Sudden Impact and his match against IZW Champion Double D. The familiar screams of “Where’s John?” filled the ears of Gallows and the IZW World as Morgan still in solely set on regaining the favor and then the leadership of his savior Johnny Z. Gallows, saw that he couldn’t risk getting into a fist fight or a power struggle with Morgan and modified his gameplan with attacks that consisted mostly of momentum and throwing his entire body at Morgan. This fearless manner of offense found its success against the much larger Image of Fear. But Gallows could only go full speed for so long before he ran out of gas and when Gallows started to slow down Morgan took advantage. He tossed Gallows from one side of the ring to the other. The Impact Division Champion had a little left in the tank, though as he hit a pair of drop kicks which took Morgan off his feet. Gallows went for it all as he mounted the top rope Morgan stopped him, slung him from the top and planted Gallows in the center of the ring with the Moment of Fear.

Morgan has been a runaway locomotive ever since Johnny Z disappeared after Coronation. Now that he believes that regaining the IZW Championship for Johnny Z will trigger the savior’s return, Double D may be facing the most dangerous Kevin Morgan we’ve ever seen. Not only is he finally focused toward one goal but in the Main Event at Sudden Impact May 17th Kevin Morgan has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

GFL REAL FIGHTS Presents XFE 39 Beginning April 21 on TCN & CSN


April 18, 2014

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class MMA as Xtreme Fight Events presents another show stopper with XFE 39 featuring a full lineup of extreme cage fights emanating from the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. XFE has quickly solidified itself in Pennsylvania as the top-tier MMA event where rising stars step into the battleground looking to destroy their opponents.

In the main event, Bellator veteran Brett “Youngblood” Martinez (6-1) takes center stage to fight Josh Booher (3-2). Martinez has only gone to decision once in his career and is always looking to stand in the cage and bring the action to his opponent. Martinez never backs up and is always looking to finish, as 5 of his wins have come via stoppage. Martinez is a grizzled fighter who has fought tough competition his whole career and you can bet another tough test stands in his way when he faces Booher. Booher will be the smaller fighter in the cage so he will have to utilize his explosiveness. All 3 of Booher’s wins have come via stoppage and he will need to raise his intensity level even more as he faces Martinez. Look for a shootout in this main event.

In another featured pro fight, Christopher Pintado (0-1) battles Stephfond Ewins (0-0). Pintado is looking to even his record to .500 after taking a tough loss in his pro debut. Before that, Pintado earned a 5-1 record as an amateur and exhibited a slick submission game. Look for Pintado to get back to his roots and try and get the fight to the mat where he can work his grappling game. Ewins is making his pro debut after going 5-2 as an amateur. Ewins is a well-rounded fighter who relies on his wrestling to get him the victory. Ewins loves to grind his opponents down until their cardio is dust. If the fight does hit the mat, expect Ewins to use his wrestling to try and control the grappling of Pintado. This could turn into a striking war as both men might be content to let their hands go.

Timothy Kunkel (4-1) battles Dean Lavin Jr. (2-6) in a battle of high risk-high reward fighters. Kunkel is on a 3 fight winning streak and looks to make it 4 in a row against Lavin Jr. Kunkel fights with a high impact style as he has KO power in both hands and his wrestling takedowns are brutal on his opponents. Kunkel finished his last opponent off with a KO slam in under 30 seconds. Lavin Jr. is an XFE veteran and this will be his toughest test to date. Lavin Jr. has been susceptible to submissions in the past but has worked on his submission defense relentlessly and packs KO power in both fists, making him a very dangerous opponent. Expect fireworks from these two.

Air times are listed below:

The Comcast Network (TCN) (all zones): Monday, April 21 at 7:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Philly): Thursday, April 24 at 11:00pm ET

TCN Replay (all zones): Friday, April 25 at 9:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, April 27 at 1:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Thursday, April 24 at 7:30pm ET

CSN Philadelphia Replay: Sunday, April 27 at 8:00pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest, CSS and CSN Bay Area will also be airing XFE 39 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN and because of that wide distribution across numerous regions and even nationally via satellite, GFL REAL FIGHTS is available on additional platforms.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.

The Comcast Network http://www.csnphilly.com/page/tcn

CSN Philadelphia http://www.csnphilly.com/ontv/listings

CSS http://www.csssports.com/ontv

CSN Washington http://www.csnwashington.com/ontv

CSN Baltimore http://www.csnbaltimore.com/ontv

CSN New England http://www.csnne.com/pages/oncsn

CSN Northwest http://www.csnnw.com/ontv

CSN Bay Area http://www.csnbayarea.com/ontv

Upcoming Events on Comcast

4/21: XFE 39 (MMA)

4/28: CFFC 34 (MMA)

5/5: CFFC 35 (MMA)

5/12: XFE 40 (MMA)

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Sparta Combat League – Army VS Marines Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Sparta-Combat-League–Army-vs-Marines/2245

Sparta Combat League returns on GFL with “Army VS Marines”, a stacked MMA card on April 26 from the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado.  This event promises to be full speed from bell to bell as these pros and amateurs will do battle in the cage.

The SCL Bantamweight Title will be on the line when Josh “Hellboy” Huber (11-7) fights Ricky “Furioso” Johnson (10-4).  This will be a rematch as Huber defeated Johnson via split decision in 2013.  Huber is a scrappy fighter who has won 3 of his last 4.  Huber looks to add to his championship collection with a win here.  Huber is an aggressive fighter who always comes right at his opponent.  Look for Huber to waste no time and bring the fight to Johnson.  Johnson won his last fight and is anxious to get back in the cage with Huber and bring home the gold.  Johnson believes he won the first fight and aims to not leave it in the hands of the judges this time.  Expect Johnson to try and get the fight to the mat where he can work for a submission.

In a 185lb Pro Thai fight, Sgt US Army Charlie Brown takes on Brian Scraper.  Brown likes to close the distance in his fights and let his hands go.  Expect Brown to walk forward and try and avoid strikes by throwing hooks and uppercuts of his own.  Brown’s best weapons are his fists and he has a granite chin to go along with dynamite in his hands.  Look for Scraper to stay on the outside where he can let his high kicks and straight right hands go.  If Brown does get inside, expect Scraper to be waiting with knees in the clinch.

Shannon Sinn (0-0) battles Courtney Himes (0-1).  This will be Sinn’s pro debut after she captured the SCL Flyweight title in her last fight. Sinn is unyielding with her pressure as she will look to mix up her attacks and get Himes off balance.  Expect Sinn to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Himes as Sinn is known for her wrestling, grappling and standup game.  Himes is looking for her first pro win and plans to match Sinn’s activity inside the cage as Himes is known for a motor that never quits.  Himes is a skilled striker and her grappling is underrated.  Look for Himes to make this a brawl in the opening seconds.

On the prelims, the always tough Jorge Rangel fights the durable Paul Valdez in a lightweight scrap.  This fight could steal the show.

Sparta Combat League is sure to bring down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West MMA and this show will continue in that tradition.  Order “Army VS Marines”, and watch live and anytime afterwards on video on demand only on GFL.

Conflict MMA – Havoc Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Conflict-MMA-Millers-Coins-and-Currency–Havoc/2333

Conflict MMA Promotions returns to GFL on April 26 with “Havoc”, a mega card, emanating from the Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia.  “Havoc” promises to tear the house down with 14 bouts and multiple title fights as all the top fighters from the Dirty South will be squaring off in the cage in front of a rabid audience.

In the main event, for the Conflict MMA Heavyweight Title, Champion Nick Smiley (6-2) fights Adrian Henderson (4-0).  Smiley won the title last May after a TKO victory in less than a minute.  Smiley has a well-rounded game including some solid submissions for a heavyweight.  His ground and pound is where he is most dangerous as he drops hammers with both fists.  Henderson comes into the bout undefeated and is well-versed in all aspects of MMA.  He can match Smiley’s power in the striking department and Henderson is also a solid grappler with under rated submission skills.  Smiley has never been out of the first round and Henderson has only gone to a decision once.  Expect dynamite to explode when these two hook up.

In the co-main event, Muhsin Corbbrey (12-8) battles Terry House, Jr. (6-8) in a lightweight scrap.  Corbbrey won his last 2 fights and looks to put on a show and raise eyebrows with his performance.  Corbbrey is a WEC, and Elite XC vet and is ready to put his skills to the test with the UFC.  Look for Corbbrey to go all out and try and get an early submission in spectacular fashion.  House is a gritty fighter who brings heavy hands into the fight.  House has defeated 4 of his opponents via strikes and will look to put his hands on Corbbrey early in the fight.  Don’t blink when these two lightweights start throwing bombs in the cage.

In other action, Lindsay Rowse (4-3) takes on Arnold Adams (2-6) at heavyweight.  Rowse is a fast starter and is always in attack mode as he is constantly looking for a KO or submission if the fight hits the mat.  Rowse is usually a light heavyweight so this fight he will be significantly smaller but quicker.  Adams is a heavy puncher and can turn the tide of a fight or even end a fight with a single punch.  Adams will have the strength advantage and look to use that in striking and trying to get top position if the fight hits the mat.

Conflict MMA Promotions is back with another epic card in front of a worldwide audience courtesy of the GFL Combat Sports Network.  Watch “Havoc” on April 26.  If you can’t be there live, stream the show online at GFL.tv.

USFFC 18 Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/USFFC-18–Metal-and-Mayhem/2326

USFFC returns to GFL.tv on April 26 with “US Freedom Fighter Championship 18”.  USFFC has made a mark for itself in the Southeast and “USFFC 18” will surely tear down the house from the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  These pro/am fighters are looking to make a name for themselves on a global basis and that’s just what they will do as they go to battle inside the cage.

In the main event, Adam Townsend (6-3) battles Keith “The Rockstar” Richardson (10-6).  Townsend is a phenomenal athlete who has excelled in other sports including playing a year of football in college.  Townsend is looking for a spectacular win in this fight as he believes he is ready for a title shot.  Look for Townsend to use his wrestling and athleticism to try and push Richardson into making a mistake that Townsend can capitalize on.  Richardson is a submission specialist with 6 wins via tapout.  Look for Richardson to use his striking to get inside on Townsend and work a takedown so he can be at his best on the mat grappling.  This fight promises to be a chess match in the cage as both fighters are veteran combatants and have tons of talent.

In the co-main event, Bobby Gurley (2-3) takes on William Baptiste (2-1).  Gurley looks to improve his record to .500 and will be looking for a stoppage.  Gurley is one of the most exciting fighters on the circuit as he has never been to a decision and has only been out of the first round once.  Gurley goes for broke from the opening bell and his high risk-high reward fighting style is sure to be on display on April 26.  Baptiste fights with the same relentless style and has KO power in both hands.  Baptiste will be there in the center of the cage ready to bang, so expect fireworks from these two.

In other action, Stephanie Skinner takes on Angela Hill while Kris Kennedy battles Sam Burns and Gary Wingfield fights Craig Hill and much, much more.

Get ready for some All-American beat downs as “USFFC 18” is sure to seek and destroy all the other competition. Watch exclusively on GFL.tv and own it for life.  Order now.

CFFC 35 Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/CFFC-35-Scott-Heckman-vs-Levan-Makashvili/2364

Cage Fury Fighting Championships brings championship MMA to Atlantic City, New Jersey on April 26 with “CFFC 35″.  Pro MMA fighters from around the East Coast will compete on this stacked card featuring a title fight in the main event.  CFFC has expanded their stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, CFFC Featherweight Champion Scott Heckman (17-4) defends his title against the undefeated Levan Makashvili (7-0).  Heckman is an expert grappler with a strong wrestling base, but also likes to throw hands and is dangerous from anywhere in the cage.  He is one of the top 145 lb fighters in the world and will continue to come forward no matter what.  Heckman is as exciting as they come, and that is why he continues to be a fan favorite wherever he fights.  Makashvili is a knockout specialist with an astounding 4 KO’s in 7 fights.  Makashvili loves to bang and he can end a fight with one punch from either hand.  Look for these two to collide in the center of the cage with explosive consequences.  Hands will be flying and these two are bound to blow the roof off with their style of fighting.

In the co-main event, Mike Winters (7-3) takes on Jonavin Webb (5-0) in a welterweight tussle.  Winters has dominated former opponents with his well-rounded striking mixed with impressive takedowns that keep his opponents on the defensive.  Once on the ground, Winters is very active, advancing his position, landing strikes and pushing the pace.  Webb is a blue chip prospect from New Jersey and has never tasted defeat in either his pro or amateur career as a mixed martial artist.  Webb is a submission specialist and if the fight hits the mat he will be comfortable in any position the fight goes.  Look for Webb to try and outwrestle Winters in the early going and get the fight to the ground where he can work his grappling game.

In other action, Jimmie Rivera (12-1) fights Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens (11-6-1).  Rivera, a Bellator and TUF vet has faced a who’s who of the East Coast’s best, is on a 4 fight win steak.  Rivera will look to utilize his strong wrestling base to nullify Stevens’ attacks.  Stevens’ last fight was in Japan for the top organization in Asia, ONE Fighting.  Stevens returns to the United States ready to raise his stock on his home soil.  A victory over Rivera would do just that.  Stevens is relentless in the cage, and mirrors Rivera’s fighting style in that both fighters are strong wrestlers who never get tired and like to push the pace.  Look for Stevens to try and score with some ground and pound if the fight hits the mat and he is on top.  This fight could main event most cards on the regional level so fans are in for a treat.

Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on April 26 as “CFFC 35″ throws down the gauntlet on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.tv. See the established and rising stars on the East Coast compete in front of some of the most avid fans. Be a part of the excitement and order this iPPV from the GFL Combat Sports Network.

Tuff-N-Uff April 11 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/TuffnUff-The-Future-Stars-of-MMA-April-11/2355

Tuff-N-Uff returned to GFL with another stellar show this time from the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tuff N-Uff is one of the premier proving grounds for amateur MMA and always has stacked cards featuring the rising stars from the most famous gyms around.  The 10-bout card featured 6 stoppages and was also the first round of the four-woman 115 lb strawweight tournament where the winner gets a chance to fight in the premier women’s organization, Invicta.

In the main event, Jaime Moyle (4-2) defeated Jianna Denizard (5-3) via TKO in the second round to advance to the finals of the 115 lb tournament.  Moyle was strong from the get-go as she took control of the fight with her wrestling and striking.  Moyle got a takedown and worked from the top scoring with punches from half guard and side control as Denizard tried her best to get back to her feet.  In the second, Moyle got a double leg takedown and began her attacks again.  Moyle went for an arm triangle but Denizard escaped the submission.  Moyle went back to ground and pound and got the mount where her punches were very effective as Denizard covered up.  After several punches and no attempt made from Denizard to improve her position the ref stopped the fight as Moyle moves on in the tournament.

In the co-main event, Molly Wren-Holmes (5-0) defeated Laura Uyeda (5-1) via unanimous decision to become another finalist in the 115 lb tournament that will lead to a shot with Invicta for the winner.  This was a great fight as both Wren-Holmes and Uyeda went toe to toe for three rounds.  The fight turned into a kickboxing fight with both women connecting with some big shots.  Wren-Holmes seemed the stronger in the clinch and landed more combos which might have swayed the judges’ decision but Uyeda was right there connecting in volume too.

In other action Shane Shapiro (2-0) defeated Darnell Bumpus via rear naked choke in the second round.  Shapiro scored with a nice body lock takedown then attacked the back of Bumpus and secured the choke a minute into the round.

The night also had its share of quick knockouts as Ian Lujan (3-1) broke an all-time Tuff-N-Uff record by knocking out Tyler Denniston (2-3) in 4 seconds while Javier Guzman (4-4) KO’d Chris Flores (3-5) in 46 seconds.

Don’t miss this stellar card featuring The Future Stars of MMA fighting today and representing themselves and some of the top gyms around.  Watch all of these fights on pay-per-view only at GFL.tv!

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.

Peltz Boxing at Bally’s Sosa VS Brooks Review

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Courtesy Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing

Camden, NJ, Super featherweight Jason Sosa, 12-1-3 (8), unbeaten in his last 9 (7-0-2) fights knocked out Michael “Lefty” Brooks 10-2-1 (2), of Long Island, NY, in the 9th round at 2:27 of a 10 round main event Saturday at Bally’s Event Center In Atlantic City, NJ.

This was a Peltz Boxing Promotion with J Russell Peltz and Brittany Rogers matchmaking.

It was a really good card and the fans enjoyed it. Larry Tornambe did the ring announcing.

The opening round was a good one with Sosa landing a solid left uppercut to the body while Brooks seemed busier until Sosa landed a lead right to the chin. In the second a combination by Sosa had Brooks clinching. The second round was almost as close as the first with Sosa looking a bit better with more pin point punching. In the 3rd a solid right from Sosa to the chin dropped Brooks. By the end of the round Brooks head cleared and he was fighting back.

In the 4th Brooks walked into a straight right hand by Sosa to the chin stopping him in his racks. Brooks keeps walking Sosa to the ropes with Sosa landing right uppercuts to the body. In the 5th Sosa landed 4 straight punches having Brooks on the retreat. Brooks landed a solid left counter to the head of Sosa. By the end of the round Sosa was in control. Fans for both fighters are chanting their names. In the 6th Sosa drove Brooks to the ropes landing half a dozen punches. Brooks landed a good left to the chin of Sosa. Then in missing with a right hook Sosa countered him with a hard right to the head. Sosa put his chin out daring Brooks who was taunting him earlier. At the end of the round it was the second time Brooks was heading to the neutral corner instead of his own. In the 7th Brooks landed 3 straight punches until Sosa came back with a combination of his own. Sosa has a slight bloody nose from the head of Brooks coming in. Again Brooks goes to a neutral corner instead of his own.

In the 9th Brooks lands a solid left to the chin making Sosa come back even stronger with body shots of his own. Brooks continues to hold at times with Sosa working his way out of these clinches. Sosa’s body attack is taking its effect on Brooks. A straight right dropped Brooks where upon his head landed on the bottom strand out cold as referee Esteves immediately waved it off without a count. Sosa went to a neutral corner in prayer. No showboating. A real class act on Sosa’s part. The EMT’s came into the ring to administer to Brooks who was up on a stool.

“I want to give all the glory to God. There is nothing impossible with God. I am dangerous at 130,” said Sosa. It was great work on Sosa’s part and his trainer Rivas was quite pleased. “I knew when he went down he was out,” said Sosa. It was a terrific performance by Sosa and Brooks is as tough as they come.

Sosa is co-managed by Adrienne Soto and Chino Rivas with the latter also serving as the trainer of Sosa out of their Gut’s & Glory Gym in W. Berlin, NJ. Sosa is getting better with each fight.

Millville, NJ, Middleweight Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna 14-0 (7), returns to action now under the Peltz Boxing banner and gave Ahsandi “Mr. Brixx” Gibbs, 10-4 (4), of Tampa, FL, a boxing lesson over 8 rounds.

In the 2nd round a left hook to the chin by Lamanna buckled the knees of Gibbs. In the 3rd Gibbs got inside not allowing the taller Lamanna room to box. In the 4th Lamanna regained control with his jab and left hooks to the head which continued in the 5th countering well.

The 6th and 7th were good exchanges with Gibbs pressing but taking counter combinations from Lamanna. In the 8th and final round Lamanna landed solid jabs and continued to control the fight landing good left hooks to the head. Referee was Brown. Carter had it 77-75, Pasquale 78-74 and Stewart 77-75. DHB had it 79-73.

In an “all Philly” super featherweight match Anthony “Bad Boy” Burgin, 6-0 (1) came off the canvas in the 3rd but defeated Frank “Nitty” Trader 10-2-1 (2) over 6 rounds good rounds. It was a really good one.

Burgin controlled the first 2 rounds. In the 3rd Trader started landing and dropped Burgin as he was pulling back with a long right to the chin. In the 4th Burgin came out with vengeance from the previous round knockdown and had Trader’s outside left eye brow cut but cut man Joey Eye worked on it.

In the 5th Burgin re-opened Trader’s cut but Trader landed a good right to the chin. Burgin applied more pressure and the cut was bothering Trader. Burgin drove combinations into the body of Trader and several rights on the cut. In the 6th and final round a Burgin left uppercut to the mid-section dropped Trader but referee Brown called it a slip. Then Burgin taking rabbit punches threw Trader to the canvas. Trader fought back waving Burgin in who got in battle with Trader who landed a good right to the chin but Burgin’s speed was evident as both exchanged punches at the bell. Referee was Brown. Carter had it 57-56, while Pasquale and Stewart had it 58-55 as did DHB.

In the swing bout after the main event Atlantic City’s super middleweight Antowyan “Ice Man” Aikens, 9-0 (1), scored a 6th and final round knockdown in defeating Sherman Artis, Jr., 2-1 (0), of Severn, MD, over 6 rounds.

Aikens controlled the fight with his jab. Artis was coming off 3 years of inactivity. He refused to sit between rounds and held his own for the most part but Aikens jab was too effective to counter. Esteves was the referee. Carter and Stewart had it 59-54 while Pasquale had it 60-53 as did DHB.

Middleweight Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis, 2-0 (2) of Wilmington, DE, looked impressive when he stopped Rafael Machado, 0-1 of Philly at 1:16 of the 4th round.

In the opening round Davis rocked Machado several times with a left hook and then with a straight right. It was more of the same from Davis in the 2nd round. In the 3rd round a left hook to the chin dropped Machado. Upon rising Davis rocked Machado with another left hook to the chin but Machado was able to survive.

In the 4th and final round a lead right hand by Davis on the chin dropped Machado. A flurry of punches had Machado defenseless when referee Esteves waved it off. “I was too anxious in the beginning rounds. My corner said to calm down and let it happen and I hurt him with an overhand right. I felt good in there and was glad to get the rounds after my first fight ending so fast,” said Davis. He is trained by Doug Pettiford and Breadman

Heavyweight southpaw Daniel Pasciolla, 3-1 (0), of Brick, NJ, won by majority decision over David Williams 7-8-2 (5), of Philly over 4 rounds.

Pasciolla outboxed Williams in the first 2 rounds. In the 3rd Williams led with a straight right to the mid-section but rand into chopping lefts to the head in a close round.

In the final round Williams buckled the knees of Pasciolla with a left hook to the head. Referee was Earl Brown. Carter and Stewart had it 39-37 as did DHB while Pasquale had it 38-38.

In the opening bout super lightweight David “Two Gun” Gonzales, 4-0 (1), of Philly stopped Dominic Goode, 0-3, of Bridgeton, NJ, at 2:16 of the second round. Gonzales. Gonzales scored knockdowns in the 1st and 2nd round before the corner called it off while referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. was counting. Good threatened to knockout Gonzales at the weigh-in earlier. Gonzales now with Moz Gonzalez and Eddie Woods.

Battle For The Border III – Nations Collide Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Battle-for-the-Border-3-/2347

Battle For The Border III “Nations Collide” made its debut on GFL.tv from the Cranbrook Memorial Arena in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. Battle For the Border knocked down the door on the world stage as they presented their brand of MMA! The 9-bout pro/am card featured 7 finishes showcasing several rising stars along with a UFC veteran in the co-main event.

In the main event, in a light heavyweight scrap, Alfonso Gonzales (5-0) defeated WSOF vet Mike Kent (10-5) via TKO in the first round.   Gonzales and Kent started exchanging punches from the opening seconds and Gonzales landed a straight right hand flush on the jaw of Kent who crumbled to the mat.  Gonzales followed up with a few punches on the ground and it was over.  It was a mild upset as Gonzales doesn’t have the experience or name recognition like Kent.  This performance is sure to change that very quickly as the undefeated Gonzales continues to improve each and every fight.

In the co-main event, UFC veteran Cody McKenzie (15-5) defeated Mark Dobie (5-7) via rear naked choke in the first round.  McKenzie shot in immediately for a takedown while Dobie tried to score with elbows from his back.  McKenzie improved to side control where Dobie was able to scramble off the bottom as McKenzie looked for a guillotine.  McKenzie then switched positions and dragged Dobie down from the back to the ground again where he slapped on the fight ending choke and showed why he is a top ranked fighter.

In a heavyweight battle, Jordan Tracey (4-3) defeated Dan Amyotte (1-1) via rear naked choke in the first round.  Tracey got a takedown then moved to mount where Amyotte turned his back to avoid the punches.  Tracey then attacked the exposed neck of Amyotte and sunk in the choke in less than a minute into the fight.

In the amateur ranks, Ryan Rohovich (5-0) defeated Donovan Hack (4-1) via rear naked choke to win the Welterweight title in the third round.  Both me scrapped from the opening bell and had the marks on their face when it was all over to prove it.  In the third round, Rohovich took an advantage by attacking Hack’s back on the ground.  Hack fought tirelessly to pull down on the choke that Rohovich was trying to apply, but Rohovich also added a body triangle with his legs and it finally wore Hack down enough for Rohovich to sink in the rear naked choke and become the new Battle For the Border Amateur Welterweight champion.

In other action, Adam Wills, Dustin Luke and Clayton Schira all won their fights via stoppage.

Don’t miss Battle For The Border III “Nations Collide”. Tune in to see the blue chip prospects of North America’s upper West Coast. Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today. Order this event and own it for life.

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.

IZW Adrenaline April 5 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/Wrestling/IZW-Adrenaline-Apr-5-2014/2380

The problems continue for Impact Elite. It’s been three weeks since any member of Impact Elite has heard from “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z. It has taken a great toll on Kevin Morgan and is adding onto the already heavy load on the cancer ridden Madame Commissioner Erica. Morgan swore to Erica that he would find Johnny Z by striking fear into the hearts of everyone and would indeed find him tonight.

Erica stated that she had pressing business to take care of and took center stage in the Impact Arena. Madame Commissioner was very upset that the loss of a coin toss had granted “The #1″ Shawn McHale the right to choose the participants in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and that the match-ups would be chosen at random. In a grasp for some sort of power she decided that she would start the night’s event with a match from that very tournament, pitting Impact Elite’s own “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs against Vinny Camacho.

Neither Camacho nor Jacobs had much support from the IZW World, especially as Vinny spent the early part of the match salsa dancing rather than wrestling. Jacobs soon became tired of Camacho’s antics and brought the fight to the youngest of the Sexy Camachos. The match went back and forth, even spilling to the outside before Jacobs was able to drop Vinny throat-first onto the middle rope and gain a measure of control. As Jacobs rained down punches from the second rope, Camacho lifted “Lights Out” on his shoulders and dropped him face first with an inverted powerbomb. Jacobs was able to shake off the damage and apply a figure-four leglock but Camacho fought out and leveled Jacobs with a clothesline and a dancing elbow drop. Camacho seems almost more worried about dancing than he is winning and after landing several big moves, took the time to dance and was caught off guard by a big superplex. Vinny again was able to sway things in his favor but took too much time showing off and was caught with an ES2 from Jacobs which put Camacho down for the count. Jacobs will advance to the second round of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament but took quite a beating in an impressive first-round showing by Vinny Camacho.

In the Impact Elite office, Jordan Jacobs was eager to start celebrating his win. Kevin Morgan, however was worried about the whereabouts of Johnny Z. In fact he was irritated by Jordan’s focus on the tournament and lack of focus on finding “The Natural Born Leader”. Morgan made it quite apparent that he expects Jacobs to shape up and be much more in tune with the rest of the group in locating their savior.

Randy Price, who seemed to be negotiating his latest commercial endorsement deal, bumped into referee Brock Landers. Even though Price was the one walking, he demanded Landers apologize and even got physical with the much smaller Landers. But instead of backing down and giving Price the apology he wanted, Landers refused saying that he was tired of being bullied and had been training to wrestle so that he could stand up for himself. After laughing hysterically at the thought of Landers wrestling, Price proceeded to continue mocking Brock and challenged him to a match later that night.

Our next match would be the second Impact Player of the Year Tournament match of the night. The participants would be one half of The Brothers Righteous, O’Malley. After O’Malley made his way to the ring, the music rang out that signified Copycat would be his randomly matched-up opponent. This comes as a chance at revenge for Copycat, who has plenty of history with O’Malley and still owes him one after Copy was knocked out with O’Malley’s brass knucks at Violent Valentine. The IZW World continued to await the arrival of “The Forgotten Champion” but, though the music played, Copycat never came through the curtain. A backstage camera crew caught up with Copycat, unconscious, laid out, face-first in a steel chair, the obvious victim of a vicious beating. The referee had no choice but to count out Copycat and declare that O’Malley was the winner and would be advancing in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament.

As O’Malley looked to walk away with an easy victory, Madame Commissioner Erica hit the stage. She said that she was impressed with the number that was done on Copycat if it was O’Malley’s work. But she went on to inform that she refuses to pay anyone for doing nothing and that he would indeed be in a match against a man, looking to make it to the ranks in IZW, Spike. Spike was eager to get things started and lit the gargantuan O’Malley up with a flurry of strikes. As Spike got his momentum going he was pancaked by a huge cross-body from O’Malley which he was barely able to kick out from. O’Malley then mauled the young upstart but Spike showed some fires, slapping O’Malley across the face but all that got him was even more beating from O’Malley. Spike continued to do his best just to take O’Malley off his feet but his every effort was met by brute force and the preaching of the righteous rhetoric from his much larger opponent. Spike was able to take advantage of O’Malley’s overconfidence and land a flying clothesline from the top rope finally toppling “The Hate Machine” but was only able to score a two count. Tired of playing with the newcomer O’Malley unsheathed his famous brass knuckles and laidout Spike, giving him a very bittersweet disqualification victory.

In another installment of Jordan Jacobs’ Lights Out Lounge, Jacobs was once again more than happy to tell the IZW World that he would win the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and gloat about his victory earlier in the night. Luckily, Jacobs informed us that he would actually have a guest this week and not be his own guests in weeks past. But before he brought out his guest he let the IZW World know that the ES2 he used to win his match would no longer bare the name that Jermaine Johnson gave it, but would now be known as the Light Switch as Jacobs was the man who invented the move in the first place. Jacobs then brought out his guest Soto Miyagi and proceeded to embarrass the martial artist by asking loaded questions about how Miyagi never made it into the Impact Chamber at Coronation. As Jacobs continued to poke fun at Miyagi, Kevin Morgan made his way onto the stage and demanded Miyagi answer the only question that Morgan cares about at this point “where’s John?”. When Miyagi didn’t give Morgan the answer he wanted, Morgan attacked him and carried him down to the ring to inflict further punishment.

Miyagi continued to refute the fact that he knew the location of Johnny Z but Morgan found no comfort in his denial and poured on the pain, brutalizing the much smaller Miyagi. Morgan literally threw Miyagi across the entire length of the ring, from one corner to the other. Every attempt at offense by Soto was quickly stopped by the power of “The Image of Fear” but Morgan refused to go for the win. Repeatedly asking Miyagi “where’s John?”. Finally the distraction allowed Miyagi to gain a bit of momentum and take Morgan off his feet and start laying in blistering kicks to Morgan’s Chest but Morgan caught the leg of the mysterious man from the Orient and lifted him high above his head and ended Soto’s efforts with the Moment of Fear. The referee stepped in after a second Moment of Fear and stopped the match, possibly saving the career of Soto Miyagi in the process.

Next up was Randy price taking on IZW referee Brock Landers. Price was very disrespectful in this outing. He obviously outmuscled the smaller Landers but still felt it necessary to put the bad-mouth on Landers at every opportunity. Price dropped repeated elbows, knees, suplexes and chokes on Landers and when he probably could pin the man, refused to make a real cover. After jawing with the fans,Price set Landers up for a vertical suplex but Landers hooked Price in an inside cradle and pinned Price for the 1,2,3! A shocked Price was absolutely beside himself, unable to believe he’d been beaten by a mere referee but apparently there’s more to Brock Landers than meets the eye.

In the main event of the evening IZW Champion Double D would be in his fourth consecutive big time main event match. This time his challenge would come in the form of the nearly five hundred pound Big, Bad and Sexy Angel Camacho. The IZW Champion gives up a lot of size in this match up and would need to use speed and agility to avoid the girth and power of Camacho. The wear and tear of weeks of being a fighting champion had certainly taken their effect on Double D. Each clubbing blow Camacho connected with sent visible bolts of agonizing pain down the back of the champion. His timing seemed to be lacking as well as when Camacho charged Double D, D pulled the top rope down, intending to send Camacho over the rope and to the floor but Camacho saw the ploy coming and stopped short and continued his assault on “The Captain of the Force”. Both D’s offense and defense was much less effective than normal as his normally devastating strikes didn’t rock Camacho as perhaps they normally would, allowing Big, Bad and Sexy to keep control. Camacho focused his attack on the back and midsection of D, the same area that Randy Price dealt a great bit of damage to the previous week. Double D fired back with a series of chops but even his signature Force Chop wasn’t at full power and it took two to take down the enormous Camacho. Camacho fought back to his feet but was meet with a pair of knees and an enzugiri kick that still only brought him to a knee. D connected with his nine mountain-climber knees in the corner but as he was going for the tenth was scooped up by Camacaho who had him in position to flatten him like a pancake but on the way down D reversed into the tenth knee. D scrambled to the top rope and with the last of his energy was able to hit the high cross-body for the win.

Exhausted, Double D’s problems were just starting as Kevin Morgan made his way to the ring and was met with a flurry by D, but Morgan’s power was unstoppable. Morgan brutalized D all over the ringside area. He physically dissected the man he believes holds the key to finding Johnny Z. he then brought him into the ring and drove home the point with the Moment of Fear. Will anyone be safe from the image of Fear as long as he has lost his savior and with repeated title defenses and main even matches how long can Double D last before the damage catches up with him?

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