Dead Serious 24 Results: Watch NOW on GFL

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It was another great night of MMA at Dead Serious 24! Relive the action packed fights NOW on GFL VOD. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!


Dead Serious 24 Quick Results from

Main Event: Turpal Khamzayev def Kyle Wehrhahn – Submission Guillotine Choke 2:29 Round 1

Co-main Event: Mike DeLouisa def Ryan Carroll – Unanimous Decision


Mike Dakessian def Mike Melso – Unanimous Decision

Steven Calero def Jair Sanchez – Unanimous Decision

Mike Ahern def Sergio Vila – Unanimous Decision

Efrain Escareno def Christian D’Amore – Split Decision

Angel Rosado def Niyaz Ahmed – Unanimous Decision

Mike Amada def Paulo De Andrade Submission – Rear Naked Choke, 0:39 Round 3

Jaime Drago def Jose Soto – Split Decision

Wantuir Spenciere def Jose Antonio Perez – Submission – Rear Naked Choke, 1:10 Round 1

Christine Frazier def Maddy Cerron – Unanimous Decision

Marquis Dames def Nick Inzano – Split Decision

Dead Serious 23 Results – Smart Subs Collazos – Watch NOW on GFL.TV

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It was another SERIOUS night of MMA ACTION at Dead Serious 23! CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW ON GFL!


Main Event: Cristian Collazos vs. Edwin Smart – Smart (V) Submission via Key Lock 2:47 Round 1

Co-main Event: Mario Hernandez vs. RJ Starace – Hernandez (V) TKO Referee Stoppage 2:49 Round 2


Christian D’Amore vs. Cole Cameron – Cameron (V) Unanimous Decision 29-28 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Jose Antonio Perez vs. Jason Dijols – Perez (V) Unanimous Decision 30-27 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Phumi Nkuta vs. Josue Del Rios – Nkuta (V) Unanimous Decision 30-27 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Rocco Giambrone vs. Jair Sanchez – Sanchez (V) Submission – Guillotine Choke 0:35 Round 2

Antonio Mosca vs. Pat Importuna – Mosca (V) Unanimous Decision 30-27 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Sergio Vila vs. John Wilpert – Vila (V) Submission – Rear Nake Choke 0:43 Round 1

Miguel Lopez vs. Kyle Wehrhahn – Wehrhan (V) Submission – Arm Bar 1:32 Round 2

Justin “Jmar” Marcial vs. Paul Capaldo – Capaldo (V) Unanimous Decision 30-27 (3x) After 3 Rounds

Jonathan Alvarez vs. Mike DeLouisa – DeLouisa (V) Submission – Arm Bar 2:55 Round 1

Peter Nascimento vs. LJ Reboli – Reboli (V) Submission – Rear Naked Choke 0:27 Round 1

Niyaz Ahmed vs. Santos Curatolo – Curatolo (V) Submission – Arm Bar 1:21 Round 2

Dead Serious 23 – Serious MMA Action – DEC 10 LIVE on GFL.TV

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Saturday, December 10, 2016, Dead Serious 23,  the biggest event Dead Serious MMA has ever hosted, with an absolutely amazing card to end the year. If you’re SERIOUS about MMA DON’T MISS IT!  Watch LIVE on GFL!!! CLICK HERE


Dead Serious MMA 19: 5 Great Finishes Featuring a 7 Second KO that You Have to See.

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MAIN EVENT: 175 lbs. Title: Sean Monahan (138-204) vs. Douglas LoBasso (119-390)

Monahan 169. Lobasso 168.5

LoBasso wins unanimous decision in three rounds 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Carolei.

CO-MAIN:147 lbs.: Miguel Lopez (139-458) vs. Mario Hernandez (120-712)

Lopez 143.5. Hernandez 148

Hernandez wins via TKO referee stoppage due to punches at 1:38 of round one.

154 lbs.: Alex Oliveira (147-172) vs. Sylwester Murach (146-950)

Oliveira 153. Murach 153.5

Murach wins via disqualification due to intentional foul stoppage at 2:58 of round one.

140 lbs.: Deema Aitken (145-429) vs. Isaac Valentin (147-351)

Aitken 140.5. Valentin 137

Valentin wins via unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 30-27.

135 lbs.: Alex Ecklin (143-857) vs. Turpal Khamzayev (147-003)

Ecklin 133. Khamzayev 135

Ecklin wins via straight keylock at 1:38 of round three

154 lbs: Agata Klecha (143-628) vs. Nancy Marji (147-153)

Klecha 151.5. Marji 155

Marji wins a split decision in three rounds 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Krawiec.

190 lbs: David Ortiz (145-009) vs. Robert Sousa (147-352)

Ortiz 189. Sousa 186

Sousa wins via unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 30-27.

125 lbs.: Gillian Silver (147-019) vs. Lauren Braccia (139-361)

Silver 124.5. Braccia 126

Silver wins via tap due to armbar at 0:22 of round one.

265 lbs.: Matt Hanford (145-590) vs. Steven Sanes (147-154)

Hanford 248.5. Sanes 257

Sanes wins via KO punch at 0:07 of round one.

161 lbs: Michael DeLouisa (146-824) vs. Tenzin Ngawang (141-135)

DeLouisa 159.5. Ngawang 159

DeLouisa wins unanimous decision in three rounds 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Reeder.

154 lbs: Perea (136-748) vs. Alex Groden (141-204)

Perea 153. Groden 154

Perea wins via tap due to armbar at 0:44 of round one.

Dead Serious 19: Trevor McGovern v Tyler Bayer and Sean Monahan v Douglas LoBasso Headline a Steller Card

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Trevor McGovern vs. Tyler Bayer – Dead Serious MMA 19

In my estimation, Trevor McGovern is the best fighter competing on GFL this weekend.

Even though McGovern began his MMA career at 29 years old, he has reeled off 10 victories alongside one decision loss in the last three years.

The Renzo Gracie product is a wizard on the mat, having finished nine of his opponents via submission.

McGovern may opt to never turn pro now that he is 32, but with the Light Heavyweight division so thin across MMA, he may reconsider with a win against Tyler Bayer this weekend.

Bayer boasts an impressive 6-1 record, but his most noteworthy characteristic is his legendary nickname “Man Bear Pig.”

Joking aside, Bayer is only 22 years old, and has shown some significant skills in his seven career fights.

With both men’s penchant for finishing their opponents, I wouldn’t blink once these two step into the cage.

Sean Monahan vs. Douglas LoBasso – Dead Serious MMA 19

Two amateur Welterweights will throw down in the main event of Dead Serious 19 this weekend, with the winner walking out of the cage as the new 170-pound champ.

Monahan is a Renzo Gracie product, boasting a 3-1 record, with three finishes, including a 27 second knockout in his MMA debut.

LoBasso is undefeated at 2-0, with his last victory coming via knockout. The New York native has fought only twice since his debut in late 2011, but a title victory in Dead Serious could be the springboard he needs to move into MMA full time.

Both fighters have shown flashes of brilliance inside the cage, and absolutely deserve the main event slot on Saturday.

Who takes the next step in their career?