Rob Conway: “It’s Going to Make Me Happy to Make the People of Kingsport Eat Their Words”

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"The Iron Man" Rob Conway headlines NWA Smoky Mountain's latest card on Friday, June 12.

“The Iron Man” Rob Conway headlines NWA Smoky Mountain’s latest card on Friday, June 12.

“The Iron Man” takes on Nick Hammond at NWA Smoky Mountain on

By Randy Jean

Rob Conway is a man who has accomplished many feats in the sport of wrestling.

The former, two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion was nothing short but incredibly insightful during our conversation. With years of experience and thorough knowledge of the business, Conway lent me some of his thoughts just days before his matchup with Nick Hammond at the latest installment of NWA Smoky Mountain action in Kingsport, Tenn. on Friday, June 12, on

Randy Jean: You’ve almost spent about two decades in the ring, what is it that you do to prolong your career longevity?

Rob Conway: Well, before I started wrestling I was always into fitness, which then led me into professional wrestling.  Over the years, I’d modify my training because I used to be a little bit bigger before I got into wrestling.

Before, my regimen would usually just include heavy weights but, once I got into wrestling, I started doing more cardio and lifted less heavy at the gym because you want to minimize the chances of you getting hurt in the ring, so you can wrestle longer.

RJ: As a child growing up, I remember watching you in the WWE as part of La Résistance. Is there anything you learned there that you still put into practice?

RC: I learned a lot when I was in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and then WWE.  I was on RAW and I wasn’t the main event guy, but I would watch the main event guys like Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Triple H and watch how they would carry themselves.

I got to work with guys like The Rock, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Mick Foley, all who are main event talent. You can’t learn to be a main event guy if you don’t watch the main event. In different independent promotions, some of the guys will leave as soon as their match is over and I believe that, if you’re not in the main event, you should watch so you know what to do when the time comes.

RJ: Do you think WWE was a catapult for your success at a young age?

RC: WWE is still one of the most watched out of all the wrestling promotions. Being exposed to 3-4 million people a week on RAW definitely gets your name out there. So if you leave a company like that, it gives you a great head start to go to every town in America where people already know who you are.

For me, people would be like ‘Oh, I know who he is,” but they wouldn’t say that guy was great or anything. So I had to go out and become a better wrestler.

Now when people come up to me, they let me know how much my ring work has improved and how I should be on television instead of these small promotions, (in response to) which I tell them I’m just happy to be here.  It’s great to be a main eventer and get your shine with 4 or 500 people compared to if you were in a bigger promotion and you’re in the middle fighting for a spot.

Rj: Talking to you now, I feel like you definitely learned a lot during your tenure in WWE. Were there any guys that gave you veteran advice as you were coming up?

RC: I got a lot advice from many wrestlers. Most of it was how to perfect your in-ring work from guys like Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, “The Hustler” Rick Rodgers and Danny Davis. Then when I got onto the main roster, guys like Shawn Michaels, Chris Beniot, Edge and, especially my agent Pat Patterson, all played a huge role during my growth.

RJ: Switching gears, I’m sure you’re aware of Jeff Jarrett upcoming promotion called Global Force Wrestling. Care to share your thoughts on it?

RC: Well to me, any new up and coming wrestling company is exciting. It creates more jobs, brings more professional wrestling awareness. I know a lot of guys who will be wrestling on there from the guys of New Japan to those of NWA. They don’t have an exclusive contract or anything like that, but I certainly want nothing but the best for them.

I want all the promotions like TNA, ROH and GFW to succeed. You don’t want only one big promotion; you want to be able to have a variety. If there’s only one pizza and burger place, you’re stuck with what they put on the menu.

RJ: Speaking of TNA, it was rumored that they have lost their distribution deal with Destination America.  Ring Of Honor now has a deal with the channel. What’s your take on that?

RC: As of last week, ROH was on from I think 8-9 o’clock and then TNA was on from 9-11. There’s a whole bunch of rumors that go on that I feel hurt the wrestling business in general because they’re all negative rumors. It’s like people want to see bad things to happen to certain promotions. If they lost their television deal, that’s 2 hours of wrestling a week we lose on television and jobs that a lot of people won’t have. I would think that if you were a wrestling fan you would want to see all promotions succeed. If not, there are going to be guys who like to watch who will only appear when they come by your town once a year.

RJ: You have a point. I mean, the more promotions that get televised, essentially the more mouths that are getting fed.

RC: Yeah, I just don’t see how anything good can come from wishing anything bad on somebody else. Just hope that they make it and that you’ll make it too.

RJ: When we were talking about NWA AND New Japan it made me want to go back to the topic of Jeff Jarrett. He’s a man who’s left an imprint on everything he’s touched in the wrestling industry. Do you feel the same?

RC: Jeff Jarrett is a wrestling legend. He’s a guy that’s been in the business his entire life. He’s wrestled in WWE and WCW. He founded TNA and now GFW.

I grew up watching the USWA, which his father owned. I grew up watching guys like Jerry “The king” Lawler and “Macho Man” Randy Savage when they wrestled in the Louisville Garden so I have nothing but respect for what he’s trying to do from transitioning from the ring full time, to working behind the scenes. He’s been a guy who stays healthy and has a great head on his shoulders. I wish nothing but the best for him and I hope GFW reaches success.

RJ: Will we see you on GFW?

RC: I mean you never know but, as of right now, my loyalty lies with NWA and New Japan. My word means a lot but, with that being said, we’re all free agents, so I’m not forbidden to wrestle there. I just hope it does great because it’ll help the sport of wrestling a lot.

RJ: You have a match coming up on Friday. What’s your mindset heading into it?

RC: I love coming into Kingsport, Tenn. The last few times I came in there, I faced a guy by the name of Jason Kincaid. He had a few choice words to say about me. On top of that, he’s from that area so people love him down there.

I’ve been the face of NWA for the last couple years but, when I go down there, I have to admit they don’t appreciate me being there. Now, I’m going against Nick Hammond who’s from there and doesn’t wrestle anywhere else. He’s loyal to the guys in that area and they love him there.

So now come Friday on ippv, he’s going up against a 2- time NWA world heavyweight champion, a 3 time former world tag team champion for the WWE, a guy who’s wrestled in 49 states and 12 countries, came into Kingsport as an outsider and gets 100% of what “The Iron man” Rob Conway has.

It’s going to make me happy to make the people of Kingsport eat their words. I never turned my back on them, but they did towards me so I’ll get a little rough and could careless what they think.

RJ: Makes sense. People want to see a fight, so give them their moneys worth.

RC: I’ve been wrestling for a long time. Wrestling in Japan, I realized that once you leave the ring, it’s all about survival of the fittest. So I bring that mentality back to the States. It’s just the way it is. We’re not “sports entertainment” we’re an entertaining sport. He’s going to have to bring his ‘A’ game and I don’t think his ‘A’ game is as great as mine.

RJ: When it’s all said and done, will you ride into the sunset or do you see yourself remaining in the business in a different role?

RC: Wrestling is my passion. It’s what I wake up thinking about and, when I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming about matches. I can still run and jump and all of the other stuff as great as ever. So I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

FSW Star Kris Rex Talks His Upcoming Matchup With Former WWE Star Lanny Poffo, the Origins of “The SNOT” and working with Sandman

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Fighting Spirit Wrestling star and SNOT founder Kris Rex.  Photo credit: Dorothy Lee

Fighting Spirit Wrestling star and The SNOT founder Kris Rex. Photo credit: Dorothy Lee

By Randy Jean

Kris Rex isn’t short of personality. Proudly proclaiming his roots from New York City, the nitty gritty New Yorker wrestles with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Dubbed as FSW’s most vocal wrestler, Rex, is scheduled to face former WWF star Lanny Poffo on a special FSW card that will serve as a tribute to Poffo’s deceased brother, wrestling legend “Macho Man” Randy Savage, on Sat., June 27.

Randy Jean: After watching some of your ring work, I’ve noticed you’ve picked it up rather quickly for someone who’s only been at it for four years.  Do you owe that fast progression to Joel Maximo and the FSW promotion?

Kris Rex: I mean of course. I’ve trained at a few other places prior to coming to LUDAS.  But Joel Maximo was the man who really gave me the opportunity. When everyone else was busy telling me “you’re to this or you’re to that,” he saw me and gave me the opportunity, so I pretty much owe him everything.

RJ: I spoke with a few wrestlers you might know, such as Suntan Superman, and he too was raving on how great Joel Maximo really is and how he has a mind for the business.

KR: Yeah, I know Suntan and he’s right.  Joel has been in the game for a while. That’s definitely one person (who), if you want to learn about the business, you would want to learn it from Joel.

RJ: Were you always a fan of mainstream wrestling growing up?

KR: I grew up being a fan (of) WCW, and then I got into watching WWE. I didn’t find out about Indy wrestling until I was about 11 or 12 years old and I was living in Florida at that time. That’s when I found out about this company called Major League Wrestling, which then became my introduction to Indy wrestling.

RJ: So did you go and attend events that would take place there?

KR: No. I never got the chance to watch the events live, but they used to have their own show on the Sunshine Network at 2 a.m. called “MLW Underground.”  It would consist of them showing highlights of their matches and music videos hyping up their next events.

RJ: Almost like ECW.   I remember them doing something similar to that.

KR: Oh yeah! It was pretty much like the next ECW, the way they presented it. Also, a lot of (ECW’s) old stars were in it, so it pretty much gave it new generation feel.

RJ: Ok, so you previously stated that you used to tune in to WWF programming, so what’s the feeling like knowing that you get the chance to go up against Randy Savage’s brother, Lanny Poffo?

KR: When I found out about it, I was excited. I mean “Macho Man” was my mother favorite wrestler, so when I found out that I was going to get the chance to go up against his brother Lanny, I was honored.

RJ: When I was watching your tapes, I couldn’t help but notice your ring style sort of reminds me of Brian Kendrick, while at the same time you have a CM Punk look. Was there a certain wrestler you tried to emulate when you first started?

KR: Um, I wouldn’t go as far to say ‘emulate’ in terms of using their moves, but there were definitely influences from the WWE characters like Raven.   I was a huge fan of his growing up, and I actually had the opportunity to work with him as a member of the “Raven Flock” when they did the whole extreme reunion thing in Philly in 2012. I was cast (as) a member, and it was just so exciting. I was canned by Sandman and powerbombed by Gary Wolf (laughs).

RJ: Is Sandman as crazy in person as he is on television?

KR: I only got the chance to have a few words with him, but yeah he’s crazy, man.  He’s a great dude for sure, but he’s definitely out there for sure!

The SNOT members (from left to right) Kris Rex, Casanova Valentine and Azrieal.  Photo credit: Peter Garritano

The SNOT members (from left to right) Kris Rex, Casanova Valentine and Azrieal. Photo credit: Peter Garritano

RJ: You’re in a group called “The SNOT.” How did that group come about? Are you the mastermind behind it?

KR: Pretty much, yeah. What had happen was, in 2012, I had to leave for knee surgery. I basically tore my ACL, PCL and MCL.

So through that, I just got fed up of sitting at home, so I hopped up on my crutches and walked to the old school that was at 15th Street, and Joel was like ‘What are you doing here?’  I wanted to do anything I could to keep myself in the stories, and do whatever I could to help out. That’s when we came up with the idea for me to start my own stable. That basically became the birth of The SNOT.

RJ: I heard you carry yourself with a sort of attitude that clearly travels with you into the ring.  Would you say that is a good snapshot of who you are? 

KR: I mean, yeah man. A lot of people are humble and some of them are scared to open their mouths and say something. For me, I’m basically an open book. Whether I catch heat for it or not, I’m going to say what I have to say and sometimes it’s an issue (laughs), and sometimes it’s not.

RJ: Ok, so with that being said, will we ever see you as FSW Champion or Primero Champion one day?

KR: I’m hoping! The Primero Champion means a lot more to me than the FSW Championship. Mainly because it’s kind of like the WWE’s Intercontinental Championship, which is like the workers title. The Primero Championship, to me, is the biggest title I can get here.






FSW’s ‘Suntan Superman’ on the dynamics of indy wrestling, the ‘depressing’ politics of the pro wrestling business and his prediction for the winner of ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Fighting Spirit Wrestling's "Suntan Superman"

Fighting Spirit Wrestling’s “Suntan Superman”

By Randy Jean

‘Suntan Superman.’  It’s a catchy name, but the man behind it, a former Fighting Spirit Wresting (FSW) Primero Champion, is far more intriguing when you take 30 minutes to sit down and speak with him.

Being a competitive pro wrestler for the better part of a decade has not only allowed him to master his craft, but also heightened his awareness of what is going on around him in the business he has chosen to making his living in.

From being a fan of The Golden Era of wrestling to being a trailblazer in the independent circuit, Suntan isn’t afraid to chase a childhood dream.

Two days removed from the FSW: “Men of Mayhem” live event, which streamed live on, Suntan addressed the state of pro wrestling today, the idea behind “Omega Black,” the role Santa clause played in creating his ring name and his thoughts on next year’s highly-anticipated silver screen release, ‘Batman vs. Superman.’

Randy Jean: Judging by the amount of excitement you bring into the ring day in and day out, I take it wrestling has always been a passion of yours?

Suntan Superman: Wrestling was always a passion of mine. Specifically, I’ll say it actually started when I was at the age of 14. Now this was basically towards the end of the Golden Age era in the WWF (WWE at the time). I also loved the Lucha Libre style that they were showing on TV, which I would always try to emulate at the parks growing up.

RJ: They actually have that new promotion going on called Lucha Underground, have you checked it out?

SS: Yeah man, it’s actually a pretty cool format. It’s actually nice that they getting that sort of platform. It still needs a little more though. Give it a couple more years to grow.

RJ: Wrestling is art within itself. Would fans benefit from it more if there were different genres of it? For example, could ROH (Ring of Honor) or even GFW (Global Force Wrestling) change the game if they were to capture the same level of mainstream attention as WWE?

SS: All depends on who’s willing to shell out the most dough. If you notice, WWE has now decided to cater to the independent crowd, while still doing things their way.

But you’re right. There are promotions out there that can use the limelight, which can benefit from being seen. What we do is an art and a lot of people tend to forget this, but it’s an art because it’s mainly subjective. There’s a definite skill set that’s needed to do what we do. You have a lot of ‘smarks,’ or smart marks, whatever you want to call them, who forget that this is an art that requires skill.

RJ: We actually should give props to WWE for adding more emphasis on that “Indy style” of wrestling.

Take NXT for example. It’s a WWE brand but it’s basically a different entity in itself that fans aren’t used to seeing from that the WWE. It’s great that they’re allowing their younger fanbase to ease themselves into that style of wrestling.  Do you agree?

SS: No. Look, that is true. I watched it the other day on the WWE Network. All the lights and special effects it has are exhilarating. I was glued to the screen. It was so beautiful.

But I’m telling you, if they could have put that on the main roster, they wouldn’t have needed that. I don’t know if you remember this company, but TNA (Total Nonstop Action) had this concept called the ‘X Division,’ which almost rivaled ‘The Attitude Era.’

What they did was basically keep that concept of X and package it into an exclusive brand of it’s own. There’s so much more to the art that’s out there. I met this guy by the name of Mike Quackenbush who clued me in on various styles of wrestling and the technique. He basically told me there’s a lot more to be seen behind the WWE style thanmeets the eye.

It’s more tragedy and triumph that caters a lot to the old American principals. My teacher Joel Maximo came up with a style that I’ve yet been able to see (elsewhere) today. If you watch the old ROH material with the S.A.T/Maximo brothers, watch their style and go back to wrestling today. You’ll notice theirs is being utilized, or emulating WWE and mainstream television, which I love.

But in terms of business practices, what you clearly see is this move to intentionally trump any sort of competition. In other words, you’re going to make very hard for any other brand to potentially come up.

RJ: Within the promotions is there a lot of back stabbing going on? In a sense, are there people trying to be the top dog in the expense of others?

SS: In our business, the word ‘entertainment’ is sort of a taboo word you can say to a fellow wrestler. Essentially that’s all you’re going to be when there’s a lot of entertainers. You’re going to meet them in every corner. But when you’re trying to get ahead, there are certain principals you need to exhibit before you move up within any position in the business.

The Maximo brothers and Amazing Red – one of the main reasons why they didn’t make it to the Hall of Fame position like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express was because their work ethic out shined the other guys on the roster, which they built up.

What these guys didn’t know was that you don’t want to do that in this business. When you have these old timers guys putting all of this light and shine on their people, you don’t want to become this phenomena unless you’re given the green light, and that’s just one (of the) depressing parts I’ve noticed about this business.

Imagine this, you come in wanting to be a wrestler. So you come in, train and work your ass off, and manage to out shine the other wrestlers. The promoter will do anything in his power to cut you down. This is just the old way of doing things. If you go into the WWE locker room and do more than what their guys are doing, they’ll just shut you down.

RJ: You’re right, some of the Indy wrestlers who come into the WWE like Daniel Bryan and the CM Punks of the world, come in with a huge fan base and once they start to get elevated the promoters retaliate by saying no, you come up when I say so.

SS: Exactly! I take it you watch a lot of the American Dragon, or Daniel Bryan as they call him now. His style is completely different to what it was in the Indies years ago. He’s clearly one of the best technical wrestlers who’s ever came up to the game. If you watch him now, you realize it’s a more watered down version in order to cater to the mainstream fans.

RJ: All right, let’s talk about the “Omega Black”. It was a stable with the names Greg Jones, Dashing D. Weatherford and Suntan Superman attached to it. Who created the group?

SS: “Omega Black” was the brainchild of Greg Jones and Joel Maximo.  I wasn’t an original member there were four other individuals and I just came in to try to help them. They basically getting their asses handed to them almost every night.

That’s when I told Joel that he has got to put me in there and instead of being security for them; I basically became an enforcer and then eventually got into the ring. I love a good rumble and getting hit. I enjoy(expletive) like that. Sorry, excuse my French, ha-ha.

RJ: It tells a better story when you project it that way.

SS: Yeah, you’re right. I came in there to join the group thinking I was going to be some kind of equalizer but you know Greg he’s always got his head up his ass and I figured I should probably let it go and get the hell out of there.

They feel a certain type of way and I’m out there trying to have a real good fight. This is pro wrestling, not a beauty pageant contest. Just give me a fight. Put me in a corner with somebody and have them put their dukes up and lets rumble. That’s my thing.

RJ: Speaking of rumbles, what were your thoughts heading into the two on one Rumble in the Bronx match against your former comrades?

SS: Basically to sum it up, I wanted to kick their asses. I hopped on that bull and rode it. I punched and chopped all throughout the match. I did a lot of heaving and hoeing.

You got that little manager in Weatherford whose got all these bumps in bruises for always getting in the way a lot and you would think he’d learn his lesson by now, but nope so I had to let him know.

RJ: I’m sure fans are dying to know if we’ll ever see a rematch between you and Magma for the FSW Primero Championship?

SS: You see what I did rubbed Greg and Dashing the wrong way so they cost me the title. I really have no beef towards Magma, but I would love to get my chance against him again.

Unfortunately right now I can only focus on one thing right now, but I’m sure we’ll meet up again. He knows who I am; he’s felt the power before. I put the boots to him a couple times.  So he knows whom the real meat and potatoes really is, I’m not worried.

RJ: So where did the name Suntan Superman come from? Did you come up with it?

SS: In 2002-03 I was at this bar called Santa’s Pub near Nashville, Tennessee, where they were filming TNA for their weekly PPV. After that show a bunch of the guys went to this bar, which was owned by this guy who was skinny but had this beard like Santa.

There was this wrestler name K-Quick (R-truth in WWE) and a bunch of other wrestlers who were coming in and out. So K-Quick and I got drunk and we were trying to mack on the bar tender. I was telling her how I was known as the son of Superman and so we were standing in the middle of the bar floor and the bar tender was trying to call Santa but instead yelled out “Suntan, Suntan” mind you she was a little drunk because we bought her a couple shots.

So I go up and told her I like that name and K-Quick was next to me and said he was going to also use that name in his song. I was always known as the son of superman because I am a big time mark for Superman; I love the guy’s philosophy and work. Suntan was basically created at a bar and on top of that, it’s a name that can easily roll of your tongue.

RJ: ‘Batman vs. Superman’ comes out next summer in theaters. Who’s going to win?

SS: I’m telling you Batman is the braniac in the DC universe. If there’s a rock, Batman will find it and put Superman down.

I got my money on Batman. I know Batman has all those gadgets and such, but it’s proven that Superman isn’t invincible. Both Braniac and Doomsday have proved it. Batman is one up against these guys. The movie will be an awesome picture, but I have to put my money on Batman.

Review: NWA Smoky Mountain’s ‘Collision Course 10’ Delivers

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Former WWE superstar John Morrison aka "Johnny Mundo" headlined NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling: "Collision Course"

Former WWE superstar John Morrison aka “Johnny Mundo” headlined NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling: “Collision Course”

By Randy Jean

May 9, 2015 was a spectacle to say the least. That is, if you are a wrestling fan.

NWA Smoky Mountain presented Collision Course 10, from Kingsport, Tennessee’s civic center.  The event is available for purchase as an iPPV on Go Fight Live (GFL).

What looked to be a packed crowd, all seemed to be waiting anxiously as Bruce Tarpe came out to address them. Fans were then introduced to the induction of Rob and Don Wright into the NWA Hall of Fame. The two brothers dominated the promotion as a tag team tangent in the early to late 70’s.

The first match on the card presented members of “The Agency” in Galvin Daring, Jordan Kage and Shawn Shultz vs. The newcomer in Skylar Kruze, Wayne Adkins and Axton Ray. There was some great back and forth action coming from both sides with an impressive showing from Skylar Kruze.

NWA original Adkins, for sure, had his hands tied with Kage, who proved to be an overwhelming opponent for the opposing trio. Eventually, The Agency pulled away with the win, as the referee mistakenly thought the chain used by Daring to gain an advantage, came from Kruze.

Nick Hammon won the vacant Mountain Empire Heavyweight Championship, in an impressive fatal 4-way match with EZ Money, Timmy Lou Retton and Jeff Connelly. From the fans’ reaction towards Connelly to the array of talent in each corner, this match was quite special and, in the end, Hammond came out victorious and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

We next found ourselves watching Rob Conway and Bruce Tarpe entering the ring and totally disrespecting the accomplishments of Jax Dane. After Conway aired out his disdain of Dane, the latter competitor demanded an apology from him.

Unfortunately, Dane’s hot headed temper backfired, as he hurt his shoulder while attempting to spear Conway.  It’s then that we found out that, under Conway’s ring attire, were metal plates attached to his chest.

It was an overwhelming matchup for Dane, as Tarpe interfered to protect his meal ticket. After Dane warded Tarpe off, he only found himself in more hot water as he had to defend himself against KAOS.

After fighting his way through, Dane found himself with the advantage as he almost decapitated Conway with a clothesline. Unfortunately, as Dane turned around to spear Conway, Conway managed to avoid it and knocked Tarpe out.

Conway screamed for help as the locker room emptied out to carry the president away.  The interference ended up proving to be too much for Dane to handle. It’s going to be interesting to see how Tarpe responds to the situation he was placed in by Dane.

Next up, Vince Brent took on Chris Richards, with a number one contender spot at stake for the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight championship. Brent, although demoralized by Richards’s brute like offense, ended up coming out with the win.

IWGP World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles proved to the world that, at the age of 37, he has no ring rust, making one wonder why TNA ever got rid of him.   Although he came up short, Chase Owen is a superstar that should not be overlooked.

In the main event, NWA Southeastern World Heavyweight Champion Jason Kincaid took on former WWE intercontinental champion John Morrison. All I have to say is WOW.  This match had a sort of cruiserweight-like feel to it as both opponents showed that they weren’t afraid of heights – literally.  Although Morrison came up short, he showed that he’s a different type of competitor from the one who used to reside in WWE.

Not only have Morrison’s parkour-like moves improved, his knack for feeling the crowd didn’t go unnoticed. As for Kincaid, he will be a force to reckon with in the future. His tenure as longest running champion in history (1,200 days) cannot be ignored.

Collision Course 10, without a doubt, lived up to the hype. With the wrestling industry in desperate need of a change, I’m interested to see how NWA will continue to shake things up.

IZW Coronation XI Results

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Order Event –

Courtesy of

IZW returned to GFL with “Coronation”. “Coronation” is IZW’s biggest iPPV of the year and brings together the top stars of the Southwest and Central states as these wrestlers look to rise above the rest and cement their names and legacies in the annuals of pro wrestling history. This year’s “Coronation” delivered in spades as 3 titles were at stake and through all the blood, sweat and tears, IZW delivered another PPV classic!

IZW Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs def. Guy Atticus, Damien Morte, Sheepy O’Brien, Vinnie and Bobby Starr (w/ Mark Wilson) in an Impact X Match

Damon Windsor (w/ Lisa Generro) def. Kevin Morgan

Jeff Wolfenbarger (w/ Margaret Wolfenbarger) def. Aaron Neil (w/ Mark Wilson)

IZW Tag Team Champions The K. C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) def. The Old School Studs (Randy Price & Gary Tool) in an I Quit Match

Mark Wilson & Angel Blue def. Shawn McHale & IZW Queen Erica in an Intergender Match

IZW Champion Jermaine Johnson def. Double D and Johnny Z in a Triple Threat/TLC Match

No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.

YouTube Channel:

IZW Violent Valentine Results

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Results Courtesy of

IZW kicked off 2015 with their most vicious PPV of the year as “Violent Valentine” showed the true spirit and passion of the sport of professional wrestling. Titles were on the line and every wrestler on the roster came with their A game.

Erica def. Paige Turner for the vacant IZW Queens Crown Title in a Crown on a Pole Match

Damien Morte def. Vinnie

IZW Impact Division Champion Bobby Starr (w/ Mark Wilson) def. Jordan Jacobs and Kevin Morgan (w/ Lisa Gennero) in a Triple Threat/Impact Rules Match

IZW Tag Team Champions The K. C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) def. The Old School Studs (Randy Price & Gary Tool) in a Lawton Streetfight

Double D def. Aaron Neil (w/ Mark Wilson) in a Lumberjack Strap Match to become the #1 contender to the IZW Title

Johnny Z (w/ Mark Wilson) vs. IZW Champion Jermaine Johnson (w/ Shawn McHale) went to a draw in a Last Man Standing Match

Don’t miss “Violent Valentine”, a ruthless event where passions will run high and bodies will be broken below. Nobody is safe from the impending doom as the hottest promotion on the circuit goes for broke and leaves everything on the line! Witness all of the wrestling, high flying, feuds and rivalries in HD on only on VOD!

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IZW Chaotic Christmas 2014 Results

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“Chaotic Christmas” destroyed every expectation and broke the mold when it comes to intense action inside the squared circle. IZW put an exclamation point on 2014 with a yuletide season classic that will live on forever in the annuals of pro wrestling and IZW. A new IZW Champion was crowned in the main event, and every wrestler on the card was at the top of their game in the prime of their careers.

The K. C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) def. IZW Tag Team Champions The Old School Studs (Randy Price & Gary Tool) for the titles in a Ladder Match

O’Malley def. Sheepy O’Brien in a Bare Knuckle Brawl

The Bronze Bull def. Jeff Wolfenbarger in a Casket Match

IZW Impact Division Champion Bobby Starr def. Drake Gallows, Damien Morte, Guy Atticus and Angel Camacho in a Fatal 5-Way Match

Erica def. Misty Lynn

Impact, Inc. (Mark Wilson & IZW Impact Division Champion Bobby Starr) def. Kevin Morgan & Shawn McHale

Jermaine Johnson def. Double D and IZW Champion Johnny Z (w/ Mark Wilson) for the title in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

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IZW Chaotic Christmas 2014 Preview

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Join the world’s fastest rising Independent professional wrestling company as IZW returns to on December 20 with “Chaotic Christmas”, the final 3+hour iPPV of the year!

2014 has been a year full of turmoil in IZW and “Chaotic Christmas” will be the exclamation point to finish out the tumultuous past 12 months with 3 championships on the line! Be there for every punch, kick, body slam, clothesline and more. You can bet the men and women of IZW will deliver once again in the squared circle with something you’ve never seen before.

IZW Championship: Cage Match
Johnny Z VS Jermaine Johnson VS Double D

Casket Match:
Jeff Wolfenbarger VS Aaron Neil

IZW Tag Team Championship: Ladder Match
Old School Studs VS KC Wolves

Erica VS Misty Lynn

Impact Division Championship: 4-Way Impact Rules Match
Bobby Starr VS Damien Morte VS Guy Atticus VS Drake Gallows

Irish Bare Knuckle Brawl:
Jake O’Brien VS O’Malley

IZW Halloween Hangover 2014 Review

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The craziest night in IZW was upon us as the IZW World waited with baited breath to see who would be walk out IZW Champion and who would win the Monsters Bash and be the next man to challenge him. What would result was a miracle of miss-fires for Impact Inc.

The fans wouldn’t have to wait long as the first man through the curtain was the Image of Fear Kevin Morgan. We were jumping right into the action as the Monsters bash was starting the night. Following Morgan was the man who offered a $1,000 bounty for anyone who eliminates Morgan, Damon Windsor. As the bell ring the two men starting throwing bombs at each other, Morgan rocked Windsor and gained an early advantage. Morgan seemed in no hurry and looked to enjoy the opportunity to once again pummel his former partner. As other competitors entered the contest, Morgan and Windsor decimated them and threw them out only to continue to assault each other. Eventually the numbers grew so large that the men were separated. As people like Randy Price and the returning Guy “CopyCat” Atticus entered the fight Windsor did his best bribe each of them to help him eliminate The Image of Fear but Morgan repeatedly fought off the onslaught. New competitors entered and one by one were eliminated until only four men remained. Aaron Neil and Windsor stood across the ring from Jeff Wolfenbarger and Kevin Morgan. Double team efforts momentarily put Morgan down and Neil and Windsor looked to dump out Wolfenbarger so they could continue the double team on Morgan. But when Windsor caught a boot to the face from Wolfenbarger he stumbled right into a spear from Morgan. Morgan stalked his former partner and drilled hi with the Moment of Fear before tossing him over the top and to the floor. In a panic Windsor grabbed Morgan’s leg to keep him from doing the same to Neil and when Morgan grabbed Windsor, the Facilitator wrapped his necktie around the throat of Morgan and cinched it tight. Morgan was gasping for air and fighting Windsor pulling with his entire body weight but still fought and fought to stay in. But before he could free himself, Neil came up from behind and dumped Morgan out. Neil would continue this momentum and take control of Wolfenbarger to toss him out but Wolfenbarger reversed, sending The Bronze Bull to the floor. The officials on the outside had been busy trying to restrain an irate Kevin Morgan and had not confirmed Wolfenbarger’s victory but as Neil charged him, Jeff again send the Bull over and to the floor and there was no mistaking, we had a new #1 contender and his name was Jeff Wolfenbarger. On one hand, Impact Inc had succeeded in once again keeping Kevin Morgan away from IZW Champion Johnny Z but another unexpected problem had reared its head in the form of the thorn in Johnny Z’s side his attorney brother.

While they were unsuccessful in winning the Monsters Bash the KC Wolves were in the Impact Arena and that caught the attention of the #1 Shawn McHale. He stated that since the Wolves were in the house we were going to have an impromptu Tag Team Championship match. While the Old School Studs were quite unhappy with having to defend their championship when they weren’t prepared, the knowledge of Tool and the skill of Price were certainly up to the challenge. It was cunning vs speed as the two differently styled teams collided in a tag match for the ages. Tool slowed the pace when he caught a fresh Graham Bell coming off the top rope with a punch right in the face. Tool lifted Bell for the Sky-High but Bell countered into the double knee-facebuster. He held Tool in position and Luke Langley flew off the top and connected with the double stomp to Tool’s back. The KC Wolves were closing in on the Tag Team Championship but little did they know that the titles were closing in on them too. As Langley got to his feet, Price blasted him in the head with his title belt causing an immediate disqualification and saving the championship for the Studs. While they weren’t able to wrest the titles away from The Studs on this occasion, a win over the champs means that the KC Wolves will still be in the hunt for a championship match and the Pack will be right there behind them.

Itching to set his night right, The Bronze Bull readied himself for his singles match against the #1 contender to the IZW Championship Jeff Wolfenbarger. Neil had been embarrassed earlier in the night and his frustration shone through as he punished Wolfenbarger. Jeff has been on a winning streak lately but his intense matches have taken a toll on the body on the attorney. Jeff refused to quit and when brute force didn’t work Neil and Mark Wilson tried to blind Wolfenbarger with a powdery substance. But Jeff’s strongest asset is his mind and he knocked the substance into Neil’s eyes, decked Wilson and dropped Neil with the Final Verdict to get another huge win.

In a strange turn of events, as he was preparing for his Impact Division Championship defense Jordan Jacobs was attacked by a man dressed all in black. The assailant’s identity is not yet known but what we did know was that Jordan Jacobs would not make it to defend his championship. So the match for the Impact Division Championship would instead be defended in a triple-threat match between Bobby Starr, Drake Gallows and Guy Atticus. Starr and Gallows know each other very well but neither man has much experience against Atticus. The man once known as the Wild Card, Atticus looked better than ever. Gone were the days of replicating the moves of others, instead we saw a slew of innovative maneuvers from Atticus. But while he may have been the wild card in the situation, Starr and Gallows bridged the preparedness gap by turning up the violence. Gallows, who seemingly can adapt to any situation, ducked a lariat from Atticus and connected with his Emo-Killer. Gallows scaled the top rope and was poised for the Bangarang but Starr shoved him off the top and through a table on the outside. Starr scooped up Atticus and went for Greetings from Mt. Olympus. Atticus slid off his back, shoved him head-first into a steel chair and hit him with a leaping Rocker Dropper. He covered Starr and three seconds later Guy Atticus, the man one known as CopyCat “The Forgotten Champion” was a man all to his own and was forgotten no longer because he was the new Impact Division Champion.

Next up was the Irish Bare Knuckle Brawl. Two burly fighters from the Emerald Isle, O’Malley and Sheepy O’Brien would compete in what could barely be referred t5o as a wrestling match. It was as ugly as they get as the two men swung for the fences time and again, clobbering one another with heavy repeated blows. O’Malley did his best to avoid the dangerous “Trouble” right-hook of O’Brien. But Sheepy was wise to him and waited for O’Malley to duck it once and came directly back with another than hit its mark and sent the 300+ pounder to the mat. Sheepy is on the roll of a lifetime and it looks as if everyone on the entire IZW roster had best be on the lookout for “Trouble.”

In the main event it would be Jermaine Johnson getting his rematch against IZW Champion Johnny Z with Double D as the special referee. D has laid out both men with steel chairs recently and has certainly shown no allegiance to either man. D had made it clear he didn’t want to referee in the title match and made it even more clear as within minutes of the contest beginning he was sitting in the front row with his feet propped up, eating popcorn, refusing to officiate. Mark Wilson screamed at D but all Wilson said D had to do was count the pinfall and that seemed like all D was going to do. But when Johnson hit a superplex and went for a cover D didn’t budge. Z nailed Johnson with a boot and too went for the cover and again D did nothing. Z angrily confronted D but got water thrown in his face for his trouble. Johnson capitalized and clotheslined Z right into the lap of the special referee. Both competitors took advantage of the lack of refereeing and fought all over the Impact Arena. As the two tore each other apart D taunted them both, enjoying the pain each man was in. As the two man battled back into the ring they showcased their intimate knowledge of each other’s move sets. Each man seemed to know what the other was about to do before they did it. Each man then decided to play some mind games and emulate the other’s style. Johnny Z went for the power, strength suplex and as Jermaine looked to hit the Big Boot in the Corner, Z pulled Double D in the way. Jermaine dropped the special ref who was certainly not prepared and took the boot directly to the face. Z looked to capitalize on the distraction but got caught with an ES2 by Johnson who made the cover but D was still down. D got to his feet in time to see Z wielding a steel chair, D snatched it out of Z’s hands and got a slap in the face for his efforts. D reared back the chair and swung for the fences but Z ducked out of the way and D connected with Johnson! Z made the cover and D counted the 1, 2,… but no 3. D leaned in to Z and told him to kiss his a** and then cracked Z over the heads with the chair! Mark Wilson was livid and like he promised, since D didn’t count the fall Double D was… before Wilson could utter the last word Shawn McHale came out onto the ramp. He stated that not only would Double D not be fired but at Chaotic Christmas Johnny Z would defend his IZW Championship against Jermaine Johnson AND Double D!

While Impact Inc officially got what they sought out to accomplish with keeping Kevin Morgan from winning the Monsters Bash and Johnny Z retaining his IZW Championship, it may be the worst things that happened to the Natural Born Leader. Now not only does he have to deal with Jermaine Johnson and the man whose career he tried to end in Double D, but his little brother now has an IZW Championship opportunity in his possession as well. Z had better roll up both sleeves and pull out every trick he’s got because it looks like it will be a very miserable Christmas for Impact Inc and Johnny Z.

IZW Redemption 2014 Review

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Redemption promised the IZW World a ton of action. It promised a crazy five-way Impact Scramble, a battle between the tag team champions, and one man standing tall holding the IZW Championship. It delivered bigger than anyone could have expected and in ways that no one could have imagined!

The night started with a huge contest between former partners as Big Business Damon Windsor would face his former partner and the man he stabbed in the back at the Impact Chamber, The Image of Fear Kevin Morgan. Morgan wanted nothing more than to get his hands on Windsor but Big Business wanted to bury the hatchet and remain friends. Morgan quickly let him know that would not be an option. He slapped away the offered handshake and leveled Windsor with a big clothesline. Windsor battled back, targeting the left arm of Morgan which had been less than 100% for weeks. But even only one good arm Morgan is more dangerous than most men with two. The Image of Fear continued to show remarkable resolve as Windsor never lost focus on his point of attack. Morgan seemed to be all out of steam as Windsor delivered his patented elbows on the corner, he sauntered to the center of the ring and removed his elbow pad, looking to deliver the knockout blow to his former partner but it was not to be. Morgan sprinted out and speared Windsor, hoisted him up and drove him down with the Oklahoma Stampede and then sealed his fate with the Moment of Fear.

Morgan told the IZW World that he wouldn’t stop until he got to Johnny Z and that Windsor would only be a speed bump on that journey. After this match it would be hard for anyone to disagree with the man who now holds both IZW Tag Team Championships.

The controversy with the Tag Team Championships was finally over but it was just beginning with the Impact Division Championship. It was announced that Angel Camacho had suffered an injury and would not be able to make the Impact Scramble. So Co-Commissioner Mark Wilson made the call that the winner of the Bobby Starr/Jordan Jacobs match would be inserted into the scramble and get a shot at the Impact Division Championship.

Both Starr and Jacobs seemed especially driven with an Impact Division Championship opportunity on the line. Starr was more aggressive and violent than we had ever seen him before. But Jacobs has been better than ever as of late. Since his series of matches with Johnny Z and almost being IZW Champion, Jacobs has been really hitting his stride. Jordan battled back from a big spinebuster and fought out of the single leg Olympus Crab. Starr continued to blast Jacobs with vicious shots and ran full speed at him in the corner but Jacobs caught him with a buckle buster, scaled the ropes and used the Light Switch to turn Starr’s lights out. Starr was left to lick his wounds while Jacobs went on to ready himself for his shot to once again become Impact Division Champion.

From one Bull to another we would next see The Bronze Bull taking on The Attorney Jeff Wolfenbarger. Wolfenbarger would be accompanied to the ring by former IZW superstar and commissioner Kool-Aid. Wolfenbarger tried to have a nice birthday celebration for Kool-Aid earlier but it was cut short by The Bronze Bull who verbally ran down both men. Bull thinks that he is far and away superior to both men but a fast and furious flurry of offense from Wolfenbarger sent Bull scrambling to the outside. Wolfenbarger didn’t let up and cornered Bull and ran in with a pair of splashes but Bull stopped the second one and threw him over his head with a deadly belly-to-belly suplex. Not one to let an advantage go, Bull threw Wolfenbarger outside and started laying on the punishment. Jeff had another trick up or two up his sleeve though. He dropped Bull neck first on the rope and hit a springboard leg drop. Jeff went for the Final Impact but Bull reversed with a northern lights suplex that swayed things back his way. Bull picked up Wolfenbarger and drilled him with Greetings from Mt Olympus. But Bull refused to make the cover, he wanted to rub it in. He picked Wolfenbarger up again and spit at Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid jumped on the apron and returned the favor, blinding Bull and allowing Wolfenbarger to slip into a sunset flip and get the win over the Bronze Bull. Wolfenbarger swore to be the thorn in the side of Johnny Z and Impact Inc and has certainly been just that by beating the crown jewel of Johnny Z’s followers.

Next up was the 5-Man Impact Scramble for the Impact Division Championship. Sheepy O’Brien, O’Malley and Randy Price would challenge for Drake Gallows’ Impact Division Championship as scheduled but via his win over Bobby Starr earlier, Jordan Jacobs would be inserted into the madness of the Scramble. This match was a masterpiece in chaos. From the very start all five men went full steam at each other and while alliances may have existed at the beginning, it quickly became every man for his self. O’Malley looked to take out four birds with one stone as he fought all four of his competitors into one corner, ran across the ring and delivered an Irish Car Bomb to everyone involved. This would grant him a pin on O’Brien to become the interim Impact Division Champion. His opponents eventually subdued O’Malley and Gallows was ablt to score with an emo-killer on O’Brien onto two chairs to get a pinfall of his own. As O’Malley and O’Brien brawled on the outside, Jacobs dove from the top rope with a flipping senton onto both men. Not to be outdone, Price climbed up and as all three men reached their feet, he dove off with a corkscrew moonsault. The four men were in a heap on the outside but that left one man unaccounted for, the Urban Legend himself Drake Gallows. Gallows earned his nickname from the death defying things he has done to rule the Impact Division. The IZW World let out a collective gasp as they saw him start to climb a giant ladder that took him all the way to the roof of the Impact Arena. He shrugged his shoulders and dove off. But the dice rolled snake-eyes for Gallows and as he dove the ladder shifted underneath him and he fell short, narrowly missing the ring apron but crashing to the floor below. Randy Price looked to capitalize on the chaos but was caught with O’Brien’s Trouble and O’Brien became the current champion. The two Irishmen O’Malley and O’Brien brawled on the outside while Price tried to hit the splash from the past on Jacobs with the seconds ticking away. Jacobs got out of the way and hit the Light Switch and covered Price. Referee George Knight’s hand hit the mat for the 3 with less than a second left in the match.

Two Irishmen consumed each other in violence, the man who laughs at danger rolled the dice and lost and the man who wasn’t even originally in the match utilized every last second of the match to once again proudly hold the Impact Division Championship.

After the match Price was dejected and coming down to share his thoughts was his former mentor the returning Coach Gary Tool. The IZW World expected Tool to take Price’s head off after Price cost him the IZW Championship. But instead Tool said the blame for what happened to him lied on the IZW World. He laid into the fans in the Impact Arena and said that he was proud of Price and his actions and that he reminded Tool of what Old School really was. What does this mean for the future of Randy Price and/or The possibly reunited Old School Suckas?

Next up was an old fashioned Street Fight between Shawn McHale and Mark Wilson. The two Co-Commissioners started with some classic wrestling and it evolved into an old fashioned brawl. McHale tried to keep it clean but that wasn’t in Wilson’s playbook at all. Wilson targeted the leg of McHale, punishing it with chop blocks and kicks. Wilson looked to put McHale away with a perfectly executed figure four leglock but McHale fought his way out. When that didn’t work Wilson went into his bag of dirty tricks. He pulled out a handful of powder to blind McHale but the #1 knocked it right back into Wilson’s face. When Wilson regained his vision he was staring right at McHale who flipped him the double #1 and hit a Stunner to get the win. The #1 proved to the IZW World that he was exactly that as he put the Butterscotch Stallion out to pasture.

There was only one score left to be settled. The IZW Championship would be on the line as man who was screwed out of the IZW Championship at the Impact Chamber Jermaine Johnson would look to dethrone the Natural Born Leader. Few people in IZW know each other as well as Johnson and Z. They have fought alongside each other and against each other time after time. While Johnson is perhaps the most decorated competitor in IZW the feat he has never accomplished in his amazing career is a one-on-one pinfall victory over Johnny Z. Johnson came in extremely confident and certainly gained control quickly but Z is a master of the mind games would not be shaken by the early advantage and turned things into his favor. Neither man kept a strong advantage for the majority of this modern classic. The two men know each other so well that every move and offensive strategy was met with a counter attack. When frustration got the best of him, Z decided the best defense was to kick Johnson in the lower region not once but twice. The two men battled to the outside where Johnson took over and bashed Z all around the Impact Arena. As he tried to return Z to ringside, Z backdropped him onto the concrete around the ring area. Enraged by the beating he had been on the end of, Z drilled Johnson with a series of punches and vicious chops. Z got even more malicious and tried to piledrive Johnson on the outside but Johnson reversed. Johnson fired up and tossed Z inside where he connected with his kicks in the corner and lifted Z up in the Power & Strength suplex but Z landed on his feet and hit the Final Impact that almost retained his championship. The two men traded an Energy Shot and a Float-Over DDT but each only got a two count. Johnson closed in on the IZW Championship when he hit Power & Strength from the top rope and mounted the 2nd rope for the ES2 but Z caught him with a boot to the face before he could connect. Z perhaps saw this as his last chance, he measured Johnson and went for the Big Bott in the Corner but Johnson caught him and dropped him with a powerbomb. The Hype Section came to a fever pitch as Johnson again mounted the ropes to set up for the ES2 and thatâ??s when all hell broke loose. Sensing their leader was in imminent danger, Impact Inc dashed into the ring and pounded Johnson. Even though they were banned from ringside the rules of a No Holds Barred match prevented a disqualification. In a moment of Deja-vu Damon Windsor Chokeslammed Johnson and presented him like a sacrifice to Z. But before he could take advantage Shawn McHale hit the ramp followed by Kevin Morgan, Jeff Wolfenbarger, and Jordan Jacobs. They cleared the ring of Impact Inc and left the two men in the match to fight it out. But the damage had been done, Jermaine Johnson struggled to even get to his feet and Z revved up the Big Boot when he stopped in his tracks at the appearance of Double D! D stood at the top of the ramp, brandishing a steel chair and Z stood in the ring as his jaw quivered and the color left his face. Z knew his day of reckoning for his misdeeds against D had come. D hit the ring and Z bailed out. Z continued to try to get a grasp on the situation and Double D readied the chair and blasted Jermaine Johnson! The IZW World was in shock. Z climbed into the ring and in the most shocking and disturbing images ever in IZW Johnny Z lovingly embraced Double D. Z celebrated yet another of his former enemies becoming a follower and then CRACK!!! Double D drilled Z with a chair to the skull too! D stared coldly at both men then retrieved the IZW Championship from ringside. He then simply walked out of the IZW Arena leaving fans with more questions than answers. We got what we were promised, one man stood tall with the IZW Championship but it was neither of the men in the match. It was Double D, the man who never lost the IZW Championship to begin with. A silent but definitive statement made by Double D as he has seemingly reclaimed ownership of the IZW title he never lost.

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