Asylum Fight League 48 Preview

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Asylum Fight League is back with its latest installment “Asylum Fight League 48” on April 11 from the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This 12-bout card will feature some of the top prospects on the East Coast.

For the 161lb Championshp, Cesar Balmaceda (4-1) battles Juan Galarza (5-1). Balmaceda is a well-rounded fighter with solid wrestling and grappling and high volume striking and looks to defend his AFL title once again. Balmaceda can end a fight with either hand and will be looking to throw leather from the opening bell. These two athletes will go full throttle in their matchup as gold is on the line. Galarza is also a strong wrestler and can usually get the fight to the mat whenever he wants to. Galarza is a submission master with 4 wins coming via tapout. Galarza has KO power in both hands and will look to make this a shootout from the opening bell.

In other action, in a light heavyweight battle, Adam Atiyeh (8-6) takes on Patrick Egbert (3-2). Atiyeh has held a title with a previous organization in the past and is one of the top technical fighters on the East Coast. Atiyeh has never been stopped in his career and has a chin made of granite. Expect Atiyeh to mix up his attacks and try to keep Noble off balance. Egbert is a beast in the cage as he has been able to impose his will on his opponents round after round. Egbert has KO power in both hands and lets them fly early and often. Egbert is also a durable wrestler with strong takedowns and top control. Egbert will be cutting down from heavyweight for this fight so he should have a strength advantage when the cage door closes.

Travis Spadafora (3-4) fights Tyler Feist (2-3) in what is sure to be a barnburner. Spadafora has a 47 second win via guillotine choke and has shown an ability to steal the show, because of his fighting style. Spadafora has a solid grappling game, with great takedown defense and can mix up his striking with combos from both his fists and feet. Feist has plied his tried up and down the East Coast with some of the most reputable organizations. Feist fights with a high risk-high reward style that has endeared him to tons and tons of fans. Feist is also a grinder and likes to impose his presence on his opponent round after round. Look for a dogfight in this matchup.

“Asylum Fight League 48” comes to you live and direct on April 11. With this mega card you can be sure there will be plenty of knockouts, submissions and great fights. Don’t miss this exciting event which has become a proving ground for some of the top fighters in the North East. If you can’t be there live, the only way to see this show is to order it exclusively through the GFL Combat Sports Network at

Global Proving Ground 19 Review

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Hard hitting MMA action returned as GPG presented “Global Proving Ground 19″ from the GPG Event Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey on the GFL Combat Sports Network. GPG has quickly established itself as a rising combat sports promotion on the East Coast and this event further cemented their credibility within the region.

In the main event, Washington da Silva (5-1) defeated Marques Worrell (6-3) via unanimous decision in a welterweight bout. Da Silva used a strong wrestling and grappling game to put Worrell on his back and have him fighting from the defensive position for most of the fight. Da Silva used strong takedowns and top control as he was able to control Worrell for most of the fight that was a showcase of the ground fighting of da Silva. Worrell landed some solid punches, especially in the final round, where he connected with an overhand right, but da Silva was able to absorb the punch and stymie the rest of Worrell’s offense for the round with his grappling even going for an armbar from the bottom as the final seconds ticked off the clock. It was a solid win for da Silva who defeated a very battle-tested fighter in Worrell.

In the co-main event, Mike Winters (8-5) defeated Joshua Key (6-11) via split decision in a welterweight bout. It was a great performance back and forth with striking and grappling as they fought all over the cage. In the first round, Winters was relentless in trying for a takedown, but Key defended well and the two spend the majority of the time against the cage fighting for positional dominance. In the second round, Winters was close on a RNC, but in the third, Key pushed forward and pushed the pace. Winters was able to get Key on the ground but Key was sitting up and delivering punishing strikes while Winters was holding on.

Tim Dooling (1-1) defeated Darnell Murphy (1-1) via TKO in the first round. This fight was a barnburner and fight of the night. Both men started out trading strikes, with Dooling getting the better of the exchanges with his jab. Murphy switched up his attack and scored with a huge double leg takedown. Dooling was able to get back to his feet and dropped Murphy with a left high kick and then followed up with knees to the midsection and finished off the fight with a barrage of punches against the cage.

East Coast MMA delivered again! Be sure to catch all of the action any time on VOD as GPG presents “Global Proving Ground 19″ exclusively at

Sugar Creek Showdown 25 Review

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Oklahoma’s #1 MMA promotion returned as Sugar Creek Showdown presented “SCS 25 – Apocalypse” emanating from Hinton, Oklahoma. This event featured 14 bouts with 10 finishes. SCS is the premier MMA organization in the Sooner State and one of the region’s top cage-fighting promotion’s.

In the main event, for the SCE Light Heavyweight Championship, SCS Heavyweight Champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez (34-15) dropped down a weight class and defeated Light Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Horn (91-22-5) via split decision to win his second title with SCS and hold both belts simultaneously. In the beginning, Lopez started out throwing strikes and then Horn got the fight to the ground with a takedown where he worked from the top, getting the mount but being unable to secure a submission. Horn moved to the back of Lopez and tried to sink in a RNC that Lopez once again defended showing great defense. Horn got another takedown early in the second round and worked from the top again, as he once again got the back of Lopez and tried to work for a choke. Lopez worked out from the position and later in the round, tried for a can opener submission on Horn. Lopez showed he was not scared to grapple with Horn as this fight was heating up. Later in the fight, Horn went for another takedown and was unable to get a single leg takedown, so tried falling into guard and it worked as it got the fight to the ground. Horn went for submissions from the bottom as well as connecting with short elbows to the top of the head of Lopez but Lopez hung in there and ended the round. In the championship rounds, it was another takedown by Horn who worked for a kimura lock but Lopez once again escaped and got the back of Horn before getting the fight back to his feet. In the standup, Lopez connected with a stiff leg kick and threw combos while Horn plodded forward trying to get the fight back to the ground. In the final round, Horn got Lopez up against the cage and worked for another takedown. Lopez got the fight to the ground this time as Horn turtled up and Lopez began to throw punches. In a very close fight, it was clear in the final round, that Lopez had more stamina and was the more active fighter. Horn escaped from the position and fight resumed on the feet with Horn coming forward and trying for another single leg takedown as Lopez sprawled. In a great bit of grappling, Lopez was punching away and Horn rolled to improve his position as Lopez was right there to catch a headlock before Horn transitioned once again to get side control near the end of the fight. Lopez battled off his back and got inside the guard of Horn where Horn connected with a couple more elbows as the fight ended.

In the co-main event, Jonathan Hill (5-3) defeated Brad Faylor (3-3) via TKO after the end of the first round due to ref stoppage. Hill opened up a cut on Faylor in close quarters and it was a cut that bled a lot. Faylor actually did a good job of getting the fight to the ground and keeping Hill on his back as the round was probably won by Faylor. But due to the cut, it was stopped in between the first and second round.

For the SCS Featherweight Title was up for grabs and Bellator vet Jeremy Spoon (17-3) defeated will be Josh Tyler (7-2) via unanimous decision to become the new champion.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action on VOD as Sugar Creek Showdown presents “Apocalypse” only pay-per-view exclusively at

Valor Fights 21 Review

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Courtesy of John Moorehouse &

Lightweight (155): Justin Granville (156) vs George Arellano (155)

Round 1 A lean Granville stands across from a shredded Arellano. They meet for the referees instructions, then split. Arellano tries for the touch, but Granville refuses. Granville attempts a spinning backkick that just misses home. Arellano steps in and trips up Granville, falling into Granville’s guard. Arellano throws punches, when he can, but Granville sets a deep triangle. Arellano stands and slams Granville, but doesn’t break the hold. On the second slam, however, Granville loses the triangle hold, and scrambles. Granville tries coming out the back, but Arellano goes belly-to-back, while standing, and sets an anaconda choke. While still standing, Arellano spins, taking Granville to the mat, steps around, and locks in the anaconda choke, sealing the victory, moving to 4-1.

WIN: George Arellano wins in round 1 by submission choke due to Anaconda.

Bantamweight (135): David Lewis (137) vs Marquis Johnson (133)

Round 1 This bantamweight fight will be for the 135 Valor Championship Belt. With that being the case, both fighters, and their teams, are eager to bring the belt back to their gym. Both fighters are hungry for the championship status, but only one will have his fill. Johnson, being from Ohio, still received a warm welcome from the fans hear. A quick touch of the gloves, and we’re off. Johnson lands an early hook that connects, but Lewis weathers the blow. A big kick from Johnson misses high, and Lewis takes him down, landing in guard. While in guard, Lewis headbutts the shoulder of Johnson, forcing the ref to stand them up. (Strange move in an MMA fight). Once the action resumes, Lewis throws a headkick that connects, and immediately shoots in, pushing Johnson to the cage. Lewis manages the takedown, and lands in half guard, before making his way to mount. Johnson manages to break free and scramble, but Lewis sets in an Omoplata. Lewis hooks the back leg of Johnson and tries to sit up. Johnson has other plans, and muscles his way out of the hold, picking Lewis up and taking him behind his back. Johnson tries to get back to his feet, but Lewis is too quick, and stands up in between the legs of Johnson. Lewis throws his left leg over the right leg of Johnson, and falls back, looking for a heel hook. Johnson slips the lock, but Lewis reaches up and locks in a wicked straight ankle lock, and Johnson immediately taps, thus reclaiming his belt.

WIN: David Lewis wins in an eventful round 1 by submission due to straight ankle lock.

Pro Heavyweight (265): Terrance Hodges (265) vs Kem Oti (259)

Round 1 Our first pro fight of the night starts with a quick touch, and Hodges, making his debut, starts off with two massive leg kicks that echo throughout the arena. A hook from Hodges lands clean, and puts Oti on the mat. Hodges pounces on the downed Oti, and looks to finish, but is unable to, but deals plenty of damage. Oti escapes to his fet, and Hodges lands another leg kick. Using the leg kicks for his set up, Hodges throws a superman punch, that just misses. Oti throws a few punches of his own, but not make much impact. They clinch, and Oti begins throwing elbows over the top. Hodges covers and counters with a few punches of his own. They clinch against the cage, reverse, and split. Oti tries for a foot sweep, while stepping backwards, gets the takedown, but lands on his back. Hodges is in half guard, throwing when he can. His corner is calling for his to maintain halfguard, and strike. Throwing elbows from the top, Hodges is dealing damage. Hodges stands in the guard of Oti, throws a few elbows over the top, and falls back into half guard. Oti manages to scramble enought to escape, and they are on their feet as the ten second warning sounds. Hodges throws a one-two, but Oti connects with a huge head kick, that drops Hodges. Oti pounches, but is unable to finish before the round ends. We’re going into round 2.

Round 2 Round 2 begins with both of these heavyweights slowly circling, both respecting the strikes of the other. Both throw feeler combos, but Oti follows up with a nice combo that is answered by a counter uppercut from Hodges. They clinch, with Oti’s back against the cage, and Hodges driving, looking for the ankle pick. Oti reverses, and in side turtle, throws at least 10 punches that connect before Hodges can stand, albeit still against the cage. Oti continues to drive, and Hodges corner calls for him to reverse. Hodges follows the order, and gets the reversal. With his back to the cage, Oti manages to create enough space to slip in a nice uppercut, before reversing position. Hodges reverses again, and pushes Oti towards the center of the cage, then towards his own corner. The ref splits them, and they’re back in the middle of the cage. Hodges showing low leg kicks. As Oti tries one of his own, Hodges lands another that puts Oti on the mat. Hodges jumps on his downed opponent, looking to finish with elbows, but Oti deflects the blows. The crowd is loving this fight! Hodges is in half guard, and his corner calls for him to pass. Oti has the leg of Hodges locked, preventing him to pass. As the round comes to an end, Hodges is throwing punches from his dominate position.

Round 3 The fighters touch gloves and exchange smiles, as we start out final round. Hodges throws a one-two that lands solid. Oti throws a combo of his own. Hodges throws a one-two uppercut, followed by another one-two. Oti throws a combo of his own, and the fighers circle. Oti throws again, landing solid, and rocking Hodges. Hodges nose is bleeding like a faucet, and Oti grabs the back of his neck, and delivers one uppercut, after another. 3, 4, 5 uppercuts, Hodges staggers, Oti charges. Hodges is running on pure adrenaline, and looks for a takedown, but gets swept by Oti, and taken down. Oti lands in mount, and delivers vicious blows to the downed Hodges. Hodges is doing his best to avoid damage. Hodges rolls, and Oti takes his back, looking for the RNC. Hodges escapes, but Oti is still on his back. Oti sits up, and sinks the choke again, but is once again, unsuccessful. Hodges manages to break free, getting Oti of his back. Hodges spins and looks for revenge. Too tired to quickly get to his feet, Oti is caught by Hodges with a vicious one two. Hodges falls on top of Oti, and delivers more blows, followed by more blows, looking, both, for revenge, and the victory. Ten seconds to go, and Hodges is throwing. Five seconds, and Oti is covering. The horn sounds, the crowd jumps to their feet, anxiously awaiting the judges decision.

WIN: 29-28, Oti. 29-28, Hodges. And, 29-28, for your winner, for Kem Oti.

Pro Lightweight (155): Zach Cook (157) vs Tim Boyle (155)

Round 1 Our second pro fight starts with a quick touch and a lead leg kick from Boyle. Boyle tries for a head kick, but misses, as Cook counters and Boyle falls (slips?) to the mat. Cook tries to capitalize, but Boyle goes for an Omoplata, and Cook stands to get to his feet. From here, Cook lands several huge blows that rattle Boyle. More combos from Cook. Both, over the top, and below. Boyle’s legs buckle, and he instinctively tries to shoot. Cook sprawls and Boyle ends up laying on the mat, with Cook in half guard. Cook delivers a vicious melee of elbows and hammerfists from here. Cook slips through half guard, and is on his knees, next to Boyle, delivering a brutal beatdown of elbows, punches and double hammerfists. The ref is calling for Boyle to cover. The assault from Cook continues. Boyle’s arms are dropping. Double hammerfists from Cook. Cook smells blood and is looking for the finish. He relentlessly continues his assault of hammerfists, and the ref steps in to call an end to this bout.

WIN: Zach Cook wins in round 1 by TKO due to Strikes.

Pro Featherweight (145): Pedro Gomes (145) vs Jorge Medina (148)

Round 1 This is our co-main event of the evening! Both men are determined to walk out of here with the winners purse. Out fight starts with a quick touch, and the fighters feeling each other out. Gomes is looking to find his range. A straight right from Gomes, followed by an inside leg kick that lands flush, buckling the leg of Medina, though only temporarily. Gomes is looking to weaken the lead leg of Medina with leg kicks, but Medina counts with a body kick of his own. another straight right from Gomes. Medina with a combo of his own. A kick from Medina. A one-two from Gomes. The men are circling, as Gomes goes for a one-two-hook that results in a brief clinch. Both fighters swing, but miss, on the break. Medina is anticipating the kicks, and either checks them or slips them, and counters with one of his own. Gomes goes for another kick, and Medina counters with a one-two. Gomes lands a nice combo that rattles Medina. Gomes kicks the leg of Medina again, and Medina reflexively picks it up, clearly in pain. Medina switches stances, now, to avoid further damage. Medina attempts a spinning back kick, but doesn’t connect solid. Another combo from each fighter, and the clinch, pushing into the cage. One with double-over, the other with double-unders. The reverse, then reverse again, looking for knees as they present themselves. The round ends, with the fighters still clinched.

Round 2 No touch this time, as Medina comes out in the southpaw stance, but, seeing Gomes looking for the inside leg kick, switches back to Orthodox. a few missed kicks from Gomes. Gomes goes for the takedown, off of a feint punch, and is successful, landing in the guard of Medina. From the position, he puts his head into the chest of Medina, and strikes as he can, being sure to keep the action going, to keep from being stood up. Body shot from Gomes, then a head shot. Gomes is trying to stack Medina, but Medina has the hands of Gomes pinned to his chest. Medina pulls his legs up, looking to lock down Gomes, but Gomes quickly escapes. Gomes lands a few more punches, then Medina sprawls and gets to his feet. They clinch, and Gomes puts his hand to the mat, establishing 3 points of contact. Medina cannot see this, and thows a knee to the top of the Gomes, causing the ref to call a timeout, to have Gomes looked at by the doctor. The doc clears Gomes to continue, and the action resumes. Gomes comes out with a vicious leg kick that visibly hurts Medina. Gomes sees the pain, and delivers another brutal leg kick to the left leg of Medina, sending him falling back onto the mat, grabbing his knee in agony. Gomes advances, looking to finish, but is called off by the ref.

WIN: Pedro Gomez wins in round 2 by TKO due to injury.

Pro 180 Catchweight Main Event: Jesse Grun (179) vs Sid Wheeler (182)

It’s now time for out Main Event! Although not the originally scheduled fight, this is still going to be a battle of two hometown guys. It’s obvious that both fighters are local, as it was difficult to distinguish who had the loudest cheers. A mutual respect for both fighters was shown from this Chattanooga crowd. This is going to be one helluva fight.

Round 1 A touch of the gloves and the fighters back up, feeling each other out. Grun tries for a high teep kick, but it is caught by Wheeler, and Grun bounces off of the mat, but gets quickly to his feet. Grun pushes forward with a lead leg kick, and Wheeler answers with one of his own. Grun charges and and pushes Wheeler to the cage. As Wheeler bounces off of the cage, he throws a loud, thunderous body kick that connects to the gut of Grun. Grun fights through it, and pushes forward. They split, and Wheelter throws a teep kick the gut of Grun. Gruns body is hurt, and Wheeler knows it. Grun counters a punch from Wheeler, but but gets caught with a follow up from Wheeler. This is a slugfest! Grun pushes Wheeler to the cage, and tries, several times, unsuccessfuly for the takedown. Wheeler pushes him away and lands knees on the split. Wheeler connects with a head kick and tries to advance. Grun avoids the takedown, but eats several big punches from Wheeler, that staggers Grun. Grun regains his composure, but is breathing hard. Grun is pushing the pace, but Wheeler is countering everything Grun throws. The round comes to a close with a step behind head kick from Wheeler, that just misses its mark.

Round 2 Leg kick from Wheeler. Grun comes in with a combo, then backs off. Grun comes in again, and Wheeler connects with a body kick, that temporarily drops Grun. Grun gets to his feet and pushes into Wheeler, clinching him against the cage. Knees from Grun. Knees to the leg. Knees to the body. Wheeler is trying to escape, and eventually does, delivering yet another thrust kick to the gut of Grun. Grun again advancing with combos, thrust kick from Wheeler. Grun throwing, Wheeler countering. The crowd is going crazy!!!! Wheeler getting the better of the exchanges, but Grun not backing down. Grun pushes forward, and looks for a single leg, misses it, then a double, and misses it, too. A missed head kick from Grun on the split. Two unanswered leg kicks from Wheeler. Grun pushes forward, and Wheeler sets a standing guillotine, but Grun escapes. Wheeler strikes on the break, landing solid. Another straight right from Wheeler and now he’s taunting Grun by dropping his hands. Grun pushes forward with punches, but Wheeler again counters. Grun clinches, and looks for the takedown. After a great effort, he is successful. Grun tries to deal damage, but is unable to do so, before Wheeler gets back to his feet. The crowd is going insane! Wheeler with a head kick that misses. Combos from Grun, The crowd screaming as loud as the can. Back and forth. Back and forth. The ten seconds sounds. Wheeler is looking for a big shot, but never gets it. We’re going into the 3rd round.

Round 3

A quick touch of the gloves, and we’re off. Leg kick from Wheeler. Punches from Grun, that are countered by Wheeler. Grun tries shooting, but settles for the clinch. Knees from Wheeler. They split. Leg kick from Wheeler. Grun is circling. Wheeler throws an axe kick that lands, but not forcefully. Punches from Wheeler. A brief pause in the action, as Wheelers gloves come undone. Strikes as sson as the action resumes. Grun lands an elbow that splits the left eye of Wheeler. Leg kick from Wheeler. Grun tries to strike, but Wheeler continuously counters. Grun shoots in for the single leg, scoops Wheeler, but is unable to finish the slam, as Wheeler lands on his feet. Wheeler is relentless and he throws successful blows to the head of Grun. If you’re not here, you missed out on a great fight!!! Wheeler is continuing to counter. Grun looks dazed on his feet. Wheeler is picking and choosing, and landing with any stike he chooses. Grun cannot connect with anything, and Wheeler is connecting with everything! Grun tries again to push Wheeler into the cage, but Wheeler pushes him back off of him, at will. A thrust kick from Wheeler connects up high. Grun is out on his feet, but refusing to go down. Wheeler is taunting Grun, again, and delivers kicks wherever he chooses. Grun with some weak punches, but Wheeler counters. The warning sounds, Wheeler throws, Grun eats it. This fight comes to an end!

WIN: All three judges score this bout 30-27 for Sid Wheeler!

More than 100 Fights into His Career, Jeremy Horn Taking it Day by Day

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Mick Hammond, March 28, 2015, MMA Weekly

For a fighter who has become almost defined by how often he competes – sometimes multiple times in a single day on numerous occasions – for veteran Jeremy Horn to take two years off from the sport would have been unthinkable not too long ago.

But that’s exactly what Horn did in 2012 and 2013. But it’s not because he was banged up because of his 100-plus fights or anything, but rather to work on the business side of his life.

“The thing is, I wasn’t banged up to begin with,” Horn told “I’m never banged up or ever hurt.

“I wanted to take a little bit of time off so I could work on the gym and try to build up the program. When I’m fighting regularly it kind of takes a big hit, so I wanted to take that time off.”

Horn returned to fighting last year with victories over Dan McGlasson and Brian Imes, raising his current winning streak to four and giving him wins in 11 of his last 13 fights.

“It’s always good to fight,” said Horn. “I was always kind of anxious. I was training pretty regularly, but there’s a big difference between training regularly and training for a fight. It was nice to get back into it and do what I love to do.”

Horn (91-21-5) will kick off his 2015 on Saturday at SCS 25 in Hinton, Okla., against fellow former King of the Cage champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez (36-17) in a light heavyweight main event.

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Tony Lopez Making the Most of Career Resurrection

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Mick Hammond, March 28, 2015, MMA Weekly

Former King of the Cage heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez had gone through a rough patch the past couple years heading into 2015.

Following a seven-fight winning streak, Lopez went on to lose nine of his next twelve bouts and both his titles before finally turning things around this year with back-to-back wins.

“I thought maybe that was it and it was the end of my career, but in 2015 I decided to give it one last run and I started to train better and do all these things I should have been doing back in the day,” Lopez told

“The first fight was a test to see if I still got it and can perform, and I got the win and it boosted my confidence up. The second fight was a heavyweight title fight and I figured if I beat him that I’m on the right track, and I ended up submitting him in the second round.”

Lopez (36-17) will look to keep his winning streak going on Saturday in Hinton, Okla., against one of MMA’s all-time greats in Jeremy Horn (91-21-5) at SCS 25.

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Unified MMA 22 Review

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Courtesy of Cody Rempel &

Tanner Boser vs. Tim Hague (Heavyweight Title Fight)

Round 1: No glove touch to start and Boser rushes Hague and gets cracked with a HUGE overhand right that drops Boser. Hague pounces and finishes off Boser with a barrage of vicious punches that relieves Boser of his consciousness. Referee Vern Gorman pulls Hague off and Boser is out of it to the point that he wrestles Gorman for a minute until Boser’s corner can pull him off.

Tim Hague defeats Tanner Boser by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 0:06

Hague captures Unified Heavyweight Title

Jarid Bussemakers vs. Nick Campbell

Round 1: Bussemakers with a leg kick and a combo before getting the takedown against the cage. Bussemakers lands a few chipping shots and Campbell gets back to his feet. They trade knees and jockey for position. Bussemakers lands some foot stomps and Campbell with a knee. Bussemakers responds and Campbell looks to muscle him down but can’t complete the takedown. Campbell holding position and Cardinal breaks them up. Bussemakers looking for a guillotine gets slammed. Bussemakers lets go and switches to a kimura. Campbell working from the guard and Bussemakers lands a couple from the bottom. Campbell connects and Cardinal pauses to replace the mouth guard of Bussemakers and they restart with Campbell in guard. Bussemakers works the body and throws his legs up looking for an armbar. Bussemakers tries to elevate and sweep but Campbell stays heavy. Campbell lands to the body and connects with a couple more as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: Bussemakers with a leg kick and a right before dropping for a takedown. They tie up and exchange shots and Campbell tosses him to the mat and lands in side control. Bussemakers with a barrage of sharp elbows from the bottom. Bussemakers with a triangle choke and forces the lightning quick tap in a come from behind victory.

Jarid Bussemakers submits Nick Campbell by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 1:28

Mike Scarcello vs. Dia Grant

Round 1: Scarcello shoots and gets the slam to side control right away. Grant gets half guard back and gets to his feet but Scarcello takes the back and drags him down. Scarcello works for a rear naked choke but Grant defends and again gets to his feet. Scarcello muscles him back down with a body lock and lands in half guard. Scarcello with a pair of short elbows and lands some lefts. Scarcello takes the back but only has one hook. Grant escapes and gets back to his feet but Scarcello’s wrestling has Grant right back on the mat. Grant briefly looks for an armbar but Scarcello pulls his arm free and lands shots from the back. Scarcello pounds away before taking the back and working for the rear naked choke as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Scarcello

Round 2: Grant with an overhand but Scarcello ducks it and gets the body lock against the cage before dumping him to the mat. Scarcello settles into the guard but quickly passes to half guard and finally mount. Grant gives his back and Scarcello lands a pair of solid hammerfists before sinking the rear naked choke with just one hook and forcing the quick tap.

Mike Scarcello submits Dia Grant by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:38

Garret Nybakken vs. Neil Doty

Round 1: Doty presses forward with jabs and ties him up against the cage. Nybakken reverses and knees the legs. Nybakken changes levels and gets the single to half guard. Nybakken elbows the body chips away with little punches. Doty throws up a triangle attempt but Nybakken avoids and drops a big elbows. Nybakken lands to the body and connects with another elbow to the body. Doty sits up and Nybakken works for a guilotine until Doty gives up his back. Nybakken lands a few before working for the rear naked choke. Doty defends briefly but Nybakken is able to sink the choke and get the submission victory.

Garret Nybakken submits Neil Doty by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:17

Aaron Bosiak vs. Dell Knebush

Round 1: Bosiak lands and Knebush looks for a takedown but Bosiak gets a guillotine. Bosiak dumps him to the mat and takes his back sinking a rear naked choke and forcing the quick tap. Aaron Bosiak submits Dell Knebush by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:39

Justin Parsons vs. Vitaliy Bervald

Round 1: Parsons with a stiff leg kick and Bervald catches him with a massive right that sees Parsons out on his feet. Bervald follows up with a barrage of punches against the cage. Referee Kyle Cardinal stops the bout with Parsons still on his feet but the only thing holding Parsons up was the cage itself.

Vitaliy Bervald defeats Justin Parsons by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:19

Mike Geib vs. Cam Dyck

Round 1: Dyck rushes him and they tumble to the mat. In the scramble Geib locks in a guillotine choke but Dyck defends and pulls his head free and lands a shot from the guard. Geib again looks for the choke but Dyck frees himself easily. Geib works for a sweep but can’t get complete it. Geib continues to work for a guillotine choke but is on no position to finish. Dyck works to pass but Geib and gets to mount. Geib rolls to his side and Dyck feeds him a steady diet of right hands until referee Vern Gorman has seen enough and calls the fight.

Cam Dyck defeats Mike Geib by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:06

Clay Dixon vs. Shadey Yellowbird

Round 1: Yellowbird with a leg kick and Dixon immediately gets the takedown. Yellowbird gets back to his feet against the cage and Dixon knees the thighs. Dixon with a big suplex and passes to mount. Dixon with an armbar but Yellowbird with a nice escape but Dixon has side control. Dixon again passes to mount and Yellowbird tries to sweep but caught in an armbar again. Dixon is able to straighten the arm and force the tap.

Clay Dixon submits Shadey Yellowbird by Armbar in Round 1, 2:00

After hitting rock-bottom, Tim Hague now aimed at crushing jaws on way back to top

By: Mike Bohn March 27, 2015 MMA Junkie

More than eight years and 28 fights into his pro MMA career, Tim Hague said he’s finally prepared to meet his potential.

Hague found success early in his career under the King of the Cage banner. He won the organization’s heavyweight title as part of 10 wins in his first 11 pro fights.

He then received the call to make his UFC debut at UFC 98 in May 2009 and would submit Pat Barry in the first round. Unfortunately after that point, his career went into a backslide that only now – nearly six years later – can he say he’s recovered.

Hague spent much of recent years trying to rediscover his groove. He suffered three-straight losses under the UFC banner and was cut from the organization in May 2010. After that, he failed to register more than two consecutive wins and went 6-8 in a 14-fight stretch.

That’s until roughly the mid-way point of 2014. Hague realized he wasn’t happy with his win-one, lose-one pattern. To buck that trend, he rededicated himself to the sport and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Now he’s won three straight.

Hague (19-9) has won his past three fights by knockout and hopes he can make it four straight when he challenges Tanner Boser (6-0) for the Unified MMA heavyweight title at Unified MMA 22. The event takes place on Friday at Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and is available via online pay-per-view at

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Jeremy Horn: ‘I’ll Be In The Gym Until The Day I Die’- EXCLUSIVE

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630,

If you look up Jeremy Horn on the Internet, you’ll likely find that his MMA record is listed as 91-21-5. Yes, that’s 117 total fights. It’s seems like such a ridiculous number, even for someone who has been fighting as long as Horn, which is somewhere around nineteen years. The crazier part is that according to the Nebraska born fighter, that number is wrong and the amount of total fights is probably somewhere around 160ish.

“I started training long before the majority of MMA sanctioning bodies and websites recording them were around,” said Horn when asked about the number.

The 39-year-old fighter is gearing up for his next fight (118, 160 something, who cares) and recently spoke with BJPENN.COM.

Make sure you guys tune into Horn’s fight this Saturday, Mar. 28 at Sugar Creek Showdown 25: Apocalypse. The fights can be streamed online at

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GFL REAL FIGHTS – Sosa VS Bergman on TCN, CSN, DISH, DirecTV, U-Verse & FiOS Beginning March 30


March 27, 2015

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class boxing from Philadelphia as Peltz Boxing and Joe Hand Promotions presents another showstopper!

Jason Sosa of Camden, NJ, riding an eight-fight knockout streak, returns to action when he boxes Bergman Aguilar of Escazu, Costa Rica, in an eight-round junior lightweight fight at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia.

The Sosa-Bergman contest, along with an eight-round heavyweight match featuring Joey Dawejko of Philadelphia, headlines a seven-fight card.

Sosa, 26, who knocked out Juan Cruz in his last fight Oct. 18 in Catano, Puerto Rico, is 13-1-3 with 9 K0s. He has been a pro since 2009.
Earlier in 2014, Sosa scored his biggest win when he knocked out Michael Brooks of Long Island, NY, in the ninth round at Bally’s Atlantic City.

Sosa is ranked No. 2 in the United States at 130 pounds by the USBA and No. 31 in the world by the WBC.

“I’m excited to be back fighting in Philadelphia in front of my fans, family and friends who will be crossing the bridge from my hometown of Camden,” said Sosa. “I expect 2015 to be a great year, and I will continue where I left off with my explosive knockouts. I want to thank my manager, Mark Cipparone, of Club 1957 Management, and the entire Rocco’s Collision Team for believing in me and making a lot of things possible. I would like to thank Russell Peltz as well. El Canito is back!”

Sosa has not boxed in Philadelphia since Dec. 8, 2012, when he knocked out Isaac Suarez of Lancaster, PA, in two rounds at Temple University’s McGonigle Hall.

Aguilar, 30, now living in Puerto Rico, is 12-1-1 with 4 K0s. In his last fight April 24 in Panama, Aguilar scored an 11-round decision over previously unbeaten hometown hero Juan Huertas for the interim WBA Fedelatin Title.

A pro since 2008, Aguilar will be making his first start outside Central America.

“I ask for all Costa Rican fans to come out and support me in Philadelphia,” said Aguilar.

Heavyweight prospect Joey Dawejko, who has scored three straight one-round knockouts, takes on Enobong Umohette, of Nigeria, in an eight-round fight.

Dawejko, 24, had a big year in 2014, going 5-0 and beating fringe contender Derric Rossy, of New York, to break onto the heavyweight scene 12 months ago.

A pro since 2009, Dawejko, also known as The Tank, is 13-3-2, 6 K0s. In his last three fights, neither David Williams, of Philadelphia, Yohan Banks, of Redwood City, CA, nor Rayford Johnson, of Longview, TX, were able to survive the first round. Dawejko also defeated then-unbeaten Philadelphia Mark Rideout in 2014.

“This could be the start of a big year for me,” Dawejko said, “so I’m not taking any chances. I’m going away to the mountains to train for this fight. Umohette is a big, strong guy and I need to be prepared. Last year was a rebuilding year for me and I hope to get into the world rankings in 2015.

“I saw Umohette fight on video and I listened to his story. This is a big fight for him, also.”

Umohette (left), 35, now living in Milwaukee, WI, started boxing in 1998. Known as The Nigerian Gentleman, he won his country’s National Amateur Championship in 2005 in the super heavyweight division.

After relocating to Wisconsin, he won that state’s Novice Heavyweight Title in 2007.

Umohette turned pro in 2009 and promptly lost his first fight before going on a nine-fight winning streak which included winning the Wisconsin State Heavyweight Title.

“It will be an honor and a privilege to compete against the highly decorated former World Amateur Champion, Joey Dawejko, in his home state of Pennsylvania, which has a legendary boxing history,” Umohette said. “Dawejko’s very distinguished amateur career and his blazing pro career is testimony to his enormous talent. I look forward to an entertaining bout against The Tank.”

Air times are listed below:
The Comcast Network: (all zones): Monday, March 30 at 7:00pm ET
The Comcast Network: (all zones): Tuesday, March 31 at 9:00pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Philly): Friday, April 3 at 8:00pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Mid Atlantic): Saturday, April 4 at 11:00pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, April 5 at 4:00pm ET
CSN Philadelphia: Thursday, April 2 at 7:00pm ET
CSN Philadelphia: Saturday, April 4 at 4:00pm ET
CSN Mid Atlantic: Sunday, April 5 at 12:30am ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest and CSN Bay Area will also be airing Sosa VS Aguilar in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN including Dish, DirecTV, AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.
The Comcast Network
CSN Philadelphia
CSN Washington
CSN Baltimore
CSN New England
CSN Northwest
CSN Bay Area

Upcoming Events on Comcast
3/30: Tuesday Night Fights: Jason Sosa v Bergman Aguilar (boxing)
4/6: Cagezilla Fighting Championship (MMA)
4/13: GPG 19: Portugal VS USA (MMA)
4/20: Broadway Boxing: Rafael “Dynamite” Vazquez v Joseph Rios

About GFL:
GFL ( is a fast-growing media and sports entertainment company that utilizes a proprietary technology to deliver the most exciting LIVE combat sports events worldwide and an incredible viewing experience to a global audience. With a diverse mix of combat sports properties, GFL is the premier online destination for live boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and more. Since its inception in 2007, GFL has streamed more than 2,500 live events with over 10,000 hours of combat sports content. In addition to its web platform, GFL is available on Roku, IPhone, IPad, as well as other internet ready devices, and broadcasts a weekly, two-hour, syndicated fight TV show on CSN, TCN and SNY, as well as live pay-per-view events directly to iN DEMAND.

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