CFFC 46: Anthony Smith Warns Tim Williams Fighting The UFC Vet is a “Whole Different World”

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By Kelsey Mowatt, Friday, Feb 27, 2015, Full Contact Fighter

Tim Williams has been drawing praise as a middleweight on the rise, but Anthony Smith believes the CFFC champ is in for a rude awakening, when the two fight Saturday night. While Williams has turned heads by posting a 10-1 record, Smith believes the New Jersey fighter hasn’t faced the level of competition he’s battled, while competing for the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator.

“I know he was on “The Ultimate Fighter”, but I know he doesn’t have those big show fights. It’s a whole different kind of thing”, Smith relayed on a recent episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio. “I don’t think he’s ever fought someone with the type of intensity that I bring to the table…It may be in his home in his home area, and kind of his home show, but when I’m in the cage it’s a whole different world, and anyone I’ve ever fought, win or lose, will tell you that….”

CFFC 46 will be hosted by Harrah’s Casino in in Chester, Pennsylvania, and you can catch the card via Go Fight Live.

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How to survive double brain surgery and still get punched in the head for a living

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By Shaun Al-Shatti @shaunalshatti on Feb 27, 2015, MMA Fighting

Let’s get this out of the way upfront: mixed martial arts saved Tim Williams’ life, though not in the cliché way you’d expect. The love of sport didn’t rescue Williams from the throes of a needle. Beelzebub wasn’t scurried off by some supreme revelation on the mat. Instead, the heroics fell to something much more banal. A simple CT scan, required by New Jersey state law before Williams’ pro debut against an untested northeastern kid named Chris Weidman, the kind of procedure that’s more chore than errand until the one-in-a-million time it matters most.

But then again, Williams has always been a one-in-a-million type guy.

“The CT scan showed up that I had a brain aneurysm,” Williams says. “So the fight was off and I had to go get surgery for my brain aneurysm.”

In a way, it’s a curious irony that of all the second chances Williams had the fortune of receiving in his life, the one he now wants the most is also the most elusive — the shot at lacing up those UFC gloves for real that’s generally extended to most TUF alumni as a courtesy for shacking up with 16 smelly dudes for six weeks. But Williams is close, he believes, and on Saturday he’ll defend his middleweight title at CFFC 46 on

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GFL REAL FIGHTS Presents TFC 3 Beginning March 2 on Comcast TCN, CSN, Dish, DirecTV, U-Verse and FiOS


February 27, 2015

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class MMA as TFC presents another show stopper with Team Fighting Championship 3 featuring a full lineup of countries competing in 5 on 5 team MMA in one giant ring. The reality of fighting changed forever in 1993 with the inaugural UFC event. TFC showed that in a team setting, many times with uneven odds, many of the styles and techniques that work well in traditional MMA are not effective and can actually put you at a disadvantage.

Teams scheduled to compete are from Poland, Russian, Brazil, UK, USA and Latvia. The early favorites are, returning champions Poland, and the USA and Latvia who have challenged for the title in previous events, with Russia being the wildcard and having the fire power to pull off the victory. If you haven’t witnessed team fighting MMA, you are in for a treat. Nothing can prepare you for this sport and spectacle.

James Jefferson was tentative the first time he saw Team Fighting Championship. It was kind of like MMA, except there were 10 men in a ring and they were all fighting each other at once.

“I cringed,” Jefferson told “Until I really experienced it, watched all the film, watched how they ran it, I was hesitant.”

“It’s a group fight,” Jefferson said. “It’s a gang fight. It’s more or less a barroom brawl without the bottles.”

TFC adheres to the unified rules of mixed martial arts for the most part. But it is done elimination style. When a fighter taps or gets knocked out, he is out and his team is down a man. That can lead to 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 — or worse — situations. There are instances where an athlete can get caught in a chokehold and kicked in the face at the same time.

A five-man team cannot exceed a combined weight of 500 kilograms (or just over 1,102 pounds). That’s an average of about 220 pounds per fighter. The format is round-robin tournament-based, so teams will be competing multiple times in one day.

TFC is illegal in the United States and most other countries with sanctioning bodies.

Is this too violent? Jefferson acknowledges “there is a greater danger level” than typical MMA. But he also doesn’t think something like this should be banned.

“You could get injured in a car accident,” he said. “These are professional athletes. They’re trained, they’re skilled.”
Team Fighting Championship is held in a 30,000 square-foot arena that is completely empty. The display is meant for television viewers only. The fight takes place in a 40 by 40 ring with five referees.
Air times are listed below:

The Comcast Network: (all zones): Monday, March 2 at 7:00pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Philly): Sunday, March 8 at 2:30pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, March 8 at 3:00pm ET
CSN Philadelphia: Saturday, March 7 at 4:00pm ET
CSN Philadelphia: Sunday, March 8 at 8:00pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Mid Atlantic, CSN Northwest and CSN Bay Area will also be airing TFC 3 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN including Dish, DirecTV, AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.
The Comcast Network
CSN Philadelphia
CSN Washington
CSN Baltimore
CSN New England
CSN Northwest
CSN Bay Area

Upcoming Events on Comcast
3/2: Team Fighting Championship 3 (MMA)
3/9: GPG 18 (MMA)
3/16: Strike Off Fighting Championships (MMA)
3/23: Tuesday Night Fights: Jason Sosa v Bergman Aguilar (boxing)

About GFL:
GFL ( is a fast-growing media and sports entertainment company that utilizes a proprietary technology to deliver the most exciting LIVE combat sports events worldwide and an incredible viewing experience to a global audience. With a diverse mix of combat sports properties, GFL is the premier online destination for live boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and more. Since its inception in 2007, GFL has streamed more than 2,500 live events with over 10,000 hours of combat sports content. In addition to its web platform, GFL is available on Roku, IPhone, IPad, as well as other internet ready devices, and broadcasts a weekly, two-hour, syndicated fight TV show on CSN, TCN and SNY, as well as live pay-per-view events directly to iN DEMAND.

MMA Cage Fighting Series #3 Preview

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Fight Club Champion debuts on with “MMA Cage Fighting Series #3” emanating from the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey on February 28. This card will feature several of the top, regional up and coming fighters from the Tri-State area looking to establish themselves as the cream of the crop along the Eastern seaboard.

In a heavyweight scrap, Patrick Egbert (3-1) takes on CFFC vet Jonathan Romero (4-1). Egbert is a mountain of a man and fights with ruthless aggression as he always takes the fight to his opponent. Egbert has only been beaten via decision in a close fight that many observers thought he won. Egbert has KO power in both hands and lets them fly early and often. Egbert is also a durable wrestler with strong takedowns and top control. Romero is a grappling specialist and at heavyweight, is one of the most promising grapplers in the division. Romero is very fluid on the mat and can flow from one submission to another as his transitions are flawless. Romero is dangerous from the guard, side control and top control and doesn’t mind giving up position to go for a submission. If Romero can get the fight to the mat he will be in his element. Look for these two Brahma bulls to lock up early and try to impose their will on one another.

In other action, Travis Spadafora (3-3) fights Luis Finateri (3-6) in a lightweight bout. Spadafora is coming off a 47 second win via guillotine choke and has shown an ability to steal the show, because of his fighting style. Spadafora has a solid grappling game, with great takedown defense and can mix up his striking with combos from both his fists and feet. Finateri has plied his tried up and down the East Coast with some of the most reputable organizations. Finateri fights with a high risk-high reward style that has endeared him to tons and tons of fans. Finateri is also a grinder and likes to impose his presence on his opponent round after round. Look for a dogfight in this matchup.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on February 28 as Fight Club Champion presents “MMA Cage Fighting Series #3” including a championship bout in the welterweight division on pay-per-view exclusively at

Fight Path: Cameron Crawford, the son of a car-selling magician in North Pole, Alaska

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By: Kyle Nagel February 26, 2015, MMA Junkie

When Cameron Crawford was in the seventh grade, he was tiny, not much more than 70 pounds. He had been small since birth, when he came into the world with multiple drugs in his system before the state took him away from a mother he never met.

Despite his size, he was a good motocross racer, and he wanted a way to stay in shape for that sport. So he got involved in wrestling as a middle-schooler while hoping to translate the scrappy nature that saw him hold his own in scuffles to a more organized sport.

“I think most people thought they would have no problem picking on me because of how big I was,” Crawford told MMAjunkie. “I didn’t make it that easy for them.”

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Timmy “the South Jersey Strangler” Williams’ First Title Defense Highlights CFFC 46!

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Atlantic City, NJ – On Saturday February 28, 2015, Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) returns to the great state of Pennsylvania when Timmy “the South Jersey Strangler” Williams (10-1) defends his middleweight title against veteran Anthony “Lionheart” Smith (20-10) from the Harrah’s Casino in Chester.

In his last bout, the Millville native punctuated his early career by winning the CFFC middleweight title against Ronald Stallings, who was recently added to the UFC roster, with a unanimous decision victory in November 2014. A decision is something new for Williams as nine out of his ten victories have come via stoppage. “Being the CFFC Champion is a great honor and holding that belt means something to me, my team and my fans,” stated Williams. “They say you are not a true champion until you defend the belt. I’m excited about the opportunity ahead and I am coming for a finish.”

“Timmy is one of, if not the toughest fighter in CFFC right now,” stated CFFC CEO Robert Haydak Jr. “He’s a guy that wants nothing but fights that will test him and make him better. I think this has fight of the year potential and I can’t want to see it unfold.”

In regard to his opponent, Williams is all business. “I am very excited to be able to have my first CFFC middleweight title defense against a solid opponent like Anthony Smith,” stated that champion. “Anthony has fought all over the country and has faced some top competition. This fight will be a great test and I look forward to putting on a great show.”

On the other side of the cage next Saturday will be 30 fight veteran, Anthony “Lionheart” Smith. Competing successfully in organizations like UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator, Smith has grown confident of his skills and appears that he knows the platform CFFC can provide. “I’m real excited to have the chance to fight for CFFC,” said the challenger. “CFFC is such a quality organization with a reputation as a premier regional show with waves of talent going through it. Important eyes are watching this show and I’m excited to be able to perform for the fans. I’ve been to the east coast a few times and have enjoyed it each time. Good people and I really enjoy fighting on the road. ”

When Smith was asked about his opponent, his answer was quite surprising. “I know absolutely nothing about my opponent,” continued Smith. “Don’t even know what he looks like. Name sounds somewhat familiar maybe, but it’s a pretty generic name. It’s a title fight. I’m sure he’s tough and will be prepared. I don’t research my opponent that is up to my coaches. It will be an honor to become the next CFFC Champion.”

“I think Anthony is will be Timmy’s toughest fight to date,” continued Haydak. “He’s very confident and has faced some of the toughest competition the sport has to offer. He’s been on our radar for a while and I’m glad to add him to the CFFC roster and give him a title fight right away.”

CFFC 46 will also feature an anticipated lightweight bout between two local powerhouses when Joe Lowry (1-0) makes his second CFFC appearance when he takes on the dangerous Allen Otto (1-1) who is coming off a knockout victory. Both men have found a home with CFFC and a victory here gets someone closer to title contention. This event will also mark the professional debut of Jon Forster, the return of Andrew Aguilar, and amateur bouts represented by the top schools in the area.

Main Event:

CFFC Middleweight Title:

Tim Williams vs. Anthony Smith

Main Card:

Allen Otto vs. Joe Lowry

Jon Forster vs. Brandon Kaiser

Drew Aguilar vs. William Sizemore

Amateur Bouts:

Vladimir Jean-Philippe vs. Shane LaRocca

Kasey Mathews vs. Jamie Driver

Martin Scales vs. Paul Sims

Jesse Stokes vs. Justin Burke

For the CFFC updates and further announcements on the card, log on to and find us on Facebook.

About Cage Fury Fighting Championships

Cage Fury Fighting Championships ( is a pioneer in bringing prominent and elite MMA talent to the East Coast. Since CFFC’s debut, past, and current champions have competed at the highest level. Before they were in the UFC, Jim and Dan Miller were both CFFC champions. That legacy remains the same today. Three current CFFC champions, George Sullivan, Aljamain Sterling, and Paul Felder are currently on the UFC roster. Current UFC fighters Zach Makovsky, Nick Catone, Nah-Shon Burrell, and John Howard have also competed in CFFC prior to their entry to the UFC. Also, CFFC helped jumpstart the career of Internet fighting sensation Kimbo Slice, whose first foray into MMA came in the CFFC cage when he fought former boxing champion Ray “Merciless” Mercer. CFFC continues to thrive as one of the best regional promotions in the world while focusing on treating fighters with respect and giving the fans the ultimate MMA experience.


Rob Haydak Jr., CFFC CEO:

Mike Constantino CFFC President:

David Feldman, Vice President:

Arias Garcia, Matchmaker:

Earl Campbell, General Manager:

New Full Contact Fighter Radio Features Bellator Vet and CFFC’s Anthony Smith

by FCF Staff, Feb 24, 2015, Full Contact Fighter

The latest episode of Full Contact Fighter’s podcast features Bellator and UFC vet Anthony Smith, who will challenge Tim Williams for the CFFC middleweight title this Saturday.

Smith, who is currently riding a three fight winning streak, discusses his upcoming bout with Williams, the changes he’s made to his camp, Bellator and more.

You can catch CFFC 46 and Williams-Smith via Go Fight Live.

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CFFC 46 Preview

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Courtesy of Keith Mills &

The Cage Fury Fighting Championship middleweight title is on the line at CFFC 46 as Tim “the South Jersey Strangler” Williams makes his first defense of the belt against UFC vet Anthony Smith. CFFC 46 takes place February 28th at the Harrah’s Casino in Chester, PA with a main card webcast as a pay-per-view at GoFightLive.

Tim Williams was CFFC champion in 2012 until losing the belt to Dustin Jacoby at CFFC 16 via TKO. Williams returned to defeat Noah Faunce by armbar and Dervin Lopez by rear-naked choke before winning a unanimous decision over now-UFC vet Ron Stallings for the vacant title in November. 10-1 Williams is rightfully nicknamed “the South Jersey Strangler” as seven of his ten wins have come by submission with four of those by rear-naked choke, one by triangle, and one by arm-triangle. Anthony Smith Smith lost his sole UFC fight to Antonio Braga Neto in June 2013 and his follow-up fight to UFC vet Josh Neer in December of that year but has since gone 3-0. In Bellator Smith defeated Victor Moreno and Brian Green then most recently defeated Andrew Kapel by rear-naked choke in regional promotion Extreme Beatdown.

The rest of the card is a building card with the co-main event featuring 1-1 Allen Otto vs. 1-0 Joseph Lowry. Otto lost to Ryan Patrovich in his CFFC debut then followed up with a TKO of Mahmoud Mohagheghrashid in XFE. Lowry was 7-0 as an amateur, his sole pro win being a TKO of Billy Dee Williams at CFFC 32.

Rage In The Cage 176 Preview

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Rage in the Cage returns to on March 7 with “RITC 176” as the top fighters from around Arizona and the surrounding states do battle in Arizona’s premier MMA organization at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. RITC has been a proving ground for the Southwest’s top fighters for years and years and now the world will get to see the Grand Canyon State’s next crop of champions. RITC is always stacked with several quality matchups.

For the RITC Featherweight Title, Champion David Nuzzo (6-1) battles Dock Phelps (1-3). Nuzzo is a rising prospect in Arizona for his workman-like style, strong wrestling and ground control and slick submissions. Look for Nuzzo to come forward looking to land strikes or a takedown in the opening minutes. Nuzzo has a great ground game, even from his back, so he can afford to be a bit wild in his striking because if he is taken down he is very dangerous from the guard. Phelps stepped up to the challenge of facing Nuzzo and even though he doesn’t have the experience that Nuzzo has, Phelps is looking to shock the world and pull off the upset against the heralded Champ. Fletcher started his career off fighting anyone anywhere, and that grit and show of courage has put him in a position to walk away with gold on March 7. Expect this fight to be in the running for Fight of the Night.

In other action, Joey Miolla (4-1) fights Jose Portocarreo (4-4). Miolla has reeled off 4 wins in a row and looks to make it 5 against the hard hitting Portocarreo. Miolla is a grinder and is constantly pushing the pace and outworking his opponent in the cage. Look for Miolla to close the distance and work the clinch and dirty box Portocarreo looking to wear down Portocarreo in the final round. Portocarreo brings a solid chin and fists of fury into the cage. Portocarreo continues to come forward and is a well-rounded MMA artist. Look for Portocarreo to use angles to try and connect with some power punches from the outside and keep his spacing in the standup.

Jon Loftin (0-1) takes on Ishmael Aoki (0-0). Loftin looks to rebound and get the first win of his pro career after going 6-1 as an amateur. Loftin is a durable fighter who has a very bright career as a pro, but his back is already against the wall as he doesn’t want to go 0-2. Aoki is making his debut and not much is known about the young fighter expect that he trains with a top gym and has put in countless hours and his kicking combos are some of his best weapons.

Rage in the Cage is one of the pioneering MMA promotions in the United States. A surplus of current and past UFC fighters cut their teeth in RITC. Watch the stars of tomorrow compete today as “RITC 176” comes to you live on March 7 on

GPG 18 Victorium 4 Review

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Courtesy of

Pennsauken, NJ. (February 22, 2015)- GPG 18, a co-promotion between Global Proving Ground and Victorium MMA was held Saturday night at the GPG Events Center in Pennsauken, NJ. was on the scene for what turned out to be a great night of fights, filled with great finishes. They kept everyone entertained before the fights with a thunderous performance by the band PalaceBurn. The event was overseen by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board. The fights were held to raise awareness for spousal abuse.

Now, on to the fights. The night started out with a bang. The first fight was Stephfond Ewins, 0-1, taking on Dameron Kirby, 0-3. The narrative for this fight was very intriguing. Who’s going to want it more? They circled each other for a few seconds pawing out feeler jabs. Stephfond was looking to draw Dameron in, by sticking his chin out. I noticed that he had his mouth piece showing. I remember thinking, “Man, he should really bite down on his mouthpiece”. Dameron noticed too. He ducked his head and unleashed a powerful overhand right that landed flush on his opponent’s jaw. Stephfond stiffened right up, just 21 seconds into the fight. He would have to be taken out of the cage on a stretcher. A very concerned and appreciative crowd applauded him as he was exiting.

The second contest saw marine, Alec Hooben, 1-1, take on Evolve MMA’s Charles Gamble, 1-2. They tied up in a clinch right from the start. Along the fence Gamble was able to land a nice knee, and an elbow that cut Hooben on the temple. Eventually Gamble found the single leg and took Hooben to the mat.

As soon as Hooben felt the takedown, he locked on Gamble’s left arm with a Kimura grip. Once on the ground, he brought his right leg over Gamble’s shoulder. I assumed he would finish with the Omaplata, but instead he was able to secure his opponent’s head and just crank the Kimura for the tap.

The next fight featured one of my favorite moments. Peter Petties, 1-0, would take on Brandon Pennington who was making his professional debut. It was rapidly apparent that there was a speed disadvantage favoring Petties. The first round saw both fighters sit in the pocket and throw in bursts. Most strikes were glancing or avoided. Petties’ head movement was very efficient. He landed the only significant strike of the round. It was a beautiful kick to Pennington’s rib cage. The sound of the kick echoed in the hall and drew gasps and roars from the crowd.

The second round started out with Petties pointing at Pennington’s right leg. When I spoke with him after the fight, he said he was pointing at his leg, egging him on to kick him with it. When Pennington obliged him, Petties countered with a perfectly timed right hand over the top that dropped him. “A lot of guys, when they throw a kick, leave their hand down, and I knew if he threw that kick, I’d catch him” said Petties. The referee had to stop the fight after Petties followed him down and landed a number of unanswered punches.

The main event was Brandon Wheeler, 0-2, taking on Anthony Dill, 0-1. This was my pick for fight of the night. The fight started out with a bang. Dill landed a gorgeous left hook in their first exchange that visibly shook up Wheeler. Dill followed Wheeler to the cage and unleashed ferocious combinations. Some of his punches landed, but Wheeler was doing a good job avoiding. In desperation mode, Wheeler was able to secure a takedown, but Dill got right back up to his feet. He was able to get a takedown of his own. He landed in side control and immediately went for mount. Wheeler defended well and Dill had to settle for knee on belly. Wheeler’s ground defense was very effective and you could see that cobwebs were already gone from his eyes. Wheeler started working a high guard and during one of Dill’s attempt at a ground strike, locked in a very tight triangle choke. Dill fought valiantly to try to escape, but with 40 seconds still left in the round Wheeler forced the tap, and got his first professional win. It was a dynamic and dramatic affair.

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