Kurtis Parisi Stops Hector Sanchez in 2nd Round at ASAP Fighting Championship – Watch the Fights and Highlights on GFL.Tv

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ASAP Fighting Results: Check out the fights and highlights – CLICK HERE

Courtesy of Western Mass MMA.com – Check them out for up to date results and info on MMA in Western Mass.

Kurtis Parisi vs. Hector Sanchez (main event pro kickboxing)

Round 1:  They smash their way into the clinch.  The ref breaks them up a few times.  They exchange punches and some knees.  Hector lands a nice right hand and Kurtis answers with a leg kick.  They fight their way back into a clinch and the ref breaks them apart again.  An unintentional low blow causes a brief stop in the action just before the round comes to a close.

Round 2: They exchange punches.  They clinch and Kurtis lands some knees.  Another accidental low blow stops the fight briefly.  They go back to the action.  Kurtis lands some nice stiff leg kick and some solid knees to the midsection.  Kurtis Lands some nice straight punches and several hard leg kicks that crumble his opponent at 1:39 in round 2 for the ref stoppage.

Your winner by Tko Kurtis Parisi

Darryl Mayer vs. Nate Ghareeb (MMA)

Round 1: They exchange on the feet.  Nate lands a couple nice kicks and they exchange punches.  They go to the ground briefly and then back to the feet.  A fast paced fight has the crowd in an uproar.  Darryl looks for a takedown at the end of the first but Nate is saved by the bell.

Round 2: A brief exchange on the feet leads to a ground war. Nate controls his opponent from the top position showcasing his jits skills.  Darryl looks to defend and get back on top but is unsuccessful.  Nate is too strong and too skilled.  Nate takes and armbar and triangle attempt from the mount and sinks in the triangle choke for the tapout victory.

Your winner in round 2 by tapout via triangle choke is Nate Ghareeb

Jarett Gouveia vs. Hector Acosta welterweight (Kickboxing)

Round 1: They exchange kicks and a few punches.  Hector digs in some slid leg kicks.  They exchange somemore punches as Hector is the aggressor. The round comes to an end.

Round 2: Hector picks him apart with kicks to the leg and body.  Jarett backs up as Hector is the aggressor again.  Jarett land a few punches to the head and a couple leg kicks of his won.  the two engage and exchange punches to close the round.

Round 3:  They exchanges and Hector sweeps his legs.  Jarett hits the mat and goes back to his feet.  They exchanges punches and kicks.  Hector digs in a few more nice leg kicks as well as kicks to the body.  They exchange some back and forth punches as the round comes to a close.  Im not sure why the judges saw this fight the way they did but their decision is as follows.

Your winner by decision is Jarett Gouveia.

Jake St. Germain vs. Jordon Ames welterweight (MMA)

Round 1: They exchange punches standing up.  They go back and forth with the striking but Jake appears to have the edge.  Jake lands a series of unanswered strikes for the ref stoppage in round number one.

Your winner via ref stoppage due to strikes is Jake St. Germaine.

The bout card:

Undercard Ed Gworz vs. Ryan Holmes
Undercard Ian Cullen vs. Mike Kimbel


Hector “Spartan” Sanchez and Kurtis Parisi Have Unfinished Business in the Ring at ASAP Fighting Championship This Weekend – Live on GFL.Tv

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Fireworks in August?  Well after the smoke has cleared on August 27 it will finally be settled who is the better fighter Hector “Spartan” Sanchez or Kurtis Parisi. For all of you who don’t know the story this is it. These two fighters Kurtis Parisi and Hector Sanchez have been going back and forth since 2008.

A few months ago they got a chance to settle their dispute at CES which as Kurtis said didn’t go as planned. Sanchez knocked out Parisi in 30 seconds of the first round.  Boom! And that’s were the story should end – WRONG !

It was a MMA fight, not kickboxing. Parisi is the former ICE Heavy Weight Thai boxing Champion and now he wants redemption in the ring.

Sanchez said, “I don’t care how we do it and ill do it again”.  Peter Rodgers  was contacted to see if he could put this together.  He was happy to oblige. This will be settled this upcoming Sat at ASAP FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP at Mohegan Sun, Uncas ballroom at 7pm.

Don’t miss this fight – CLICK HERE to WATCH LIVE!



The bout card:

CAGE TITANS 30: Remo Cardarelli vs. Darren Mima – Live on GFL.Tv

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Courtesy of Western Mass MMA – to read the entire article CLICK HERE.

Cage Titans returns this Saturday with their 30th show.  CLICK HERE to WATCH LIVE! Yes, you read that right 30 shows since its existence and they are now entering their 7th year of mixed martial arts in Massachusetts.  They have put together another epic card with 23 fights total.  Out of the 21 , 7 of them are pro and there are 2 ammy titles also on the line. There is a different start time for this show, the doors open at 5pm and the first fight will kick off at 6pm so make sure to plan accordingly.  This does mean we have a good chance at getting out of there before midnight before War child turns into a pumpkin.  Follow along as I break down the fight card in its entirety for you all.
125 PRO Remo Cardarelli (6-3 Team BST) vs. Darren Mima (8-4 Blackhole)

In the main event Remo Cardarelli will take on Darren Mima at 125 lbs.  This will be a rematch in which Mima by a ko slam in Rd 1.  Remo trains with his new gym Team BST and comes into this fight with a 6-3 record.  In the win column, he has 4 wins by submission and 2 by decision.  For his losses, he lost all 3 by ko/tko.  His opponent is Darren Mima and he trains with Blackhole BJJ.  Mima comes into this fight with an 8-4 record with 3 KO/tko, 1 submission and 4 wins by decision.  For his losses, he lost 4 by submission.  Now one thing I have to mention is that Remo has rematched 2 other opponents before this and won the rematch every time.  He wanted this rematch bad and he is getting it this Saturday.  You don’t want to miss this fight!

170 AM TITLE John McAndrews (5-1 Gate City) vs. Bobby Gasdia (3-1 SSSF)

Then the 170 lb title is on the line when John McAndrews takes on Bobby Gasdia.  John trains with Gate City MMA and comes into this fight with a 5-1 record.  For his wins he has 2 by ko/tko, 1 sub and 2 by decision.  He has fought at all different weight classes and has the Combat Zone 185 lb title and is now has the Cage Titans title in his grips.  His only loss came by a decision to Sean Evans at CFX event.  His opponent is Bobby Gasdia and he trains with SSSF.  Bobby comes into this fight with a 3-1 record with 1 ko/tko, 1 submission and 1 decision victory.  Both fighters are very well rounded and have proven they can win any where on the mat.  This is another awesome battle that has the potential to be fight of the night.

135 PRO Fernando Perez (6-13 Team EVT) vs. Johnny Cambell (11-8 SSSF)

At 135 lbs Fernando Perez will be taking on Johnny Campbell.  Perez trains with Team EVT and comes into this fight with a 6-13 record.  For his wins, Perez  has 1 ko/tko, 3 submissions and 2 wins by decision.  For his losses he is coming off of 5 straight losses so he is desperate for a win.  His opponent is Johnny Campbell and he trains with SSSF.  He comes into this fight with an 11-8 record with 5 wins by ko/tko, 1 submission and 5 decision wins.  For his losses, he lost 1 by ko/tko, 2 by submission and 5 by decision.  I see this fight going the distance and Campbell winning the decision.

145 PRO Rodrigo Almeida (13-3 Juniko) vs. Manny Bermudez (6-0 SSSF)

At 145 lbs Rodrigo Almeida will be facing off against Manny Bermudez.  Almeida trains with Juniko and comes into this fight with a 13-3 record.  In the win column, he has 2 wins by ko/tko, 5 by submission and 6 wins by way of decision.  For his losses, he lost 2 by submission and 1 split decision.  His opponent is Manny Bermudez and he trains with SSSF.  Manny comes into this fight with a 6-0 record with 1 win by ko/tko, 4 sub and 1 decision.  Both of these fighters have trouble finding opponents and now is the time for them to meet face to face.  As you can see Almeida has the more fight experience but Manny should have no problem adjusting to that.  I see this fight being a jiu jitsu battle for the ages.

There you have the complete breakdown of the upcoming Cage Titans card that is happening this Saturday in Plymouth Mass.  Titans is pulling out all the stops for their 30th show and you certainly don’t want to miss it.  Get your tickets early as they have been selling out the place in the past few years.  Warchild and I will be making the trip to Cage Titans and hope to see you all there.

Dynamite NAKSOO Muay Thai brings YOKKAO to Melbourne Featuring such Great Muay Thai Fighters as Lucy Payne, Sam ‘Nanu’ Brown, Kristan ‘Pretty Girl’ Armstrong, and Alex Tsang – Watch the Fights Live on GFL.Tv

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YOKKAO UK Next Generation Amy Pirnie in action at YOKKAO 18Dynamite NAKSOO Muay Thai brings to Melbourne 9 female fights featuring Lucy Payne (UK) Vs Sam ‘Nanu’ Brown (Aus), Kristan ‘Pretty Girl’ Armstrong (Aus) Vs Alex Tsang (Youth Union club “HK”). WATCH LIVE CLICK HERE

YOKKAO has had two very clear missions since day one. 1- Bring authentic Muay Thai to the fight fans of the world, and 2- do things differently than everyone else.

Rewriting the very long and book of Muay Thai, YOKKAO has flipped the traditions upside down, by developing a stacked women’s card for Melbourne. For the first time ever, YOKKAO Next Generation will feature an astounding 16 women fighters in one night, for a ground breaking 8 women’s bouts.

The evening will be capped off by none other than the very popular Muay Thai multi-time Lumpinee champion Singdam Kitamoo9 against the young Australian talent Jake Moulden.

The Bout Card:

Dynamite Naksoo Yokkao Next Generation Features a Great Fight Between Lumpinee Champion Singdam Kiatmoo9 v Australia’s Own Jake Moulden – Watch Live on GFL.Tv

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Singdam Kiatmoo9 and the YOKKAO Team

Yokkao will be back in Australia with nine female fights and a massive main event headlined by Lumpinee Champion, Singdam Kitamoo9 against one of the best Muay Thai fighters from Australia in Jake Moulden. Click here for more information and to watch live.

Multiple time Lumpinee champion and one of YOKKAO’s top fan favorite fighters Singdam Kiatmoo9 (269-64-2) is from Buriram in the Northeast part of Thailand and is well known for his powerful left kicks and technical fighting skills.

is set to faceoff against the young, and powerful Australian fighter Jake Moulden at YOKKAO Next Generation this Saturday, August 27th in Melbourne Australia.  Singdam has fought 4 times in 2016 – all wins and 3 by KO.

2016-07-02 Win China Zhang shuai Superstar Fight 4 Shenzhen, China KO 2 1:32
2016-05-21 Win China Li Chenchen Superstar Fight 3 Harbin, China Decision 3
2016-04-16 Win China Zheng Ke Superstar Fight 2 Hunan, China TKO 2
2016-02-27 Win China Zhang Chenglong Superstar Fight 1 China TKO (broken arm caused by kick) 1

Singadam plans to extend his winning record against the young, dynamic and quickly rising Australian fighter Jake Moulden.  Jake Moulden, a Muay Thai Champion in his own right, holds a number of championship titles including South East Asia Champion, Australian WKBF, Australian ISKA, along with a number of Queensland titles making him without doubt be a hometown fan favorite. However, Jake’s fighting ambitions will be put to the test as Singdam Kiatmoo9 is one of his toughest fights to date, truly testing both the young Australians ring skills and heart.

The bout card includes:

Cage Titans 30 Cardarelli v Mima a Much Anticipated Rematch – Live on GFL.Tv

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ImageRevenge – Cardarelli vs Mima – Watch live Click Here

Revenge is an odd concept in limbo, held to contempt for some but something that speaks to a base nature held amongst all of mankind; to revisit slights and failures and seemingly change your personal history. For Remo Cardarelli his fight history is uniquely cyclical in nature, facing exclusively top level talent and finding ways to win, even if it takes a second run at them.

This pattern of failure-turned-success began at Cage Titans, facing Billy Giovanella in the main event. The potential five round battle would begin as a highly competitive scrap, but as rounds wore on and the walls of the cage hemmed in Cardarelli’s famous footwork, tides would turn to Giovanella’s favor. The fourth round would see Cardarelli leave on a stretcher; ground and pound and fatigue having accumulated to a shut down of the body.

It’s the kind of devastating loss a fighter would work towards forgetting and never wish to try their luck again, yet that’s exactly what Cardarelli did less than a year later. This time in the Bellator cage, Cardarelli would show a different side to himself than the aggressive striker we’d watched over the years, fighting the smart fight of ripping counters, had sprawls and opportunistic grappling exchanges in the biggest fight of his career. He’d dart in with punches and dart out as Giovanella stumbled at empty space; accuracy off the charts and taking a split decision win on virtue of intelligent offense and insurmountable defense.

It was his pair of bouts against crippling puncher Andy Aiello in Cage Titans that would show the true character of Cardarelli though, revisiting the scene of a devastating KO loss in their first meeting. The buzz around the internet was that Cardarelli simply couldn’t avoid that power for three rounds, and anything short of a perfect hit-and-run match would result in another defeat, yet the Rivera fighter had something else in mind entirely. Going toe-to-toe and punch-for-punch, Cardarelli would stun the crowd by dishing it out far more than he took it in their rematch, closing Aiello’s eye with the volume and power behind his gloves.

Now the time comes to rewrite personal history yet again, but the target of his third vindication will seek to make his victory stick, as Darren Mima enters Cage Titans for the first time. For Mima, the first fight between the two, inside the CES cage, was a no-duster and rightfully placed behind him. A simple double leg slam in a twenty-seven second fight was all it took to seal the deal, Cardarelli out cold on the mat and Mima walking off with bigger fights in his future.

Fighters like Mima highlight the issues with management in MMA on the local level: ready for the ground floor of the world stage, and too dangerous for similar prospects to test themselves against.

“Everyone wants to fight Darren, but when it comes time to sign the contract or step in the cage, there is always an excuse.” Sean Rockwell, Mima’s manager tells us.

It’s a story told across every weight class as fighters become too large for the local scene and need that final push to leave, like a rocket trying to break orbit. For Mima, he’s suffered a set of revolving door opponents that make preparation tougher than the fight in some cases; keeping mentally ready when your opposition wears a different face every week.

“Remo is ranked right below Darren in all the rankings, and the fighter who is ranked ahead of him won’t take the fight.” Continues Rockwell. “Say what you will about Remo, but at least he has the testicular fortitude to step back in there with The Mean One.”

While rerunning a former victory isn’t in the play book for reaching the next level, the prospects of a steady opponent help motivate the elite Flyweight, as does the bauble up for grabs on August 27th; the Cage Titans Flyweight Championship.

With revenge, propulsion to the big leagues, and a coveted title all within grasp, we can expect one of the best title tilts in Cage Titans history.

Lucas Rota v Keith Berry Co-Main Event at Tru-Form Entertainment – Live on GFL.Tv

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Lucas RotaExactly 1 year ago Lucas Rota 11-6 retired after beating Casey Ryan at TFE – Baptism Under Fire.  From Panara Brazil fighting is in his blood. In his last 8 bouts he has only lost 1 time – spanning a period of 4 years, which made his sudden retirement all the more unusual.

Rota takes on a game Bellator veteran in Keith Berry.  This is Berry’s first bout since leaving Bellator. He is a battle tested and tough opponent for Rota.

Keith "KO Kid" Berry

The bout card:



Jesse Taylor (29-14) vs. Seth Baczynski (19-13) Co-Main Event at Tru-Form Entertainment – Live on GFL.Tv

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Jesse Taylor (29-14) vs. Seth Baczynski (19-13)  featured at Co-Main Event at Tru-Form Entertainment – Click here to watch Live!
TUF 7 finalist Taylor looks to snap a two-fight losing streak when he takes on fellow UFC veteran Baczynski. After beating/finishing both 9-0 Nick Barnes and 29-4 Michail Tsarev Taylor seemed to lose focus in his next 2 bouts.  Ranked as the 15th of  525 active Russia Pro Welterweights its up to him if he wants to once again gain prominence in the welterweight division.

Jesse "JT Money" Taylor

Baczynski has receintly been released by the UFC after 5 years of high end competition. Though he heads into this contest on a three-fight losing streak, he has only fought tough opponents and will continue to do so by taking on Taylor.

Seth "Polish Pistola" Baczynski

The bout card:

Amos “2 Smooth” Cowart (11-1-1, 9 KOs) and “Nice” Nick DeLomba (10-1, 2 KOs) Featured in Foxwoods Card on September 1 – Live on GFL.Tv

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Broadway Boxing, presented by DiBella Entertainment, returns Thursday night, September 1, to the Premier Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Lightweight prospects Amos “2 Smooth” Cowart (11-1-1, 9 KOs) and “Nice” Nick DeLomba (10-1, 2 KOs) will throw-down in the eight-round main event.  WATCH LIVE ON GFL – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

A native Floridian from Groveland, Cowart (pictured above) is coming off his first loss as a professional, suffered just over one year ago in Atlantic City. The bout, televised live as part of Showtime’s ShoBox: The New Generation series, saw the hard-hitting Cowart move up in weight to challenge fellow undefeated prospect Regis Prograis. Cowart went on to lose a very entertaining eight-round decision to the still undefeated contender Prograis, who was chosen as one of this year’s ESPN.com’s “Prospects to Watch”. Following the loss, Cowart was forced to sit on the sidelines as he nursed an injury suffered in the bout. Now back and fully healthy, Cowart is dropping down in weight and looking to make some noise in the 135 lbs. division.

“The bout with Prograis was a good learning experience, but I am not a 140-pounder,” said Cowart. “I took the fight because it was an opportunity to perform on national TV, and I believe I gave a good showing of what I am capable of doing. I am back now at my comfortable weight and know that I have what it takes to compete against the best up-and-coming guys in this division. DeLomba is the hometown boy. I know that he is going to have the crowd behind him, but once that bell rings, it’s just him and me in that ring, and I plan on putting on a spectacular performance as I get my career back underway and moving toward the top.”

DeLomba, the reigning New England super lightweight champion, has been favorably compared at this stage of his young career to another Italian fighter from the same Rhode Island city of Cranston, in two-division world champion Vinny Paz. DeLomba is expected to have a partisan hometown crowd behind him and will be looking to make a statement against the once-beaten Cowart.

“This is a huge fight for me at this stage of my career,” said DeLomba. “Cowart’s only loss is to Prograis and he is considered one of the best young 140-pounders in all of boxing. If I can beat Cowart more convincingly, that is a major statement. I am not only going to be the bigger guy in the ring on fight night, but I am the better boxer. He is coming off a year layoff, and I know that he is eager to get back in that ring, but this is the biggest fight of my career, and I plan on putting on a show come September 1.”

Belgium super featherweight Dardan Zenunaj (12-1, 9 KOs), a former World Boxing Association (WBA) International champion, and undefeated Cuban amateur standout Luis “The Lion” Garcia (14-0, 11 KOs), fighting out of Peekskill, New York, are also scheduled to be in action on the Sept. 1 Broadway Boxing card in separate eight-round bouts.

Tru Form Entertainment Returns with a Massive MMA Card; Stevenson takes on Miglioli!

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On August 28, Tru Form Entertainment is hosting JOE STEVENSON VS GABRIEL MIGLIOLI at the Business Expo Center in Anaheim in the headliner of a full on night on exciting MMA action. The main card is posted here to provide individual information on each fighter!







The Fight Card Includes:

Undercard Samson Yang vs. Maikel Perez
As a bonus, there are rumblings behind the scenes that the promotion will be adding one more suprise bout to the card last-minute that is apparently aimed to excite the fans in attendance.
Don’t miss the suprise, GFL will be streaming this whole fight, LIVE, here: http://bit.ly/TRUGFL

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