GFL REAL FIGHTS Presents Valor 8 on TCN and CSN Beginning August 4

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August 1, 2014

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class MMA as Valor presents another show stopper with Valor 8 featuring a full lineup of extreme cage fights emanating from Albert Hall in Launceston, Tasmania anchored by a 1 night, 4-man tournament to crown the Valor Lightweight Champion.

Fighters from Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia will feature on a card expected to draw over 1,500 enthusiastic fans and having already seen all seated ticketing sell out in just ten minutes time! VALOR’s inaugural lightweight champion will be crowned in a four man, one night elimination tournament featuring Tasmanian MMA veteran’s such as former VALOR welterweight title contender and knockout artist ‘The Punisher’ David Butt, North West Coast young gun Adam ‘The Smiling Assassin’ Cook, Hobart ground and pound machine Chris ‘The Albatross’ Drummond and former WBC and IBF professional boxing champion ‘Super’ Steven Maxwell. Bragging rights will be on the line with the eventual champion having to win two professional fights in just one night!

Expect a great showing from these gladiators as they are ready to show the world the size of their hearts as they give the fans a throwback event in a 1-night tourney still show!

Air times are listed below:

The Comcast Network (TCN) (all zones): Monday, August 4 at 7:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Philly): Saturday, August 9 at 4:30pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Saturday, August 9 at 11:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, August 10 at 5:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Thursday, August 7 at 11:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Sunday, August 10 at 8:00pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest and CSN Bay Area will also be airing Valor 8 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN and because of that wide distribution across numerous regions and even nationally via satellite, GFL REAL FIGHTS is available on additional platforms.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.

The Comcast Network

CSN Philadelphia

CSN Washington

CSN Baltimore

CSN New England

CSN Northwest

CSN Bay Area

Upcoming Events on Comcast

8/4: Valor 8 (MMA)

8/11: Joe Hand Promotions: Tuesday Night Fights (boxing)

8/18: Golden Gloves: Part 1 (boxing)

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Triple A MMA – Rivals Review

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Courtesy of Jorge Hernandez &

The old saying goes “styles make fights”. That was definitely the case in the main event Saturday night at Triple A MMA VIII’s Rivals card inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The match-up pinned the two best MMA camps in New Mexico. This must be why Albuquerque fighters Conrad Padilla of Jackson’s MMA and Isaiah Reyes of FIT NHB came out extremely anxious for their bout.

The first clean connection would come from Reyes who would land a thudding left kick to Padilla’s stomach causing the sound to resonate around the ballroom (one of those kick would leave an imprint on the side of Padilla’s torso even after the fight).

Reyes would follow suit with a low kick that would help create some distance for the rest of the round.

Unable to pentetate Reyes’ defense of out-stretched arms and busy hands, Padilla would resort to periodic leg kicks none more impactful than a sweeping right kick that knocked Reyes off balance.

The second round showed some exchanges looking more like a mitt sessions as Reyes would block several of Padilla’s punches with the palm of his hand.

The Jackson’s MMA fighter would change his gameplan and target the body which would open up over the top hooks that would keep coming closer and closer to their target.

A solid right would finally land for Padilla which would later be followed up with a kick to the torso. The success in the round would continue as he would land a big left hook toward the back of Reyes’ head.

After a big Padilla miss, Reyes would momentarily take Padilla down. Blood could also be seen dripping from the left side of each man’s face.

A Reyes low blow would halt the action and finish out the round.

The third stanza would be ushered in with an eruption from the fans.

Even though he had the advantage circling around the cage picking shots Reyes chose to stay in the middle of it in this round. He would block consecutive hooks from Padilla and respond with a stinging jab.

Padilla would look to feint a punch low to set up another over the top hook but Reyes would refuse to bite.

Each fighter’s endurance looked amazing despite being drenched in sweat inside the small ballroom that at times felt like a sauna due to the enclosed setting and the brightness of the production lights.

Chants of “Reyes! Reyes!” filled the ballroom but it would be Padilla who responded to the yells after missing an uppercut would then work a shot to the body.

Reyes would begin changing levels with his punches but during the process would eat a strong right. He would then use his legs to move in and out of danger landing short shots but would get caught once he would position himself.

He would then revert back to his original approach and move on the outside and be very strategic and effective with shots from the exterior.

A huge over the top right hook for Padilla would force Reyes to change stances. Padilla would earn takedown off what appeared to be a Reyes slip.

The men would embrace as the bout came to an end.

There was no question that no matter whom the bout was awarded to, each corner would feel slighted by the decision as both put an extraordinary amount of work into the entertaining bout.

Despite not having landed powerful blows, most of the media cageside felt that it would be Reyes’ elusiveness and tactical striking that would earn him the decision. The judges however would give the nod to the pressure and power of Padilla.

The judges decision would read: 29-28 Padilla, 30-27 Reyes; to the shock of the Padilla’s corner, and 29-28 Padilla, awarding the 35-year-old his first victory in over a year and a half.

Due to a couple of fights falling out, Jose Cueto and Hunter tower found themselves as the co-main event of the evening… and sure fought like it.

In the performance of the night it took everything from Jose Cueto to come back from the storm Hunter Tower hailed on him early in their bout.

Demonstrating impressive athleticism, Tower was able to overwhelm Cueto with a great display of kickboxing, helping set up a takedown and more than one rear-naked choke attempt.

Unable to secure a finish, Tower would waste a large amount energy, allowing Cueto to take control of the fight with ground and pound and standing striking.

Cueto would sneak in a powerful spinning backfist after a failed checked kick by Tower. Cueto would take the fight to the ground up against the cage where he would deliver at least 20 strikes, mixing in right elbows and punches.

The referee, late with the stoppage, would call the contest at 01:30 of the second round.

Halfway through out the card a pair of amateur fighters making their debuts put a performance worth note.

From the onset it appeared that Lovato MMA’s Marquis Smith’s boxing and hand speed would lead to an early victory over Luttrell MMA’s Slade Ring.

Smith was able to drop Ring twice in a round and no one thought Ring would be able to recover from the shots.

Feeling comfortable with the lead in the first round, Smith would become more relaxed in the second giving Ring the opportunity to gain his confidence by being able to implement significant kicks.

The round was made close because of Smith’s power punching.

A chessmatch made up the final round as Smith forced the action to turn back into a boxing match by keeping his distance and only engaging when he found it convenient.

Ring chasing Smith for much of the round made him the aggressor but was unable to have the success he had in the second.

The judges would render a unanimous decision victory for Smith.

Atlas Fighting Championship 21 Preview

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Mississippi’s #1 MMA promotion debuts on GFL on August 16 as AFC presents “Atlas Fighting Championship 21” emanating from the Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. MMA fans, this event is scheduled for 12 bouts on a stacked card featuring the top up and combing prospects from the Gulf Coast. AFC is the premier MMA organization in the Magnolia State and is looking to increase its viewership worldwide now with a broadcasting partnership with GFL.

In the main event, in the welterweight division, Cody Senseny (6-1) fights William Kuhn (11-10). Senseny is a fast starter and has never been out of the second round. He brings KO power into the cage but his real game in on the ground where he has won 4 times via submission. Kuhn is on a 2-fight win streak and has the experience advantage. Kuhn has honed his skills by fighting anyone and everyone in the South and looks to anchor a huge event for AFC. Kuhn has great cardio and can go hard for three rounds. Look for Kuhn to try and push the pace against Senseny and take him into deep waters.

In the co-main event, Sedric Johnson (1-1) battles JD Domengeaux (1-2) in another fight in the welterweight division. Johnson comes from Florida and is looking to make his mark in Mississippi. Johnson is a tough grappler who lost a controversial split decision and is looking to rectify that with a decisive win here. Expect Johnson to go for broke and not leave it in the hands of the judges. The Louisiana native Domengeaux is looking to event his record. Domengeaux has previously fought at middleweight so he should bring a size and strength advantage into the cage. Domengeaux fights with a high risk-high reward style and should make for an interesting matchup with Johnson.

In the lightweight division, Josh Davila (3-1) takes on DeMarques Jackson (2-0). Davila is a strong wrestler who can land the takedown at a high rate. His ground and pound and control from the top is solid and allows him to dictate the action in most of his fights. Jackson comes into the fight undefeated after winning his fights decisively. Jackson is one of the top prospects in Georgia and looks to remain unbeaten in this fight. To do that, he will need to showcase his huge heart and all-around style as he is gifted on the mat and in the standup.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on August 16 as AFC presents “Atlas Fighting Championship 21” on pay-per-view exclusively at

XFE 45 Preview

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Xtreme Fight Events returns to Harrah’s Philadelphia on August 9 with “XFE 45”. XFE is the #1 MMA organization in Pennsylvania and has expanded across the Northeast and now also the Southeast. Look for “XFE 45” to up the ante as XFE throws down the gauntlet.

Jon Delbrugge (4-1) battles inside the cage. Delbrugge has all of his wins via stoppage including a 10 second KO and will look to continue his fast start at “XFE 45”. Delbrugge has never been out of the second round and his fighting style always puts him in contention for fight of the night as he brings it every time.

Scheduled to compete is the one and only “Actuarial Assassin” Jon Forster (3-1). Forster is on a 3 fight winning streak and has shown excellent cardio in all of his wins. He is a grinder that can wear down most opponents with his nonstop wrestling and controlling of the fight. Look for Forster to be ready to face an opponent TBD with the same determination and gritty fighting style.

Jim Dewar returns to the cage. Dewar stepped away from competing in 2013 and now he is back with a vengeance looking to showcase his updated skills.

Other fighters expected to compete are Trevor Suter. Suter has never been to a third round and he fights with a high risk-high reward style that is sure to be on display on August 9.

Xtreme Fight Events returns with epic fighting in front of a worldwide audience courtesy of the GFL Combat Sports Network. Watch “XFE 45”on August 9. Stream the show online at and own it forever.

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.

Duel For Domination 9 Preview

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Arizona’s rising MMA promotion returns to as Crank It Up Promotions presents “Duel for Domination 9″ emanating from the Arizona Event Center in Mesa, Arizona on August 2nd. MMA fans, this stacked card features the top up and coming prospects inside the Grand Canyon State and around the Southwest and includes multiple title fights. “Duel for Domination 9″ promises to deliver with action packed fights as all of these warriors are looking to make a name for themselves not only in their home territory but to a worldwide audience on GFL. Tune in for some of the Southwest’s Best.

In the main event, Alex Arredondo (4-1) takes on Derrick Brown (5-5) for the DFD Featherweight Title. Arredondo brings a strong wrestling game into the fight with a relentless aggression. Look for Arredondo to try and close the distance against Brown and get the fight to the mat where he can score with punches from the ground. Brown is on a 4-fight winning streak and it’s because he has been able to push the pace and wear his opponents out. That will be a tough test against Arredondo. Brown will look to score from the outside with strikes and if Arredondo gets a takedown, Brown will be looking to get back to his feet.

In other title action, in a rematch from June, David Contreras (4-2) battles John McCarthy (2-3) for the DFD Flyweight Championship. Contreras has a solid chin and some heavy hands. Contreras loves to make every fight a brawl and that’s what he will try to do with gold on the line. McCarthy dropped the first fight via decision and has made it his goal to finish the fight and not leave it in the hands of the judges. Look for fireworks from these two.

Also scheduled to compete, Augusto Mendes (1-0) takes on Omar Castro (1-0) in the bantamweight division. Both Mendes and Castro come into the fight just beginning their careers. A win here for the winner keeps him undefeated, while the loser drops to .500. Mendes is a fast starter and so is Castro so don’t blink.

Drakkar Klose (1-0) battles Steven Hoffman (0-0) in the lightweight division. Klose continues his pro career after a successful amateur stint. Klose is one of the rising stars in the 155 lb division and wants to keep his record unblemished against Hoffman who is looking for his first win in his first pro fight. Both of these fighters are looking to make a statement.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on August 2nd as Crank It Up Promotions presents “Duel for Domination 9″ from the hot Arizona desert only on pay-per-view exclusively at

WFC 25 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––George-Sotoropolis-vs-Ryan-Healy/2488

Hard hitting MMA action returned as WFC presented “WFC 25” from the Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon on the GFL Combat Sports Network. WFC events are the premier MMA shows in the Pacific Northwest as they are the proving grounds for tomorrow’s future stars and established veterans looking to mix it up. This huge 10 bout card featured 8 finishes.

In the main event, Bellator and Strikeforce vet Ryan Healy (20-12-1) defeated Aaron Hedrick (9-6) via TKO in the second round to win the WFC Lightweight Title. Early on, Hedrick went for a single leg takedown that was stuffed by Healy against the cage. Both fighters landed knees and uppercuts from this spot and broke free continuing their battle in the center of the cage. Healy scored some nice body shots but Hedrick caught a kick and took the fight to the mat where he worked from the top. Hedrick kept Healy on his back for the remainder of the round but not scoring with a ton of strikes. In round two, Hedrick went for another takedown attempt and Healy stuffed the takedown as they ended up against the fence again. Healy was able to hurt Hedrick with short elbows from this spot and when they separated, Healy scored with elbows and knees. Healy connected with two flying knees and more body shots as Hedrick was hurt but still able to get another takedown. Healy got back to his feet and landed more hard shots including a kick to the midsection, elbows from the guard and hammer fists that finally closed the deal.

In the co-main event, UFC vet Ian Loveland (15-9) defeated Gabriel Solorio (9-8) via TKO in the first round. Solorio utilized his speed to duck under several of Loveland’s hard punches but Loveland continued to stalk Solorio and walk him down. Loveland clinched and was able to score with hard elbows and knees from close distance that slowed Solorio down. After a brief stop in action, Loveland continued to find his mark and landed a big right hand, followed by a high kick that sent Solorio down. Loveland followed up with punches on the ground until the ref intervened and stopped the fight.

In the heavyweight division, Chris De La Rocha (3-0) picked up a win against DJ Linderman (15-9) via TKO in the first round. Both men traded shots and tried to out grapple one another from the clinch. Linderman scored with a huge strike that opened up the nose of De La Rocha, then in an instant, De La Rocha scored with a text book overhand right that dropped Linderman to the canvas. De La Rocha finished the fight with punches on the ground in a very impressive showing by the young upstart.

In other action, Eben Kaneshiro (17-11) defeated Josh LaGrange (1-4) via first round guillotine. Kaneshiro got a quick takedown and ended up in the guard of LaGrange. Kaneshiro got to side mount, then to mount and locked on a guillotine from that position. It finished LaGrange off seconds later as he was forced to tapout.

Ryan Walker, Julian Wallace, Mike Dubois and David Converse all picked up submission wins as well on the night.

West Coast MMA delivered again! Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as WFC presents “WFC 25” exclusively at

2014 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals Preview

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The Official 2014 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals of Grappling and Jiu Jitsu Saturday, July 26th at Mennen Arena located at 161 E Hanover Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey

1,000+ Competitors from 20+ Countries and 300+ Competition Teams will be battling for the National Grappling Title.

The July 26th Open Competition will feature 300 amateur U.S. National Titles on the line for All Ages and Skill Levels, Ages 4-64, from white belt to black belt plus several expert professionals including former Ultimate Fighter TV cast member, Marc Stevens, IFC and Gladiator Challenge veteran, Jordan Damon, IFL veteran Jamal Patterson, America’s #1 Grappler, Garry Lee Tonon and several more World Class Pro Fighters will be battling for cash prizes and prestigious qualifying spots in the $100,000 Grapplers Quest Olympics in October.

1:30 PM – Divisions Begin for No-Gi Men’s Executive, Men’s Masters & Men’s Directors
2:30 PM – Divisions Begin for No-Gi Men’s Advanced and Intermediate
3:30 PM – Divisions Begin for No-Gi Men’s Beginner and Novice
4:00 PM – Divisions Begin for Men’s No-Gi Absolute Divisions
5:00 PM – Divisions Begin for Executive (30+) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Divisions
(Black, then Brown, then Purple, then Blue, then White)
6:00 PM – Divisions Begin for Men’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Divisions
(Black, then Brown, then Purple, then Blue, then White)
7:00 PM – Absolute Divisions Begin for Men’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Divisions
(Black, then Brown, then Purple, then Blue, then White)

CFFC 38 Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER EVENT ––Three-World-Titles/2482

Courtesy of

Cage Fury Fighting Championships featherweight champion, Levan Makashvili (8-0) meets challenger and former Bellator tournament veteran, Alexandre “Popo” Bezerra (16-3) at CFFC 38 at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, N.J. on August 9.

Makashvili still remains undefeated after defeating Scott Heckman at CFFC 35 to earn the CFFC title. To earn his title shot, Makashvili won a unanimous decision over Jordan Stiner. Makashvili has won three fights by knockout. At Ring of Combat XLVI, Makashvili defeated Tom English via knockout at 1:39 in round 2. Prior to the victory, Makshvili won by KO at 0:17 in round 1 over Thomas Walsh.

The champ will have his hands full when he meets a former Bellator Tournament featherweight, Bezerra. This 9-time Bellator veteran went (7-2) inside the promotion with losses to Marlon Sandro and Mike Richman. Most recently, Bezerra earned a rear-naked choke finish over Bruno Dias in November, his first fight outside of Bellator in over ten fights. Bezerra has a lot of experience fighting big-name fighters, but has not had much success in defeating them, including a submission lost to UFC featherweight, Charles Oliveira. Bezerra has found a lot of success in defeating a lot of highly regarded regional fighters like Will Martinez, Scott Heckman, and Kenny Foster. Bezerra was set to make his CFFC debut at CFFC 32 against Jordan Stiner, but injury forced him out of the bout.

Jonovin “Spyder” Webb (6-0) will face UFC veteran, Daniel “The Anvil” Stittgen (9-3) at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 38 for the vacant CFFC welterweight title at Borgata Hotel Spa and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. on August 8.

Webb continued his unbeaten streak with an impressive decision over Mike Winters at CFFC 35. Previous to his most recent outing, Webb earned a submission victory over Whitney Jean-Francois at CFFC 31. “Spyder” has fought all six of his professional bouts inside the CFFC cage. In late October of 2013, Webb defeated Aung La N Sang via first round TKO at CFFC 28. Webb has collected three wins by decision, one by TKO and has gone all three rounds just once in his career. Webb also has earned wins over Steven Wampler, Jason Lee and Robert Gittens.

Stittgen is a former UFC welterweight who is currently riding a two fight win streak. Stittgen defeated both Eric Hammerich and Dan McGlasson via submission. Stittgen has not tasted defeat since being cut by the UFC. In his UFC debut, Stittgen was knocked out via head kick by Stephen Thompson at UFC 143. Stittgen lost to Marcelo Guimaraes via split decision at UFC on FUEL TV 4 which eventually led to “The Anvil” being cut. In 2011, he earned three strait victories which earned him his ticket inside the octagon.

Off the Chain (OTC) – “August Apocalypse” Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––August-Apocalypse/2483

Off the Chain (OTC) returns on GFL with “August Apocalypse” on August 2 from the Summit Arena in Hot Springs, Arkansas.   This event brings together all of the top fighters in Arkansas and the surrounding area as OTC puts on another stacked pro/am card for the rabid fans of the area. Currently the event plans to have 20+ fights!

Scheduled to compete, Anthony Jones takes on Aldir Junior. Both men have a lot riding on this fight as they are just starting out in their pro careers and looking to climb the ladder fast. Jones is a solid wrestler with strong takedowns while Junior is an expert grappler and can hit submissions off of his back which he will need as Jones will be looking to take Junior down fast and hard. Expect a chess match on the ground with Jones’ ground and pound and Junior’s submission attempts.

In other action, Carlton Little (3-2) fights Lemarcus Tucker (2-0). Little is a heavy hitter and brings KO power into the fight with both hands. Little is usually in the running for fight of the night and this fight with Tucker looks to continue in that tradition. Tucker turned pro earlier this year and already had 2 wins via stoppage. Tucker will look for number 3 against Little. Tucker brings terrific ground and pound into the fight and got his last opponent to submit due to strikes. If this fight hits the ground, it will be a game changer as whoever ends up on top will probably finish the fight there.

Don’t miss “August Apocalypse” presented by Off the Chain on August 2. Watch all the action and witness the champions of tomorrow as they fight today, live on the GFL Combat Sports Network exclusively on iPPV.

SCL Heat Review

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Sparta Combat League returned on GFL with “Heat”, a stacked MMA card from the Douglas County Event Center in Castle Rock, Colorado. This event was full speed ahead from bell to bell as these pros and amateurs threw down in battle in the cage.

In the main event for the SCL Middleweight Title, Adam Stroup (6-1) defeated Jason Lee (7-5) via TKO in the second round to win the title. Early on, both fighters showed a great technical level as they both threw great strikes and also had awesome defense as they checked kicks left and right and both continued to throw down for the fans. The fight was a striking clinic as both men tried to take each other out with punches, kicks, and knees. In the second, Lee pushed Stroup against the cage, but Stroup reversed the position and found his opening to end the fight. Stroup used his size advantage to land some solid knees against the cage in while Lee tried to defend. Multiple knees got through and dropped Lee. Stroup followed Lee to the ground where he scored with ground and pound as Lee defended himself. Lee got back to his feet but was hit with another knee to the head that dropped him a second time and Stroup finished the fight on the ground this time with more ground and pound.

In other action, Alice Yauger (1-2) defeated Shannon Sinn (1-1) via unanimous decision. Yauger continued to come forward and counter the striking of Sinn as it was almost dead even on the standup. Sinn used good footwork and found her spots from a distance as she connected with hard leg kicks, and one-two combos. Yauger would throw harder shots with not as much volume. In the last round, Yauger seemed to seal the deal as she got a takedown and put Sinn on her back and controlled the ground decisively. It was a solid win for Yauger who came into the fight as the underdog but gave a great performance as did Sinn.

Josh “Hellboy” Huber defeated Joey Banks via TKO in a 145 lb Muay Thai battle. The southpaw Huber connected with hard left hands right down the middle that hurt Banks throughout the fight. Banks battled back and landed some overhand rights, but the volume punching of Huber was the difference. Huber connected with combos and hard knees to the midsection. Finally, as Banks started to get winded, Huber threw everything but the kitchen sink at him as Huber scored with lefts, rights, knees to the body and finally knees to the head that dropped Banks and put him away.

Sparta Combat League brought down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West MMA and this show continued in that tradition. Order “Heat” now and watch anytime on video on demand only on

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