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August 29, 2014

GFL and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with World Championship Kickboxing as Power Play Promotions presents PowerPlay 24 – Parr VS Smith from the famous Melbourne Pavilion in Melbourne, Australia. The full rules Muay Thai card is anchored by a long-awaited title fight that is sure to live up to the hype.

In the main event, for the WKA World Title, John Wayne Parr and Toby Smith. JWP has cemented himself as the best current Muay Thai fighter in Australia. JWP is much bigger and stronger than Smith and experience will also be a factor. JWP understands how to win fights against all types of opponents and will fight a very intelligent fight against a younger and more aggressive fighter in Smith. Smith is coming up the ranks and is now in a position to challenge JWP. If Smith goes in too aggressive at Wayne trying to outwork him he may walk into some hard shots and well placed traps. Smith will need to fight a very technical fight if he wants to keep pace with JWP. Expect these two Australians to go for broke and hold nothing back.

In the co-main event, Brent Dames battles Simon Coutsouvellis. Both are fast starters so don’t blink. There will be plenty of fireworks in this bout!

In other action, Steve Baldachinno fights Moulay Bekkali. Baldachinno is an experienced vet going against the blue chip prospect Bekkali. This will be Bekkal’s toughest test to date. Will he pass or fail?

Air times are listed below:

The Comcast Network (TCN) (Mid Atlantic): Monday, September 1 at 7:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Philly): Tuesday, September 2 at 7:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Wednesday, September 3 at 9:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Philly): Thursday, September 4 at 10:30pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Saturday, September 6 at 1:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Sunday, September 7 at 5:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Thursday, September 4 at 7:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Sunday, September 7 at 8:00pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest and CSN Bay Area will also be airing PowerPlay 24 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN and because of that wide distribution across numerous regions and even nationally via satellite, GFL REAL FIGHTS is available on additional platforms.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.

The Comcast Network

CSN Philadelphia

CSN Washington

CSN Baltimore

CSN New England

CSN Northwest

CSN Bay Area

Upcoming Events on Comcast

9/1: PowerPlay 24: Parr VS Smith (kickboxing)

9/8: Broadway Boxing: Bone VS Figueroa (boxing)

9/15: CFFC 37 (MMA)

9/22: Joe Hand Promotions: Tuesday Night Fights 2 (boxing)

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House of Fame MMA – A New Dawn Preview

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House of Fame MMA presents “A New Dawn”, a 12-bout card on September 6 from Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. House of Fame MMA is the proving ground for all up and coming MMA fighters in the Northeast region of Florida and this card is sure to showcase future world champions.

In the main event, Kenneth Garner (12-6) battles Matt Kovacs (10-12) in a heavyweight slobber-knocker. Garner is an M-1 veteran, fighting for the top promotion in Russia since 2010. Garner is a well-rounded fighter who brings one-punch KO power into the cage and has also worked on his ground game tirelessly adding another element to his overall skill set. Garner is a huge heavyweight but he fights like a middleweight as his cardio conditioning lets him set a fast pace right from the onset. Kovacs is built like a brick house and brings a solid wrestling game into the cage. Kovacs will no doubt look to get the fight to the ground where he can close the distance and try to work some ground and pound from the top position. Kovacs has continued to work on his game in the last few years and picked up a win over former UFC Champion Maurice Smith back in 2013. Expect someone to get knocked out in this fight as it will be a barnburner.

In the co-main event, Andrew Whitney (9-3) fights Chino Duran (8-7). Whitney is an aggressive fighter who uses strong wrestling and takedowns to stymie his opponents’ offense. Whitney is strong in top control and can end fights with his elbows and punches from that position as well as via tapout as he is an expert grappler. Duran is a technical striker and very aggressive on the mat, always looking to grapple for submission. Duran is a high risk-high reward fighter who always finds himself in the fight of the night. A win here against Whitney would be the biggest win of Duran’s career. Look for Duran to come out right from the get go and try and earn the respect of Whitney with his striking.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring Florida’s finest MMA athletes competing in front of a packed house.   Watch all of the fights LIVE on September 6 as House of Fame MMA presents “A New Dawn”on pay-per-view only at!

Valor C-Series-6 Preview

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“Valor C-Series-6” is ready to deliver a wild night of fights on from Hobart, Tasmania. Fighters from Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia will collide on this stacked card. This 9-bout card is sure to have plenty of bone crunching action and jaw dropping moments to excite any combat sports fan. Order this iPPV now to see the top fighters of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Scheduled to compete in a 79kg bout, Stu Dare (3-4) takes on Hoshi Friedrich (1-1). Dare fights with a high risk-high reward style and loves to stand and bang in the center of the ring. Dare brings a cement jaw into the bout and will look to walk Friedrich down, even if that means absorbing punishment and mix it up. Friedrich is coming off of a tough decision loss and looks to change that with a decisive win here. Friedrich has his back against the wall as he is just starting out his career and doesn’t want to fall below .500. Expect a shootout from both fighters who have something to prove.

David Simmons (1-1) and Perrin Meir-Anderson (1-0) battle it out in the 70kg division. Simmons is an expert grappler with a strong wrestling base, but also likes to throw hands and is dangerous from anywhere in the cage. He is a grinder and both of his fights have gone to decision. He is looking to impose his will and get the fight down to the mat where his ground and pound can be utilized. Meir-Anderson is a KO artist who won his first fight via knockout in the first round. Meir-Anderson will look to avoid the takedown and keep the fight standing and potshot Simmons from a distance leading to a combo that will put his lights out. This contrast in styles will make for an exciting fight.

Kahn Sandy (1-1) fights Stephan Friedrich (0-1) in a 77kg bout. Sandy looks to improve on his last fight where he won a decisive victory. Sandy has shown an ability to put his foot on the gas for a full fight and not let up. His cardio condition could be the determining factor in this fight. If he is on point, he will be able to push Friedrich into making a mistake. Friedrich is looking for his first win and has trained with a new focus for this fight. Friedrich is a gamer and will be ready for anything that Sandy can throw at him. If Friedrich can let his hands go and connect early and often, this fight could be fight of the night.

Order “Valor C-Series-6” and see the rising stars of the Commonwealth of Australia as these gladiators go to battle with gold on the line. Order now and own it for life!

Havoc 6 Preview

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One of Canada’s top MMA promotions returns to GFL as Havoc Fighting presents “Havoc 6” from the Sheraton Event Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. The action packed 12-bout pro/am card will feature an amateur title fight along with several top shelf pro and amateur bouts. Havoc Fighting is the top proving ground for rising prospects in Western Canada and these gladiators will all come to battle.

In the main event, in the featherweight division, Luis Huete (5-1) battles Wolfgang Janssen (3-0). Every fight Huete has been in has ended via submission. Huete is very active on the ground and it’s not secret what he wants to do once the fight hits the mat. Huete is always looking to finish the fight and his fighting style has made him one of the most beloved fighters in the region. Janssen comes into the bout undefeated and is just as proficient on the ground as he has finished all 3 of his fights via tapout. Look for Janssen to be right there ready to go hold for hold on the mat with Huete. This should be a chess match if and when it hits the canvas.

In the co-main event, in a light heavyweight battle, Devon Neis (5-3) fights Nick Campbell (5-5). Neis has 4 wins via stoppage and has shown an ability to win by ground and pound and submissions. Neis is a strong wrestler and can dictate where the fight goes. Look for Neis to start out striking and go for a double leg takedown to get the fight to the mat where he can use his ground and pound. Campbell is a veteran to MMA and has fought all over the Great White North taking on all comers. Campbell fights with a high risk-high reward style as only 1 of his 10 fights have ever gone to decision. Expect fireworks from Campbell from the opening bell.

In the amateur ranks, for the Havoc Heavyweight Title, Chris Lafantasie (4-0) fights Jamie Smyth (3-1). Lafantasie is a heavy hitter, ending all of his fights via KO or TKO in the first round. Lafantasie comes to destroy his opponent and do so while taking minimal damage himself. Lafantasie is always on the offensive and likes to bully his opponent from the opening bell. Smyth has never been to the third round and has shown a well-rounded game for a big man as he has good submissions to go along with his hands. Look for explosions from this fight from the first minute as one of these gladiators is going home with gold.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring Western Canada’s finest MMA athletes as Havoc Fighting presents “Havoc 6” in front of a packed house. Havoc Fighting always produces great fights and this event will be no different. Order this event now at

Bounded Fist 7 Preview

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Bounded Fist returns to GFL ready to deliver a great night of Muay Thai action with “Bounded Fist Muay Thai 7” on August 30 live at Arizona Event Center in Mesa, Arizona. The stacked card is going to feature the top stars in the region as they put their honor on display inside the ring with multiple titles on the line.

In the main event, for the USMTA Dual State Title, Champion Jason Davis (7-1) from Best Muay Thai (AZ) battles Jason Mussay (24-9) from PHD Athletics (NV) in a 135 lb championship bout. Davis is an accurate striker who chooses his spots well throughout a fight. He relies on pinpoint accuracy and is able to build up a lead that he rarely ever loses. Mussay throws an assortment of combos as he is always looking to take the advantage in the ring from the opening round. Mussay is a feared striker that also has KO power and has never tasted defeat so this fight looks to be a cross border barnburner.

In the co-main event, for the USMTA Dual State Championship (137lb), Victor Alvarez (2-2) from Boxing Works takes on Jarrell Madrid (4-0) out of Kickers MMA. Alvarez is ready to bring home gold in this scrap. He is a brawler with an iron chin and never backs down. Alvarez is happy to traded strike for strike as he loves to stand in the pocket and bang. Madrid likes to attack from different angles and mix up his strikes going low with leg kicks and high with hooks and straights. Madrid is a scrappy fighter who has tons of cardio and continues to fight until the final bell. Expect this contrast in style to equal a very exciting matchup.

Don’t miss this awesome card. Order now to see the science of the eight limbs as “Bounded Fist Muay Thai 7” is sure to bring down the house in the sweltering Arizona night. If you can’t be there live on August 30, do the next best thing and watch the fights via iPPV on


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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Jesse-Jones-vs-Rob-Hall/2555

Brawl Inc. returns to GFL as it presents “Evolution” emanating from the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center in Branson, Missouri on August 30. This card is stacked with all of the top fighters from the area looking to make a name for themselves to a worldwide audience. Watch the top, up and coming fighters from the region as Brawl Inc. makes a huge statement to a global audience only on

In the main event, for the Brawl Inc. Heavyweight Championship, Jesse Jones (0-2) battles Rob Hall (5-0). Both fighters hit extremely hard and possess one-punch KO power. Jones and Hall have never been to a decision and fans shouldn’t expect one here either. Look for Jones to come out swinging for the fences and Hall to match Jones with haymakers of his own. This fight has all the makings for an explosive main event where someone will be getting knocked out in spectacular fashion.

In the co-main event, also in the heavyweight division, Josh Casper (0-0) of NWA Fight Club battles Brad Diaz (3-0) of Hybrid MMA. The winner of this fight will most likely be the new #1 contender in the heavyweight division and take on the winner of the main event. The stakes are high and both men know it. Casper is making his MMA debut so he is a bit of a wildcard while Diaz is a well-rounded fighter that has a solid ground game to go with his devastating power.

In other action, Brett Smith (0-0) takes on Arvin ‘the Animal’ Brad (1-4) in the light heavyweight division. Smith is looking to make a splash with his first fight and beating the more experienced Brad will do just that. Brad is looking to get his record to .500 and getting a win over Smith will be a huge step towards that goal.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action on August 30 with “Evolution” exclusively at


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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Middleweight-and-Heavyweight-Tournament/2514

Professional Grappling League (PGL) returned to with “PGL VIII” from the Berlin Borough Community Center in Berlin, New Jersey. PGL assembled a deep roster of experienced grapplers who were all looking to shine in front of a worldwide audience. Watch as the top grapplers in the country battled each other in fast paced matches where the combatants were always looking to go for the submission in the 3+ hour grappling extravaganza. If you are a fan submission wrestling, this is the event for you.

In the main event, in the middleweight final, Eddie Cummings defeated Nick “Turtle Power” Manela via mounted guillotine in the first round to put an exclamation point on a terrific night of grappling. Cummings sat down on the mat where Manela followed. After a quick scramble, Manela tried to get up and shoot a takedown but Cummings grabbed a guillotine upon Manela’s takedown attempt. Cummings rotated his body around several times to avoid breaking the hold as Manela tried to break free, finally ending up in the mount. The pressure was too much for Manela who tapped out to a mounted guillotine less than a minute into the first round. It was a stellar showing by Cummings who proved to be the most dominant grappler of the night.

In the co-main event, of the heavyweight finals, Alan Wright defeated Norman Schack via split decision. Both men worked their clinch game in the early going and once it hit the mat, Wright who was on the bottom looked for sweeps, and submissions from his back. In the final round, it hit the mat again with Schack advancing to side control as the bell sounded. This fight was extremely close and could have gone either way. Both grapplers should be proud of themselves for their efforts in making it to the finals amid a stacked card.

For fans of the grappling arts this is a dream come true. Sometime the art gets lost in today’s current MMA rules system which prevents many of the creative moves and transitions that sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo and amateur wrestling teach as fundamentals. If you are a fan of the mat-based techniques of MMA and love the grappling techniques, transitions, and scrambles, then “PGL VIII” is must see TV. Order now and watch anytime on VOD.

Sparta Combat League – Mile High Mayhem Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Mile-High-Mayhem/2500

Sparta Combat League returned to GFL with “Mile High Mayhem”, a stacked Muay Thai and MMA card from the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado. The 9-bout card featured 7 stoppages as these gladiators went for broke from Round 1. Tune in to see some of the best fighters in the Rockies as they step into the cage to square off against each other.

In the main event, with the SCL 145 lb pro Muay Thai title on the line, Josh Huber defeated Justin Houghton via split decision after 3 rounds of nonstop action. Houghton started off fast landing low kicks and keeping his distance from the power punching of the shorter, stockier Huber. The middle part of the fight seemed to go the same way as Houghton was able to utilize his reach and score from the outside. Huber was not deterred and kept coming forward, but it seemed that Houghton was the busier of the two fighters. Huber had his best round in the third where he scored with some straight left hands, but Houghton was right there to connect with combos of his own. Houghton ended the fight with a flying knee as the bell ended. In the end, the decision was controversial and hopefully for the fighters and fans, Huber and Houghton can do it again real soon.

In the co-main event, also a Muay Thai fight, Chris Tramell defeated Charley Brown via unanimous decision. Both men took a huge amount of punishment in this fight as Tramell had huge welts and bruises on his thigh from low kicks that Brown landed. Tramell connected with some bone rattling combos that made Brown take a step back as neither man was willing to give an inch. Brown ended the fight with several knees to the face of Tramell as this fight had everyone on their feet. Both fighters should hold their heads high as this fight was a fan favorite.

In MMA action, Brandon Royval defeated Joey Welch via triangle choke in the first round. Royval and Welch clinched up against the cage early and struggled for positional dominance. Welch got the fight to the mat with Royval on the bottome. Royval quickly moved his hips and locked on a triangle as Welch was forced to tapout shortly after.

Zac Riley got a quick armbar finish against Ben Vombour in the first round as he improved his record and continues to climb up the SCL ladder.

Sparta Combat League is sure to bring down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West Muay Thai and MMA and this show will continue in that tradition. Order “Mile High Mayhem” and watch live and anytime on video on demand only on

EFC 12 Review

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Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) returned to with “EFC 12” from the Parsippany Pal, in Parsippany New Jersey. The mega card featured many of the top regional gladiators in the area as EFC is famous for being a battle zone for fighters looking to make a name for themselves. The event was hard hitting from the very beginning as these warriors looked to impose their will in devastating fashion.

In the main event, with the EFC Super Welterweight Title up for grabs, Champion Tim Dooling (6-2) defeated Nile Dillon (2-4) via rear naked choke in the third round to retain his title. Dooling mixed up his combos and managed to close the distance and land his shots, while Dillon looked a bit defensive and tried to counter strike, most effectively with a body kick that when he would land it would stop the momentum of Dooling. In the second round, Dooling was able to land a takedown and score with ground and pound from the mount. Dillon did a good job of protecting himself and was not in danger of being finished. In the third round, Dillon got the fight to the mat again and worked from side control until a nice scramble attempt by Dillon ended up with Dooling getting the back. Dooling sunk in the RNC attempt and after readjusting to a Gable grip, got the tapout from Dillon. Dooling retained his title and is sitting atop the division in EFC as he adds a new element to his game every fight.

In the co-main event, Super Middleweight Champion Andres Velasquez (5-0) defeated Brandon VanCleave via unanimous decision in the fight of the night. Both fighters threw caution to the wind and slugged it out for 15 minutes. It was pretty even on the feet, as VanCleave might have been the more technical, while Velasquez showed off a power edge. Velasquez controlled the fight every time it hit the mat though and that was what probably pushed him ahead in the eyes of the judges. Velasquez controlled the action from the top and that combined with his heavy hands won him the day as he retained his title.

Shawn Teed (1-0) defeated Adam Timberlake (1-3) via Americana in the third round. In the beginning, both fighters swung for the fences as they were looking for a one punch KO which played to the advantage of Timberlake. In the second, Teed’s grappling advantage took over as he was able to get the fight to the mat and score from the top. Teed came close several times to ending the fight with armbar and Americana attempts. Finally in the third, after some solid knees to the head of Timberlake in the clinch, Teed got another takedown and moved to full mount where he isolated an arm and torqued away until Timberlake was forced to tapout or risk serious damage to his shoulder.

EFC always gives the fans KOs and submissions as the fighters are continually looking for the finish. Be sure to catch all of the action from this exciting event as EFC presents “EFC 12″ exclusively at Own it forever and watch anytime on VOD.

CFFC 40 Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Horcher-vs-Ricci/2501

Cage Fury Fighting Championships returned to with championship level MMA with “CFFC 40″ from the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Pro and amateur MMA fighters from around the East Coast threw down on this 10-bout card that featured several of the top ranked and up and coming athletes in the region including a title fight. CFFC has expanded its stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, Darrell “The Saint” Horcher (10-1) defeated Alessandro Ricci (8-3) via unanimous decision. The southpaw Horcher was too much over the course of the fight as he connected with nice combos in the first and second round especially. Horcher continued to come forward throughout the fight and landed heavy punches and kicks while Ricci fought from a defensive standpoint and couldn’t seem to slow down Horcher’s approach. In the third, Horcher took the fight to the ground with an ankle pick and controlled the fight from the top position landing punches. Horcher got the back of Ricci on the mat and looked for a RNC but Ricci defended well and got to his feet with a few second left in the bout. It was a solid win by Horcher who continues to rise up the ranks in the lightweight division.

In the co-main event, Nick Honstein (16-6) defeated Darren Mima (5-2) via omoplata in the first round. Mima caught Honstein with a nice short right that buckled him. Honstein immediately got in very deep on a single leg and got a takedown before Mima popped back up. Honstein got another takedown but ended up on the bottom after a nice transitions by Mima. Honstein isolated the left arm of Mima and after a nice transition to get to the side, locked on an omoplata. Honstein cranked away on the lock leveraging even more pressure on the shoulder of Mima who was forced to tapout. It was a great win for Honstein who continues to improve every fight.

In other action, Dave Roberts (1-0) defeated Blaine Shutt (1-1) via unanimous decision in Roberts’ pro debut. Roberts used a great wrestling game and striking from a distance to control the fight and take Shutt out of his rhythm. Shutt wrestled in college and it shows the level of wrestling of Roberts who was able to win most of the exchanges on the ground and in the clinch. Roberts also landed some solid leg kicks that put Shutt on his heels and helped with the takedowns. At the end of the fight, Shutt had slowed down quite a bit because of the pace of Roberts and the damage inflicted by the leg kicks. Roberts looked very impressive in his debut and awaits his next opponent.

In the amateur ranks, Brian Jones (3-0) scored a quick KO over Paul Simms (3-1) in the first round in a middleweight scrap. Both fighters were exchanging as soon as the bell rung and Jones landed a short right hook that caught Simms flush on the jaw and sent him down and out. It was a lightning fast KO and showed the punching power of Jones.

Be there to witness who climbs up the ladder and who is hurled off it as “CFFC 40″ throws down the gauntlet on once again! Watch the next generations of superstar in the sport of MMA as CFFC has become the top regional organization in North America.

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