Ring of Combat 58 Results: Arce Submits Buenafuene – Watch NOW on GFL

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As usual Louis Neglia put on a great event and stellar night of MMA fights at Ring of Combat 58! The 11 bout card had fans at the edge of their seats with the back and forth action. Fight fans let it be known, when you go to a ROC show, you’ll get your monies worth. CLICK HERE TO RE-LIVE THE ACTION ON GFL



Main Event: Julio Arce (W) vs. Frank “The Praying Mantis” Buenafuente, Submission, RNC Round 2

Tajuddin Abdul-Hakim vs. Sidney “Da-gun” Outlaw (W) – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds

Merab Dvalishvili (W) vs. Sukhrob “The Spartan” Aidarbekov – Submission, Arm Bar Round 2

Michael “The Nature Boy” Elshamy vs. Willie “Warhead” Hosch (W) – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds

Pat Sabatini (W) vs. Michael Lawrence – Submission, Rear Naked Choke Round 2

Tevin Cooke vs. James “Speedy” Gonzalez (W) – Submission, Triangle Choke Round 2

Dominick “Dom” Biondo vs. Brandon “Mega” Urquijo (W) – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds

Phil Caracappa (W) vs. Tommy Espinosa – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds

Sambet Naimanbayev vs. Jerome “The Mechanic” Mickle (W) – Majority Decision After 3 Rounds

Wendell “Diesel” Sneed (W) vs. Hugh McKenna – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds

Travis “The Sauce” Foster vs. Nick Fiore (W) – Unanimous Decision After 3 Rounds

Combat at the Capitale 39 Results – Watch NOW on GFL!

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It was another EPIC night of fights at Lou Neglia’s COMBAT AT THE CAPITALE 39! Relive the COMBAT NOW ON GFL!!! CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Main Event: Lennox Chance vs. Zarukh Adashev (Winner) – Unanimous Decision 30-27 (3X) After 3 Rounds

Co-main Event: Brandon “The Mechanic” Cuttino (Winner) vs. John “Greco” Salgado – Split Decision 30-27, 29-28, 28-29 After 3 Rounds

Co-main Event: Jennie Nedell (Winner) vs. Anna Shearer – Unanimous Decision 29-28 (3x) After 3 Rounds


Jamie Butcher vs. Justina Abruscato– Draw Ater 3 Rounds (Exhibition Bout)

Justin “The Moose” Muslija (Winner) vs. Brian Canals – Unanimous Decision 30-27 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Robert Varricchio (Winner) vs. Anthony Dilemme – Majority Decision 29-27 (2x), 28-28 After 3 Rounds

Brian “The Slayer” Mayer (Winner) vs. Andy “The Python” Segovia – Unanimous Decision 30-27 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Brandon Joza (Winner) vs. Kris Anders – Unanimous Decision 30-26 (2x), 29-27 After 3 Rounds

(MMA) Edwin “Ed” Smart (Winner) vs. Dami “The Predator” Ojo-Powerson – KO 0:10 Round 1

Jessica Ruiz vs. Rebecca Bryggman (Winner) – TKO – Referee Stoppage due to Kick 0:45 Round 3

Raquane Alexander vs. Mike Doherty (Winner) – Unanimous Decision 29-28 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Lou Neglia’s Combat at the Capitale 39 – 1/21/17 – LIVE on GFL.TV

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Lou Neglia and Ray Longo present World Championship Kickboxing with “Combat at the Capitale 39” on Friday, January 20, 2017, live and on demand from the famous Capitale in New York City, New York. This full rules kickboxing card is anchored by fierce competitions under both Muay Thai and Pro Glory rules. CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFORMATION



Ring of Combat 57: Buenafuente vs Arce – This Weekend On GFL.TV

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Ring of Combat 57: Buenafuente vs Arce – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON HOW TO WATCH!!!

*Event will not be live but will be replayed shortly after.

Everyone one get on your feet!!! Fresh off the presses, current featherweight champion, Frank “The Mantis” Buenafuente will defend his title against long time ROC fighter and former bantamweight champion, Julio Arce at #ROC57 on 11/18 Tropicana Atlantic City! This is what ROC has been about since day one, assembling the best fight’s possible. This fight can be compared to Chris Weidman vs Uriah Hall and Chris Wade vs Frankie Perez. There were no losers in either of those fights as all went on to the UFC! The same can and will be said for Buenafuente and Arce as both are tremendously talented and have HUGE followings on the East Coast! This is one fight you don’t want to miss. More fight info coming along with ticket information!!! #ROC57

Undercard Bouts:

Millennium 3: Ashawn Alcocks (Dambakly MA) def. Avaz Achilov – Watch the Bouts on GFL.Tv

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Battle of the Millennium 3 results: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FIGHTS AND HIGHLIGHTS

Fight 1: Anthony Dilemme (Longo Comp Team) def. Mike Casill (Alpha Omega)

Fight 2: Taneisha Tennant (Budokan) def. Kathleen Paiva (North Jersey MMA) by KO R1

Fight 3: Raquane Alexander (Longo Comp Team) def. Zackery Powell (Evolution Tri-Star MMA) by unanimous decision

Fight 4: Danny Ramirez (Tiger Schulmann) def. Manny Collado (Alpha Omega) by unanimous decision

Fight 5 was cancelled. John Giordano (Longo Comp Team) was ready, opponent Ian Hastings (ATT) was injured.

Fight 6: Diego Jagessar (Striking 101) def. Anthony Lopez (Alpha Omega) by unanimous decision

Fight 7: Andy Segovia (Tiger Schulmann) def. Adam Duncan (Evolution Tri-Star MMA) by unanimous decision

Fight 8: Iskandar Usmanov (Lions MMA) def. Luke Todd (Striking 101) by unanimous decision

Fight 9: John Temperino (Longo Comp Team) def. Brian Rast (North Jersey MMA) by unanimous decision

Fight 10: Diana Zhivanaj (Tiger Schulmann) def. Yulia Guseva (Lions MMA) by KO R2

Fight 11: Andrew Ball (Neglia Comp Team) def. Mike Moyer (Team Red Planet) by unanimous decision

Fight 12: Jonathan DiBella (DiBella’s Kickboxing) def. David Weintraub (Camp David MMA) by TKO R2

Fight 13 between Jennie Nedell (Longo Comp Team) and Tiffany Cass (Krudar Muay Thai) was cancelled when Cass did not show up to the venue. Nedell was awarded the Battle of the Millennium championship belt.

Fight 14: Zarrukh Adashev (Lions MA) def. Samad Mobley (Gladiator Pankration) by TKO R1

Fight 15: Lashawn Alcocks (Dambakly MA) def. Avaz Achilov (Lions MA) by unanimous decision to win the Battle of the Millennium championship

Battle of the Millenium 3 Featuring Avaz Achilov vs. Lashawn “Rhino” Alcocks and Villi Bello vs. David Moore- Live on GFL.Tv

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Lou Negia has 3 Title Bouts in this Great Night of Fights – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

Andrew Ball v David “The Celtic Hammer” Collins at Battle of the Millennium 3 – Live on GFL.Tv

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Andrew Ball,  is currently is looking to get his “feet back on the winning road.” In 2015 Ball suffered a couple of losses, but prior to that he was on a ten fight win streak that spanned over three years.

Just from speaking with Ball for a few minutes one can tell there is more behind his motivation than overcoming these losses. Growing up, Ball wasn’t very athletic and didn’t have the grades or discipline to be on a team, but he did get into a few street fights. Shortly after high school he started training at Neligia’s Martial Arts where he instantly became hooked. Fast-forward eight years; Andrew holds a 16-4 record in kickboxing and 1-0 in MMA. These twenty kickboxing bouts are in all different styles ranging from Muay Thai, low-kicks to Glory rules.

David Moore defeats Zarukh Adashev by 3 Knock Down Rule in 1st Round at Combat at the Capitale 38

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                                                   Main Event

David Moore vs. Zarukh Adashev:

Moore winner, 1st round: Bout stopped at 2:59 sec. due t0 3 knock down rule.

* Justina Acruscato vs. ​Amenzee Omozuwa​—–​——​——​——​Fight cancelled due to fighter’s injury



Anthony Lopez vs. Danny Ramirez:

Ramirez, winner by Unanimous Decision; ​30-26, 30-26, 29-27.

Iskander Usmanov vs. Garrett Williams:

Usmanov, winner by knockout; Round 2 at 58 sec.

Manny Collado vs. Phumi Nkuta:

Collado winner by majority
Decision; 29-28- Red, 29-28- Blue, 29-28- Red.

Yulia Guseva vs. Mia Inzerillo:

Inzerillo winner by majority decision; 30-26- Blue, 29-27- Blue, 28-28- Draw.

Angel Rodriguez vs. Raquane Alexander:

Rodriguez winner by unanimous decision ; All 3 judges 29-28.

Shannon Halstead vs. Andy Segovia:

Segovia winner by unanimous decision; 30-26 from all three judges.

Brad Scheiler vs. Mark Dubovoy:

Dubovoy​ winner by majority decision; 30-27-Red, 29-28-Red, 30-27-Blue.

Abraham Lastra vs. Joaquin Batista:

Bautista winner by majority decision; 29-28-Red, 29-28-Red, 30-27- Blue.

Andrew Ball vs. David Collins:

Ball winner by majority decision;29-28- Red, 29-28- Red, 29-28- Blue

Brandon Cuttino vs. Raul Gonzalez:

Gonzalez winner by unanimous
decision:29-28, 29-28, 30-27

Jennie Nedell vs. Oliva Loth:

Exhibition bout; No Score due to weight issue

Chris Lukusa vs. Avaz Achilov:

Lukusa winner by majority decision; 29-27- Blue, 29-27- Blue, 28-28- Draw.

Trevor Ragin vs. Justin “The Moose” Muslija:

Muslija winner by unanimous decision: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

Jenna “Savage” Serio vs. Sadee Monseratte Williams:

Williams winner by majority decision: 29-28- Blue, 30-27- Blue, 29-28- Red.


Rising Kickboxing Star Andrew Ball: “Whenever I Fight, I Fight For New York”

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Andrew Ball (right) has gone from misdirected to determined to succeed as one of kickboxing's most talented, up-and-coming athletes.

Andrew Ball (right) has gone from misdirected to determined to succeed as one of kickboxing’s most talented, up-and-coming athletes.

Interview by Randy Jean

A man with grit and passion comes before you today. Andrew Ball, kickboxing up and coming star sits with me to discuss his life of turmoil to success, mentor and trainer Louis Neglia and his thoughts on the latest installment of Combat at the Capitale, which will stream live on GFL.tv from New York City on Friday, September 11.

Randy Jean: I read an article in Newsday which described your up bringing and life on the streets. Fighting was basically all you knew growing up. Am I right?

Andrew Ball: Yup, pretty much.  I used to fight a lot. I would fight older kids, to even kids my own age. It was something that I would do legit every week.

RJ: In the past you’ve credited Lou Neglia for the success that’s came your way. How has your relationship with Neglia changed from when you first met him?

AB: He’s like a father to me. When I first met him he inserted great advice into my head to ensure that I’d stay out of trouble.

RJ: Ok, so what’s the atmosphere like training under the tutelage of Lou Neglia and his martial arts school?

AB: He’s very intense. He’s very old school in the sense where he plays no games.  He doesn’t accept any excuses so you have to give him 100%. Anything less and you’re out.

RJ: Wow, so he’s basically a no nonsense kind of guy!

AB: Very much no nonsense. He’s got a reputation for that and I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s absolutely true.

RJ: “Combat at the Capitale 37″ takes place next month. Unfortunately you suffered an injury while training for your bout against Jordan Turner. How hard is it for you going into the Capitale knowing you won’t be able to help your teammate Andrea DeAngelo capture a win?

AB: Well, I’m still going to help her out in any way that I can. I’m still going to do some light training with her; while at the same time I’ll always be in her corner mentally. I’m always telling her what she needs to hear and she continues to credit me for establishing a tough mentally that every fighter needs to have into her.

RJ: With your injury keeping you within the sidelines, what is your mindset right now?

AB: You know this injury is only going to allow for me get even better. So in that sense he’s actually very unlucky. I’ve taken fights where I should have forfeited because I was injured but I did them anyways. So this time I’m going to be smart and take care of myself.

Rj: Piggybacking off what you said about Andrea DeAngelo, how well do you think her performance will be as she goes up against Theodora Pistiolis?

AB: I think this was the fight that she was waiting for. She took a little break to get her head and body together, but now she’s at 100% and ready to go. I believe she’ll represent team USA to the fullest and give it a good show.

RJ: Sports are usually at forefront when it comes to easing our mind through tragedy. How does it feel to know that Combat at the Capitale will have that same influence on some Americans as we remember those who died on 9/11?

AB: I think it’s a great opportunity for some New Yorkers to show their patriotism and represent New York in a way that it should be. I’m disappointed that I can’t do that but, regardless, whenever I fight, I fight for New York. Our team will be representing New York that night and although I won’t be fighting, DeAngelo will be. No doubt will team Neglia represent New York at the Capitale.


Lou Neglia & Dead Serious MMA Promotions LLC present “MMA at Club Pure” Preview

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Hard hitting MMA action returns to GFL as Lou Neglia and Dead Serious MMA Promotions LLC present “MMA at Club Pure” on Saturday, November 23 from South Amboy, New Jersey in an event that promises to bring together a host of blue chip prospects from the East Coast. Neglia and Dead Serious MMA Promotions are planning to blow the roof off by presenting a scheduled 14-bout card that is sure to have plenty of knockouts and submissions.

In the main event, Michael Elshamy (4-0) battles Karl Roberson (2-0) in a battle of undefeated prospects in the heavyweight division.  Elshamy is built like a tank and very stocky who poses a threat to any rising heavyweight because of his strong grappling.  Elshamy is also a solid wrestler and can grind down opponents over the course of a full fight.  Elshamy brings a strong top game as well as some slick submissions on the canvas.  Roberson will be the bigger fighter in the cage and will be hard to get to the mat and overpower as Elshamy is accustomed to.  Roberson packs dynamite in both hands and also has solid cardio for a big man.  Look for these two to bang from the opening bell and if the fight ends up on the mat it could be a chess match with Elshamy’s grappling versus Roberson’s sheer strength looking to power through anything Elshamy tries.  Don’t blink!

In other action, Alfred Jones (3-0) fights Joshua Armstrong (4-3) in a shootout at featherweight.  Jones has never been to a decision as he has stopped all 3 of his previous opponents inside of two rounds.  Jones has KO power in both hands and can change the momentum of a fight with one punch.  Jones is very active in the standup and likes to be the aggressor and put his opponent on the defensive right from the beginning.  Armstrong brings an experience advantage into the cage and is a fan favorite as only 1 of his 7 fights have ever gone to decision.  Armstrong is well-rounded and can end the fight with a knockout or submission so this fight is a dangerous fight for both athletes.  This could be fight of the night.

East Coast MMA is ready to deliver again!  Be sure to catch all of the action, LIVE on November 23 as Lou Neglia and Dead Serious MMA Promotions LLC present “MMA at Club Pure” exclusively at GFL.tv.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/MMA/MMA__Club_Pure/2211

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