Dead Serious 13 Preview

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Hard hitting MMA action returns as Dead Serious Fighting Championship presents “Dead Serious 13” on December 13 from the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey live on the GFL Combat Sports Network. Dead Serious Fighting Championship is planning to blow the roof off with this mega card. Be there for every punch, kicks and submission.

In the main event, Michael Kim (2-1) battles O’Brayan Ramirez (3-0). Kim is a well-rounded MMA fighter with solid submissions and very technical striking. Kim likes to come forward with an aggressive style and loves to get his opponent into a dog fight. Ramirez remains undefeated early in his career in large part due to his punching prowess. Ramirez is a heavy handed fighter who can change the flow of a fight with one punch. Ramirez will be happy to trade punches with Kim and if that happens fans will be in a barnburner.

In the co-main event, Matt Firneno (4-0) battles Nestor Negroni, Jr (4-2-1) in the 145 lb division. Firneno is a solid wrestler that loves to grind down his opponents and wear them out over 3 rounds. Firneno is coming off a second round TKO in his last fight and has put together a string of impressive wins. Negroni is coming off a tough loss for the Dead Serious Featherweight Title in his last bout and looks to get back on track for another title shot. Negroni is a wrestling specialist and has solid submissions, especially from the top. Negroni also has solid cardio to go full speed for a whole fight. These two athletes will go full throttle in their matchup as gold is on the line.

Michael Main (2-0) takes on Ron Templeton (3-1). Main is an upcoming prospect in the bantamweight division and looks to continue his success against his toughest test to date in Templeton. Main is a strong grappler who always goes for the submission when he is on the ground. Templeton is on a 3-fight winning streak, all wins in Dead Serious. Templeton will look to set a fast pace early on and try and get Main into deep waters in the final round.

East Coast MMA is ready to deliver again! Be sure to catch all of the action, LIVE on December 13 as Dead Serious Fighting Championship presents “Dead Serious 13” exclusively at

Victory VII – Muay Thai and Amateur MMA Review

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Courtesy of Kyle Carroll &

History was made at the Garden Friday night when Victory Combat Sports invaded the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. Victory Combat Sports Victory 7 event Friday night was the first ever MMA event to take place at Madison Square Garden. Over 3,800 roaring fans supporting their fighters as they went to war. Victory Combat Sports put on a terrific show featuring 20 amateur MMA and Muay Thai fights.

The fights took place inside a ring that nearly had everything a fan would want to see all jammed packed into one night. There were submissions, knockouts, draws, decision victories, and an incredible amount of action. Fans couldn’t get enough action as they were pulled out of their seats cheering.

Thomas Doyle and Mike Kelly made history as they were the first ever MMA fight to take place inside Madison Square Garden. The bout wasted little time for the fighters to engage in combat. Kelly handled Doyle in the first round with a takedown and top control. Doyle took the back of Kelly and sunk in a Rear Naked Choke that would force Kelly to tap out. Doyle won the first MMA fight ever at MSG by a Rear Naked Choke in round 1 at 1:45.

The second bout of the evening was an exciting one as Ibrahim Farag slammed Chris Borders through three rounds of the amateur fight. In the first round Farag scored a big head kick then took down Borders. After taking his back he went to work. Borders was taking a pounding on bottom as he fought off a submission attack and suffered a great amount of ground and pound. The highlight of the round was the belly-to-back suplex that had the fans screaming in excitement.

Farag took Borders for a ride twice with huge back suplex. Borders’ face was pouring blood out like a faucet through three rounds. After giving up takedown after takedown throughout the fight, Borders survived the submission attacks and managed to last until the final bell. Farag defeated Borders by unanimous decision.

In another exciting amateur bout, Eric Taylor of Kai Next Level MMA NYC displayed excellent grappling skills and tremendous power as he defeated Bernie Cano of UFC Gym NYC. Taylor went for a takedown early in the fight and after a scramble Cano found himself in top position. Taylor locked in a tight triangle. In an attempt to escape, Cano pulled a rookie mistake of slamming someone whom has him locked in a triangle. After slamming Taylor, Cano made the triangle even tighter and Taylor went to work with hammer fists from his back. Taylor clobbered Cano from his back until the UFC Gym NYC fighter was out cold and the referee stopped the bout. Taylor earned the exciting TKO victory in the first round at 2:21.

Chike Obi and Ariel Abreu put on a thrilling fight for the fans at MSG. These two amateur MMA fighters displayed strong takedowns, solid grappling skills and heavy power punches. Obi came out early scoring a fast takedown. Abreu then scored a takedown of his own and transitioned into full-mount. Obi then reversed his opponent with a roll to take top guard. The round ended with Obi in half guard landing punches.

Round two continued with the great action as Abreu scored a slam to a takedown, moving into side control. Obi gained top and side control where he landed knees to the body from side control. A couple more roll reversals have Abreu inside control then Obi in guard on top. They would continue to wrestle around until the end of the second round.

In the third round the power of Obi showed as he landed a solid left jab ad a flush left hook to knock out Abreu at 0:14. Obi won an exciting fight over Abreu by knockout in the third round at :14.

Katalina “Kick-Kat” Morales did exactly what she told My MMA News reporter Kyle Carroll before the fights. “There will be fireworks” Morales said. “Fireworks” is what happened when Morales stepped into the ring. Morales appeared to be unstoppable as she attacked Victoria Makarova in the opening moments of the round with a few strikes and a strong takedown.

Morales another product of Kai Next Level MMA NYC scored the hard blast double taking the top position. After Makarova stood back up, Morales took her down once again. From side control she looked for a Kumora. After not being able to finish her opponent with the submission attempt, she went from full mount, where she landed several strikes, to quickly transitioning into a nasty Arm Bar. She earned the submission victory in the first round at 2:03.

Morales is a talented young woman with solid grappling skills and a strong frame. She will be a tough opponent for any foe that steps into the cage against her. Keep an eye on her, as she has a bright future in MMA ahead of her.

In the eighteenth fight of the night, Chad Hernandez battled Anthony Giacchina in a three round war. A fast start to the fight, both fighters showed strong takedown defense early. Giacchina finally earned a takedown and slid into butter guard and eventually back to their feet where they exchanged fists as the round ended.

The second round was full of knees, hard power punches, and another takedown. The two put together an action packed fight that the fans absolutely loved. After three rounds of back and forth action, the bout went to the judges score cards. All three judges saw it as a unanimous decision in favor of Giacchina.

Victory Combat Sports Victory 7 was a historical event with an action packed fight card of amateur MMA and Muay Thai fights. Visit their website for information about their upcoming events.

The full fight card results below.
Thomas Doyle def. Mike Kelly via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 at 1:45.
Ibrahim Farag def. Chris Borders via Unanimous Decision.
Juan Cortez def. Sam Santiago via TKO in Round 2.
Adam Pakiela def. Hassan Hope via Arm Bar Submission in Round 2 at 1:14.
Stephen Pritchett def. Riko Rivera via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 at 2:25.
Will Watson def. Chanon Kuldraree via Major Decision.
Gianna Smith def. Gabi Maxwell via Unanimous Decision.
Codie Payne def. Adam Amro via Major Decision.
Eric Taylor def. Bernie Cano via TKO in Round 1 at 2:21.
Jason Van Oijen vs. Paul Banasiak via DRAW.
Jessica Cavagnaro def. Nicole Richiusa via Unanimous Decision.
Chike Obi def. Ariel Abreu via KO in Round 3 at :14.
Erick Castro def. Nick Haines via Unanimous Decision.
Katalina Morales def. Victoria Makarova via Arm Bar Submission in Round 1 at 2:03.
NJ Mac def. Carlos Nunez via Unanimous Decision.
Aaron Sifflet def. Yuting Hong via Arm Bar Submission in Round 1 at 1:11.
Pawel Zawistowski def. Manny Casais via Unanimous Decision.
Anthony Giacchina def. Chad Hernandez via Unanimous Decision.
Ulbino Guzman vs. Stephane Smarthe – DRAW.
Chris Kwiatkowski def. Spencer Grekoski via KO in Round 2.

Australian Fighting Championship 11 Review

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Australian Fighting Championship presented “AFC 11″ from the Melbourne Pavilion in Melbourne, Australia. The thrilling event featured 8 bouts with 4 finishes featuring some of the best of the best from the country of Australia.

In the main event, Zein Saliba defeated Maui Tuigamala via technical submission due to an arm triangle choke in round two. Saliba showed off a huge grappling edge as he scored a takedown midway through the round and put Tuigamala on his back. Tuigamala did little to improve his position as he tried to wrap up Saliba with his arms. Saliba was content to work from half guard but then with less than 30 seconds left in the round, Saliba quickly transitioned to side control then finished off with a standing guillotine submission attempt as the round ended. In the second round, Tuigamala tried to keep his distance and score with punches but Saliba was able to close the distance and clinch up and get a takedown. Saliba moved to mount where he scored with punches. Tuigamala was able to get back to his guard and looked to setup a kneebar, but Saliba used that positioning to transition to an arm triangle and put Tuigamala to sleep with it. Saliba showed off a great set of tools on the ground and proved to be a handful for any future opponent.

In the co-main event, Kit Campbell defeated Chris Birch via rear naked choke in the first round. Campbell and Birch exchanged leg kicks and Birch connected with an overhand right while Campbell connected with a short right hand that dropped Birch. Campbell followed up with strikes on the ground and finished Birch off with a RNC. It was a quick fight that ended in dramatic fashion and left fans stunned at the swift outcome.

In other action, Lance Ettia defeated James Londrigan via TKO in the first round and John Belrouti finished Chris Lindner via TKO in the second.

Australian Fighting Championship proved once again why they are Australia’s premier MMA organization. AFC always plays to a packed in house crowd and now fight fans across the globe are in luck as this blockbuster event is available live to a worldwide audience on the GFL Combat Sports Network at Order now and own it for life!

Showdown Fights 15 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Castillo-vs-Murunde/2610

Showdown Fights returned to action on GFL from the UCCU in Orem, Utah with “Showdown Fights 15: Castillo VS Marunde”. The action packed 9-bout card delivered 6 finishes and once again raised the bar on the regional MMA scene as Showdown Fights presented another top tier, world class card.

In the main event, UFC vet Bristol Marunde (15-9) defeated Dave Castillo (18-6) via unanimous decision after three rounds in a welterweight clash. Marunde landed some hard leg kicks in the early going while Castillo responded with overhand rights and body shots. Marunde switched it up and scored a takedown in the center of the cage. Castillo made his way back to his feet, but Marunde also scored a knockdown via left hook in the first and took the round on the score cards. In the second, both men opened up more with the striking as Castillo connected with leg kicks and left hooks. Marunde responded with getting the fight to the mat again. Marunde ducked a punch from Castillo and scored another takedown, getting to side control. Marunde kept the fight on the ground for the remainder of the round as he pinned Castillo up against the cage. In the final round, Marunde once again showed off his wrestling advantage by getting the fight to the ground. Castillo snatched a guillotine choke and fell to his back, but Marunde used it to his advantage and got side control. Marunde moved to the north-south position and went for a keylock that Castillo defended but Marunde stayed heavy on top and would not let Castillo get back to his feet as Marunde powered through and kept the fight on the ground until the final bell. It was a solid win for Marunde who went into Castillo backyard of Utah and won a decisive decision against the gritty Castillo.

In the co-main event, in a lightweight #1 Contender bout, David Putvin (7-0) defeated Jordan Clements (10-2) via guillotine choke in the second round. The taller Putvin scored with several short left hooks as Clements would come in with combos at odd angles, attacking both the body and head. Clements continued to wing his punches and scored with overhand rights as Putvin remained compact and displayed more technical striking. Putvin was able to bust open the face of Clements near the end of the first round and scored a takedown. In the second round, both men continued their fast paced fight as they traded punches back and forth. Clements was bloodied up in the face, but that didn’t deter his fighting spirit as each man landed hard shots in the pocket. Putvin landed several hard knees during the exchange that dropped Clements. Putvin added some punches on the ground then grabbed a guillotine and sunk it in forcing Clements to tapout.

In other action, WSOF vet Lucas Montoya (8-3) defeated Bellator vet Koffi Adzitso (20-11) via split decision. Both Montoya and Adzitso hit each other with some solid shots and it was a back and forth fight for three rounds. Both men showed a ton of heart and determination and made a good showing of themselves in this action packed bout.

Eric Wahlin, Olly Bradstreet, Skyler Frazier, Eit Palu and Mike Jones all won their fights via KO or TKO.
“Showdown Fights 15: Castillo VS Marunde” comes to GFL.TV on video on demand. Watch the top regional organization in the West as they continue to showcase the best fighters in the area. Order now.

Former NCAA champ starting professional amateur wrestling group

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Courtesy of By Dave Meltzer &

Wayne Boyd is more passionate about wrestling than almost anyone, and his latest goal is to succeed at something that everyone else that has tried and failed: the idea of running a promotion doing professional amateur wrestling.

Boyd’s new venture, The Global Wrestling Championships, debuts with a Saturday afternoon show with three main event matches, featuring six of the country’s top wrestlers. The event brings four-time NCAA champion Kyle Dake back to Cornell University. It will be a combination of prelim matches streaming for free at 2 p.m. Eastern time on and the championship matches as a $6.95 Internet pay-per-view if ordered in advance, at 3 p.m. ET.

Boyd’s goals are ambitious. He wants to present real wrestling, with the country’s best wrestlers, in a professional sports league team format. He wants to present the shows like MMA, with interviews, storylines and grudge matches. The idea is for the teams to be from the ten to 20 best wrestling clubs in the country, doing dual meets. The goal is to generate enough revenue that 88 of the best wrestlers in the country would be able to earn $50,000 per year with the hope it will help sustain them so they won’t have to work a full-time job while preparing for international competitions. They also want the U.S. team to surpass Iran and Russia for the top spot in the world. It would also gives those so inclined the experience of competing in a sports league and learning to promote matches before moving into MMA.

It’s something that is the reverse of two decades ago, when people like Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, Mark Coleman and Tom Erikson originally started fighting in MMA as a way to earn money to support their Olympic wrestling dreams.

For Saturday’s event, the prize money will be $7,500 to the winner and $2,500 to the loser, for three championship bouts.

In marketing, Boyd wants to change terminology. He doesn’t like the term amateur wrestling. And he wants to use boxing and MMA terms for weight classes.

When Sam Hazewinkel, a member of the 2012 Olympic team, faces Tony Ramos, who won the NCAA title last year for Iowa, they’ll be battling for the GWC flyweight championship, complete with a title belt. The actual weight of the competitors isn’t even decided, but it will be something in the neighborhood of 126 or 127 pounds.

Dake, the only man in history to win NCAA titles in four different weight classes and the best U.S. college wrestler in recent years, will battle Andrew Howe, a former NCAA champion from Wisconsin, for the welterweight title, which will be at around 163 pounds. The two went into triple overtime last year when they were in a tournament for a spot on the U.S. team in the world championships.

The heavyweight championship will be decided with Tervel Diagnev, who placed fifth at the last Olympics, facing Tyrell Fortune, a former Division II national champion who lost to Diagnev in the finals of the tournament in 2013 to make the U.S. team for the world championships. Both men will be about 285 pounds, and Boyd wants to go back to the past the make the heavyweight division an unlimited weight class, bringing back the days of the behemoth 400-pound heavyweights.

Boyd, 68, won an NCAA title in 1969 while going undefeated in dual meets during his college career at Temple University. He’s finishing his 57th year in the sport, and still trains twice a week. He notes that in 1981, he became the only man to ever pin Victor the Wrestling Bear. After the age of 45, he won seven age group national championships, the most recent being in 2009. He’s also produced movies about wrestling, most notably the 1996 movie, “One More Shot.”

The idea of a professional league for amateur wrestlers isn’t new. A number have sprung up in the last 40 years, usually lasting very little time. The AGON promotion tried it in recent years.

The most visibility any of these projects got was nearly a decade ago, when Real Pro Wrestling had a run on national television. RPW was on both PAX TV (now Ion) and Fox Sports Net, but folded after one season, with minimal ratings and an inability to get sponsors. But that league featured some of the best wrestlers in the country at the time, who a decade later are now names in MMA, including 184-pound champion Muhammad Lawal (King Mo) of the Oklahoma Slam, teammate Daniel Cormier, who won the 211-pound championship, and 264-pound champion Patrick Cummins. Also in the promotion was current Bellator bantamweight champion Joe Warren.

“It’s a real challenge,” said Boyd, about the promotion. “I’m really hoping we can do what UFC accomplished. We’re looking to give wrestling a bigger audience, more entertainment value and get more media interest. That’s what we are looking for. For years, we’ve called ourselves amateur wrestling. If you call yourself amateur, how do you expect to get any attention?”

The amateur wrestling community has constantly been trying to figure out a way for its top stars to be able to earn a sustainable living while full-time training for national and international competitions. And it’s come full circle, because Boyd is in discussion about putting on a second show in conjunction with the annual amateur wrestling spectacular held in New York’s Madison Square Garden, on Dec. 21. He talked about getting Lawal and Warren to wrestle on the show, and wants to get in touch with Tito Ortiz.

Ultimately, he’s talking about major arenas and pay-per-view, and hoping to be a circuit where guys can make some money, make a name, and then some would then transition into the UFC or another MMA promotion.

They are experimenting with rules. On the first show, each match is a series of a best-of-five series of three-minute rounds, calling them rounds and not periods. The rounds will be scored both separately and together. If there is a pin, the match is over. If not, the first person to win three rounds takes it. However, if the loser wins his rounds stronger, enough to where after four or five rounds, he has more cumulative points than the winner, they go into a three round overtime to decide the championship. If that fails, they stand up and have a sudden death, first person to score round. If neither man scores after three minutes, there will be three judges who decide the champion.

“We’re pushing scoring more points, wrestling longer and wrestling harder,” said Boyd. “Our guys, if they go to the world championships, when they wrestle the Russians and Iranians, they’ll have trained for 15-18 minute matches, so they’ll have a little edge in conditioning. We want the U.S. to dominate wrestling and dominate Russia and Iran.”

“I need to see what happens after ten minutes,” he said. “We need to see how it looks when they’re exhausted. I may find the magic number is 12 minutes, not 15, maybe nine, but I want the matches to be longer. Whose ever heard of an entertainment event that lasts six minutes?

He’s talking to NBA owners, with a goal to get exposure by putting on wrestling matches at halftime of games.

“People call me crazy, but without vision, you’ll just do the same things over and over,” he said. “We’ve never been able to pay our athletes. We’re looking at being a bridge to UFC. If I can sit down with Dana White, we can map something out.”

He looks back at the early 1900s, when Frank Gotch was one of the biggest sports heroes of the time, and battled George Hackenschmidt before 29,000 fans at Comiskey Park in Chicago, or when Joe Stecher battled Earl Caddock in Madison Square Garden in legitimate matches for the world championships.

“I’d like to do a match in Yankee Stadium, Dodger Stadium, a big match where the lure is that the winner would get $1 million,” said Boyd. “If people knew two guys were fighting for that much money, they would get interested.”

He thinks that will lead to more participation in the sport.

“The characteristics of being great in any sport are common in wrestling,” he said. “Any ten year-old boy, or ten year-old girl should experience wrestling for at least one season. It’ll make him a better baseball player or a better football player. It builds character. It’s the world’s oldest sport, the original sport of the ancient Olympics, and it’s a natural teacher of life experiences.”

GFL REAL FIGHTS Presents “CFFC 43″ Beginning November 24 on Comcast TCN and CSN


November 20, 2014

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class MMA as CFFC presents another show stopper with CFFC 43 featuring a full lineup of extreme cage fights, including 2 title fights, emanating from the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This event will showcase the top regional MMA stars along the Eastern seaboard as CFFC presents another hard-hitting event.

In the main event, CFFC Welterweight Champion and undefeated fighter Jonavin Webb (7-0) battles the always dangerous former Bellator World Champion Lyman Good (16-3) with the title on the line. Webb won the CFFC title back in August via TKO in the third round and his first title defense against Good is sure to be a clash of champions. Webb is a blue chip prospect from New Jersey and has never tasted defeat in either his pro or amateur career as a mixed martial artist. Webb is a submission specialist with a great wrestling game and once the fight hits the mat, he can finish the fight via tapout or ground and pound. Good is a solid grappler and has added a vicious Muay Thai game to his MMA arsenal as of late. Good amassed a (7-3) record in Bellator against some of the world’s top welterweights. He is no stranger to the big fight and will look to collect another belt, this time the CFFC Welterweight Championship, at the expense of Webb. Look for Good to test the striking of Webb early and often.

In the co-main event, former CFFC Champion and TUF vet Tim Williams (9-1) takes on Strikeforce vet Ron Stallings (12-4) in a middleweight showdown. Williams was at the top of the CFFC middleweight division in 2012 and looks to get back to that spot in quick order. Williams is known for keeping constant pressure on his opponents either with punches and kicks on the feet or relentless takedowns and submission attempts on the mat. Nobody has every outworked Williams in the cage and it’s a streak he plans on continuing against Stallings. Williams has never been to a decision and his high octane fighting style has made him a fan favorite up and down the eastern seaboard. Stallings has only had 2 fights go to decision in his career and he will be looking to get into a shootout with Williams from the get go. Look for Stallings to stand his ground and try to get Williams in a barnburner.

The CFFC Heavyweight Title will be on the line as Champion Azunna “Zu” Anyanwu (7-2) defends the belt against Bellator and M-1 vet Plinio Cruz (6-5) Zu can match anyone on the East Coast punch for punch and this title fight was made with that idea in mind. Zu is a compact fighter who also brings a solid grappling game into the cage having tapped out 3 opponents already to go along with his 3 KOs. Cruz is a rugged fighter from New Jersey and a grinder who likes to outwork and out hustle his opponent in the cage. Cruz sets a high pace for a heavyweight and wears down his opponent over the course of a full fight while building a lead up on the judges’ score cards. Cruz will need to evade the power punching of Anyanwu early and often and try to outwork the bigger man in the championship rounds.

In other action, Bellator and WSOF vet Jimmie Rivera (14-1) takes on Anthony Durnell (11-3). Rivera is a top 20 bantamweight and looks to make it a short night for Durnell. Rivera, a Bellator and TUF vet has faced a who’s who of the East Coast’s best and is riding a 13-fight win steak. Rivera will look to utilize his strong wrestling base to nullify Durnell’s attacks. Durnell comes out of Pennsylvania where he dominated the region. This will be his debut fight in CFFC and he is expecting big things as he looks towards a future title shot. A victory over Rivera would do just that. Durnell is relentless in the cage, and mirrors Rivera’s fighting style in that both fighters are strong wrestlers who never get tired and like to push the pace.
Be there to witness who climbs up the ladder and who is hurled off it as “CFFC 43″ throws down the gauntlet on Comcast once again! Watch all the top stars of the Northeast bring their fists and hearts into the cage and fight like modern day Spartans!

Air times are listed below:
The Comcast Network: (Mid Atlantic): Monday, November 24 at 7:00pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Philly): Tuesday, November 25 at 8:30pm ET
The Comcast Network: (all zones): Friday, November 28 at 10:30am ET
The Comcast Network: (Philly): Friday, November 28 at 11:00pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Mid Atlantic): Saturday, November 29 at 4:30pm ET
The Comcast Network: (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, November 30 at 1:30pm ET
CSN Philadelphia: Tuesday, November 25 at 7:00pm ET
CSN Philadelphia: Sunday, November 30 at 8:00pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest and CSN Bay Area will also be airing CFFC 43 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN and because of that wide distribution across numerous regions and even nationally via satellite, GFL REAL FIGHTS is available on additional platforms.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.
The Comcast Network
CSN Philadelphia
CSN Washington
CSN Baltimore
CSN New England
CSN Northwest
CSN Bay Area

Upcoming Events on Comcast
11/24: CFFC 43 (MMA)
12/1: Hometown Takeover (boxing)
12/8: Greg Cohen Boxing (boxing)
12/15: Battle of the States (boxing)

About GFL:
GFL ( is a fast-growing media and sports entertainment company that utilizes a proprietary technology to deliver the most exciting LIVE combat sports events worldwide and an incredible viewing experience to a global audience. With a diverse mix of combat sports properties, GFL is the premier online destination for live boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and more. Since its inception in 2007, GFL has streamed more than 2,500 live events with over 10,000 hours of combat sports content. In addition to its web platform, GFL is available on Roku, IPhone, IPad, as well as other internet ready devices, and broadcasts a weekly, two-hour, syndicated fight TV show on CSN, TCN and SNY, as well as live pay-per-view events directly to iN DEMAND.

Sugar Creek Showdown 23: Redemption Review

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Oklahoma’s #1 MMA promotion returned to as Sugar Creek Showdown presented “Sugar Creek Showdown 23: Redemption” from Hinton, Oklahoma. MMA fans, this 15-bout event featured 15 finishes for a 100% stoppage rate and 3 titles where on the line! SCS is the premier MMA organization in the Sooner State and one of the region’s top cage-fighting promotion’s.

In the main event, for the SCS Bantamweight Championship, Chris Gutierrez (6-0-1) defeated Craig Ross (12-9) via TKO in the first round to become the new champion. Gutierrez landed a nice head kick early followed by a flying knee. Ross dropped to the mat and Gutierrez followed up with multiple punches on the ground. Ross went for a takedown on the ground and got the leg of Gutierrez which enabled Ross to get back to his feet but Gutierrez put him down again and finished the fight on the ground with more ground and pound. It was an impressive showing by Gutierrez who finished a durable fighter in Ross.

In the co-main event, for the SCS Light Heavyweight Championship, Evan Thompson (5-1) defeated Art Parker (5-5) via submission due to strikes in the first round. Thompson and Parker traded kicks early and often. They then switched to trading punches and Thompson found his mark as he connected with several overhand rights that got the attention of Parker. Thompson kept his foot on the gas as he connected with multiple hard elbows while Parker was against the cage. The elbows where too much for Parker and he verbally submitted do to strikes. Thompson showed off a vast array of striking and wasted no time in getting his kicks and punches going. It was a solid win for Thompson, the Champion.

In other action for the SCS Women’s Strawweight Title, Delaney Owen (3-1) defeated Amber Stautzenberger (5-4) via rear naked choke in the fourth round in the fight of the night to become the new champion. Owen and Stautzenberger went back and forth the whole fight in a great match as they traded strikes on the feet and worked and Owen was finally able to sink in the fight ending choke near the end of the fourth as they battled against the cage and when they bounced off it, Owen was able to take the back of Stautzenberger and used that position to ultimately sink in the fight ending choke.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as SCS presents “Sugar Creek Showdown 23: Redemption” exclusively at

Chasm Elite 3 – Texas Battlegounds Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Texas-Battlegounds/2641

CHASM Elite Promotions / CHASM Elite Amateur Combat Group Presents “Texas Battlegrounds”, an extreme amateur cage fighting experience at the Bell County Expo Center. The great state of Texas just became a war zone!! Join us as amazing competitors clash in an all-out war to determine who the best in Texas is. Be there to support your State, your fighters and the combative sports community as a whole.
In a featherweight battle Fabien Mendez (2-1) takes on Robert Butler (8-0). Mendez has never had a fight go the distance. He is a grappling wizard that fights at a high pace. Look for Mendez to try and get the fight to the mat where he can utilize his aggressive form of grappling. Butler is a champion with multiple organizations and has shown an ability to finish fights with his submissions and striking. Butler is a hot prospect in Texas and will be looking to make another statement against Mendez, who is a threat for anyone. Look for Butler to try and stay technical and score punches and kicks in the standup. If the fight hits the mat, Butler is a solid technician with strong top control and wrestling.

In a welterweight battle, Marcus Still (1-1) battles Angel Ruiz (1-1). Still is coming off a tough decision loss that was very close and looks to get above .500 with a win over Ruiz. Still is a fast starter and finished his first opponent in under 2:00 minutes in his first fight. Still continues to improve his all-around game. Ruiz is also looking to get above .500 but comes into this bout after a decisive win via TKO in his last fight. Ruiz is riding a wave of momentum that he hopes to keep up against Still. This should be a barnburner when these two gladiators step into the cage.

In a light heavyweight scrap, Luis Carter (2-1) fights Randy Ramirez (1-0). Carter is a grinder who brings a great cardio game into the cage. Carter likes to wear down his opponent over the course of 3 rounds and pull away on the judges’ score cards the deeper the fight goes. Look for Carter to immediately set a high pace by mixing up his attacks and keeping the pressure on Ramirez. Ramirez is undefeated and looks to stay that way against Carter. He will need to let his hands go and connect early and often as Carter will continue to try and put Ramirez on the defensive. Ramirez brings KO power in both hands so one punch could turn the tide of the fight if Ramirez connects flush.

CE presents another hard-hitting night of fights with “CE 3 Texas Battlegrounds” on December 6 exclusively on Witness these rising stars in the Lone Star State go to battle in the cage for glory, honor and victory. Order now.

Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat plans historic 50th show 1/23

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by Kirik Jenness at

No promotion has sent more people to the UFC than Lou Neglia’s Ring Of Combat. To date, the East Coast promotion has graduated over 90 alumni to compete in the UFC. Not only have they sent the most, to the biggest promotion, but all Ring of Combat alumni are having successful careers.

The latest ROC veterans actively competing in the UFC include middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Al Iaquinta, Ryan LaFlare, Eddie Gordon, Costas Philippou, Edson Barboza, Uriah Hall, and most recently, Chris Wade.

A lot of things turned 50 this year, including Buffalo wings, The Ford Mustang, Sandra Bullock, BASIC, G.I. Joe, Lucky Charms, Pop Tarts, Jeopardy, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. On January 23, Lou Neglia brings Ring of Combat 50 to east coast fight fans at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. The fight card is stacked from top to bottom and will feature top MMA prospects and SIX title bouts.

As a former world kickboxing champion, Lou knows what it takes to help build fighters.

“The recipe is very simple,” said Lou. “Competitive fights challenge you. If you’re not challenged, you won’t change. You get more out of losing competitive fights by improving your game. You gain nothing winning a hand-picked opponent for an easy fight.”

“The UFC has taken a fighter that was 8 wins with 4 losses as opposed to a fighter who was undefeated at 10-0 in another promotion. The matchmakers at UFC know just as well as I do that it’s who you fought and how you fought that matters. I look at these matches as fan myself. I put two solid fighters together that not only fans want to see in action but fights that I would like to see.”

UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver on January 18, 2015 will feature a bout between ROC vets Uriah Hall and Costas Philippou. The pair already fought once at ROC 34, with Philippou taking a majority decision.

“When I first heard that the UFC is putting on Hall vs Philippou, I was very proud,” said Neglia. “These guys are true champions and gave their all at Ring of Combat. The have both come so far since then and I know they are going to put on a good show for the UFC.”

With Lou’s matchmaking skills and top pedigree of fighters, many wonder why he hasn’t made the jump to go head to head with the UFC, but for Lou, that is an easy answer.

“Not too long ago, I was approached by three very successful businessmen,” said Lou. “They asked me if I wanted to join forces with them in the world of MMA and their goal was to compete with the UFC and eventually become bigger than them. I thanked them for their time but declined. I am very content with what I am doing and have no desire to compete with the UFC. They have an all star team with Dana, Lorenzo, Marc Ratner, Joe Silva and are doing great things in the world of combat sports. I enjoy finding great but unknown talent and developing them for the world’s biggest stage and I am happy with the place Ring of Combat has in MMA history, being the american idol of the sport.”

“Our next event is a very special one for Ring of Combat. Not many promotions have made it to their 50th event and many have not produced the superstars that Ring of Combat has. I am very proud of all Ring of Combat alumni, but also very proud of the new generation of ROC fighters who by accepting tough fights in the Ring of Combat, prepare themselves for the road that leads to the Octagon. I’m confident the new generation of ROC alumni will join the others and become stars of the sport.”


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By Bruce KiVo

Mixed Martial Arts is coming to MSG. Took long enough and it’s goin down Friday, Nov 21st, thanks to Victory Combat Sports. Victory CEO, Kevin Lillis partnered up with Take On Productions to bring in the biggest event ever sanctioned by the WKA in New York. Some of the best Kick Boxers and Muay Thai Fighters will compete alongside the best amateur Mixed Martial Arts Athletes in the Tri-state area for this historic event. TITLEFIGHTS and GIRLFIGHTS are included.

Coming off a nice win over Chris Carmozzi @ UFC FightNight, Renzo Gracie fighter, Rafael “Sapo” Natal, gives his thoughts on Victory VII coming to MSG.

Former UCL Champ, Chad Hernandez of Radical MMA is set to take on Anthony Glacchina of Serra/Longo in what looks to be a great fight.

Coach Rene Dreyfus of Radical MMA is well aware of the infamous Serra/Longo camp. Nobody can deny that former UFC WW Champ Matt Serra’s KO of former UFC WW Champ George St Pierre and UFC MW Champ Chris Weidman’s KO and TKO of the former UFC MW Champ Anderson Silva, AKA The GOAT were possibly the biggest upsets in UFC history. According to Coach Rene, Chad is more then ready.

Also on the card are 2012 Olympian Ibrahim Faraq, UFC Gym’s NJ Mac, Renzo Gracie’s Max McGarr, NY Combat Sambo’s Hassan Hope and Thomas Doyle, Take On Muay Thai Champ Jason ahim faraqVan Oijen and the ever exciting Bernard Cano who always brings it. Victory VII’s card is stacked. Max McGarr’s submissions are off the hook and who can forget Hassan Hope’s great back and forth match against Brad Bateman? Sambo Steve says his athletes are ready.

Speaking of stacked, did somebody say GIRLFIGHT?

The 2013 Female Fighter of the Year, Gianna Smith, Women’s Muay Thai and MMA Phenom Prairie Rugilo, Long Island’s Jessica Cavagnaro, Katalina Morales and Krav Maga Academy’s Viktoria Makarova will hilite this history making event. Just look back on previous Victory and Take On events. Is the next Ronda Rousey fighting on this card?

Madison Square Garden is considered the greatest arena in the world. Dating back to the early 1900s to today, Champions like John L. Sullivan, Jack Jonson, Benny Leonard, Barney Ross, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Graziano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali, Vito Antuefermo, Duran, Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Holyfield and so many more have all fought here.

I know Former UFC Champs and Hall Of Famers Dan Severn and Royce Gracie would have been honored to fight here as well as Olympic Silver Medalist and UFC legend Matt Lindland.

In our last interview with New Yorker and former UFC Champ Matt “The Terror” Serra, he hinted at a possible comeback if it were at MSG. The Great Renzo would love the chance to compete here too. Former UFC Champ Frankie Edgar has mentioned it. Even UFC Champs, Chris Weidman and Jonny “Bones” Jones hope for the chance to compete in the greatest arena in the world! Refs Big John McCarthy and New Jersey’s Dan Miragliotta also have that itch and Dana White would would like nothing better then having a UFC @ MSG.

MMA fan, Actor Alex Corrado of TV’s Gotham, here with Penguin says “Big Congrats to Victory for bringin MMA to MSG!

It’s a dream come true for every athlete. See you at the Garden Nov 21st.

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