Valor Fights 21 Review

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Lightweight (155): Justin Granville (156) vs George Arellano (155)

Round 1 A lean Granville stands across from a shredded Arellano. They meet for the referees instructions, then split. Arellano tries for the touch, but Granville refuses. Granville attempts a spinning backkick that just misses home. Arellano steps in and trips up Granville, falling into Granville’s guard. Arellano throws punches, when he can, but Granville sets a deep triangle. Arellano stands and slams Granville, but doesn’t break the hold. On the second slam, however, Granville loses the triangle hold, and scrambles. Granville tries coming out the back, but Arellano goes belly-to-back, while standing, and sets an anaconda choke. While still standing, Arellano spins, taking Granville to the mat, steps around, and locks in the anaconda choke, sealing the victory, moving to 4-1.

WIN: George Arellano wins in round 1 by submission choke due to Anaconda.

Bantamweight (135): David Lewis (137) vs Marquis Johnson (133)

Round 1 This bantamweight fight will be for the 135 Valor Championship Belt. With that being the case, both fighters, and their teams, are eager to bring the belt back to their gym. Both fighters are hungry for the championship status, but only one will have his fill. Johnson, being from Ohio, still received a warm welcome from the fans hear. A quick touch of the gloves, and we’re off. Johnson lands an early hook that connects, but Lewis weathers the blow. A big kick from Johnson misses high, and Lewis takes him down, landing in guard. While in guard, Lewis headbutts the shoulder of Johnson, forcing the ref to stand them up. (Strange move in an MMA fight). Once the action resumes, Lewis throws a headkick that connects, and immediately shoots in, pushing Johnson to the cage. Lewis manages the takedown, and lands in half guard, before making his way to mount. Johnson manages to break free and scramble, but Lewis sets in an Omoplata. Lewis hooks the back leg of Johnson and tries to sit up. Johnson has other plans, and muscles his way out of the hold, picking Lewis up and taking him behind his back. Johnson tries to get back to his feet, but Lewis is too quick, and stands up in between the legs of Johnson. Lewis throws his left leg over the right leg of Johnson, and falls back, looking for a heel hook. Johnson slips the lock, but Lewis reaches up and locks in a wicked straight ankle lock, and Johnson immediately taps, thus reclaiming his belt.

WIN: David Lewis wins in an eventful round 1 by submission due to straight ankle lock.

Pro Heavyweight (265): Terrance Hodges (265) vs Kem Oti (259)

Round 1 Our first pro fight of the night starts with a quick touch, and Hodges, making his debut, starts off with two massive leg kicks that echo throughout the arena. A hook from Hodges lands clean, and puts Oti on the mat. Hodges pounces on the downed Oti, and looks to finish, but is unable to, but deals plenty of damage. Oti escapes to his fet, and Hodges lands another leg kick. Using the leg kicks for his set up, Hodges throws a superman punch, that just misses. Oti throws a few punches of his own, but not make much impact. They clinch, and Oti begins throwing elbows over the top. Hodges covers and counters with a few punches of his own. They clinch against the cage, reverse, and split. Oti tries for a foot sweep, while stepping backwards, gets the takedown, but lands on his back. Hodges is in half guard, throwing when he can. His corner is calling for his to maintain halfguard, and strike. Throwing elbows from the top, Hodges is dealing damage. Hodges stands in the guard of Oti, throws a few elbows over the top, and falls back into half guard. Oti manages to scramble enought to escape, and they are on their feet as the ten second warning sounds. Hodges throws a one-two, but Oti connects with a huge head kick, that drops Hodges. Oti pounches, but is unable to finish before the round ends. We’re going into round 2.

Round 2 Round 2 begins with both of these heavyweights slowly circling, both respecting the strikes of the other. Both throw feeler combos, but Oti follows up with a nice combo that is answered by a counter uppercut from Hodges. They clinch, with Oti’s back against the cage, and Hodges driving, looking for the ankle pick. Oti reverses, and in side turtle, throws at least 10 punches that connect before Hodges can stand, albeit still against the cage. Oti continues to drive, and Hodges corner calls for him to reverse. Hodges follows the order, and gets the reversal. With his back to the cage, Oti manages to create enough space to slip in a nice uppercut, before reversing position. Hodges reverses again, and pushes Oti towards the center of the cage, then towards his own corner. The ref splits them, and they’re back in the middle of the cage. Hodges showing low leg kicks. As Oti tries one of his own, Hodges lands another that puts Oti on the mat. Hodges jumps on his downed opponent, looking to finish with elbows, but Oti deflects the blows. The crowd is loving this fight! Hodges is in half guard, and his corner calls for him to pass. Oti has the leg of Hodges locked, preventing him to pass. As the round comes to an end, Hodges is throwing punches from his dominate position.

Round 3 The fighters touch gloves and exchange smiles, as we start out final round. Hodges throws a one-two that lands solid. Oti throws a combo of his own. Hodges throws a one-two uppercut, followed by another one-two. Oti throws a combo of his own, and the fighers circle. Oti throws again, landing solid, and rocking Hodges. Hodges nose is bleeding like a faucet, and Oti grabs the back of his neck, and delivers one uppercut, after another. 3, 4, 5 uppercuts, Hodges staggers, Oti charges. Hodges is running on pure adrenaline, and looks for a takedown, but gets swept by Oti, and taken down. Oti lands in mount, and delivers vicious blows to the downed Hodges. Hodges is doing his best to avoid damage. Hodges rolls, and Oti takes his back, looking for the RNC. Hodges escapes, but Oti is still on his back. Oti sits up, and sinks the choke again, but is once again, unsuccessful. Hodges manages to break free, getting Oti of his back. Hodges spins and looks for revenge. Too tired to quickly get to his feet, Oti is caught by Hodges with a vicious one two. Hodges falls on top of Oti, and delivers more blows, followed by more blows, looking, both, for revenge, and the victory. Ten seconds to go, and Hodges is throwing. Five seconds, and Oti is covering. The horn sounds, the crowd jumps to their feet, anxiously awaiting the judges decision.

WIN: 29-28, Oti. 29-28, Hodges. And, 29-28, for your winner, for Kem Oti.

Pro Lightweight (155): Zach Cook (157) vs Tim Boyle (155)

Round 1 Our second pro fight starts with a quick touch and a lead leg kick from Boyle. Boyle tries for a head kick, but misses, as Cook counters and Boyle falls (slips?) to the mat. Cook tries to capitalize, but Boyle goes for an Omoplata, and Cook stands to get to his feet. From here, Cook lands several huge blows that rattle Boyle. More combos from Cook. Both, over the top, and below. Boyle’s legs buckle, and he instinctively tries to shoot. Cook sprawls and Boyle ends up laying on the mat, with Cook in half guard. Cook delivers a vicious melee of elbows and hammerfists from here. Cook slips through half guard, and is on his knees, next to Boyle, delivering a brutal beatdown of elbows, punches and double hammerfists. The ref is calling for Boyle to cover. The assault from Cook continues. Boyle’s arms are dropping. Double hammerfists from Cook. Cook smells blood and is looking for the finish. He relentlessly continues his assault of hammerfists, and the ref steps in to call an end to this bout.

WIN: Zach Cook wins in round 1 by TKO due to Strikes.

Pro Featherweight (145): Pedro Gomes (145) vs Jorge Medina (148)

Round 1 This is our co-main event of the evening! Both men are determined to walk out of here with the winners purse. Out fight starts with a quick touch, and the fighters feeling each other out. Gomes is looking to find his range. A straight right from Gomes, followed by an inside leg kick that lands flush, buckling the leg of Medina, though only temporarily. Gomes is looking to weaken the lead leg of Medina with leg kicks, but Medina counts with a body kick of his own. another straight right from Gomes. Medina with a combo of his own. A kick from Medina. A one-two from Gomes. The men are circling, as Gomes goes for a one-two-hook that results in a brief clinch. Both fighters swing, but miss, on the break. Medina is anticipating the kicks, and either checks them or slips them, and counters with one of his own. Gomes goes for another kick, and Medina counters with a one-two. Gomes lands a nice combo that rattles Medina. Gomes kicks the leg of Medina again, and Medina reflexively picks it up, clearly in pain. Medina switches stances, now, to avoid further damage. Medina attempts a spinning back kick, but doesn’t connect solid. Another combo from each fighter, and the clinch, pushing into the cage. One with double-over, the other with double-unders. The reverse, then reverse again, looking for knees as they present themselves. The round ends, with the fighters still clinched.

Round 2 No touch this time, as Medina comes out in the southpaw stance, but, seeing Gomes looking for the inside leg kick, switches back to Orthodox. a few missed kicks from Gomes. Gomes goes for the takedown, off of a feint punch, and is successful, landing in the guard of Medina. From the position, he puts his head into the chest of Medina, and strikes as he can, being sure to keep the action going, to keep from being stood up. Body shot from Gomes, then a head shot. Gomes is trying to stack Medina, but Medina has the hands of Gomes pinned to his chest. Medina pulls his legs up, looking to lock down Gomes, but Gomes quickly escapes. Gomes lands a few more punches, then Medina sprawls and gets to his feet. They clinch, and Gomes puts his hand to the mat, establishing 3 points of contact. Medina cannot see this, and thows a knee to the top of the Gomes, causing the ref to call a timeout, to have Gomes looked at by the doctor. The doc clears Gomes to continue, and the action resumes. Gomes comes out with a vicious leg kick that visibly hurts Medina. Gomes sees the pain, and delivers another brutal leg kick to the left leg of Medina, sending him falling back onto the mat, grabbing his knee in agony. Gomes advances, looking to finish, but is called off by the ref.

WIN: Pedro Gomez wins in round 2 by TKO due to injury.

Pro 180 Catchweight Main Event: Jesse Grun (179) vs Sid Wheeler (182)

It’s now time for out Main Event! Although not the originally scheduled fight, this is still going to be a battle of two hometown guys. It’s obvious that both fighters are local, as it was difficult to distinguish who had the loudest cheers. A mutual respect for both fighters was shown from this Chattanooga crowd. This is going to be one helluva fight.

Round 1 A touch of the gloves and the fighters back up, feeling each other out. Grun tries for a high teep kick, but it is caught by Wheeler, and Grun bounces off of the mat, but gets quickly to his feet. Grun pushes forward with a lead leg kick, and Wheeler answers with one of his own. Grun charges and and pushes Wheeler to the cage. As Wheeler bounces off of the cage, he throws a loud, thunderous body kick that connects to the gut of Grun. Grun fights through it, and pushes forward. They split, and Wheelter throws a teep kick the gut of Grun. Gruns body is hurt, and Wheeler knows it. Grun counters a punch from Wheeler, but but gets caught with a follow up from Wheeler. This is a slugfest! Grun pushes Wheeler to the cage, and tries, several times, unsuccessfuly for the takedown. Wheeler pushes him away and lands knees on the split. Wheeler connects with a head kick and tries to advance. Grun avoids the takedown, but eats several big punches from Wheeler, that staggers Grun. Grun regains his composure, but is breathing hard. Grun is pushing the pace, but Wheeler is countering everything Grun throws. The round comes to a close with a step behind head kick from Wheeler, that just misses its mark.

Round 2 Leg kick from Wheeler. Grun comes in with a combo, then backs off. Grun comes in again, and Wheeler connects with a body kick, that temporarily drops Grun. Grun gets to his feet and pushes into Wheeler, clinching him against the cage. Knees from Grun. Knees to the leg. Knees to the body. Wheeler is trying to escape, and eventually does, delivering yet another thrust kick to the gut of Grun. Grun again advancing with combos, thrust kick from Wheeler. Grun throwing, Wheeler countering. The crowd is going crazy!!!! Wheeler getting the better of the exchanges, but Grun not backing down. Grun pushes forward, and looks for a single leg, misses it, then a double, and misses it, too. A missed head kick from Grun on the split. Two unanswered leg kicks from Wheeler. Grun pushes forward, and Wheeler sets a standing guillotine, but Grun escapes. Wheeler strikes on the break, landing solid. Another straight right from Wheeler and now he’s taunting Grun by dropping his hands. Grun pushes forward with punches, but Wheeler again counters. Grun clinches, and looks for the takedown. After a great effort, he is successful. Grun tries to deal damage, but is unable to do so, before Wheeler gets back to his feet. The crowd is going insane! Wheeler with a head kick that misses. Combos from Grun, The crowd screaming as loud as the can. Back and forth. Back and forth. The ten seconds sounds. Wheeler is looking for a big shot, but never gets it. We’re going into the 3rd round.

Round 3

A quick touch of the gloves, and we’re off. Leg kick from Wheeler. Punches from Grun, that are countered by Wheeler. Grun tries shooting, but settles for the clinch. Knees from Wheeler. They split. Leg kick from Wheeler. Grun is circling. Wheeler throws an axe kick that lands, but not forcefully. Punches from Wheeler. A brief pause in the action, as Wheelers gloves come undone. Strikes as sson as the action resumes. Grun lands an elbow that splits the left eye of Wheeler. Leg kick from Wheeler. Grun tries to strike, but Wheeler continuously counters. Grun shoots in for the single leg, scoops Wheeler, but is unable to finish the slam, as Wheeler lands on his feet. Wheeler is relentless and he throws successful blows to the head of Grun. If you’re not here, you missed out on a great fight!!! Wheeler is continuing to counter. Grun looks dazed on his feet. Wheeler is picking and choosing, and landing with any stike he chooses. Grun cannot connect with anything, and Wheeler is connecting with everything! Grun tries again to push Wheeler into the cage, but Wheeler pushes him back off of him, at will. A thrust kick from Wheeler connects up high. Grun is out on his feet, but refusing to go down. Wheeler is taunting Grun, again, and delivers kicks wherever he chooses. Grun with some weak punches, but Wheeler counters. The warning sounds, Wheeler throws, Grun eats it. This fight comes to an end!

WIN: All three judges score this bout 30-27 for Sid Wheeler!

Unified MMA 22 Review

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Courtesy of Cody Rempel &

Tanner Boser vs. Tim Hague (Heavyweight Title Fight)

Round 1: No glove touch to start and Boser rushes Hague and gets cracked with a HUGE overhand right that drops Boser. Hague pounces and finishes off Boser with a barrage of vicious punches that relieves Boser of his consciousness. Referee Vern Gorman pulls Hague off and Boser is out of it to the point that he wrestles Gorman for a minute until Boser’s corner can pull him off.

Tim Hague defeats Tanner Boser by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 0:06

Hague captures Unified Heavyweight Title

Jarid Bussemakers vs. Nick Campbell

Round 1: Bussemakers with a leg kick and a combo before getting the takedown against the cage. Bussemakers lands a few chipping shots and Campbell gets back to his feet. They trade knees and jockey for position. Bussemakers lands some foot stomps and Campbell with a knee. Bussemakers responds and Campbell looks to muscle him down but can’t complete the takedown. Campbell holding position and Cardinal breaks them up. Bussemakers looking for a guillotine gets slammed. Bussemakers lets go and switches to a kimura. Campbell working from the guard and Bussemakers lands a couple from the bottom. Campbell connects and Cardinal pauses to replace the mouth guard of Bussemakers and they restart with Campbell in guard. Bussemakers works the body and throws his legs up looking for an armbar. Bussemakers tries to elevate and sweep but Campbell stays heavy. Campbell lands to the body and connects with a couple more as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: Bussemakers with a leg kick and a right before dropping for a takedown. They tie up and exchange shots and Campbell tosses him to the mat and lands in side control. Bussemakers with a barrage of sharp elbows from the bottom. Bussemakers with a triangle choke and forces the lightning quick tap in a come from behind victory.

Jarid Bussemakers submits Nick Campbell by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 1:28

Mike Scarcello vs. Dia Grant

Round 1: Scarcello shoots and gets the slam to side control right away. Grant gets half guard back and gets to his feet but Scarcello takes the back and drags him down. Scarcello works for a rear naked choke but Grant defends and again gets to his feet. Scarcello muscles him back down with a body lock and lands in half guard. Scarcello with a pair of short elbows and lands some lefts. Scarcello takes the back but only has one hook. Grant escapes and gets back to his feet but Scarcello’s wrestling has Grant right back on the mat. Grant briefly looks for an armbar but Scarcello pulls his arm free and lands shots from the back. Scarcello pounds away before taking the back and working for the rear naked choke as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Scarcello

Round 2: Grant with an overhand but Scarcello ducks it and gets the body lock against the cage before dumping him to the mat. Scarcello settles into the guard but quickly passes to half guard and finally mount. Grant gives his back and Scarcello lands a pair of solid hammerfists before sinking the rear naked choke with just one hook and forcing the quick tap.

Mike Scarcello submits Dia Grant by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:38

Garret Nybakken vs. Neil Doty

Round 1: Doty presses forward with jabs and ties him up against the cage. Nybakken reverses and knees the legs. Nybakken changes levels and gets the single to half guard. Nybakken elbows the body chips away with little punches. Doty throws up a triangle attempt but Nybakken avoids and drops a big elbows. Nybakken lands to the body and connects with another elbow to the body. Doty sits up and Nybakken works for a guilotine until Doty gives up his back. Nybakken lands a few before working for the rear naked choke. Doty defends briefly but Nybakken is able to sink the choke and get the submission victory.

Garret Nybakken submits Neil Doty by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:17

Aaron Bosiak vs. Dell Knebush

Round 1: Bosiak lands and Knebush looks for a takedown but Bosiak gets a guillotine. Bosiak dumps him to the mat and takes his back sinking a rear naked choke and forcing the quick tap. Aaron Bosiak submits Dell Knebush by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:39

Justin Parsons vs. Vitaliy Bervald

Round 1: Parsons with a stiff leg kick and Bervald catches him with a massive right that sees Parsons out on his feet. Bervald follows up with a barrage of punches against the cage. Referee Kyle Cardinal stops the bout with Parsons still on his feet but the only thing holding Parsons up was the cage itself.

Vitaliy Bervald defeats Justin Parsons by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:19

Mike Geib vs. Cam Dyck

Round 1: Dyck rushes him and they tumble to the mat. In the scramble Geib locks in a guillotine choke but Dyck defends and pulls his head free and lands a shot from the guard. Geib again looks for the choke but Dyck frees himself easily. Geib works for a sweep but can’t get complete it. Geib continues to work for a guillotine choke but is on no position to finish. Dyck works to pass but Geib and gets to mount. Geib rolls to his side and Dyck feeds him a steady diet of right hands until referee Vern Gorman has seen enough and calls the fight.

Cam Dyck defeats Mike Geib by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:06

Clay Dixon vs. Shadey Yellowbird

Round 1: Yellowbird with a leg kick and Dixon immediately gets the takedown. Yellowbird gets back to his feet against the cage and Dixon knees the thighs. Dixon with a big suplex and passes to mount. Dixon with an armbar but Yellowbird with a nice escape but Dixon has side control. Dixon again passes to mount and Yellowbird tries to sweep but caught in an armbar again. Dixon is able to straighten the arm and force the tap.

Clay Dixon submits Shadey Yellowbird by Armbar in Round 1, 2:00

Jeremy Horn: ‘I’ll Be In The Gym Until The Day I Die’- EXCLUSIVE

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630,

If you look up Jeremy Horn on the Internet, you’ll likely find that his MMA record is listed as 91-21-5. Yes, that’s 117 total fights. It’s seems like such a ridiculous number, even for someone who has been fighting as long as Horn, which is somewhere around nineteen years. The crazier part is that according to the Nebraska born fighter, that number is wrong and the amount of total fights is probably somewhere around 160ish.

“I started training long before the majority of MMA sanctioning bodies and websites recording them were around,” said Horn when asked about the number.

The 39-year-old fighter is gearing up for his next fight (118, 160 something, who cares) and recently spoke with BJPENN.COM.

Make sure you guys tune into Horn’s fight this Saturday, Mar. 28 at Sugar Creek Showdown 25: Apocalypse. The fights can be streamed online at

Full Story –

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MMA veteran Jeremy Horn battles ‘tough’ Tony Lopez this Saturday night at SCS 25

By SteveJuon @angrymarks on Mar 25, 2015

With a professional fight record spanning three decades, the 39-year-old Jeremy Horn is one of the most remarkably durable MMA fighters today, having amassed over 100 total fights (and 90+ wins) in his career to date. On March 28th he goes for his fifth win in a row against Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez.

Jeremy Horn can safely say he’s been everywhere and done everything there is to do in mixed martial arts (MMA).

With over 100 fights in his career thus far (and over 90 wins) he could rightly be called a “crafty veteran” at 39 years old. He’s aging gracefully and winning decisively, taking a victory in each of his last four fights with a first-round submission.

His next opponent will look to put that winning streak to an end.

Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez finished his last two opponents by technical knockout (TKO) and arm-triangle choke, so he won’t be afraid to stand with Horn or follow him to go to the ground, Horn’s bread and butter. talked to the longtime fight veteran about his upcoming bout for SCS 25 at the Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton, Oklahoma, along with how he maintains his longevity in a sport where young and hungry lions are always on the prowl.

He’ll go for his fifth straight win defending the SCS light heavyweight title in Hinton, Oklahoma, on Saturday, March 28th at the Sugar Creek Casino. If you can’t attend live the show is also available for $15 on The complete audio of our interview with Horn is below.

Full Story –

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Jimmie Rivera Defends His CFFC Bantamweight Title Against Carson Beebe on May 9, 2015

When Aljamain Sterling left Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) as the undefeated bantamweight champion for the UFC, he left some pretty big shoes to fill. Without skipping a beat, Jimmie Rivera (14-1), stepped in and has taken the division to a whole new level. Winning the vacant title in November 2014 with a TKO victory over Anthony Durnell (11-4), Rivera has the biggest challenge to date when he defends his title for the first time against Carson Beebe (15-3) on Saturday May 9, 2015 at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“Jimmie is the best pound-for-pound fighter in our organization,” said CFFC CEO Robert Haydak, Jr. “I’m baffled as to why the (UFC) call hasn’t come for him yet. We’re getting to the point where finding him a match-up is becoming a challenge. For Arias to secure someone with Carson’s skill level is amazing. This fight is going to be incredible.”

Raised in Ramsey, New Jersey, Rivera has trained and prospered under the guidance of Danny Schulmann and has earned a third degree MMA black belt in TSMMA. After breaking state records in wrestling in high school, Rivera transitioned to MMA with ease and has not lost a fight in over six years. Rivera is a man of few words but when he speaks, it’s with confidence. “I’m going to finish the fight,” said Rivera looking forward to his match up with Beebe. “I think my opponent is tough and it will be a good fight. I’m looking forward to defending the belt.”

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Beebe has also amassed an impressive record and like Rivera, was a participant on the Ultimate Fighter. Beebe, who currently trains at Gilbert Grappling and Valley Flow Striking, has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Christian Uflacker and was a high school All American and a starter for Purdue University in wrestling. Beebe wasted no time in accepting the challenge to fight for the CFFC bantamweight title. “Very excited,” said the challenger. “CFFC has launched many of their champions on to the UFC. It is one of the top regional promotions in the country and this is a great opportunity. I feel honored to be considered for the title, especially against such a top level opponent. This is going to be a great fight for the fans and I can’t wait to put on a show. Jimmie is a beast. He and I are two of the top bantamweights in the country outside of the UFC. It’s time to put up or shut up. On May 9, we will find out who is the best.”

“This card has so many great fights,” continued Haydak. “I’m looking forward to the first fight of the night just as much as the main event. In typical CFFC fashion, this card will not disappoint.”

Here is a quick peak at the card.

Main Event – CFFC Welterweight Title

Jonavin Webb vs. Lyman Good

CFFC Featherweight Title

Jared Gordon vs. Jeff Lentz

CFFC Bantamweight Title

Jimmy Rivera vs. Carson Beebe

Main Card:

Evan Velez vs. Claudio Ledesma

Ricky Bandejas vs. Leodegario Muniz

Daniel Holmes vs. Joe Pinto

Justin Bonitatis vs. Tony Dabbondanza

Jorge Martinez vs. Giorgi Kudukhashvili

Anthony Montanaro vs. Trevor Suter

Steve Barnett vs. Allen Otto

Sean Brady vs. TBD

Josh Mayville vs. TBD

For updates and further announcements on the card, log on to and find us on Facebook.

About Cage Fury Fighting Championships

Cage Fury Fighting Championships ( is a pioneer in bringing prominent and elite MMA talent to the East Coast. Since CFFC’s debut, past, and current champions have competed at the highest level. Before they were in the UFC, Jim and Dan Miller were both CFFC champions. That legacy remains the same today. Three current CFFC champions, George Sullivan, Aljamain Sterling, and Paul Felder are currently on the UFC roster. Current UFC fighters Zach Makovsky, Nick Catone, Nah-Shon Burrell, and John Howard have also competed in CFFC prior to their entry to the UFC. Also, CFFC helped jumpstart the career of Internet fighting sensation Kimbo Slice, whose first foray into MMA came in the CFFC cage when he fought former boxing champion Ray “Merciless” Mercer. CFFC continues to thrive as one of the best regional promotions in the world while focusing on treating fighters with respect and giving the fans the ultimate MMA experience.


Rob Haydak Jr., CFFC CEO:

Mike Constantino CFFC President:

David Feldman, Vice President:

Arias Garcia, Matchmaker:

Earl Campbell, General Manager:

Sparta Combat League – A VS M NM Preview

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ORDER EVENT ––A-v-M-New-Mexico/2835

Sparta Combat League returns on GFL with “A VS M NM”, a stacked MMA card on April 3 from the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. SCL takes their show on the road once again, away from the familiar Rockies of Colorado and heads to the Land of Enchantment to present their brand of high octane cage fights to the people of New Mexico. This event promises to be full speed from bell to bell.

In a SCL Middleweight Title fight, Champion Adam Stroup (8-1) takes on Frank Lester (8-5). Stroup comes into the fight having won 7 in a row, the last 3 being via KO/TKO in championship fights. Stroup has an especially hard knee that can end a fight if it connects flush one time. Stroup is a precision grappler who can end the fight with a variety of submissions. Lester poses the biggest threat to the title reign of Stroup. Lester recently returned to the cage after a 2 year absence and showed no ring rust in dispatching his opponent via arm triangle in the second round. Lester can also bang in his own right, with 8 wins coming via KO/TKO, and will not shy away from a barnburner. Lester is one of the premier middleweights in the West and when he and Stroup go toe to toe, it’s going to be a treat for all the fans watching. Look for the fight to be won or lost in the trenches. This will be an explosive title fight from start to finish.

In a SCL Welterweight Title fight, Vinny Gonzales (2-0) fights Austin Jones (5-1). Gonzales is a vicious puncher and is relentless when he gets on the ground as he throws nonstop ground and pound. Jones is a strong striker and has KO power in both hands and looks to reclaim the vacant title which he held earlier in his career. Expect fireworks from these two undefeated fighters who go for gold.

For the SCL Bantamweight Title, Seth Rodenbaugh battles Trevor Polhamus. Both men are just beginning their pro careers and already find themselves in the title picture. The winner will have proven a lot at such an early stage in his career.

Sparta Combat League is sure to bring down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West MMA and have now expanded their brand across the country and this show will continue in that tradition. Order “A VS M NM”, and watch live and anytime afterwards on video on demand only on GFL.

Ultimate Reno Combat 50 Preview

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Order Event –

Northern Nevada’s #1 cage fighting event returns as “Ultimate Reno Combat 50” premiers live on, April 4, at the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada. Voted the #1 Amateur MMA Event in the Nation, URC always showcases the top up and coming fighters from around Nevada and California.

In the main event, for the URC Welterweight Title, Aarason Perry (5-2) fights Justin Gragg (4-3). Perry previously fought for a title with URC and now finds himself with a second chance for gold. Perry is a top notch MMA athlete who has dispatched 2 of his opponents by KO and also shown a very strong grappling game and an ability to grind down his opponents over the course of a full fight. Perry might decide to look for a takedown and get the fight to the ground rather than trade strikes with Gragg. Perry is one of the most sought after fighters in the area because of his fast paced style. Gragg’s last fight was a slick submission win and Gragg has continued to improve his all-around MMA game. In fact, all 4 of Gragg’s wins have come via stoppage with 3 via tapout.

For the URC Lightweight Title, Dillon Moore (3-1) takes on Bryan Jones (4-3). Moore has won 3 fights in a row, all via first round stoppage. Moore is an extremely fast starter. Jones always gives it his all and is known for stealing the show inside the cage. Whenever Jones is fighting you can’t afford to miss it. Jones is a heavy handed lightweight and can end any fight with one punch. Don’t blink when these two square off as you could very well see another early finish in this matchup that will be in the running for Fight of the Night.

Levon McCormack (1-0) and Brandon Laroco (3-0) square off for the URC Bantamweight Title in a matchup of undefeated fighters. McCormack has a win via TKO in the first round and throws punches with pinpoint accuracy. His standup is exceptional. Laroco is a champion for another organization and wants to make it two. Laroco is a well-balanced amateur and has wins in both standup and on the ground.
URC 50 will be no different as the very best in the amateur ranks will compete in the cage where Blood Happens! If you can’t be there live in Reno, experience the thrill of every punch, kick, takedown and submission via the comfort of your home. Stream it live only on the GFL Combat Sports Network.

Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today! Don’t miss this loaded event with loaded mixed martial arts fight as Northern Nevada’s “Ultimate Reno Combat 50” comes to you live on on April 4.

ShoFIGHT – Rising Preview

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Order Event ––Rising/2788
ShoFIGHT returns to GFL on April 4 with championship MMA with “Rising” from the Branson Central Theater in Branson, Missouri. ShoFIGHT has made its mark with MMA fans as being a launching point for tons of fighters and top prospects in the Mid-South. Who will stand out, once the cage door closes?

In the main event, for the vacant ShoFIGHT Lightweight Title, Devon Webber (6-2) fights Ross Campbell (9-1). Webber is a versatile fighter who can win on the ground or in the standup. Webber is a powerhouse from Kansas and is looking at this fight to be his coming out party by giving Campbell his first loss via stoppage. 4 of Webber’s wins are via stoppage. Campbell is well-rounded and submitted 5 opponents, while KOing 4 others. Campbell can end a fight in the blink of an eye and is always looking for a KO or submission if the fight hits the mat. Look for both men to try out their striking in the early going to get a rhythm as both of these fighters like to set the pace.

In the co-main event, Brian Ramirez (5-2) takes on James Gerkey (5-1). Former ShoFIGHT champion, Gerkey has quickly made a name for himself as one of the top 125 lb fighters in the region. Gerkey has KO power in both hands and can end a fight with one punch. Gerkey has stopped 4 opponents and looks to do that once again in this fight. Ramirez is a quick starter and loves to mix it up right from the get-go. His last 3 fights, all wins, have come in the first round.

In other action, the ShoFIGHT Featherweight Title in on the line when Champion Adam Mink (2-0) battles Alex Rykhyla (1-0). Mink has fought in a title fight every time he has stepped into the cage and proven his meddle by coming away with 2 finishes, 1 via TKO and 1 via submission. Mink is a rising prospect in the Mid-South and looks to finish another fighter in impressive fashion. Rykhyla has a first round submission to his credit and will be more than happy to go hold for hold with Mink on the mat. Expect a chess match in this title fight.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring some of the top regional mixed martial arts talents from around the Mid-South. Watch all of the fights live on April 4 or any time after on video on demand (VOD) for life as ShoFIGHT & BRAWL Inc. present “Rising” live on pay-per-view exclusively at!

Atlas Fighting Championship 24 Review

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The Gulf Coast’s premier MMA promotion returned on GFL as AFC presented “Atlas Fighting Championship 24″ emanating from the Golden Nugget Casino and Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. This event featured a stacked card, showcasing 3 title fights along with the top up and coming prospects from the Gulf Coast. AFC is the premier MMA organization in the Magnolia State and the greater Gulf Coast region.

In the main event, in a rematch, for the vacant Atlas Fights Bantamweight Title, Aaron Williams (28-20) of Ocean Springs, MS avenged a prior loss by beating Bellator vet Christopher Pham (4-5) of Baton Rouge via unanimous decision after 5 hard rounds of action. Their first fight lasted less than 30 seconds when Pham won via TKO but this time the fight went the way of Williams who controlled most of the action with his wrestling. Williams applied pressure early and often and did not want to suffer the same early TKO loss to Pham that he did in his last fight. Williams fought a smart fight and went out and got his hands on Pham early and put him on the ground. Pham tried to go for submissions and was able to scramble a few times, but Williams was bound and determined to get Pham out of his element and that’s just what he did with his wrestling and grappling over the course of the 5 round championship bout. It was a great fight and possibly sets up a rubber match down the line with both fighters being 1-1 against each other.

In the co-main event, for the Atlas Fights Welterweight Championship, Rance Jones Jr (5-1) defeated Robert Turnquest (3-1) via unanimous decision to capture the title. Jones is known for his devastating power and hit Turnquest got hit with multiple hard shots in the standup but responded in kind with some power punches of his own. This was a great back and forth fight, but the cardio of Jones allowed him to pull away in the later rounds and score with more standup as well as control more of the ground game.

In other action, Erimus Mills (1-1) had a quick night in the cage as he defeated Austin Parker (2-2) via TKO in the first round in under a minute. Mills came out swinging and connected with some hard shots in the opening seconds that dropped Parker to the mat. It was an unexpected end to a fight many people thought would be a dog fight for 3 rounds. It turned out to be a quick night and proved once again that anything in MMA can and will happen.

For the Atlas Fights Amateur Title, Corey Wilson (6-0) defeated Rocky Landry (2-6) via guillotine choke in the second round. Wilson remains undefeated and has proven pretty much all he can in the amateur ranks. It might be time for this blue chip prospect to turn pro and start his professional career where he will already be a threat for most established 145lb fighters in the region.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as AFC presents “Atlas Fighting Championship 24″ on pay-per-view exclusively at

Australian Fighting Championships 12 Review

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Courtesy of David Lewellin &

Australian Fighting Championships 12 took place at the Melbourne Pavilion on Sunday, 22 March with the event taking place at a special time, early in the afternoon. The event was the promotions first caged show in their hometown following the cage ban being lifted earlier in the month.

An enthusiastic crowd cheered on the competitors, especially the hometown favourites where in the main event Jamie Abdallah remained undefeated, dispatching of Daniel Almeida in the opening round.

Abdallah was able to stuff the early takedown attempt from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist Almeida. Abdallah then quickly engaged a flurry of punches on his opponent as Almeida struggled to get his back off the cage. A powerful uppercut sent Almeida falling to the canvas and giving Abdallah the knockout, 35-seconds into the contest.

With the impressive stoppage win, Abdallah moves his record to a reported 7-0 and claims the AFC light-heavyweight title.

The co-featured headlining fight for the AFC middleweight title took place between Victorian Daniel Way and New South Welshman Zein Saliba. The five-round fight was a highly contested and grueling one with both fighters showing what their game-plan was early on with Saliba ultimately getting the unanimous decision nod.

Saliba’s strategy early was to get the fight to the ground where he would look to out-grapple his opponent, while also working for a submission. More comfortable on his feet, Way attempted to keep it standing where he looked for the knock-out blow or stoppage. Saliba went in for multiple takedowns and while some were stuffed, Way was eventually dragged to the floor for most of the fight.

Although Way was put onto his back for much of the fight the local fighter remained active from his back, throwing elbows from the bottom as Saliba made it hard for him to get back to his feet. There were glimpses of promise from both fighters when it came to the stand-up battle, we both both clipping each other with a flurry of big shots and constant jabs.

The fifth round ended with Way fighting off an arm-triangle submission from Saliba. Saliba used it to get into top position and proceeded to reign down punches just before the bell went to signal the end of the fight. Saliba’s grappling proved too much for Way as he captured the AFC middleweight strap winning via a unanimous decision and in the process taking his professional record to 6-0.

In a quick and entertaining battle, Judoka youngster Kitt Campbell submitted Matt Eland in the opening round. Both fighters exchanged heavy shots in the opening seconds without much regard for each others handy-work. Campbell then took Eland down where he was able to secure the armbar submission. The end came 1:30 into the first round.

Also on the card, hometown favourite Peter Davenport was upset by promotion newcomer New Zealand fighter James Bishop. Stepping up as a replacement to Damien Brown, Bishop walked away with a first-round submission, securing the rear-naked choke at 4:22 of the opening round.

Full Results:

Jamie Abdallah def Daniel Almeida via KO (Uppercut), Rd 1 0:35 – AFC light-heavyweight title
Zein Saliba def Daniel Way via Decision (Unanimous) – AFC middleweight title
Kitt Campbell def Matt Eland via Submission (Armbar), Rd 1, 1:30
James Bishop def Peter Davenport via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 4:22
Lance Ettia def Dan Ginnane via Submission (Triangle Choke), Rd 1, 2:22
John Beirouti def Dean Martin via Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke), Rd 1, 3:23
Mikey Vaotuua def Nick Davis via Decision (Unanimous)
Chris Wase def Dillion Wolf via Decision (Unanimous)
Kaan Ofli def Christian Burghartswieser via Decision (Unanimous)
Jason Petropoulis def Justin Barbuto via Submission (Guillotine Choke), Rd 1, 0:51
Danniel Schuardt def Francis Buangala via Submission (Triangle Choke), Rd 1
Ryan Mills def Chris Linder via Submission (Standing Guillotine Choke), Rd 1, 1:25

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